New VPs get endorsement

Rtd Gen Chiwenga

Rtd Gen Chiwenga

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ZANU-PF provinces have endorsed the decision by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to appoint Retired General Constantino Guvheya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga and Minister of Defence, State Security and War Veterans Cde Kembo Mohadi as his deputies, saying the two bring vast experience that will benefit both the party and the nation.

They also said the appointments were in line with the party’s time-honoured practice of abiding by the 1987 Unity Accord signed between the former President Robert Mugabe and late national hero Dr Joshua Nkomo. Zanu-PF Midlands provincial chairman Cde Daniel Mackenzie Ncube welcomed the appointments saying the two were distinguished cadres of the party.

“As Midlands province, we are excited by the appointments of the two Vice Presidents. Apart from being distinguished heroes of our liberation struggle they are committed cadres and will bring much needed discipline in the running of the party,” Cde Ncube said. Matabeleland North provincial chairman Cde Richard Moyo said the province was fully behind the new appointments.

“We’re fully behind the appointments of the Vice Presidents. As a party we gave the President power to elect his deputies and he made the right appointments,” he said. Cde Moyo said Cde Mohadi, who is from Matabeleland region, deserved the elevation as his loyalty to the party was unquestionable.

Cde Mohadi

Cde Mohadi

“Cde Mohadi has been in the party and has never lost an election. He is committed to Zanu-PF,” he said. Mashonaland West chairman Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi also welcomed the appointments.

“The appointments complete the processes that started at the Extraordinary Congress (mid-December). As a province, we are excited by the appointments because the two are veterans of the liberation struggle and experienced cadres.

“It is that vast experience and loyalty that will benefit the party and the Government,” Cde Ziyambi said. Harare provincial chairman Cde Godwills Masimirembwa congratulated the two Vice Presidents on their latest assignments.

“As Harare province we welcome the appointment of General Chiwenga (Rtd) and Cde Mohadi and we believe this will strengthen the party and His Excellency the President as he delivers on his promise to the nation which is productivity and the economy.

“There are exciting times ahead now that the President has his full team that will assist him in implementing his programmes,” Cde Masimirembwa said. Mashonaland East chairman Cde Joel Biggie Matiza said the two Vice Presidents would strengthen the party.

“These are liberation war icons and will benefit the party immensely given their experience gained before and after Independence,” he said. Matabeleland South chairman Cde Rabelani Choeni said President Mnangagwa had made the right choice in appointing Cde Mohadi.

“The President in his appointment chose the right candidate (Mohadi). Matabeleland South will work harder now that it has a senior leader in the party and Government. Cde Mohadi is one of the senior freedom fighters. He started contesting to lead Beitbridge at a time when some people were afraid to stand for political office,” said Cde Choeni. He said it was his hope that Cde Mohadi would work for the development of all Matabeleland provinces, unlike his predecessor who had neglected Matabeleland South.

“We want to see development in Matabeleland South through Command Livestock production. The former Vice President, Phelekezela Mphoko, never came to Matabeleland South, he limited himself to Bulawayo and Matabeleland North. It is our hope that as a senior politician he will unite the people and promote development,” Cde Choeni said.

He said the appointment of someone from Matabeleland South brings the province into the spotlight as it was now being overshadowed by Bulawayo and Matabeleland North in the appointment of Vice Presidents. His Bulawayo counterpart, Professor Callistus Ndlovu, said he would not comment on Vice Presidential appointments as it was President Mnangagwa’s prerogative. It is the prerogative of the President to appoint persons and he has done that now,” said Prof Ndlovu.

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  • Tarirai Masango

    I have never such hypocrisy-are the same guys who were last month endorsing the dismissal of ED in preparation for the endorsement of Amai.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    As far as the majority of Zimbabweans are concerned, it is the clear renewal of ZANU PF leadership that is central to the new dispensation. The renewal of leadership accompanied by policies renewal gives hope to our nation politically and economically. As our new President declared that we must also significantly discuss economic issues in our meetings. This should start in the Politburo and Government Cabinet. Leaders not conversant with economic issues but only want to tell our economically hungry youths historical exploits during our armed struggle should be confined to only those occasions we sit down sharing the important historical lessons, especially on our heroes celebrations gatherings. The necessary balance in leadership must be a priority. The other important factor is to balance skills in Cabinet. We need to see also engineers, accountants, economists, agronomists, natural scientists , among other professions being represented in the Cabinet . Gone are the days of only having historians, lawyers, theologians, fake medical doctors, et al. We are reminded of a “Cabinet “ committee that took party in the Chinhoyi diesel drama , where a known medical doctor who is supposed to have read also natural sciences joined the dramatis personae , insulting and distorting our traditional culture, as it were.If our Cabinet then had scientists,our then President should have been told in the Cabinet discussion to dismiss the fake drama, instead of insulting the high level of literacy in Zimbabwe. An appreciation of business issues is also necessary , beyond just experience in corrupt tender-preneurship . Skills , skills , skills are necessary in the public sector if all the good policies our new President is articulating will bears fruits for pro bono publico. As we well come the two VPs, we hope they will assist our new President in the areas I have alluded to.

    • Amon

      I see neither sense nor maturity in this long comment.

      • leondonald

        kkkkkk he is just an ordinary yes man i don’t know why he is a prof i guess he is a bogus one

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          Are you saying if you differ with e.g. a beleaguered Prof Moyo ,then he becomes fake to your blind intellectual eyes? Kkkkkk, Profs are human and are entitled to their own wise or foolish thinking. But this one is wise Prof Mzvina! How many areas of intellectual cultivation where views differ? To you corrupt Profs are better.Those like “Englishman“/ Welshman Ncube who fly to US,with naive Chamisa/Biti , to lobby for sanctions against their motherland? Kkkkki.

        • Moe_Scyslack2

          Who told you he is a prof? Ndozvinoita real profs izvozvo? This guy is a hired troll and I doubt he even has ZJC. Hes a brainwashed Border Gezi greenbomber hence the lack of maturity. Anongotukirira.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Oh dear! It depends on your mental capacity. If you are intellectually limited and myopic you can leave that , to others who can see my picture. I am preaching the need for necessary skills and mental and physical energy in the public sector for us to benefit from our new President`s positive and progressive trajectory. After the current cleansing of economic criminals across the factional divide, we should not fail to implement the good policies for lack of suitable human capital.

    • Kwangwari Gwayendepi

      Very incoherent. It sounds like you are under the influence of super chibuku kkkkk

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        KkkkkkkkkI. Iweka. Ndisiye. I am saying change management and implementation requires balanced skills , which are rare in the public sector. Only political skills to win elections are not adequate to bring the changes as as per trajectory. Be guided accordingly iwe we zhira. KKKKKKKiiii. I say this from experience in the private sector where I was involved in project management implementation. Change management in the public sector wont be just an easy walk in park after only sermons and sermons on what must be done to be efficient and successful. The average age of senior public servants and ministers needs looking at in the change management process. Vamwe ngava zorore like our former President Cde Mugabe. Wazvihwa ka? Ku private sector executives retire at 60 years and directors at 70 years ufunge. This enables young leaders to take over and energetically implement news ideas. Wazvihwa? ministers Cde Kazembe Kazembe and sekuru vangu Cde Hungwe. Kkkkkkkki.

        • Munopenga Chete

          Surely this is now your damascene moment. At least you are now constructively arguing your facts not the bootlicking and praise singing yawaita iye kuna RGM and wife! I totally agree with you on this one.

          • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

            Ah but who can claim in ZANU PF never supported our former President Cde Mugabe and his wife before factionalism and capture by G40 ? Did war vets, Mai Muchinguri and even our new President not support the former first family before they went haywire. We all changed when it became necessary. I am by no means the Biblical Saul as just a cell member . Revisit the videos showing those who praised our former first family for kicking out Mai Mujuru. Including Cde Mutsvangwa himself before he was persecuted out of ZANU PF temporarily.. Kkkkkkkki.

    • Pastor Farie

      I read and understood your comment, these days u are becoming more and more critical in a positive and productive way.

  • Sephenya

    As l hail from Mat South , this appointment was overdue . Pls do not be vindictive about the past behaviours of other appointees from Mat , pls serve all three provinces equally.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Yaa, you have a point.Even the ascendancy of one from Midlands/ Masvingo to be President is too sweet and positive in our nation building. We pray Zimbabweans will learn from our brothers and sisters in SA, who have clearly taught us a lesson that nation building requires us also to ensure Mat gets the Presidency before it moves to Manyikaland. How nice is it in Azania that all ethnic groups feel a sense of belonging to be united in their Rainbow nation. That way, we can pacify the strong but unfortunate sentiments by our brothers and sisters in Mat. . We cannot subject them to be just VPs . Hazviiteba! That is the message I read at the graves of Father Zimbabwe and many other national heroes , during our annual heroes day celebrations. Amen! Amen!

      • Maria Smith

        Do all the ethnic groups in your so called Azania feel a sense of belonging. What lesson have you learnt about nation building? Haikona kungowawata muchinda. Mauraya nyika nemaoko enyu and you need a lesson to build it. Just look back and see, hazvimbodi kana Masters, everyone can see for themselves kuti auraya ndiani and you do not need to tell anyone. I wish in your Shona vocabulary muine tsumo or dimikira, I dont remember well, its been 35 years since I was last in school, rinoti Ushe madzoro hunoravanwa munhu one angadai akapagara pachigaro chamambo for so long?
        You talk of average age yemacivil servants, how old is the first civil servant, the president and most of his subordinates. They must all retire. Those jobs belong to the young. We will not forget them, we will invite them to the Heroes memorials where they belong.

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          Cde Mugabe vakagara pachigaro chamambo for so long because we had not limited the terms of one President. Why we did not do that like other countries cannot be blamed on Cde Mugabe himself . I remember when he became Executive President, he was bestowed with many powers. Our late national hero Cde Eddison Zvobgo who led the draft of the Presidential powers defended the powers in a BBC talk. May be he thought one day he would become President and would enjoy the powers. Who drafted the ONE CENTRE POWER in ZANU PF ? We all learn from our mistakes. Who was supporting the vote for Cde Mugabe over the donkey or baboon years? We in ZANU PF cannot disown our political mistakes of the past ,but should just change as we did last month and move on governing “dis kantry“! Nyika or economy has also be been significantly / negatively affected by sanctions ,among other factors, I can argue to educate you.

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      The fact that you still think appointments must be regional and geographical shows how far away we are from meaningful politics in our land. We are so immature it hurts.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        But a system that confines the election of a President to only so called Shona speaking regions is not a nation building polity in my view. Its not fair that certain regions because of ethnic minority cannot imagine having a Zimbabwean President from their area, but only VPs. It is up to Zimbabweans to sort that anomaly and build our national unity. Many so called States in Africa have similar issues or problems. I am saying this in the national interest ,notwithstanding that I was born from a so called Shona speaking area. Is it not an indictment that in fact ,all our political parties window dress with a VP from a certain region? Why? Your “meaningful politics“ must address that anomaly in my learned view.

  • eliasha

    I am not familiar with the Zapu side of things but was Mohadi next in line because according to SK there have a waiting list of VPs and that order had been disrupted by the appointment of Mphoko so i guess there are back to that list famous list, but surprisingly there do not talk about the waiting list of the big one which is the President post, i do not understand these guys.

    • leondonald

      what about Mutinhiri

  • Mufaro Sibanda

    Our people need to be reminded that ZAPU and ZIPRA were not regional institutions but national with leadership and freedom fighters from across the breath of Zimbabwe.
    The unity Accord brought two national liberation movements together.
    When some of our Provincial Leaders insinuate regionalism in VP Appointments its a misrepresentation


    l am just happy that Prophet Bushiri’s prophecy has been fulfilled despite amount of comments people uttered when the prophecy was said . Congratulations Kembo Mohadi at least the nation now knows the importance of these Generals in the region . SHALOM

    • Milton Moyo

      yes please that is my Prophet. the results matters


    well done Kembo Mohadi

  • musayigwa

    Those endorsements will still come if ED changes his mind tomorrow (like he did with Mutsvangwa, Dokora)

  • musayigwa

    A ZanuPf endorsement is only as valuable as a Trillion $Zim.

    Ask Grace if you think I am wrong.

  • nhamo

    Good luck Chiwenga