My style was deliberate: Fungisai



Tawanda Marwizi : Arts Correspondent

Musician Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave is at it again. Having caused a stir on social media with her dressing and pose at the Zimdancehall Awards, Fungisai has responded indifferently to the controversy. The comic pose on most of her pictures has sparked a lot of interest on several social networks. She has also been vacillating on the issue.Firstly, Fungisai claimed her style was deliberate and aimed at her rivals.

She has also blamed her enemies and camera people at the Zimdancehall Awards ceremony.

Just like the Marondera man who attended his daughter’s wedding in shorts, the gospel musician has had her pictures superimposed on various shoots.

Fungisai has made efforts to downplay the incident.

In a Facebook post she said: “I deliberately chose simplicity knowing that haters would stop at nothing to attack my latest fashion, especially at Zimdancehall Awards like that, considering how fashion conscious I am.

“I had no idea they had plan B to catch me with their cameras just as I was bent trying to catch my falling clutch, trust me it did not catch the ground.

“I had no idea the devil was planning on me deliberately targeting my House of Nyasha Clothing line. Apparently it is a trendy simple bandage dress from my line.

“I will send you pure pictures probably there is something wrong with the camera quality as well. If I send it and you still feel the same I will phase it out.”

The fans were however, not convinced.

“I think you made a mistake at the awards ceremony. Those big shoes, I don’t know. What about the earrings that looked like earphones? Your nails were something else. Haters or no haters, today you are looking good,” posted one Chipo-Chashe More.

One Langa Roserashe Ziyambi said: “You just made yourself a laughing stock. You just pulled another scandal since you on purpose published that you were not a gospel singer. That was a fashion disaster. There was no fashion sense there including the earnings. I don’t think they blended well with the outfit.”

In an interview, Fungisai said she was happy that everything she did was worth public attention.

“(I am a) God’s word artist who denied to be flown under the bridge by new genres knowing for a fact that there is a sky above my head.

“All of a sudden everything about me, even coughing, is worth everyone’s attention, halleluah it’s a calling,” she said.

She said the picture incident had inspired a reality show she would be launching soon.

“Soon I will have a reality show on TV. My prayer now is for volunteers to unite and support my dream. My vision is to hunt the raw God-needing generation that they may have a better tomorrow from Zimdancehall,” she added.

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  • Emru Kunanti

    Fungisai should have nothing to do with Zimdancehall. She is contaminating the genre. It was started by ghetto youths to voice out their tribulations, aspirations and inspirations. Fungisai knows nothing about what ghetto youths go through….

  • walter

    dont listen to them fungi. do your thing. keep it up