Mukanya not coming home

Thomas Mapfumo

Thomas Mapfumo

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Chimurenga musician Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo will not be coming home in September as initially announced during his tour of South Africa in April.
The musician told The Herald Entertainment at a show in Musina that he was preparing to come home for a show and his Chimurenga Music Company had slated the tour for next month.
However, Chimurenga Music Company Zimbabwe publicist Blessing Vava said the musician will not be coming in September due to “technical issues”.

“We thought by September everything would be fine but we are yet to finalise the tour. Please note that this postponement has nothing to do with his security as some people allege,” said Vava.

He could not divulge the nature of technical issues that have affected the proposed tour.
“I cannot say much about that but we just want you to know that technical issues affected Mukanya’s homecoming shows. The issues are logistical on our part but we are preparing to release a a new album soon.”

In an interview on the sidelines of the Musina show Mukanya was confident of his tour.
“Kure kwemeso nzeve dzinonzwa. We know many people are waiting for us at home and we promise them a great experience in September when we come home.

“There are some respected people here that came so that we arrange the homecoming show. I miss home and it would be a great return when we visit Zimbabwe,” said Mukanya.

“I am a Zimbabwean and I am proud of it. Even if some people in foreign countries view my country negatively, I tell them that I love my country and I will forever be proud of it. Nowhere is better than home. I will come home for good in the foreseeable future.”

Recently, Vava announced that promoters were jostling for the September tour and boasted that Chimurenga Music Company would go it alone at the show. Everything has now crumbled and Vava could not give a new date for the tour.

This is not the first time Mapfumo has failed to come back home. Prominent businessman Phillip Chiyangwa has tried to bring back Mukanya for tours on several occassions but his efforts failed to materialise.

The musician tried to reach his fans in the country when he staged a show closer home in Musina but the show was a monumental flop.
Most of the fans that attended the show were from Musina and the show was a far cry from what the organisers had anticipated.

However, the other two shows of the musician’s South African tour that were held in Cape Town and Johannesburg were reportedly well-attended.

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  • Brian Njodzi

    Now Mukanya loves home and knows that he is Zimbabwean and that home is best. The kicks of a dying horse… a horse that wants to die in its stable. This man has lost his lustre, while the likes of Tuku are still shining. His brand of music is dead and he is coming to a completely different audience – “vana vadiki who don’t care much about his brand of music”. Akadzirasa kudhara.

    • Canada

      and you know better.l think you have done well with your life.focus on your life my friend and move away from your parents house

  • tidza

    True lies “However, the other two shows of the musician’s South African tour that
    were held in Cape Town and Johannesburg were reportedly well-attended.” ndakatobuda on his 2nd song paakauuya kuJHB. Kutokundwa naJah P mfanha wezuro rino. Mukanya blamed it on instruments and sound as usual. Kudya mari dzevanhu mahara.

  • Tadiwa Mungoshi

    Mukanya is a seasoned musician. He wants to make things work out well when he eventually comes home. Ko kumhanya ndiko kuneyi!?? Munhu mukuru anoziva zvaanoita. When he did the show in joburg, jahprezha did well but, what i know is people were there to see Mukanya and all the forums i visited show kuti in kappa ne joburg people had a good time, save for a few haters!! On the other hand Mukanya has other contracts taking him to Australia, UK, and all over the USA, so we have to accept kuti haasi wedu tega kuno kuZimbabwe. Basa rake rinowanika all over thre world kwete kuno kuZimbabwe chete! Lets stop comparing Tuku na Mukanya, vanhu vane zvipo zvakasiyana, and Tuku paakavhunzwa last time akatotaura kuti Mukanya is the musician he respects out of all the Zimba musicians. There wiil always be those who love to hate Mukanya, but to the larger extent there will always be those who love to love him…….