Mujuru under fire for insulting President

Joice Mujuru

Joice Mujuru

Felex Share Senior Reporter
leader of newly-formed Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) Dr Joice Mujuru came under fire yesterday for denigrating President Mugabe, with political analysts saying her utterances were tantamount to attacking the electorate that resoundingly voted him into office in the 2013 harmonised elections. In an interview published by The Standard yesterday, Dr Mujuru who launched her political outfit on Tuesday, said President Mugabe was “a living spirit” and she had no time to “destabilise” him in that form.

The analysts said Dr Mujuru’s entry into opposition politics was a clear sign that she was a pawn of foreign interests seeking to perpetuate Western hegemony on the country’s economy.

Dr Mujuru was sacked from Zanu-PF and Government at the end of 2015 for corruption and plotting to topple President Mugabe. Apart from undermining the country’s sovereignty, her vision as ZPF president seeks to reverse all economic empowerment programmes being pursued by Zanu-PF.

She has pledged that Zimbabwe would rejoin the Commonwealth, reverse the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme and relook at the land reform. This, analysts said, vindicated revelations by whistleblower website Wikileaks that the former Vice President had always “puttered” with the country’s detractors.

“The people resoundingly spoke in their millions; voted for President Mugabe in 2013, gave him a five-year mandate and it is this which Mujuru is attacking,” said political analyst Mr Gabriel Chaibva.

“Real spirits are in the Mujuru cabal because President Mugabe is an icon recognised, a world defender of African values and principles. “It is public record that when Mai Mujuru was still in Zanu-PF, she dabbled with the foreigners and the WikiLeaks told us about that all.

“She is simply a bidder of the imperialistic efforts to undo Zanu-PF.” According to the Wikileaks cables, Dr Mujuru met United States diplomats on different occasions where they discussed plans to topple President Mugabe.

She also asked for funding in the event they succeeded. Dr Mujuru met former US ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Charles Ray, secretly at one of her properties on December 16, 2009 and told him that “Zanu-PF old guard” was giving way to young blood that included her.

Mr Chaibva added: “Her words are intended to deceive and are calculated to please and placate the imperialist’s efforts.” Another political analyst Professor Charity Manyeruke, said Dr Mujuru needed to do a “reality check” and stop insulting the masses.

“There is no need to insult the very Zimbabweans from which she will need support,” she said.

“Yes, she might be bitter but insults will not take her anywhere. You do not vie for power using that route but programmes and policies.”

Mr Goodwine Mureriwa said Dr Mujuru’s vision was also about reversing the Look East Policy, which was benefiting the country.

“She is doing all this to please the West,” he said. “She wants to be seen as a moderate, a neo-liberal and it is not surprising, because that is the mission that Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC-T leader) was also given but failed.”

Mr Mureriwa went on: “I would not be surprised that she already has massive funding from the West, just like Mavambo, to subvert and weaken Zanu-PF’s prospects of winning elections.

“As somebody who has always been egocentric in terms of accumulation of material wealth, she realises for her to get funding she has to speak their language.”

Political analyst Mr Simukai Tinhu, said instead of appealing to the electorate, Dr Mujuru’s pledges were alluring to the West.

“By rejoining the Commonwealth, she is appealing for British support and by extension the international support,” he said.

“Repudiating the indigenisation policy indicates neo-liberal policy but equally appeal to the same group which has been opposed to the basic tenets of this policy.”

Zimbabwe pulled out of the Commonwealth in 2003 in protest against its treatment by key members of the club, especially Britain and Australia, over the land reform programme.

Since the pull-out of Zimbabwe, the Commonwealth has lost relevance and in 2013 Gambia also pulled out of the grouping.

Dr Nhamo Mhiripiri said while Dr Mujuru was trying to be moderate, a few African countries, if any, had benefited from negotiations with Western capitalistic States.

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  • Nzenza Popota

    Matanga kunyepa ka wemapepa, takainzwa media briefing nenzeve dzedu, ndepapi pakanzi naMAI vanoda kuita reverse Indigenisation ne look east policy?? Nyika iri ku benefitor chii imi muchigara muchiti economy is down nemhaka yema sanctions, ko look east yacho haipo here nhai CDE.

    • Cde Mgagao

      Please read her“BUILD“ and see how it is same with MDCs trajectory. Why was her name not put on the sanctions list , before the list was revised. As VP then she should have been viewed same as her principal then. Agara ari mutengesi! Saka uri political nzenza iwe.

      • Harare

        Look East does not benefit the country , we should engage all positive investors, i believe we should own our resources and engage partners with financial muscle and technical know-how in order for us to benefit from the resources. This needs astute politicians at the front not arrogant leaders

      • yowe

        Kune chekudya kumba kwako here?. Hama dzako nevana vako vane mabasa here?? Pane munhu ari pasanctions list ari kutambura here? Chaunomirira uchi supporter vanhu vari kuguta through devilish policies chii???

      • 21st Century Cde

        as long as we are better nemutengesi wacho no problem anyone who can lead ngaapinde panyanga as long as we dn see pipo suffering…even akaita look in the sky or what it doesnt matter cz alrdy we are suffering

    • Kuta Kinte

      She knew very well that to get financial support from the West, one has to be open about the land question and the other indigenisation policies. By trying to please that constituency (the west), she forgot that she was going against the majority of the electorate because the Zimbabwean majority wants their land and to be empowered. After the launch of her political outfit and outlining its direction, she forgot to think deeper over the electorate in terms of future votes. As for you Nzenza, I am glad that you have realized her mistake or lack of political foresight and you now want to convince us against what is on her manifesto and ideology – in black and white. She used to be one of the daughters of the soil but now she is singing from the dangerous enemy’s corner. Look before you leap.

      • Doctor Reason

        How do people get empowered when more than 50% of Zimbabwe population is suffering out in some diaspora enclave somewhere across the world globe. We know you people are all singing for your supper. Sing more, BUT Mujuru we shall vote for.

  • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

    This new leader of PF once prayed at a rally “Mwari dai matora makore ehupenyu hwangu mawe dzera pamakore ehupenyu hwa President Mugabe“. Today her prayers are akin to those of disgraced Byo bishop Ncube! She met the US envoy nicodemously some years ago when was VP to compass her nefarious current project. She is destined to politically kiss the dust! Zimbabwe does not give room to political quislings! She stands advised to learn from Tsvangiruza. Come 2018, she will be Mujuruza!

    • gulaz

      this is rubbish.

  • Zivai Ndlovu

    where the hell do you get these recycled so-called political analysts? Even your so-called professors are out of their depth in terms of analysis. more of propagandists than analysts. look east policy has been a disaster – the president recently revealed that $15 billion went missing from diamond mining in chiadzwa. what gains have we made when all around the human development indicators have gone down. tinyareiwo nhaika.

  • yowe

    Hehehe political analyst my foot! Useless bootlickers

  • Judas Iscariot

    Why are the analysts not talking about the robbery in Marange, where the president admitted, we had been taken for a ride, by our friends from the east. Ask them about the 15 billion, that we lost,that we could be using to feed the hungry masses. They’re not commenting about gov’t failure, to prosecute any of the criminals, who plundered our parastatals. Comment about the useless audits, that the regime is doing,and hasn’t resulted in anyone,being hold accountable.

    Amai Mujuru is right,we need a land audit and reclaim our farms, from those who are not fully utilizing them. I’m not at all offended by amai Mujuru’s ststement,she has my support.

  • Timothy Thorton

    When professors stoop so low then education loses meaning. Insulting the person of the President is in no way insulting the public. Those who have nothing to say must obviously keep quiet.

  • zimbabwean

    Being part of the electorate i don’t feel insulted at any point, the very reason that the so called analyst want to advance that he was voted resoundingly by the electorate is a misconception so repeated that u want it to be a fact. what insults me is a government which wants to play duck to the extent that the lose 15 billion dollars and see no fault on their part, a very big shame dear analysts, maybe you havent heard the news.

  • Tingori

    Gabriel Chaibva wamuka kuvakafa? manyeruke and Mureriwa political analysts??? Seka zvako iwee. Herald rubbish reporting!!!

  • josefa chinotimba

    Very very true Tarubva i agree with you there,those are zanu pf apologists masquerading as “political analysts”.

  • munhu

    How many doctors have been mentioned in this article. Where are these doctors while the zimbabwean economy is gone to the dogs. Why? Why all this unnecessary barking at Joice Mujuru? The more you bark, the more people will love her.

  • Telescope

    Tiuidezyi akadya mari yema Diamonds….ngoda rakaendepi. Account for what the companies mined and sold and how the money was distributed. Kwete zvekutiudza matukano. Hatidye mavhoko nematukano. Your analysts asi they come at $1 for two.

  • mhofu

    Please list for me what benefits we are getting from the EAST other than them #our diamonds…..and giving us cheap clothes

  • Cecil Roars

    Pamberi navo Mai ava. If she knows what is good for the ordinary people then she will get my vote.

  • Cde Mgagao

    Saka ndiani anoshandira iwe nemhuri yako? Its not me you fool!

  • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

    That shows she was not working honestly with others before she was booted. Sanctions were imposed to fight against black empowerment on land ,etc. So her mhosva is siding ne West against ZANU PF progressive policies. She is a stooge of neo colonial forces.

    • Albert Mtasa

      Grace ndiye asiri stooge of the west ka? Kkkkkkk

  • mapfungi

    Kkkk these so called analysts are ### honestly

  • Wellington Chadane

    Dindingwe rinonakirwa rachikweva kana rokwevewa hanz mavara angu azara ivhu kana musingadi kutukwa musatuka ………………………………………????????????????

  • Dungagun

    nhasi ndiwe mangwana ndiniwo ngatifunge hama yangu tisazo tsvinya madzibaba Nicky vakaimba

  • Sinyoro

    How is Look East policy benefiting Zimbabwe my motherland? Anyway, she has a constitutional right to air her views ad Zanu must learn to live with it. Aligning with the West is no crime as ZANU assumes it’s aligned to China.

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    ZANU yagumigwa gwaikozvino

    • Dzga

      First things first , this is a total discouragement from Media and Zanu Pf coz now the challenge is pilling and a BIG THREAT , takadzidza kare this time no chance . Kuna Amai Mujuru chero zvikapisa please no retreat and musavharwa ne maprosals ekuti Unity Lets work together , makagara pasi mukafunga dzakadzama mukaona zvichemo zvevanhu , Change the Engine place toda zvinofamba ,

  • Notruthintheworld

    $1 million is paltry mhukahuru. It cannot even feed 10 villages. Taurai zvimwe. We can only buy about 2000 tonnes dzechibage. Hapana zviripo apa pa $1 million. Musangowawate panotaurwa nyaya munovhiyiswa mbudzi

  • Rob

    idiotic reporting

  • Grace Jones

    under fire from who. haasi we zanupf ka siyanayi naye kkkkkk

  • Albert Mtasa

    Alternative to mai Mujuru is Grace Mugabe? Haaa Mai Mujuru vari nani

  • Chipoto Vhaivhai

    Cde Mgagao **. Unofunga kuti kuenda kuhondo kwawakaita kunoshamisa here. Kutozviti Mgagao mgagao. Isu vamwe hatina kanashungu neMgagao yakho iyo. **