Not under my watch: Chiwenga

General Chiwenga

General Chiwenga

Mabasa Sasa Sunday Mail Editor
Zimbabwe’s security services will not stand by while rogue elements belittle their Commander-in-Chief, warning that dissent from quarters that should know better will not be tolerated.

In an interview with The Herald and Sunday Mail yesterday, Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga said many of the people making political noises today were either utterly misguided, had a history of treachery or were Johnnies-come-lately to the struggle.

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This follows a stream of commentary in the private media from one war veterans grouping which is trying to create the impression that the majority of liberation fighters — who are a Reserve Force — have lost faith in their Commander-in-Chief.

Highlights . . .

  • First time ZDF pronounces self on rogue war vets.
  • Gen Chiwenga speaks as ZDF Commander, and senior surviving Commander of Second Chimurenga.
  • Distinguishes between war vets association and generality of war veterans.
  • Urges war vets leadership to be role models.
  • Advises them to respect party and Government leadership.
  • Counsels rogue elements to see error of their ways and repent.
  • ZDF sworn to defend Commander-in-Chief.

The general’s sentiments also come on the back of claims by some politicians within Zanu-PF that they are the President’s number one backers, yet they had a well-documented history of treachery.

Gen Chiwenga said: “The majority of war veterans have nothing to do with this nonsense that we are now getting daily in our media.

“The ones who are now championing themselves as the war veterans are members of an association which emanates from way back in the time of (Cde Chenjerai) Hunzvi.”

Gen Chiwenga said people like Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Mr Douglas Mahiya must appreciate that they were fronting an NGO and not the majority of ex-combatants.

“I am talking on behalf of the Defence and Security Services of the country; and besides that, on the Zanla side, I am the surviving most senior commander. And I am not in the association.

“But when they go out there they talk as war veterans. They must talk as a war veterans association. But who are these people? What were they during the struggle that makes them think that they are now more revolutionary than Zanla and Zipra at the height of war? What role did they play?

“If they understood the political teachings — that the party commands the gun and not vice versa, that everyone must respect the leadership — they should know that today in Independent Zimbabwe we must all respect the leadership both in Government and in the party.”

He said such “unbecoming behaviour shows that they (ZNLWVA leadership) were never cooked properly and they never understood what they stood for and what the revolution was all about”.

“Apa ndipo patinoti ava vana ava vagara pfumo vachida kuridza ngoma nedemo — hapana chinofamba. Pfumo harigarike, ngoma hairidzwe nedemo. Vazvizive kubva nhasi izvozvo, kuti hazviitwi,” he added.

Gen Chiwenga said anyone with a grievance should follow the correct channels to air their views, and already such opportunity had been presented by President Mugabe to all war veterans — and not just a single association — when he invited them to last year’s historic indaba.

“This must now stop . . . If they want to remain as part and parcel of those disciplined, loyal, patriotic cadres, they must now understand that it is the party, it is the Government that sets the direction.

“The party commands the combatants and not vice versa. Hakuna mwana akagara nhaka, kana kutora tsvimbo dzababa, ivo baba vachiripo.

“Ndino dzokorora zvekare, ukadaro uri kugarira pfumo uchida kuridza ngoma. Handizvo?” he counselled.

Gen Chiwenga dismissed claims that he should not intervene in such matters, asserting that his history as a liberation fighter, and his status as the Commander of the ZDF and a citizen gave him the right to defend his Commander-in-Chief and safeguard Zimbabwe’s stability.

“Here we are talking about how people, more specifically combatants, must behave. They are supposed to be role models to the rest of society.”

He said there was still opportunity for those who had gone astray to clean up their act and stand on principle.

“But speaking on behalf of the Defence and Security Services of the country, this nonsense must now come to an end. We will not have our Commander-in-Chief being belittled by nobodies, who never commanded any battle … Ngatiregei kudaro,” he said.

He said President Mugabe had shown over the decades that he was a man of principle, and the rest of the body politic and the populace would do itself good if it learnt this valuable lesson from him.

“Nevamwe zvino vakuzviti vanoziva, tafunda sitereki, tava ma professor — vakatiza hondo iyi. Nhasi ikozvino izvi they now know,” he said.

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  • Tiriparwendo

    ihondoka iyi yatanga

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Chiwenga is singing for his supper. What’s wrong with people criticizing the president? You don’t have to be a genius to see the poverty that surrounds us. You make it sound like kuenda kuhondo entitles you and your ilk to the keys of this country. Tese takarwa hondo in our own way. If you didn’t go others would have. If it’s this sub-human life you talk about then take your independence. Hatiide. We just want to live like human beings. Kwete potholes and sewage water and ma queue for cash.

    • Kuta Kinte

      Kuenda kuhondo means Zimbabwe if you are to be honest with yourself otherwise hayaingouya yega, and that you know or if you do not know, be advised. If you say tese takarwa Hondo in our own way, can you tell the world what contribution you made considering how you are singing daily from your western corner. Again we do not take our independence – we have it and it is the safe guarding of our independence which the General is talking about and it is up to everyone of us to make sure that our independence remains intact. This lovely country of ours will never be a colony again.

  • aggrey g Mutasa

    The Commander is spot on. Mahiya is definitely out of order. As war veterans our identity is with ZANU PF and the masses of Zimbabwe. President Mugabe is our CIF and our political leader. We get our direction from the leader. Mahiya seems to have more influence from Civic Organisations and NGO’s and not from the revolutionary fraternity and this is dangerous. He has lost touch with reality. The majority of war veterans are solidly behind the Party and the President.

  • mugoooo

    nxiii zimbabwe greatest enermy is zanu pf not the western..propaganda propaganda propaganda… nothing else…

  • Taneta

    Prof just ask your farm workers whether they prefer working for you or their former employers (white farmers) and tell me the answer. We just want a decent life not to be fed this propaganda everyday that we liberated you whilst we are starving and have been reduced to paupers. The independence has now become meaningless.

  • ThaDoggPound

    Dude you should take a pause and hear yourself speak! No amount of propaganda hogwash can take away the fact that Zanupf has ruined the dreams and aspirations of Zimbabweans for generations to come through misguided scorched earth policies foolishly implemented under the guise of fighting an imaginary war with the West. In that subterfuge, a few well connected cronies have become fantabulously rich at the expense of the majority of Zimbabweans who are wallowing in poverty.

    You can also read this piece from a disappointed war veteran.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Saying the educative truth is not propaganda at all. ZANU PF land reform policy fulfilled what we fought for. Our economy will recover from its current nadir. Its your party and the West that support sanctions to make people suffer. Period!

      • succuba

        Explain how… you never get round to doing that (fakey)… I wonder why?

      • hunzi007

        Comrade prof you always duck when put in a corner what your word “sanction” depict in Zimbabwe. South Africa throughout 90% of its apatheid period suffered economic sanction so was Rhodesia. The same contries never had 90% unemployment as like another state we know that always bemoans sanctions as cause of economic downfall. Had they not seen this coming before land reform and zimasset implementations? So when you say Zimbabwe will again prosper, when will be these sanctions?

  • Freedom not just Independence

    The future is very dark indeed. Tichademba independence yatakazoda iyi.

  • Freedom not just Independence

    Is there democracy in Zim?

  • John motsi

    Don’t intimidate people.
    Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans.
    It is not for a one man country

  • Kuta Kinte

    He has not been saying anything all along but if you keep on being careless with your statements and behavior, he will then remind you of the presence of that most important institution which exists legally.

  • Mangwende we Chinhoyi

    Theory chete iyo. The army in the west does not stay out of politics. Do your research again.

    • Gary WekuZviyambe

      The armies in the west support their respective nations. not the political party. The army generals salute whoever is elected by the people and do not make pronounce about not saluting a particular candidate even if they are elected by the nation.

  • Kuta Kinte

    Do you think you can trivialize the evil sanctions and their effects. I am also happy that these sanctions are also biting you and your opposition traitors. You are saying exactly what your handlers wanted you to say when the ZIDERA was enacted – to look at yourself and your kin and strongly condemn yourself to death.

    • Zimba 1

      Kunta no amount of denouncing sanctions will make them be removed. In fact, no one in Zimbabwe has that power. So better get used to them, if you haven’t already, given that they have been around for so long!

      I am not in any way denying the presence and impacts of sanctions. In any case, they are meant to be punitive, if you didn’t know.

      My point is simple: we need a leader whose leadership is not at the mercy of absence of sanctions, given that we (Zimbabweans, Tsvangirai included) do not have control over the sanctions. Am sure you know that there is no point in worrying about that which you can’t control. Control the controllables, as they say in management books.

      Lastly, once you understand that sanctions where imposed because of Harare’s decision to take what was historically theirs, the land, and not because of ###, you will be able to understand why we need leadership thst can navigate through these difficult times cause they are not going anywhere.

    • succuba

      What has ZDERA got to do with sanctions?

      Secondly, why don’t you list here how sanctions are “biting” you instead of just mouthing off soundbites and generalisations….

      Come on Kuta Kinte…. man up here, stand your ground and debate with me…

  • Antitraitor

    The only change that will come to Zimbabwe is the growing of our economy with such interventions like command farming. The other change which you are dreaming of will remain an entertainment of the mind while fast asleep.

  • Cde Zvichanaka

    Each pronouncement is followed by the words “and all the people shall say Amen” (Deuteronomy 27:15-26).
    This indicates that the people applauded the righteous sentence handed
    down by their holy God, responding, “So let it be.” … Namatai Mwari chete varume nyika inoguma

  • Col Mayihlome Ihlasele

    He said nothing about corruption and cronyism yet threatens people who are complaining about this vice.He still thinks this is the 1970s

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The majority who read my postings on this forum know the truth about the existence of sanctions.They dont give a damn to your clowning denial of the existence of sanctions . Who you convince by saying the West lies about the existence their sanctions on Zimbabwe . The lies are the reasons given in an attempt to justify the illegal sanctions imposed outside the purview of the UN Security Council, as provided in international law.

    • succuba

      When have I EVER denied sanctions are held on a few people and their companies because of human rights issues?

      I have ALWAYS denied that sanctions are held against the country of Zimbabwe… get your facts right (fakey).

      Please explain how the refusal to do business with a few people that reside within Zimbabwe is “illegal”? Stop making a fool of yourself by suggesting that the UN security council has to sanction “sanctions”… kikikikik…you are one crazy LIAR & FRAUD (fakey)

    • N. Sithole

      What is your take about this excerpt from the Herald of 14 August 2016, titled, “The people will eat the rich”?- “While the voters who will cast their ballots in 2018 are struggling, while the buyers who should be putting their money into business owners’ pockets grumble about pricing, what are those in positions of authority doing? Are they seized with answering questions about the survival posed by ordinary folk? Or are they unwittingly nurturing resistance as people subconsciously respond to the unrestrained hedonism of the nouveau rich political elite and their politically naive business sector counterparts who drive by the bank queues in SUVs without a change in heartbeat?”. (End of quotation). I coudn’t have put it better.Those in authority are certainly not seized with questions of survival posed by ordinary folk. Rather, they are seized with their own survival, hence these factional fights. Sadly, some of us are seized with peddling the sanctions mantra on their behalf- the sheep in Animal Farm ( May George Orwell rest in peace). I need your wise counsel in unpacking this editorial comment @Prof.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I don`t read or see the intimidation you are talking about. Rebuking the politically misguided should not be misconstrued as intimidation. Be reminded that Reserve soldiers must obey command from their superiors . Uri kurasika papiko nhai Prof?

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    You have been absent minded for years. Why ask a silly question you idiot?

    • succuba

      You never got round to answering him/her (fakey)… why is that I wonder…kikikikik…

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Ah ,its anathema to imagine Chematama being C .I. Chef! Lucifer replacing Jesus! Never! Nehanda forbid!

  • succuba

    Our independence remains meaningful despite the satanic ravaging of our economy by the evil sanctions

  • succuba

    So how has sanctions affected you Zimba 1?

    Please explain here.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Once you admit that 50% is due to mismanagement you have identified the real problem. If there wasn’t gross mismanagement, this country would be functioning well

  • Dr. Nikuv Riggington (PhD)

    What about the rig elements?

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Has Zimbabwe been repaying its loans? We are not getting any new loans because we have failed to make scheduled repayments on the existing ones yet our president is always travelling to every pointless summit on earth. Our priorities are messed up

  • succuba

    No… not kidding…

    Your response above no way linked ZDERA with sanctions… let me shed some light here.

    Myth: “ZDERA” (The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economy Recovery Act) is the U.S. targeted sanctions program.

    Fact: The U.S. targeted sanctions program is not governed by ZDERA. They are different policies enacted by different branches of the U.S. Government.

    ZDERA is a law enacted by the U.S. Congress in 2001 which restricts the United States to vote in support of new assistance to Zimbabwe from international financial institutions.

    The U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) implements the targeted sanctions policy.

    The Zimbabwe targeted sanctions program began on March 7, 2003 when the President of the United States issued Executive Order (“E.O.”) 13288.

    The sanctions myth is that ZDERA has destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy by blocking access to financing from the IMF, World Bank, and African Development Bank. In reality no U.S. law can block lending by these international financial institutions. The boards of these institutions decide on lending to member countries, and the U.S. does not exercise a veto in any of the boards. The US has less than 17% of the voting power in the IMF so even if they voted to stop a loan they could not. Tell me this… which loan was stopped by ZDERA?, let me save you the trouble of looking it up… the answer is NONE.

    Let me reiterate, ZDERA has nothing to do with sanctions?

  • theheraldonline

    It’s our policy to censor out inappropriate material in line with our Terms and Conditions of website use. Kindly go through the terms for more information.

  • succuba

    Correct, Zanu-PF is using “sanctions” as a propaganda tool.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    You are misguided and think the land revolution in SA will be smooth sailing. You think that people in SA are happy and will allow neo apartheid system to continue in fear of what happened in Zim, i.e imposition of sanctions against our land reform ? Can you explain why our dear leader got standing ovations when he visited SA stadiums? Zimbabweans are informed about why they are suffering. Its the sanctions. Your statistics about foreign workers in SA is wrong. The country is a Rainbow nation not because of Zimbabweans who are black , but because of other people from Europe, India, China too. What can you lecture me on SA? The neo apartheid status quo is not something that will remain forever. The neo apartheid constitution for which de Klerk and Mandela earned Nobel Prizes will go, as people there are now debating the necessary change beyond the five ballot box ritual.

    • succuba

      You are lying again (fakey)….. you are an embarrassment.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I am not aware of any “political businesses“ insulated from the current economic hardships? Who told you Choppies Supermarkets are doing better than Spar and PN pay? Have you not seen politicians being sued for failure to service their debts too? Who convinced you that only politicians in this country have large houses? Is that a fact? Even if one or two politicians had big houses, that does not mean sanctions are irrelevant in the causality equation of our economic nadir! Allow me to continue differing with you on my believe that sanctions are the major cause ,inter alia, of our economic ills.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    You are also foolishly asking why blacks worked in Rhodesian companies when we were waging our armed struggle?Your question shows how intellectually you are half baked. The SA / Zim boundary is a colonial construct, that should not inform your foolish argument. Think Pan African and not your neo apartheid style . The wealth in SA,like in US, was built out of cheap black labor and natural resources from the region . So dont be parochial minded and show your myopic views. If you cant see beyond your nose , you need more intellectual eyesight to see beyond local “mutupo “ society! Xeno attacks are encouraged by Boers to mislead local blacks to hate Africans and love Boers. But that is not sustainable. Its not true that blacks in SA are happy with neo colonial rule. Why do you accept and feed yourself on Boer propaganda. Justice GUBBAY cited the law and Boers colonial land rights . That did not stop the revolution. A revolution is not given to your Boer fearing standpoint. If SA democracy is robust as what you think, why did the ANC MPs protect Zuma over his undermining the constitution? Ramaphosa is a stooge of Boer capitalists . Dont forget his stand on Marikana killings. Yes the revolution is coming into SA. Your myopia is your bane! Revolutionary greetings!

  • succuba

    You are a false person (fakey)… can’t answer the pertinent questions, how can you live with your stupidity?

  • succuba

    kikikikiki… one dumb LIAR & FRAUD…

    Why won’t you debate with me?

  • succuba

    Well said that man…

  • succuba

    Why won’t you debate sanctions with me (fakey)?