Not under my watch: Chiwenga

General Chiwenga

General Chiwenga

Mabasa Sasa Sunday Mail Editor
Zimbabwe’s security services will not stand by while rogue elements belittle their Commander-in-Chief, warning that dissent from quarters that should know better will not be tolerated.

In an interview with The Herald and Sunday Mail yesterday, Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantino Chiwenga said many of the people making political noises today were either utterly misguided, had a history of treachery or were Johnnies-come-lately to the struggle.

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This follows a stream of commentary in the private media from one war veterans grouping which is trying to create the impression that the majority of liberation fighters — who are a Reserve Force — have lost faith in their Commander-in-Chief.

Highlights . . .

  • First time ZDF pronounces self on rogue war vets.
  • Gen Chiwenga speaks as ZDF Commander, and senior surviving Commander of Second Chimurenga.
  • Distinguishes between war vets association and generality of war veterans.
  • Urges war vets leadership to be role models.
  • Advises them to respect party and Government leadership.
  • Counsels rogue elements to see error of their ways and repent.
  • ZDF sworn to defend Commander-in-Chief.

The general’s sentiments also come on the back of claims by some politicians within Zanu-PF that they are the President’s number one backers, yet they had a well-documented history of treachery.

Gen Chiwenga said: “The majority of war veterans have nothing to do with this nonsense that we are now getting daily in our media.

“The ones who are now championing themselves as the war veterans are members of an association which emanates from way back in the time of (Cde Chenjerai) Hunzvi.”

Gen Chiwenga said people like Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Mr Douglas Mahiya must appreciate that they were fronting an NGO and not the majority of ex-combatants.

“I am talking on behalf of the Defence and Security Services of the country; and besides that, on the Zanla side, I am the surviving most senior commander. And I am not in the association.

“But when they go out there they talk as war veterans. They must talk as a war veterans association. But who are these people? What were they during the struggle that makes them think that they are now more revolutionary than Zanla and Zipra at the height of war? What role did they play?

“If they understood the political teachings — that the party commands the gun and not vice versa, that everyone must respect the leadership — they should know that today in Independent Zimbabwe we must all respect the leadership both in Government and in the party.”

He said such “unbecoming behaviour shows that they (ZNLWVA leadership) were never cooked properly and they never understood what they stood for and what the revolution was all about”.

“Apa ndipo patinoti ava vana ava vagara pfumo vachida kuridza ngoma nedemo — hapana chinofamba. Pfumo harigarike, ngoma hairidzwe nedemo. Vazvizive kubva nhasi izvozvo, kuti hazviitwi,” he added.

Gen Chiwenga said anyone with a grievance should follow the correct channels to air their views, and already such opportunity had been presented by President Mugabe to all war veterans — and not just a single association — when he invited them to last year’s historic indaba.

“This must now stop . . . If they want to remain as part and parcel of those disciplined, loyal, patriotic cadres, they must now understand that it is the party, it is the Government that sets the direction.

“The party commands the combatants and not vice versa. Hakuna mwana akagara nhaka, kana kutora tsvimbo dzababa, ivo baba vachiripo.

“Ndino dzokorora zvekare, ukadaro uri kugarira pfumo uchida kuridza ngoma. Handizvo?” he counselled.

Gen Chiwenga dismissed claims that he should not intervene in such matters, asserting that his history as a liberation fighter, and his status as the Commander of the ZDF and a citizen gave him the right to defend his Commander-in-Chief and safeguard Zimbabwe’s stability.

“Here we are talking about how people, more specifically combatants, must behave. They are supposed to be role models to the rest of society.”

He said there was still opportunity for those who had gone astray to clean up their act and stand on principle.

“But speaking on behalf of the Defence and Security Services of the country, this nonsense must now come to an end. We will not have our Commander-in-Chief being belittled by nobodies, who never commanded any battle … Ngatiregei kudaro,” he said.

He said President Mugabe had shown over the decades that he was a man of principle, and the rest of the body politic and the populace would do itself good if it learnt this valuable lesson from him.

“Nevamwe zvino vakuzviti vanoziva, tafunda sitereki, tava ma professor — vakatiza hondo iyi. Nhasi ikozvino izvi they now know,” he said.

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  • chatalan

    No one commands Monopoly over violence. The statement by the army general is a recipe for civil unrest. He must be warned that civil unrest and rebellion are usually as a result of such reckless statement. He is not the only one who went to war.

  • Marirangwe

    So, Mr learned General, does that mean that all war veterans are ZANU (PF) members?

    When you say they must respect the government and the party, what do you mean Sir?

    Do you know that your Commander In Chief is the people of Zimbabwe who through the ballot elect the one to lead them. Do you imagine a possibility of a Commander In Chief who is not President Robert Mugabe?

  • Murenga63wekwaSvove

    Mamama. Kkkkk

  • Judas Iscariot

    Sounds like a buffoon

  • Rasta!

    The army should stay out of politics as per constitution but we all know that has been violated from day 1.

  • Zimba 1

    I think Zanu needs to rid itself of these War time heroes who think that only them are the bona fide members of the liberation movement. It’s a pity that Chiwenga is just behaving like those he is accusing: just because he is the ‘surviving most senior Zanla commander’, whatever that means, does not in anywhere give him the audacity to suggest that Mugabe can’t be criticized. FYI, Mugabe has not only failed opposition supporter, for the Mugabe-induced poverty does not discriminate along party lines–Zanu Pf supporters and indeed War Vets are also bearing the brunt of a mismanaged economy!

    I know some mischievous elements within Zanu will jump to blame sanctions for the current economic woes, but i will remind you that Zimbabweans want a leader who can deliver regardless external forces in place. In fact, people expect to sh**** with or without sanctions, for they get hungry regardless.

  • ziso

    When the army makes such threats, it is a threat to democracy.

    • yowe

      Very true

  • Col Mayihlome Ihlasele

    General Chiwenga , just like George Charamba is benefiting quite immensely from the status quo as Comm Chihuri puts it. That is why they get angry when people talk about the need for change.If truth be told change will come whether they like it or not .Yes even our writers at the herald will see change soon. Who thought Rwanda would be the envy of Africa after the ethnic killings. Zimbabwe will rise again with or without sanctions

  • Masimba Musodza

    What he needs to be concerned about more right now is claims by South African politicians that it is rogue elements of the ZDF who are committing armed robberies in South Africa.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    This is the kind of talk that will make any investor bet their money on the lottery than to invest in Zimbabwe. The president is a political leader and is subject to criticism. This is exactly why the ‘illegal sanctions’ talk is just nonsense. The army general is the one who has imposed sanctions on our nation.

  • Tinowaziwa

    Jonso must read and reread the last paragraph.

    • warrior

      That last paragraph iyo iyo iyo, pakaipa.

    • tylerthecreator

      pama comments ese aripano ndiwe unenge ukuziva zvikuitika…this article has got nothing to do with the ordinary citizens..this article is directed to G40…

    • Col Mayihlome Ihlasele

      Jonathan has nothing to fear I tell you he has spat at the evil party and got away with it.The general is only making noises to secure an extension to his contract

  • eliah

    I am glad Nobody listens to these things Nomore ,sorry Grneral .We are now living in a human liberated mind and it ts interesting how technology has changed things and the way the ordinary person thinks. Welcome to the future Mr Chiwenga.

    • Kuta Kinte

      Then liberate your mind from mental slavery.

      • shame

        can you be the first one.

  • Tachiona Machaka

    Well articulated Cde Dominic. Let them hear and abide by the regulations..nzira dzemasoja kunyanya.

  • tylerthecreator

    Pamukutadza kubata ndepekuti the army top ranks are war veterans… So when you belittle war veterans liek what Dr Amai would say kuti “handivhairirwe numunhu akarwa hondo” she will be attacking the same guys who have the top ranks in the army , intelligence, airforce. When we talk of war vets its not about twu sekuru twekumusha,we are talking about these guys. Chiwenga cnt say mugabe must go, thats insurbodiantion and treason..but if u get what it means achiti nyika haitongwe nemunhu asina kurwa hondo surely thats directed to Amai and the G40 cabal… I know zanupf has caused more harm than good but G40 has caused more pain and sorrow than hell itself.

  • Pitros

    General Chiwenga thank you for fine tuning the stray boys. The mentality of finishing school, being given a company car, company wife, company cellphone and feeling a second grade human being is what is affecting the majority of Zimbabweans. Thank you for asserting the point. They are learning to be employees hoards of degrees to be tea boys shame. Open your eyes and paid heed to advice fellow Zimbabweans look at those who got land and utilizing it, the are reaping. God helps those who are doing something not loafing and disrespecting those in authority whether a police officer on a road block, or the president or even your own father.

    • N. Sithole

      So you expect everyone to be a farmer? Then what happens to other sectors of the economy? They all conflate into farming? Let’s be serious guys. Is it not a fact that even the land that was distributed was not enough for everyone who applied for it? So much for our education!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    This nonsense of saying one is singing for one`s supper, when one declares what unites our cadres and give our party gwara is a cliche that now and again is foolishly uttered by those who would want our country to be governed by neo colonial stooges of the West. We are fighting an economic war against the West. In this war situation cadres or our reserve forces should not loosely utter statements that divide us to the benefit of those supporting the West. The political key to the State House is via elections and you know that since 1980 we have had elections. Were you not born when we had elections in 2013 which elected our current government. Its not true that all Zimbabweans fought positively during the armed struggle. Vamwe vakarwa vari side ra Smith , vamwe deserted our struggle and joined the internal settlement to create Zimbabwe Rhodesia. Yes vamwe collaborated with those fighting mugwara chairo! Vamwe provided material and moral support. We are all Zimbabweans who should be patriotic , not to blame our government for economic ills caused mainly by satanic sanctions. Our constitution has provisions for liberation heroes who are vetted to authenticate their involvement. Even if you fought with us in ZANLA/ZIPRA, but that does not entitle you to now negate national interests in favor of neo colonial forces who imposed sanctions against our land reform. You lament current economic hardships as predicted by the US legislature when they were debating ZEDRA! The US senators predicted that such characters like you will start preaching negatives against our government when sanctions bite hard. Zvokuti “If you didnt go others would have“ , is what ana Biti used to say vari pa University! Vachiti endai munoisungirira nyika yacho pamuti isu vana Jongwe, Biti, Mutambara toisunungura! What schoolboy hogwash. Gen Chiwenga`s statement guiding our country`s Reserve Forces should not be poo pooed by anyone who has Zimbabwe`s interests at heart. We welcome any good guiding statements from all our leaders in government that unites us as ZANU PF and the nation at large. Meanwhile , ZANU PF is poised to win again in 2018, despite any temporary dynamics in our revolutionary party . Amen! Amen!

    • succuba

      You are a compulsive liar.

    • President Development!

      “We are fighting an economic war against the West.” aaaaah. How are you doing it? If we could only be united as a nation we cld be great. Leadership (gvt) and it’s policies seem autolytic.

    • Pungwe

      Singing for your supper as well……..Hatidye politics mhanduwe!!!!

  • yowe

    Hanzi they are from the Hunzvi..hahaha if I remember well it is that group from Hunzvi that led to the land grabs in 1997 why did Chiwenga not threaten them then he was quiet and he definitely benefitted a lot. Anyway the war vets have been threatened and belittled again. I think they should see clearly by now that they are not valued by Zanu Pf. Over the years they were used over and over keep the party in power, now when they call for change in the party they are threatened with death jahaha yes YOWE!!!! War vets after 37 years now you are being shown exactly were you stand…These guys are willing to kill you all if you dont shut up..manje muchaita sei???

  • brgd

    during the day busy praising President Mugabe and during the night working hard in cahoots with the likes of Mutsvagwa, the same war vets who are belittling vaMugabe.Holding meeting in barracks trying to push out the indomitable Tyson and Jonathan Moyo simply because they truly support vaMugabe. He made this comments in an effort to cover up what he had been doing behind the scenes after it was exposed by Tyson.

  • Taneta

    Which country has ever been colonized this century. Besides even if we roll back the hands of time to the era of colonization, who would want to colonise Zimbabwe in its current state. The country has been reduced to a shell. Even resource wise we are not as endowed as much as you want people to think, countries like SA and DRC have much more mineral wealth than us. What’s worse the country is being left behind everyday in terms of development, have you been to our neighbours recently? they are now way ahead of us. We are supposed to cherish independence but sadly we are not coz its not benefiting us, except only a select few who belong to your party.

  • Knox Moyo Chirandu

    ummmm i think we need to read in between the lines in Chiwenga’s comments. G40 watch out, he is not criticizing Warvets this commander here, kuhwandirana uku. It is only last week when he said warvets are the bedrock of the party Zanu pf. Open your eyes G40.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Our independence remains meaningful despite the satanic ravaging of our economy by the evil sanctions which your MDCT supports. I don`t need to ask my workers on my A1 plot that foolish question, because I am not foolish! My workers are fully informed about why our agricultural production declined during the first few years after we kicked out the Boers . They are now happy to see recovery in our agricultural sector. From their experience of farms , they can tell you about climatic changes that coincided with our land reform, which affected the sector. They also understand how the well capitalized Western controlled banks shunned new black farmers. They can tell you blacks now produce tobacco as Boers used to do. They share our optimism about the total recovery of agricultural sector in next few years. They dont get misguided by confused little Profs who fail to read the success of our Command program. Boer settlers took years to perfect what your admire about them. We had no reason to avoid taking back our land just because the process of our learning curve would make the workers temporarily suffer together with us. Its no propaganda to educate you so that you can appreciate our history and our trajectory to make democracy sustainable beyond the five year ballot box ritual . In SA ,they are quickly warming up to the urgent to teach Boers how to solve the land issue. I hope you are awake and following the SA politics and acrimonious debate on the looming attack on Boers. Sober blacks in SA are by no means as myopic as their embarrassing foolish Minister Mbalula!

  • Zimba 1

    Yu are kidding right? Here is ZDERA 101 for you:

    “The following criteria were included in the guidelines of ZDERA and were stipulated as law until certain criteria were fulfilled or, exceptionally, it was necessary to meet “basic human needs or for good governance.” As such, the Secretary of the Treasury instructed the U.S. executive director of each international financial institution to “oppose and vote against” the following:[9]

    any extension by the respective instruction of any loan credit, or guarantee to the Government of Zimbabwe;[10]
    any cancellation or reduction of indebtedness owed by the Government of Zimbabwe to the United State or any international financial institution.[10]
    The following were certifications that once satisfied would lift the aforementioned restrictions:[10]

    Restoration of the rule of law: including “respect for ownership and title to property, freedom of speech and association, and an end to the lawlessness, violence, and intimidation sponsored, condoned, or tolerated by the Government of Zimbabwe, the ruling party, and their supporters or entities.[10]
    Electoral Conditions: That Zimbabwe has held a presidential election that is widely accepted as free and fair and the president-elect is free to assume the duties of the office”.

  • N. Sithole

    So much of the sanctions mantra @Prof. Why is it that politicians’ businesses are doing so well that they can afford a life of opulence under sanctions to the extent that they can afford to build multi million dollar mansions? Why don’t they share their business acumen with the rest of the struggling so that we can all ‘bust’ the sanctions like their businesses have done?

  • Zimba 1

    And the truth is it has had unintended consequences of hardening Zanu PF’s resolve to remain in power and loot until donkeys have grown horns. Also it has given Zanu has many variants of the sanctions mantra have long been among the most effective arrows in the Zanu PF rhetorical quiver. In fact, sanctions have been blamed for just about everything, including this season’s bumper crop has also been attributed to sanctions, thus touting command agriculture’s success.

  • nelson moyo

    The military in most countries and especially in Zimbabwe is run by dunderheads – this man is not an elected official

  • Zimba 1

    Succuba, sanctions are real, mate. And they actually stymie development.

    You are also not being real for you can’t prise the Government from the individuals in the Government. Remember during the GNU, when Biti was Finance Minister, he literally begged the US and it’s allies to remove the punitive measures.

    I suggest you read or ask those who understand economics the impacts of sanctions. That being said, however, sanctions do tell the true story of why Zimbabwe is in this mess: I thing the other 50% is poor Governance and all it’s surrogates,-corruption, nepotism, footing the centenarian’s medical bills, and sticky fingers by Zanu Pf’s bureaucrats.

  • N. Sithole

    I did not talk of political businesses. Why is it that politicians, mostly from the ruling party, become super rich as soon as they get positions? What business models are they using to ‘bust sanctions’? Let them share with us.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      How many are super rich anyway. Without seeing their audited balance sheets , why do you believe they are super rich politicians. I read recently that one Minister in Mat North who boasted in a court case about his riches , is now on hard times. Most of them show off when in govt office but quickly hit hard times when they are sacked or lose office. Do you really believe the likes of Chivayo and Chiyangwa are super rich because of what they say , being politically connected as they are? You must have believed Sekuru Mutasa(ex ZANUPF) was super rich until his cars were taken by the messenger of court despite having been ZANUPF leader for years. Ask ZIMRA for confirmation? Showing off is not necessarily the yardstick of being super rich. Have you read about Killer Zivhu`s assets being auctioned recently. Super rich? My foot! Please dont peddle lies without having access to politicians` balance sheets to confirm their real net worth. I speak as someone who read law, economics and accounting at university level.

  • ivhukuvanhu chete, chete

    You are lost! Which country has repaid its loans in full? All nations are indebted to International Financial Institutions including the USA…..

    • Gary WekuZviyambe

      No country has paid its loans in full. However, all countries, Zimbabwe included, are expected to meet their annual repayments without fail. Zimbabwe has failed in that regard and the consequences are that we cannot access more credit.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    That editorial,which I missed or do not remember was may have attacking a capitalist economic system,if you like. Its not only our politicians across the political divide who are in business . Non politicians flaunt their wealth also, to the chagrin of the ghost of Karl Marx! I need hardly dwell on the pros and cons of capitalism and how it motivates and corrupt politicians leading then to abuse their offices ,even in Western countries. We can agree that politicians in this country and other countries abuse their offices , especially where democratic institutions are nascent and in need of development. But having said that , how do you compare other developing countries in Africa, without the extra burden of sanctions? Some suffer from corruption, high unemployment and other social ills also. I have no appetite to re- read the Animal Farm political Bible because its not prescribed for my academic political science examination at my age.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Why burden myself entertaining foolish questions?

    • succuba

      The question was not foolish but prudent.

      You are full of empty rhetoric, and when challenged for clarification you refuse to answer…. this is typical of you, you are a liar and fraud.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Read it !

    • succuba

      You have just shown yourself to be a fool… congratulations (fakey).

  • Taneta

    If Zimbabweans hate boers and understand that their suffering is due to sanctions then why are they leaving in droves to go to SA to live and work with the boers you are demonizing. Have you been to Beitbridge recently the rate at which Zimbabweans are living independent Zimbabwe to work under Neo-colonialists in SA will shock you. Prof people do not eat independence or propaganda they want decent and dignified lives which is on offer in SA. Do your research statics say the number of Zimbos in SA is now between 1 to 5 million. Care to explain why during xenophobia attacks why the targets are only blacks and not whites or Indians. South Africans know that its beneficial to work together with whites and wont let the hate shown here by Zanu jeopardize that relationship. Also don’t lie to yourself that Zuma can just change the SA constitution overnight to suit his needs or change the legislature the way you chased away Chief Justice Gubbay. South African democracy is very robust that’s why you see someone like Ramaphosa who is Zuma’s deputy can stand and criticize him, do you think that will ever happen in Zim.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Mzvinavhu is an employee of the Herald. He is the moderator of these comments. When he has no answer he deletes your comment or just bans you from commenting. When his ‘sanctions’ angle pops up he jumps in and gives us the same drivel (or diarrhoea). At least me and you aren’t paid to sing for our supper the way he is. We represent genuine Zimbos. He represents propaganda gone bonkers.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      I not employed by Herald. I also have some of my postings deleted or blocked by the administrator. I am civilized enough to accept that mwana washe muranda kumwewo. I never work for the Herald nor its sister newspaper. Musade kudherera ZANU PF and foolishly criticize our government. I post comments also on other newspapers sites denouncing sanctions. Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuu!

  • Exy

    Zvinongoitika uripo,uchizviona iripo,bvunza Robby chana chaSthembeni,chinokuudza

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Those who understand how sanctions squeezed our economy know that international banks, behind the scenes are pressurized not to give credit lines to Zim companies even t to those not listed . If a CEO & his/her company team are black listed, that company cannot do business in the market successfully. How do you expect our country to smoothly do business when our country leadership is blacklisted you idiot? That creates country risk which kills business opportunities. Your problem is that you are mentally too shallow to understand issues above your intellectual level.

  • Rasta!

    What has the west got to do with this? Do you see the western armies terrorising civilians during elections? Nxa!

  • Madara

    so inappropriate material was someones name? you are a joke. we are not in north korea or turkey.

  • Grace Jones

    haiwawo haazi kugara. War vets are back tyson was sacrificed

    • Zvobgo

      Handiti maavona ma 00-vet achivhagwa muromo naCostantino?
      Vana Mutsvangwa are now frolicking… vaMahiya is being frog marched to apologetic (sic)

      Which oo-vets are back?

      Plan again ye reptiles

    • Zvobgo

      0f course you didn’t thee Tython doing the Thinjonjo dance wis**.

      It was not just a dance fyi

    • Zvobgo


    • Zvobgo

      Usadzokere kumashure Kasukuwere. I was really hurt by what this Dinga guy
      said. Iye akaregeregwa gore riya na First Lady. Ava kuvona kunge iye ari
      perfect. Dinga ari kafarisa. Am with you in prayers Tython. Pray
      without ceasing. The truth will come out. People don’t know that the
      President is very intelligent regardless of his advanced age. He knows
      your weaknesses and strengths. Now Chiwenga is pretending to like the
      President. Why didn’t he utter those words of protecting the President
      when it was said Mujuru wanted to topple Mugabe? Tiri kuzvivona ende
      tiri kunamata. Matsotsi haagerane.

    • Zvobgo

      wakandihwa hako hanti?