No leads yet in cargo plane saga

Herald Reporter
THE police are now waiting for results of a post-mortem which is underway to ascertain the nationality of a dead body found in a plane impounded at the Harare International Airport on Sunday, police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba has said.

Snr Asst Com Charamba told The Herald yesterday that investigations were ongoing.

“There are a number of questions that have been raised that need answers. For example, for how long had the body been in the plane and how the person died?

“The investigation is not a one-off thing but a process, so people have to be patient,” she said.

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  • chinos

    How does it work that a plane that is denied landing in Moz lands in Zim. Graft? Laxity? More needs to divulged!

    • mc3946

      what are you saying?

  • mpengo

    And the crew? Where are they?

    We hear they’re lavishly accommodated at Miekles Hotel…from other press.

    How true is it also that we have no pathologist to conduct the post mortem… also reported by other press?

    • mc3946

      “lavishly accommodated”…….. you talk as if they are using tax-payers’ money. Where else did you want them to be accommodated…

  • ThaDoggPound

    Why waste Zimbabwe’s meagre resources by trying to solve the death of a citizen of another country who probably died of natural causes in international airspace?
    Release the SA plane, they want their freshly printed cash and solve the disappearance of Itai Dzamara.

  • Cecil Roars

    How does a postmortem tell nantionality and who is getting impatient about an unknown body?
    If you can’t find the origin ofbthe body what are you going to do with the remains? Ndizvo zvinoita kuti tiite ma drought izvi neimwe minyama.
    Let the crew and it’s consignment go and keep the decaying body.

    • khulu

      Police have to solve the mystery otherwise there could be more to this, why a dead body near a large amount of money

  • mellisa

    well, i think DNA testing to determine ethnicity would be more appropriate.

  • Kushinga

    And if available the obvious fingerprints, dental records, retinal scan, digital facial recognition, blood type, antibodies from vaccinations and diseases etc, in the event the body comes from a nation that keeps such records? EU nations like Germany frequently have biometric scans recorded of immigrants and citizens, with help from Interpol some false leads can be eliminated.

  • millions

    Bolt y talking sense.i would like t think if ths plane is carryin millions of rands that were printed in germany the logical thing ws for th plane t fly direct to durban for security reason due t nature of cargo it ws carrying md 11 is capable of tht it went via nigeria of al places,now the question is wht did i it drop in nigeria al pick in nigeria ,2. it was denied landing in maputo did the authority thy know or were tipped of the dead body or some clandastine cargo it s carrying beside mney?3. if the body ws in the avonics bay whether it ws pressurised or not th likely cause of death if it ws a stowaway wil b hypoxia and hypothermia but thn do these elements cause th body t bleed? if so i am sure th body wil still b frozen whn it landed due t high temperature at altitude.4.assuming ths dead guy boarded in nigeria wher ws security wh wer suppose t guard ths plane in transit due t its high value cargo?5 .assuming again tht th avionics bay ws opened whn th security were onboard after th doors were closed am sure thy could hv been some indication on th flight deck tht th bay ws opened .5 hv our authorities gone into tht aircraft an really established wht else is it carrying?6 .moza authority hv t also tel us why thy denied landing of this plane..guys its me just thinkin loud..kkk

  • aiiwbef

    mazino akaora pliz reply Kkkkk

    • mazino akaora

      Check with your pocket dictionary. Post mortem determines cause of death. Picture this. You die in Senegal, how does anyone know u r Zimba?
      No price for guessing. Your passport!
      If I put a Zambian passport in your pocket? U got it! You have just become Chipolopolo! Kkkk

  • Mwana wevhu

    Nai Mai Charamba musanetswa nevhanu kuti angaariweku dzimba dzavo chitunha ichocho. Zve patient apa. Ivovarikunzwa kuti mundege makanga muyine 2 Americans, 1 S/Afrikan, 1 Pakistani nyika dzevanhu ava avazeze pfuti kana kuwuraya. Regayi vanowongorora vatore nguva yavo. Dai akasvika arimupenyu akanga asvika munyika inerunyararo unfortunate zvakayitika mundege macho apana achaziva.

  • Ngwenayasvinura

    Charamba…the correct English the person died and for how long he has been there, and not for how long the person has been there and how he died.Think about it Charamba.

  • Ngwenayasvinura

    Bhambhi anga asiri mundege vanhu vaMwari. Akanga ari pandege, I mean not mu cabin/fuselage but kunze kwe cabin ndosaka ropa or ma fluids akazoerera akaonekwa nevedu pa airport.Inonzi Stowaway

  • Muchafunga

    The spokesperson obviously not a scientist, is talking about a post-mortem or autopsy conducted by a forensic pathologist which provides samples for further forensic biology and forensic chemistry as part of their investigation into a suspicious death, covering just about everything listed above and much more.

  • watch out clowns

    let us hope the cash is still there, otherwise you clowns might get taken out by zuma/gupta gang !

  • Dlodlo

    Why not tell us what you are telling South Africans that the body was a stowaway, that the plane lost a signal(unbelievable though), had to refuel, a new crew took over a plane that was coming from Entebbe Uganda in Germany, captain saw the blood but thought it was that of a bird.

  • CuriousCat

    The crew carrying the corpse…vakamborohwa here??

  • mc3946

    I don’t get it…… why not quiz the plane’s crew members?