Mutasa loses assets

Didymus Mutasa

Didymus Mutasa

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter—
Former Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Didymus Mutasa had his two top-of-the-range vehicles and household property attached over legal fees he owes lawyers who represented him in his battles with the revolutionary party. On February 1 this year, the Sheriff unsuccessfully attempted to attach property at the politician’s Umwinsdale house after the workers at the residence locked up the gates and doors.

This week, the Sheriff succeeded in attaching the property in the presence of Mutasa. The Sheriff will today remove the attached assets from 13D 16 Chishawasha Road in Umwinsdale.

IN THE NEWS: Didymus Mutasa

Two SUVs, a Land Rover Discovery and a Range Rover Sport, will be driven away together with an assortment of household goods. Household goods under attachment include:

Three sets of leather sofas, dining table and eight chairs, two fridges, a coffee table and stools, two water tanks, microwave, carpets, television stands, Kipor generator, DStv decoder, DVD player and two flower pots.

Last year, the High Court ordered Mutasa to pay Nyakutombwa Mugabe Legal Counsel outstanding legal fees to the tune of $26 900. Efforts to make him pay the debt hit a brick wall and the lawyers this month instructed the Sheriff to attach the property.

Mutasa together, with Rugare Gumbo and Temba Mliswa, were expelled from Zanu-PF in 2015 and engaged the services of Nyakutombwa Mugabe Legal Counsel to fight the expulsion.

After filing several applications, the trio chickened out and dropped the challenge, but the lawyers billed them $26 900 for the work done. Gumbo and Mliswa are contesting the claim and their matter is yet to be heard at the High Court.

In coming up with the bill, the law firm charged the trio for all opted services rendered and for all court attendances in terms of the Law Society of Zimbabwe General Tariff of 2011. No guarantee of success was given nor was failure of the cases a basis for non-payment of the due fees, the lawyers argued.

In one of the cases in which Mutasa and Gumbo were contesting expulsion at the High Court, the court ordered them to pay legal costs incurred by Zanu-PF and President Mugabe in defending the aborted court application.

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  • Moe_Syzlack

    Revolutionary party my foot

  • Humphrey

    they are poor people boss, they thrive on credit and oppression as well as flexing their muscles, and will be like ‘ do you know who i am’. just to access what they can not pay. ask Strive Masiiwa.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    “… from 1980 to 1914″
    You are too used to living in the past, baba.
    Try looking forward!

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    That all ZANU PF leaders are filthy rich is fact, not perception. You will not find one minister who lives a life that matches a minister’s salary. Imagine that, in such a poor country as ours, one lady buys a ring worth $1.4m!

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      You are joking to say `all ZANU PF leaders are filthy rich is fact.“. May be you don`t understand what fact means. Your statement is an empty political hot airing. It is called political pufffery ! Given how most ZANU PF leaders actually sit down on mother earth economically when they leave government office,they cant be said to be filthy rich. Just one example, our late national hero Cde Nathan Shamuyarira, on whose home “nhamo yayirira,“ till he departed to Heaven. Your understanding of what, filthy rich, means is faulty! Anyway is the ring case involving a government minister? Please treat it as private. How are you so privy to all private financial resources? I stayed in East London,UK during my student sojourn. Very poor people are still in Hackney, while Buckingham Palace remains a tourists attraction because of its “poverty outlook attraction“, as you are politically insinuating.

  • Nesongano

    The two vehicles could have covered this debt. Honestly something is wrong somewhere. Anyway, when and where is the auction going to be held. I can bid for one of the SUVs for $10k or slightly more.

  • Chief Economist

    Poor market values for the goods may explain?

    • Fred Moyo

      Sorry i meant debt off $26900

  • Chief Legal Adviser

    Ndiko kuti vapfidze kungoenda ku court zvenhando ka!

  • eliah

    Whatever it is it is definitely fraud to sell a car worth 80k for 4k or so.

  • Freedom not just Independence

    Kunonzi kufixana. Hanzi zvese ngazvidzoke kwazvakabva. But I just wonder who would want to buy his stuff, risking your life in a devil’s car?

  • Freedom not just Independence

    Sevai nyama vakomana! Mutasa uchati baba, kurumwa nechokuzvicherera. Never ever mess with that thing! Just a word of advise.

  • eliah

    Saw pictures of the cars being towed away. The Fortuner standard value is plus/minus 25k and the Range Rover plus/minus 75k.

  • Masekwameng

    Kusvika ati ..tasa kkkk

  • Heraldo Tinhadzirwe

    Naye chete kusvika atitasa. Kuramba kudzingwa waiziva kuti uchatitasa.

  • eliah

    That is common knowledge and the rational of picking everything at someones house hoping it may low fetch low on auction is the craziest thing that could ever happen. Something is wrong in this whole episode. Two of the assets picked are worth 100k at the lowest price in car sales so lets be reasonable auction issue aside, operations which are well known to everyone.

    • bunhu

      The something wrong is people refusing to pay their debts on time

    • mirairo

      who has 100k in his wallet today for unplanned use? one can only buy good unplanned for cheap things and thats when the cars fall in this this category

  • s¡r cool

    He must hire other lawyers for $25k to recover his cars,kkkkk

  • s¡r cool

    Kkkkkkkwaa,achanwa gamatox

  • bunhu

    Be on the right side of the law in the first place and pay your debts and avoid the sad real world truth that when the sheriff comes he gets more than his share

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Again, with the labels! Not everyone who disagrees with you is MDCT and I certainly am not one of the MDCT members (This is the millionth reminder). Stick to the discussion, not labels. All the people you listed died outside or on the margins of ZANU-PF, hence they died poor. Once one leaves ZANU-PF the party will work overtime to strip that person of everything, including their dignity. Everybody who saves prudently and invests wisely should retire comfortably. Anyone who had good savings and investments lost everything between 2003-2008 because of the loss of value of the Zim dollar. Only the politically connected managed to convert their cash savings, via banks, to more stable currencies (USD, pounds, etc). Nowhere did I claim that ONLY the children are educated outside Zim. I said the children of almost all of the ZANU-PF elite are educated outside Zim. Few ordinary Zimbabweans (like your parents) can afford to do that.

  • Frog Datya

    Ko akadiiko kungotengesa one mota abhadhara chikwereti than to have all these things attached

  • Bwedebwese

    You have got a point. That was financial suicide