Mutsvangwas booted out

Cde Chris Mutsvangwa

Cde Chris Mutsvangwa

Felex Share Senior Reporter
Zanu-PF has suspended deputy secretary for war veterans Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa for three years for gross misconduct and disloyalty, while his wife, Monica, the women’s league spokesperson, suffered the same fate.

The two will not hold any positions in the party during their suspension period, but will remain Zanu-PF National Assembly members for Norton and Senator for Manicaland, respectively.

Also suspended for three years was Women’s Affairs secretary for Administration Cde Esphina Nhari, who had a vote of no confidence passed on her by the Wing for chanting the slogan “Pasi NeG40” at a rally in Gutu last year.

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The suspensions were announced by Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya-Moyo after the revolutionary party’s Politburo meeting in Harare yesterday.

Seven former provincial youth chairpersons were expelled from the party for gross indiscipline and misconduct.

These are Godfrey Tsenengamu (Mashonaland Central), Godwin Gomwe (Harare), Vengai Musengi (Mashonaland West), Washington Nkomo (Matabeleland South), Khumbulani Mpofu (Bulawayo), Edmore Samambwa (Midlands) and Tamuka Nyoni (Matabeleland North).

Said Cde Khaya-Moyo: “On behalf of the chairman of the National Disciplinary Committee (Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko), the secretary for legal affairs, Cde Patrick Chinamasa presented the NDC report.

“All in all, nine cases were presented and extensively discussed by the Politburo. Three cases have been suspended for three years. Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa has been suspended for three years and therefore must not hold any position in the party for the same period but he remains a member of the party and a Member of Parliament. In Midlands, Cde Esphina Nhari has also lost her position in the Women’s League as secretary for administration and was suspended for three years while Monica Mutsvangwa has also lost her position in the Women’s League.”

The Mashonaland West provincial executive last year recommended the expulsion of Cde Mutsvangwa, accusing him of insulting the First Family and undermining the authority of the President.

This followed his utterances in the media where he was quoted as saying: “We will always respect the institution of marriage and he (Cde Saviour Kasukuwere) is confused and conflating the institution of marriage and that of the State.”

On the other hand, his wife Monica participated in an illegal meeting that tried to overturn the ousting of Manicaland chairlady Cde Happiness Nyakuedzwa last year.

Cde Nyakuedzwa was kicked out for disrespecting the First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe.

Amai Mugabe is also the Zanu-PF secretary for Women Affairs.

Some of the expelled provincial youth chairpersons last week issued a press statement insulting and denigrating the First Lady.

Cde Khaya-Moyo said Ms Rosiwita Chinyaure (Masvingo) and a T. Bhasirai have also been expelled from the party.

Three legislators from Mashonaland East, Cdes Tendai Makunde (Murehwa North), Felix Mhona (Chikomba Central), Washington Masvaire (Maramba-Pfungwe) and a youth member, Cde George Katsande were given severe reprimands.

Cde Khaya-Moyo said the Politburo had also resolved to expel seven youth leaders from associations aligned to Zanu-PF for naughtiness.

These are Tonderai Chidawa (Zicosu), Norest Makururu (Youths in Mining), Collin Machingura (Youths in Farming), Memory Masengu (Youths against sanctions), Absolom Madusure (National Youth Service), Gabriel Togarepi (Ziliwaco Trust) and Innocent Mhlanga (Children of War veterans).

“You are aware that there are three chairperson for Midlands, Masvingo and Mashonaland East who were on suspension and we expected a report on them but we did not get it because the NDC is still to conclude the matter with them,” Cde Khaya-Moyo said.

He said Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa presented a report on the consolidation of diamond mining companies in the country.

The report, Cde Khaya Moyo said, was “well received by the Politburo.”

“National Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, also presented his detailed commissariat report while Cde Prisca Mupfumira (Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister) presented a detailed report on the drought relief activities on going throughout the country.”


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  • Idiot

    Itai ndione

  • yowe

    Disrespecting the first lady has dire consequences. So Chris is still minister wemaWar Vet?

    • bodo_kwete

      Hokoyo neshamhu yaamainini kkk. Stepmother syndrom.

    • Fred Muchena

      yes, he is still minister. nothing changed.

  • kutototo

    What goes around turns around. I remember vividly how Mutsvangwa actively campaigned for the booting out of Mujuru telling us she is not the one who shot down the chopper as if only one chopper was shot down during the war and now its his turn.

  • Unendoro11

    Suspended but u still remain an MP, Minister, senator ? Hazvisi kumaker sense …

  • bond coin

    expell them all bt its nt done on the expense of pple bt to save the interests of a few pple

  • Nsindamanzi

    George Charamba must be shit scared wherever he is. He also got himself messed up in this fight and Mahoka put him to order. He could have been fired by now it he did not take the warning seriously. Interesting times indeed.

  • Ngomalungundu

    Any comment from Matemadanda? Any lesson(s) for him?

  • Kaguvi

    Haaa yaa … zvinotipa sadza here izvi
    The end of ZANU PF is nigh

  • Cde

    You can’t disappoint Dr Amai and leave to see another day

  • Ngodza

    Im happy!

  • Harare


  • Albert Mtasa

    KuZimbabwe People First tinyerere

    • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

      Because you are immaterial.

      • Albert Mtasa

        Sarai kuna amai imi muri material. Muchitukirirwa setunherera

        • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

          Enda ku opposition and join Tsvangiruza as Mujuruza! ZANU PF will continue tongi-ing until all stooges are buried>

          • Albert Mtasa

            Kuna Tsvangison bodo. Kana dhodhi ndingadye pane kuenda kuna Morgan

  • Collin Mackenzie

    The VP is Next
    He thinks we can not see through him, all those people are not to blame but the VP.
    Why is he always caught up in all this power power stuff he did the same to Ami Muguri and next is him.

    If I where the VP I would tell my people to shut up.

    • mandla

      Don’t be too sure who is next. Only God knows.

      • Collin Mackenzie

        God knows who’s next to die and man knows who’s next to leave the party period.
        Don’t bring God into rubbish
        Amai Mahoka asked a clear cut question with no response so then it leaves up thinking otherwise.
        Please tell your VP to stop his people from dividing Zimbabwe in his name period.

        • Mandla

          God knows everything and there is nothing that happens without his foreknowledge. Us human beings can never be too sure about the future. All I am saying is we can never be too sure. By the way, Mnangagwa is OUR VP not only MY VP. He is your VP even if you say “your” . It’s a reality you cannot wish away.

        • Mandla

          We can never do, say or think in a certain way and pretend that God is not concerned about all that. Even these discussions we are having about ZANU PF, one day we shall be accountable for each of these words. Whether we do things in ZANU PF’s name or God’s name or even in a commentator’s name, we shall be accountable.

  • Collin Mackenzie

    So right he must Vostek maaaaan.

  • guest

    There’s no much big difference here pertaining to the expulsion of cde Chris Mutsvangwa. He still remains a member of the party and parliament representing a constituency. The only strategy applied by Mugabe was the divide and rule tactic. He’s method was to discipline and control the rowdy war vets as their patron by using the police, in order to protect the damage that had already been caused by * and her G40 faction. If my memory jogs me right, why are the remaining comrades who were close to Chris like Victor Matemadanda, Black Jesus and Josiah Hungwe not suspended as well??????????? I smell a rat, something is definitely not right.

    • Cde Mgagao

      When hitting as snake, you target its head.

      • Fred Muchena


  • Cde Njelele

    Mahoka embarrassed the VP but did not insult him. She asked him to denounce those using his nickname as his faction, those who wore LACOSTE t-shirts at a funeral. If any youths had donned G40 t shirts, they should be denounced also and anyone identified as linked leader. Why are you silent on Kizito Chivambo,the suspended Midlands Prov Chair, who insulted VP Mphoko at a rally by calling him mboko, which is an insult? Why was there no public outcry about such a clear insult? Saying Zezuru is unconquerable means nothing in music lyric,unless you read too much or feel inferior ethnic wise. Winky D singing “Problems disappear! disappear ! “can be twisted by relatives of Dzamara for politics if its performed at a political rally. Its just perceptions. The President told all those misbehaving to stop it and shut up. Mutsvangwa misbehaved as a sworn government minister on the issue of our liberation heroes.He should have taken any grievances to the Cabinet first and ask his principal to take action if necessary. Period!

    • Mandla

      Anyway, let’s wait and see. No one is invincible

    • Mandla

      In any case, why should it be a problem to aspire to be the next president? The one who has been there for over 30 years should not appear to be restraining those who also aspire to be a president one day.

      • Cde Njelele

        Are you implying the issue is over premature succession before the end of President`s term upto 2018? Also remember that in the ZANU PF party the next leader is electable in 2019 after the 2014 Congress. Why can`t all and sundry wait for that timetable. Why did they not oppose him in 2013 and 2014. Did he elect himself then? They must not play God by having expected that he would depart to heaven before the constitutional timetable.

        • Mandla

          There seems to be a way of eliminating those who appear to be becoming too powerful in ZANU PF. In 2004 The current VP had the support from most of the provinces ( this was also confirmed by the 1st Lady). What then happened, the system was changed. Then it was Mujuru later appearing to be too powerful before congress and the system was changed again. It appears, the powers that be is uncomfortable with other people becoming influential in the party. Now we see Mnangagwa being aliniated again. Is that coincidental? You cannot use and fool people forever. I am not sure if anyone has ever said they want to be president when one is there already. My question is whether or not it is a crime to aspire to be a president at some point?

        • Collin Mackenzie

          So true they must shut up or face the boot for trying to divide a nation that is peaceful because they went to war, given the chance an age at the time I to could of gone to to fight those white imperialist.
          We to have family members who died at war an who is speaking on their behalf.
          Shut up!

    • Ngwekazi

      Ngiyabonga Njelele. That lady never ever insulted Mnangagwa. And Mphoko never ever insulted the Karangas. Chivambo was lucky as I know the Hon. Mphoko. If it was not the First Lady around, dai akamusumudza ne collar. He thought the VP doesn’t know Shona.

      • Mandla

        I totally agree with you on the need to discipline to that man who insulted VP Mphoko. That’s intolerable. One cannot do that and go unpunished. Mrs Mujuru did the same but of course nothing happened to her. Not trying to mitigate the gravity of this recent one, which I think has been justifiably been addressed, I think Mrs Mujuru one was even worse. Nothing happened to her unfortunately. Even this current guy could have gone scot free had it not been that VP Mphoko is perceived to be siding with 1st Lady. There has always been injustice in ZANU PF.

      • Collin Mackenzie

        She asked a clear cut question that needed a clear cut answer.

  • Ngomalungundu

    Mutsvangwa had not become powerful at all? Talking in schizophrenia seazure is not power! Dreamt power is not real power.

  • Fred Muchena

    I didnt know that ZICOSU is an arm of Zanupf. Thanks @Herald for such useful info.

  • Pamusoroi

    no mercy for mutsvangwa

  • Fred Muchena

    @Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) I cant see your comments!

  • Murambinda Zvomwene

    GWESELA naGiGuzu vapinda mumba semakonzo mudura!

  • Collin Mackenzie

    Pamberi name Gushungo and down with those rouge eliminates.
    We voted Gushungo not War Vets period.

  • Collin Mackenzie

    You got it all wrong when a soldier dies another one is born.
    Otherwise we would have no army or soldiers an so with a war vet if one is booted out another one will fill his rank.

    We can not allow ourselves to be held at ransom because one went to war.
    Shut up or Vostek maaaaan.
    Truly sick and tired of being held at ransom.

    Anyway one claims Gushungo is old and its time he retires,but hay maaaaan,Stop just and take a look at the one who thinks can take over how old is he if I may ask? ? ? ? ? 95 maybe nobody knows so shut up.