NetOne overpaid supplier by $500k

NETONELloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter
One of the companies under forensic audit at NetOne, Bopela Group of Companies, was allegedly overpaid by $500 000 for the installation of base stations. The company is owned by one Mr Agrippa Masiyakurima.

There are indications that the company opened another bank account to evade zimra after the tax collector garnished about $360 000 in tax arrears.

The NetOne board recently identified Bopela Group of Companies as one of the “suppliers of interest” that they wanted audited under the guidance of the Auditor-General’s Office following revelations that management had siphoned the parastatal of millions of dollars through suspicious procurement.

The board says the company was contracted to supply and install base stations without going to tender.

But insiders said despite being paid in advance, Bopela Group of Companies failed to fulfil all the conditions of the contract.

“Bopela was hand-given contract for the supply and installation of base stations at 100 sites for the Mobile Broadband Project a long time ago at $52 000 per base station,” said an insider.

“He was given the contract without going to tender and financials indicate that he was overpaid by about $500 000 because the parastatal had poor payment systems in place.

“He demanded his payment in advance and this was complied with because he would always brag about knowing big people in town and politics. He would push the construction manager who would also be pressured by senior management to sign papers so that payment could be effected before completion of the job.”

The source alleged that Bopela opened another bank account under the name Macharangwanda in order to evade zimra after the company’s old account was garnished.

“He had not been paying taxes to zimra, so when they went to his offices they were given papers that proved they were evading tax. That is why they garnished his Bopela account where payment was made for 32 sites which he did under Bopela while the remaining 68 were done under Macharangwanda.

Added the source: “Part of his contract was to put palisades at all base stations that he installed but out of 100, he only put at three which are the ones at the Airport, Ballantyne Park and Circle Close in Borrowdale.

“The rest of the towers he did not construct palisades for instance in Victoria Falls, Chinhoyi High, Chinhoyi Magistrates’ Court, Chinhoyi University of Technology then locally, Rhodesville, Central Sorting Office, Borrowdale Police and Marlborough Castle and others.”

Another source said there was also need for investigations on the sites where base stations were installed.

“Indications are that Bopela would always ensure that base stations are installed at properties where he has interests for rental benefits. Mind you rentals were paid in advance. An interesting case in point is there is a property that was paid rentals from the year 2000 but the base station was only installed last year.

“There is also another case where a site had been identified but Bopela unilaterally moved the base station to a site of his choice where it’s suspected he has interests as well. There is another case where the former finance director (a Mr Tarupuwa) instructed that a base station be installed at his church at 66 Marlborough Drive.

“There is serious need to investigate the faces behind properties where base stations were installed because it appears the majority of the sites were for monetary benefits. People benefited a lot from the base stations because some of them were paid in advance up to 2021,” said source.

Mr Masiyakurima refused to comment on the issues raised instead retorting: “Baseless accusations by Supacoste. Write whatever you want.

“Get Caesar Zvayi and Supacoste tell you what to write. I only have one account inonzi Bopela Group. So write whatever you want.”

Interestingly, Mr Masiyakurima posted on his Facebook account on March 22, 2016 a snapshot of a bank transfer request of $200 000 of January 06, 2016 from the account name Macharangwanda Group to a company called XCMG Zimbabwe and another transfer request from the same account name to XCMG Zimbabwe of $211 000 that was done on January 18, 2016.

Both transactions were effected by one Clever Masiyakurima.

When this was raised, he said: “Macharangwanda is just a sub-contractor. You are misinformed chief. I actually owe Macharangwanda as well for the crane. I only structured a deal for my sub-contractors. I have five sub-contractors and Macharangwanda is one of them. They did most of the work while my account was garnished by zimra. So tell those Lacoste fools that ngavatsvage zvimwe.”

Efforts to get a comment from NetOne board chairperson, Mr Alex Marufu, were fruitless but he is on record saying he would not comment until the forensic audit was completed.

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  • SimonPetere

    PachiZanu. …corruption 24/7 ….that’s why I support and subscribe to Econet only . Would rather pay more than confused corrupt unknown beneficiaries. KwaMasyiwa inotozoperera kunherera nekudzidzisa vana . Can you imagine what $500,000 us will do to 200 intelligent orphans in Zimbabwe. I am disappointed

  • Dr Phophet Mudede (PHD UZ)

    You hear someone talking about sanctions….when there is this gross mismanagement and nepotism

    • VIVA Zimbabwe

      Dr the challenges facing this country have more than just one driving force so you need to have a holistic approach and consider all the variables both endogenous and exogenous. Yes what you raise is only true if confined through independent investigation. This board is controlled by Supa as a minister and takes directives from him. What we know is that Supa is am interested party so he is born a referee and participate in this matter.

      The sanctions are real and please check with the USA policy on ZIM and see for yourself. Or with the local business bodies like ZNCC or CZI to see if there have any effect on business or not.

  • maita

    They are still doing it so its not Kangai alone some rotten eggs are still lingering at Netone, just watch and probe all their tender invitations.

  • Diva Dollar

    thats zanu for you, they prop u up, then they cut u up..into very small pieces.

  • yowe

    Hapana anosungwa dont worry

  • Harare

    murume apengeswa ne G40 uyu, manje Grace anokusvipa fast becoz zita rako radhakwa razara corruptio , no this is not corrup[tion its fraud

  • DarkChild

    Izvo ka izvo! Inonzi “accelerated implementation of ZimAsset”, aka loot-as-much-as-we-can-while-we-still-can! Honaiwo kwaienda mari dzacho akomana! Now the man is asked to give his account on the reports and all he can say is this Gushungo-Lacoste-One center of power rhetoric. looks like such partisan (or should i say Mugabisan) talk is now the new social, political and economic currency in this country! VaMugabe makati parira shuwa! Kana iriyo nyika yacho ngaigare zvayo!

    • VIVA Zimbabwe

      Dark Child! Is there anything wrong work calling a spade a spade? If there are people who are using factionalism to disrupt normal business operations then what’s wrong with saying it. The issue of one centre of power is a party position and not individual one. There is nothing wrong there.

  • Guest Zvangu

    Agrippa should stop being arrogant as he is not a genuine businessman.Chitsotsi chekuba hiding neZanuPf Youth League has destroyed this once great party.I hope ZanuPf realises that most of the youths moving around with vehicles branded with Mugabe or Grace pictures just do it to intimidate law enforcement agencies.Matsotsi vanhu ava and they must go down.I feel sorry for Sydney Nyanungo,the deputy Board Chairman,a respected war veteran and senior retired intelligence operative for allowing this to happen under his watch.

  • http://arkhamasylum.coom The Dark Knight

    Zimpapers doesn’t have it’s own NetOne Building image in its galleries??

    • theheraldonline

      TechnoMag is Zimpapers’ business partner.
      There is nothing wrong with that kind of reciprocation.

  • Rawboy

    Still stinks to high heaven.
    The loser is the poor downtrodden ordinary maZimba.

  • real zimba

    I have always said Zimbabweans are the most learned and most fools in Africa. We craft our own problems and praise sing everything for the good of a few fat cats. I pray and thank God for anointing me a Future President of this country in 7 years time. Let me try to count, 15bn for diamonds, netone scandal, zinara scandal, air zim scandal, state procurement board scandal, noczim fuel scandal, ZRP daily roadblock scandal end of thinking capacity (etc). I will not tolerate all this nonsense, all the culprits will pay back every cent .


    Econet is now a public company – on stock exchange, anybody can have shares – Strive has most of the shares – thats all. Bopela is owned by one G40 fella. See….

  • Obsever

    Iyi ndiyo inonzi nhunzi chaiyo. Kutonyora kuti viva zimbabwe – kuda kutyisa munhu wese nehumbavha. The audacity to lecture us on corporates and ownership. Imbavha idzi, dziri kuhwanda ne politics. Your sins are soon catching up with you. Get ready for chikurubi or disappear while there is still time.

  • Zhinghaz

    Check yo facts, to my knowledge Supa did not appoint the NetOne Board…he found it there.

  • Idiot

    INFINITY for grabbing, kaone

  • VIVA Zimbabwe

    There is no truth in what you saying. Netone does not provide anything but it’s the contractor who does. That’s the problem with Zimbabweans we comment with limited info