NSSA extends duo’s probation


Business Reporter —
The National Social Security Authority has extended the probation period for two of its new senior managers after they failed to meet expectations in the first six months of the employment contract.

Reports indicate that chief investment officer Herbert Hungwe and chief property investment Officer Kura Chihota had their probation extended by a further three months upon expiry on December 31, 2016 while the chief strategic assets officer Mr Chikuni Mutiswa turned down the extension.

The three had been given a six-month probation upon employment in August 2016.

According to communication from chairman Robin Vela seen by The Herald Business, Mr Mutiswa turned down the extension in a four-page letter therefore leaving the contract to terminate on its own terms.

“I write to advise of NSSA’s separation with Mr Chikuni Mutiswa with effect from December 31, 2016.

“Towards the expiry of the six months probation, the human resources committee of the NSSA board took the view that Mr Mutiswa needed to be afforded more time for his probation to the end of March 2017,” said Mr Vela.

A source close to the developments at the authority said Mr Mutiswa turned down the extension in a four-page letter to the general manager Liz Chitiga, therefore leaving the contract to terminate on its own terms.

“The senior managers whose probation was extended by a further three months are the guys who were based in South Africa linked to board chairman Mr Vela.

“They were given targets during their probation period which they failed to meet but the board decided to extend their probation period by a further three months to prove themselves,” said the source.

The team combined new faces that were perceived to have brought a balanced wealth of continental and global experience and personnel drawn from within NSSA.

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  • Flight Lieutenant

    People have been saying that Vela is the biggest #### and we did not believe. Honestly how do you employ 3 executives to run nssa investments. This was being done by Shadreck Vera alone. Now that the 3 have failed to pass probation chaiyo why then were they employed in the first place, to steal isn’t it. And that sounds very true given the links that Vela is said to have with them. Cant NASSA find executives from Zim who are tried and tested. Maybe the one who resigned refused to steal for Vela. And why is Vela the board chair. Mashaya vanhu muno here. Now we hear of massive retrenchment. Isn’t it a case of retrenching and hiring people who have links with Vela. Wake up and smell the coffee guys how do you retrench one guy doing investments only to replace him with 3, who have all failed probation. This Vela boy will run down NASSA I promise you.

  • flight lieutenant

    Why can’t people see that this Vela boy is running down NASSA and it will go down the CSC, GMB RAILWAYS route. Shadreck Vera alone was in charge of the whole investments and Vela employs 3 of his friends to do that and they all fail probation. Isn’t that ironic. A whole bunch of South Africans including Vela doing nothing. Maybe the one who resigned refused to steal for Vela. But do we not have more competent people in Zimbabwe honestly. And we hear that NASSA wants to retrench half its staff, isnt it a case of retrenching and replacing with Vela’s cronnies. Were is the Zimbabwe government when all this is happenning. Why can’t you see that yhe speed at which Vela is going is not normal. How do you retrench so manh people and think that the organisation will function normally. Cry our hard earned contributions.

  • Farai

    Isn’t that our Labour Act provides that probationary period is non-renewable?

  • chinos

    The labour Minister is watching hypnotized while 300 workers are being rendered jobless yet she is tasked with seeing to it that 2 million new jobs are created before 2018. Is she going to replace these workers with 300 new ones? Surely you wonder what these workers were doing all these years if they are easily expendable as is being implied by expelling them all in one week. Just hope we will continue to get our pensions in time after this blood-bath. If its a family affair at the top then let’s brace for worse things to come. When are they going to start reaping dividends from the $30 million parceled to the (bankrupt) Telecel deal.

  • bhobho

    I think NSSA workers must also start posting stuff about their management in this press. Why are you keeping quiet when your management keeps embarrassing you in this paper. Are there no internal platforms for communication. Vela you are creating enemies for yourself.

  • Chivayo

    It doesn’t help to post information when it’s public knowledge that whole Executive and some Board members are closely related to the Minister. With the Board chairman being the minister’s son-in-law. One related Executive was hand-picked on gender grounds and never underwent any interviews. Corruption is now worse and rampant as experienced workers are being given retrenchment packages only to be replaced the following day by relatives; so where is the cost cutting. Already lowly jobs such those of secretaries are being filled by “new” recruits while seasoned secretaries are awaiting the chop. Mari ichadyiwa big time apa MaZimbo.

  • Cecil

    Surely minister Mupfumira should see that she appointed wrong people to Nssa board. These guys no nothing about the organisation. Why did she get a board chaiman and exec from south africa when they r plenty learned pple in Zim?
    They r retrenching for what reasons when we understand Chitiga employed people from the minister’s office when they r better qualified pple within Nssa?

  • wezhira wezhara wezheve

    If my memory saves me well,NSSA appointed a substantive CEO together with these guys.Now we are not hearing anything from the CEO regarding their perfomance.Instead we are hearing it from the Board Chairman.Further surprising is the fact that when these guys were appointed,we were told that they were about five of them.But only these two or three are now being humiliated here.Do i smell some sinister motive here? Could it be that the CEO is just but a placeholder,otherwise the Chairman is running the show??? Wher on this mother earth have you ever heard of issues of probation being made public to the press like this? Where do you expect superb performance in investments when the economy is nosediving? I am really worried about the goings on in this organisation.Iam a contributor who was totally against this thing when it started,but had haeard a change of heart as the organisation started changing people`s lives through its payouts.However,recents events at this giant have left me terrified and worried that gonye rapinda apa,rinogona kupedza zvose in ndisati nda svika nguva yekuti ndipiwe mudya ndigere wangu.Zvokwadi nemarwadzire anoita basa remumugodhi,one wants to retire to a decent pension,especially considering what has happened to other pension funds,NSSA is now the only hope for many of us.Check mazarire anoita vanhu pa Zvishavane POSB kwedu kuno,just to confirm kuti mari ye NSSA yakakosha sei.So i would not want to lose out on it as well please.