Mutsvangwa flayed over Jabulani

Former War Veterans Minister Chris Mutsvangwa

Former War Veterans Minister Chris Mutsvangwa

Mashudu Netsianda Bulawayo Bureau—
EMBATTLED war veterans chairman Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa has gone rogue and wants to turn former freedom fighters against Zanu-PF, Women’s League deputy secretary Cde Eunice Nomthandazo Moyo said yesterday. She spoke after Cde Mutsvangwa – who was suspended from Zanu-PF for three years before he was also expelled from Cabinet – invited the ex-communicated former war veterans chairman, Jabulani Sibanda, to speak to liberation war fighters in Bulawayo on Saturday.

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Cde Moyo also took a swipe at Senator Angeline Masuku, who also attended the meeting, for living under the mistaken belief that she was the most senior female leader from the former PF Zapu. Cde Moyo, who deputises First Lady Cde Grace Mugabe in the Women’s League, said while war veterans have a right to hold sanctioned meetings, sharing a stage with an opposition party member was disturbing.

She told The Chronicle in an interview yesterday: “If Zanu-PF reaches a position, we expect everyone including war veterans to be guided by such a resolution, but it appears there are some people who’re defying the party.

“It seems Jabulani Sibanda was included in the Entumbane meeting to sway war veterans to join Zimbabwe People First [led by Joice Mujuru, who was expelled from Zanu-PF]. It becomes a problem when you start associating with people who are in the opposition.

“War vets have a right to conduct their meetings with their leaders, but what is actually disturbing is that their leader had not formally informed us that he had left Zanu-PF because I believe when you start teaming up with a person who has been expelled from the party, it gives us a different picture altogether.”

Cde Moyo said those who attended the meeting acted in defiance of the party rules. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a war veteran, as long as you’re a Zanu-PF member you have breached the rules of the party, you’re defying party directions and we can’t stand by and watch as people are doing such things.

“Those people should come out in the open so that we know exactly who they really are because we don’t want people coming to our meetings playing two roles, one for Zanu and the other for the opposition.”

Cde Moyo, who is also the Minister of State for Bulawayo Provincial Affairs, lashed out at Mutsvangwa for failing to address the welfare issues of war veterans during his stint as the Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees, a position from which he was sacked last week by President Mugabe who replaced him with Cde Tshinga Dube.

Cde Mutsvangwa was found guilty of undermining the authority of President Mugabe and insulting the First Family – the same reasons that led to the expulsion of Sibanda from the party in 2014.

“Someone has been in that ministerial position since 2013 and making empty promises and even up to now he’s still going around making empty promises talking about buses and hospitals. When will they be available? You promise things that are non-existent just because you want to use them (war veterans),” said Cde Moyo.

She also implored the newly-appointed War Veterans Minister Cde Tshinga Dube to conduct a vetting exercise, suggesting that some people were masquerading as war veterans. “It seems anyone who is disgruntled has a tendency of resorting to war veterans or move to take a position with war collaborators or ex-detainees. These people start insulting people and creating confusion.”

Echoing President Mugabe who last week said Zanu-PF would not hesitate to “chuck out” any officials who refuse to toe the party line as the party had “no shortage of members”, Cde Moyo said: “Some of us will remain in Zanu-PF and those who want to leave the party are free to do so. If you choose a thorny path you’ll be pricked.”

Cde Moyo said most of the people who attend the meeting in Entumbane were not genuine war veterans. She explained: “You can’t group ex-detainees and war collaborators together and claim they’re war veterans. I’m very much aware some of those who attended the meeting are ex-detainees and war collaborators.

“What are you telling those poor people? Some of these people are so young and they’re even younger than independence, but you’ll be shocked that they claim to be war vets, ex-detainees and war collaborators.”

Cde Moyo also revealed she was bewildered by War Veterans Association Secretary Cde Victor Matemadanda’s sentiments when he claimed that Cde Masuku was in a “difficult situation” just because she was a senior ex-Zapu official.

A resolution by the Women’s League demanding that at least one of the Vice Presidents should be a woman has sparked speculation that a former Zapu leader will be chosen. Cde Moyo says Cde Masuku appears to be under the mistaken impression that she deserves the nomination on the basis that she is the most senior surviving ex-Zapu leader.

Cde Moyo says that belief is not true, and in any case the female Vice President would be nominated on merit.

“As one of the leaders in Bulawayo, what really troubled me and still troubles me is that while Cde Mademadanda was addressing Cde Masuku – who was also there sharing a stage with them – he said he knows that she was caught up in cross-fire because of the Women’s League resolution over Vice Presidency.

She explained: “I’m actually the one who read that resolution at the Zanu-PF conference and the way I understand it is that when the time comes [for a woman to assume the Vice Presidency] any women will be free to be appointed VP. “It’s folly for anyone to fight over a non-existing issue. There’s no way that we need to discuss about that because in the first place it’s the President who appoints.”

Cde Moyo said there are many women who qualify for the VP position from which President Mugabe would appoint when the right time comes. “The issue of seniority keeps cropping up with some sections of the media claiming that Cde Masuku is the most senior woman in the party although she hasn’t said it herself, and even Mademadanda who was not in Zipra or Zapu keeps saying so and you wonder where they get their stories from,” she said.

Cde Moyo said the most senior female ex-Zapu leader is Cde Jane Ngwenya who actually championed the struggle before other women joined the liberation struggle. “We’re all junior to her including Cde Masuku. We never told the President as the Women’s League that we need someone senior for the VP post, but only a meriting woman will be appointed. It’s a woman’s position which has nothing to do with whether you’re from the Zapu or Zanu side,” she said.

Cde Moyo also queried why Cde Mutsvangwa chose Bulawayo as the venue for his meeting. “What’s their aim of calling the meeting in Bulawayo and what happened to Harare? It seems everyone who wants to start their naughty work come to Bulawayo,” Cde Moyo said.

“All the opposition parties come to Bulawayo to launch their parties. It must have been done intentionally because Bulawayo people are considered to be vulnerable and gullible.” Sibanda used the invitation by Cde Mutsvangwa to urge war veterans to decouple themselves from Zanu-PF but consider other groups with the same ideology.

“Lobengula did not have a party, Nehanda did not have a party but they were people defending their people,” he said. Various speakers from the association chanted “Down with G40’’ – in apparent reference with a purported Zanu-PF faction – with Cde Matemadanda criticising the Zanu-PF Politburo saying it has become a “disciplinary Politburo” and attacking Zanu-PF Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere over the expulsion of party members claiming Zanu-PF has become a “party for firing not hiring”.

Cde Mutsvangwa has used interviews with hostile newspapers to claim he is happy to be out of Government. He compared President Mugabe to a frog in a bathtub, claiming Zanu-PF officials out to destroy him were slowly releasing water into the tub and in time they would release hot water which would kill the frog.

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  • g.d

    How can Mutsvangwa say our leader is like a frog? I do not support Zanu PF but pple should learn to respect our leaders and elders.

    • Doctor Lee

      i guess u didnt understand the statement…. like a frog is different from saying he is a frog. he is not attacking the character of the president but he is giving a picture of the current situation….

    • gutu chitovah

      That was just an analogy. Pepukai baba kana ndimhayi

      • lot chitakasha

        An analogy is meant to emphasize the point,this one brings out what Mutsvangwa thinks about the patron,so yes it is meant to is like saying he is like a lion, what you are bringing out is that someone is brave,anyone can see that.

        • Maisvoreva

          Agh marasika, mukugumira panzira kuverenga… ok dai ati like a lion in pool wafara

    • Nimr Al Nimr

      Respect is reciprocal.

    • haiwawo

      Dzokai mundofunda kuti chizwi metaphor chiinyi – basic literary analysis skills.Ko, kunyepa here metaphorically? The wrong speech at one time, the debacle of the Indian tour both with high visibility? Handiti kuti vaitwe chiseko and to drive home the point of loss of control?

    • Development Proponent

      What a miss! An idiom or a figurative expression or an analogy is a comparison or similarity expressed in words that should not be interpreted strictly in the meaning of each word. He is certainly not saying Cde Mugabe is a frog, far from it. He has just compared a situation to resemble that of a frog. I honestly fail to understand how you can be helped but I hope you will at least grasp something from the help myself and others are going to give. Whilst I do not support some of Cde. Mutsvangwa’s actions I think I must protect him from potential abuse emanating from a failure to understand what is obviously not our mother tongue. To Cde Mutsvangwa I implore him to be simple because he is dealing with simple people as evidenced from g.d’s response above.

      • N. Sithole

        I think you are confusing the guy further by making reference to idioms, figures of speech, analogy etc. The guy won’t comprehend your explanation. There are people whose comprehension skills end at literary level. Metaphors are Greek to them.

  • Kwangwari Gwayendepi

    This Moyo lady is very ignorant. Liberation war fighters, are not only ZANU PF members,so it’s very important for the chairman of the war veterans, to invite all members, regardless of their political affiliation. This was a meeting to discuss issues affecting the welfare of the veterans,it was not a ZANU PF meeting. War veterans are facing the same challenges,regardless of their political affiliation. Mujuru has you running scared. Now all of a sudden you’re admitting,we have some people who were born after independence,and getting gov’t benefits they don’t deserve. When you needed their votes, you didn’t mind paying them,now that you feel they’re about to join amai Mujuru,you’re beginning to wonder if they’re real political detainees?

    • Cde Njelele

      Your Mutsvangwa did not accept the expelled Sibanda less than two years ago. Very soon he will seek alliance with Mujuru he scandalized left right and centre. He never attended the burial of Mhanda why if you argue war vets are war vets regardless of their political affiliation. ZNLWVA members have always been ZANU PF members in practice. Any Mutsvangwa/Matemadanda changes now are new. No disgruntled politicians will succeed in turning the majority of war vets against ZANU PF! The barking of few war vet leaders should not be misconstrued as the voice of the majority. We need unity among war vets not misguided premature succession politics.

      • gutu chitovah

        the War veterans Unit has been decimated into fragments by misguided and over ambitious G40 group who think they can change History. Any move to unify this critical constituency should be welcome by both hands. Eunice is just singing for her supper, lest she fall out of favor with ####. Otherwise she knows very well that the best thing ever is to unify this constituency called War Veterans. Unity is Zanu’s cornerstone and any tempering with that will result in its decimation as well. many combined few make up a critical constitution. many combined, disgruntled influential few can easily result in multitudes. Don’t be misled people. Unless someone is out there to make sure Zanu grows as and goes with RGM. If there is truly need for going concern, need for ZANU life after RGM, then these stupidity pity women issues shouldn’t be taken seriously. War vets should be united from wherever they are. become one unit and pacify disgruntled members. Musafurirwe nanaKasukukuviri. The party is bigger than him.

    • Ngwekazi

      Up to now the government is still paying for school fees. Vana ivavo varikubva kupi? Coz that budget should be less than half 35 years after independence. These war vets were running away from TEAR GAS in Harare and thought of Bulawayo. Why not go to Matematanda province? Isu ku Bulawayo don’t want noise. We stand by the 1987 Unity Accord. What we know and have is Gabriel Robert ####is the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

  • tee cee

    who said if yu are a warvet yu have to be zanu pf,there are warvets out there bt thy are not zanupf

  • Chief Political Adviser

    Have we no reason for expelling Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda from ZANU PF?

    • Masilangokuthubela

      The reasons are now many, but they all center on their telling the truth about the rote the G40 has caused in the party.

  • Ngwekazi

    For the first time I have supported this lady Sandi Moyo. Why do all upcoming opposition parties go to Bulawayo or start talking about Gukurahundi? Bantu bako Bulawayo vusani amakhanda. These opposition parties take Bulawayo people for granted. Bengazi ukuthi kabantshintshi, bantshintsha nxa belele. There are young ones who were taken out of schools and sent to Botswana and became refugees, Mutsvangwa promised to give them compensation up to now, hapana chabuda. Those young ones should be treated like war vets coz they lost their education, mother love, etc. Mnangagwa said Gukurahundi is a CLOSED CHAPTER. Mujuru was in government for the past 34 years she never even uttered a word about Gukurahundi. Mugabe said it was A TIME OF MADNESS. Sitsheyeni sinjalo. We the Bulawayo people will WAIT UPON THE LORD.

  • Zimbabwean to the Bone

    I think we must just accept the current political dynamics and appreciate that we have war veterans in the opposition camp. It is normal and there is nothing amiss there. Cde. Mujuru and Cde. Jabulani Sibanda are war veterans. Cde. Dumiso Dabengwa is a war veteran so are Cdes. Rugare Gumbo and Mutasa. If Cde Munangagwa decides to leave Zanu PF today does it make him less of a war veteran? If Cde. Mugabe decides to throw in the towel and pursue another agenda outside Zanu PF does it take away his being a war veteran? I think we are just being petty and myopic and failing to appreciate what to any ordinary person is seeing.

    • Development Proponent

      I like your reference to everyone as Comrade. It sounds progressive. I believe there are people working to divide us as Zimbabweans. In fact ever since we came up with what looked like a progressive blue print Zim Asset (despite it shortcomings). There has been people working on making sure we fight one another. We should be seized with matters around our economy. Right now there are two major sleeping giants SMM and Ziscosteel and no minister is really serious about these matters. All ministers are concerned about is to save their political skin. They are busy saying ” I am not Lacoste” and others saying “I am not G40″. We know who you are but we do not care. We need to know what could be done to harness our diamonds for the national good. We need to have a proper account for all our diamonds. We do not care whether or not war veterans are given claims as long as they contribute to the national economy. We need hospitals with drugs and we need drought relief and a five year plan that would ensure we have enough food reserves to take us beyond at least two consecutive years of drought. We need jobs for our children and roads without pot holes. We need reliable supply of power and water to our homes. We need a stable national currency and we need the vulnerable members of society such as children, the old aged and women to be protected from hunger, violence and abuse. We need housing, decent accommodation and a thriving economy.

  • Chokwadi

    1. War Veterans come from different political divides. Does Mujuru cease to be a war vet because she is nolonger ZPF?
    2. Ex Detainees and war collaborators are war veterans. War veteran is broad term that includes collaborators. If we say akangobata gidi is a warvet then what are we saying about RGM? War was fought in many fronts including negotiation thats why we talk about the Lancaster house agreement.
    3. I thank you

  • Nimr Al Nimr

    I was made to belive the war vets association was an independent body that is none partisan. The Zanu PF party promised 2 million jobs in their 2013 manifesto. To date 2 million jobs have been lost. If a government can’t honour their promises, how do you expect a lowly war vets boss to deliver on his promises.
    It is a shame that war vets were seduced with the 50 grand gratuity in the 90s and gave been used by ZanuPF as foot soldiers during elections. They were used to violently occupy white owned which ended in the hands if the fatcats.
    A different government will not be obliged to continue paying their pensions. It is surprising that these war vets are still claiming school fees for their children and from simple arithmetic, most of their kids should be in the 20 at least.
    Moyo is making noise about payments to ghost war vets just because there is a new party on the scene fronted by ex combatants. She did not make noise when the same ghost war vets were being rewarded as they were Zanoid operatives. The political matrix is very fluid at this time. The ruling party is torn by factionalism where the dear leader is clueless on how to cotrol the implosion. ZPF is the new kid on the block. A coalition of this party with the MDC would put spanners in ZanuPF’s works.

  • lot chitakasha

    I agree with Moyo,why take what looks like a rebellion against their patron to Bulawayo, and yet when things are smooth sailing they stay in the environment of Harare.

  • Collin Mackenzie

    Shut up maaaan, so Wena you trying to tell us that wena you are the smart frog.

    • s shumba

      What wrong with, what has he said that has upset you. Do you ever take time to read and analyse.

  • dusty

    This mistaken belief by Zanu PF that War veterans are Zanu PF. A lot of people fought in the war and do not belong to Zanu PF.

  • Ngomalungundu.

    Where does Mutsvangwa get the courage to insult the President? Is he loony or schizophrenic? May I doubt his mental stability and lucidity!

  • Asa

    Sandi Moyo you arewrong. 1. Mutswangwa was not appointed to that ministerial post in 2013. 2. No party has monopoly to war veterans because there are a lot that are now outside ZANU PF. Should we tell you the names?

  • Nziradzemasoja

    Mapuruvheya…I would like you to understand that war veterans are from different parties not only Zanu of…vanhu vazhinji vakabereka bhazuka…

  • lot chitakasha

    I agree on leaders making mistakes,but it is also true that when people want to gain political mileage they seem to remember Bulawayo and when thing are rosy Harare is the destination of choice,that is why I have agreed with Moyo here.

  • Kufandada

    Chokwadi Mutsvangwa iwe ungati my President is a Frog? And another woman calls our Vice President a dhakisi.These young people have no manners and must be expelled from the party.

  • s shumba

    The hot water is alraedy going in – but at increamental output (opening the hot water valve more and more ……slowly.

  • bodo_kwete

    Chris, don’t listen to these brainless people who will support Mugabe even if he urinates on their heads. Rehabilitate Comrade Jabulani Sibanda who was a casualty of what is now common knowledge. We cannot continue to be ruled by fear and favour in the interests of one family. The war was fought by all Zimbabweans, the war was worn by the majority of Zimbabweans and not one family and its friends.

    So please just do the right thing and stand by a persecuted comrade.

  • Collin Mackenzie

    Who is Mutsvangwa?

  • Grace Jones

    we now havw war vets who are MDCs zpf mavambo. they are still war vets/ musada kukambira ma war vets nokuvamanikidza to be long to zanupf