‘Mushika-shika’ claims another victim

Talent Chimutambgi Herald Reporter
A police officer died after he was hit by a pirating Toyota Raum driver who failed to comply with orders from traffic officers in Harare. Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the death. In a statement, Snr Asst Comm Charamba said the accident occurred at the intersection of Robert Mugabe Road and Chiremba Road on February 21 where police traffic officers were deployed.

“The driver of the Toyota Raum, registration number ADD4841, was stopped by the police, and did not stop after having been observed picking up and dropping off passengers at an undesignated point.

“Instead of complying with the order from the police, the driver of the Toyota Raum tried to escape but ran over a police officer who jumped and clung on his bonnet.

“The driver went on to side swipe with a Nissan X-Trail after the police officer fell on the tarmac,” she said.

Police said the officer sustained head injuries, bruises and a dislocated right leg and died on admission at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

Snr Asst Comm Charity Charamba said motorists and commuter omnibus crews should comply with instructions from the police and desist from breaking the law by picking up and dropping off passengers willy-nilly.

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  • ndini

    ZRP has been reduced to vendors,shame on you chihuri

  • josephmoto4

    Somehow the police have made it difficult for us to sympathise with them. My condolences to his family, so sorry for your loss, but this dead cop can go to hell

    • Nelson

      True, if I cry macrocodile tears chaiwo

  • ndozvo

    Sad loss indeed to that policeman’s family. However I fail to understand it when officers cling on to cars precariously putting their lives at risk all for effecting a $20 fine. Let us value life and not these unrealistic fine targets/day set by the bosses. the whole idea of policing is to serve and protect but now where a petty misdemeanour should see one escape with a caution the police take it to be a revenue generating infringement.

  • Ngoni

    The deceased was daring also on this one. He jumped and clung on the bonnet at corner 4th and Jason Moyo, A chase ensued along Jason the Raum turned into 3rd street towards parliament then along mandela towards forth then straight to enterprise iye kangorembera pabonnet whilst police vehicle following behind. He then started swerving to make sure the ngongongo as they are populary known ribve ndobva radona. Hakuna chipurisa chekunamira pabonnet wapfanha wanenge wakarohwa nemushonga.


    josephmoto4 YOU go to hell silly fool!!!!!