Mujuru, MDC-T in 2018 ploy

Joice Mujuru

Joice Mujuru

Herald Reporters
Revelations that Zimbabwe People First’s leader Dr Joice Mujuru will seek a coalition with MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai for the upcoming 2018 elections confirm how she has been working against President Mugabe since her time as Vice President, analysts have said.

Over the weekend, a senior member of Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First party told the media that despite public denials, Dr Mujuru was poised for a power sharing deal with Mr Tsvangirai, culminating in a ploy that has been in the works since 2007 and which was initiated by Dr Mujuru’s late husband, Retired General Solomon Mujuru.

Rtd Gen Mujuru had already begun working with Mr Tsvangirai ahead of the March 2008 general elections.

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According to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, Gen Mujuru believed that President Mugabe would lose the elections and he had pledged to support Mr Tsvangirai.

In the same cable, Mr Tsvangirai told then US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr James McGee that he had spoken to Gen Mujuru who had since realised that support for Simba Makoni, who had — at the instigation of the Mujurus — launched his Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn party, was thin and it was better to support him (Tsvangirai) as an alternative to President Mugabe.

The Mujuru cabal then went around Zimbabwe telling Zanu-PF supporters to vote for a Zanu-PF councillor, National Assembly member and Senator, and then Tsvangirai for president culminating in the split of the Zanu-PF vote in favour of Tsvangirai who led President Mugabe in the first round of the presidential contest before losing the run-off.

In an interesting development yesterday, former United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe Charles Ray — who succeeded McGee — told an online news site that Dr Mujuru “…is pragmatic enough to work with the MDC and has the intelligence and ability to find ways to work effectively with the international community”.

Mr Ray tipped Dr Mujuru for leadership saying he did “believe she sincerely had the best interests of the country at heart”, leading observers to conclude that the US was the power behind PF.

Analysts queried why the Americans were keen to commend Dr Mujuru to the Zimbabwean voter, saying Mr Ray’s utterances proved that Dr Mujuru had all along been a Western Trojan horse.

Dr Mujuru, just like several characters causing a ruckus in Zanu-PF today, was exposed by WikiLeaks after nocturnal meetings with the American envoy while President Mugabe was out of the country where she sought the backing of the US government.

Dr Mujuru met Mr Charles Ray secretly at one of her properties on December 16, 2009 in a meeting that was arranged by Mr David Butau.

In the meeting, whose cables were released by WikiLeaks, Dr Mujuru told the US ambassador that the “Zanu-PF old guard” was giving way to young blood that included her.

Dr Mujuru, according to the cable said: “Let’s work together.”

Political analyst and Midlands State University lecturer Dr Nhamo Mhiripiri yesterday said Dr Mujuru’s alliance with Mr Tsvangirai confirmed how she had long drifted from the liberation ideology of Zanu-PF towards “liberal” or “moderate” politics which put the country’s interests at stake.

He noted that Dr Mujuru’s politics was informed by expediency and desire for short-term gains.

“We expect Zimbabwean politicians to understand what is at stake. If you are liberal for the sake of some benefits, are those benefits substantive? If they are not, people will reject and opt for such radical positions as indigenisation,” he said.

He noted that Dr Mujuru’s predication of her fortunes on wooing the MDC-T and the West would expose Zimbabwe to the whims of the Western nations who would exploit the country.

“It is not just about donor funds, as the country would lose at the end,” he said.

Political analyst Mr Elton Ziki said that Joice Mujuru was true to her treacherous streak which gave birth to the Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn project and the “Bhora Musango” stratagem which sought to see President Mugabe losing presidential polls in 2008.

He also noted that the People First project had the fingerprints of the US.

“If we look at how long it took from the time Joice Mujuru was removed from Zanu-PF to the time she formed People First you can see that she could not have done this without the backing of the Americans.

“We already know from the WikiLeaks that Joice Mujuru was making tea for Charles Ray and this shows us that the Americans took time to talk to her and assure her that they would be able to fund her which is why she came out with so much confidence.

“In return Joice Mujuru is being used as an agent to push the interests of the USA and ensure the return of their influence in our economy if she is elected,” he said

But Mr Alexander Rusero, another political analyst, felt that Dr Mujuru’s proposed coalition with Mr Tsvangirai would not bear any fruits considering the latter had also been rejected by the Zimbabwean electorate.

“I think there’s too much unnecessary anxiety in Zanu-PF and in the media concerning Joice Mujuru. She can meet anyone, (including) Morgan Tsvangirai, but that does not mean their coalition will win the day,” he said.

He added that the US had identified a niche in Dr Mujuru and sought to abuse her liberation struggle credentials.

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  • Tarubva

    I feel very sorry for MSU students being taught by this “political analyst” called Dr. Mhiripiri. This time the Herald surprisingly forgot to ask the other one in the name of Prof. Charity Charamba of the UZ. These two represent the very reason why the President and his inner circle do not send their children to local universities!

    • Tarubva

      ***Prof. Charity Manyeruke***

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      Hi hi hi hi hi hi wakapenga

  • MaraMechavio

    Takagara tavaona paWikiLeaks kuti vakapanduka kare.Ndeve Bhora Musango avo tinovaziva.Imhandu.

  • povho

    Unless you think Zimbabweans are brainless zombies, you cannot expect us to believe this nonsense. We know all the villains of this country who have caused so much suffering to everyone else except themselves. We will not be lectured to regarding who is or isn’t a true hero. Any suggestion that Rex Nhongo (General Mujuru) was a sellout is pure rubbish.

  • Hondo

    Mr Reporter, you article is so biased and the way you wrote it, even yourself you know it’s full of trush

    • Collin Mackenzie

      It’s not,it’s because you love the MDC so much and you have been so westernised that you even hate being black is bad.
      You don’t have love for your own mum and Dad,because the west told you, that they are not worthy of having land in Zimbabwe and that the only best thing that can happen to a black man must come from a white pink nose idiot.

      One thing for sure is that Ami Mujuru is a fool and crock of note.
      It’s amazing how quick people forget Morgan sold Zimbabwe out during the war when he was a tea boy.

      You call Sanctions on the people who you want to lead.
      Morgan and Ami Mujuru have been **ever since and who does not know that.
      Those two are sex buddies come on man.
      She must give back the farm she took and only then I will she that she has changed otherwise to he’ll with her.


        Talk of a long and rhetorical trash.

        • Collin Mackenzie

          Facts are facts that women is total rubbish together with the sellout.
          I will be the first to kick her out and I make sure personal if Mujuru of Morgan rule Zimbabwe it will be Un governable just like Libya after Kadafi.

          I will run rings all over her and her leadership.

          Ami Mujuru signed huge government deals in her personal company the cooking oil scandal, the list is endless and worse the protection fees and the farm she graded.

          She must return if she against everything that is and ZanuPF gave and made her.

          Say what you want 36 years in power and failed what difference will she make,just being used by those pink nose pigs.
          Who are they to tell us you is good for Zimbabwe and Why?
          They must please Shut up.

          I really have no time for fake Zimbabweans, like Ami Mujuru and Morgan fat face idoit.

          I will be a better president of Zimbabwe than the two of those fools put together,they time is up and the will never rule Zimbabwe with or without president Mugabe.
          Where will I be, forget it all talk
          Mugabe for ever and ever period.
          His legacy will live on and we are prepared to take it to the next level.
          Go tell your Obama and ** we are not afraid nor affected by what they say, Zimbabwe now belongs to Zimbabweans.

          If it means fighting to keep the status core prepared we are .
          Shut up

    • nkosiyazi

      The reporter is not giving a balanced account in this story we talk about Muguru as having USA backing yet our own county does not have its own currency and we using the currency of the so called west mmm food for throught

  • Brian

    She is free to do as she wishes,is Mugabe God?

  • SimonPetere

    Saka zvinebasa rei. Why do you want to teleport to do after expelling her. I am looking forward to it and with rigging or no rigging …I will still vote for the opposition. Taneta nemi and you simply don’t care about the people of Zimbabwe. I know God is just and nothing will last forever.Zanu must fall


    Its all fine if the US has identified a niche in Dr J. Mujuru.

    The fact of the matter is the world is laughing at the collective wisdom of all Zimbabweans in particular we who have insisted that Zimbabwe should be the only country on Earth to be led by a very very very very very old leader who is 92 years old.

    Simply put the world cannot believe our seriousness towards rebuilding our economy and modenizing it. How do mordernize using a very very very very old leader whose leadership skills have proved outdated?

    Just a few days ago the President agreed that his government had failed to protect from theft US$15 from diamond sells and we Zimbabwean with all our poverty still find that okay. We still think we have a great President? We dont read about the police questioning the former or current minister of mines and its still okay? At the same time the current Minister of Mines is the President’s nephew and its again all fine with us Zimbabweans that the Minister of Mines is not being investigated?

    How sad to see Zimbabwe going into the Guinness Book of Records for showing lack of seriousness and ingenuity!

    • Collin Mackenzie

      What niche say a leach

    • Collin Mackenzie

      Long note….yhooo I feel asleep reading your junk status.
      I have officially down graded you to junk status like the SA Rand


        You are entitled to your opinions that is how democracy goes dude. I owe you nothing and l dont need your upgrade. Keep the empty shell above your neck to yourself.

        You rush to mock the South Africans who at least have a functioning currency. Ours is in the dust bin of economic failure at the hands of a political outfit you treat as if it was sacred.

        • SimonPetere

          You stepped on the wounds…mabhodha gezi defend anything

      • Musikanzwa waMatamba paMission

        Collin can be accurately mistaken for Chinoz

    • Cde Mgagao

      You have ran out if your neo colonial steam and only think about age as a yardstick for success. If you abhor being Zimbabwean , get Brutish citizenship and then go to drink the dirty water from Thames river in London.

  • Tinovaziva

    Zanu PF is always blaming other people for the problems it causes for itself and others.

    • Collin Mackenzie

      Is this now a Zane PF issue I guess you are MDC.

  • Bvumavaranda

    Probably the best news for Zimbabweans right now. We desperately need to start living for once. We are sick and tired of suffering under this regime.

  • Kufandada

    The people of Zimbabwe are now literate and will make their minds about the starvation and lack of jobs in the country.

  • Tofirei Dubai

    Kusanyara iye Reporter kunyora kunge ane mari muhomwe, manje wairasa bhururu, Sell-out or not a Sale-out, Change is imminent.

  • sambiri

    Which analysts?Zanu running around like a headless chook! Zanu should continue with its mandate of wrecking the country.

    • dhehwa

      it will benefit this country if reporters like you report on the state of the country economy

  • mpengo

    Analysts have questioned the sanity and credentials of analysts who conclude that Dr Mujuru’s current work with the MDC is therefore a sign that she worked against the President in the past.

  • Zwelithini

    Any interim alliance or coalition whose main aim is to remove the current corrupt parasitic Zanu-PF from government is welcomed by all concerned citizens. It’s politics, stupid!

  • Sinyoro

    Tatsva ne nhamo. If these two forge an alliance, we stand a chance to be freed from our misery wrought by the ruinous party called Zanu Pf. Every Zimbabwean has a right to form a political party and forge an alliance with whomsoever s/he feels like. Ultimately, it’s us as citizens to judge and give thumbs up or down. Not for your partisan and propaganda newspaper to tune out this nonsense.

  • Tsotso

    Aaah nhai no-name journalist, Inga President vakazvitaura vega kuti Tsvangson won by a whooping 73% vakazotsinhira neslogan wani, pasi nezanu pf!! The history you are referring is too old in this G40 age, kkkkk and where the lacotze brand is now school uniform.

  • ThaDoggPound

    Herald reporters.
    Kindly go through the comments and see for yourself whether you wrote a good article or not. Please take heed of what your readers think of your political persuasions. I honestly think muri kubhejera mombe pa race yemabhiza.

  • Pamberi

    All credits to Zanu for figuring out this #####women too early,the journalist is on point with this one,progress is a slow process,water and electricity are not going anymore,but to learn to be self dependent forever as hard as it is than to depend on devils who can put sanctions or take away their companies anytime

  • kk

    From the comments, people are angry Cde reporter! You better get serious whilst you still can!

    • Wezhira Huyauone!

      You hate Americans but your pockets are full of American dollars.Manamana emuroyi kunyepera kunyepera kutya nzvinyu iwewaksungira nyoka muchiuno.

  • Ndaneta

    If America can feed us and give us jobs whats wrong todya sovereignity here ####

  • MUdiaspora

    How can you say Rex Nhongo was a sellout…..iri bepa bhau rinoshaya zvokutaura

  • MUdiaspora

    Regai vanyore zvavanoda asi isu chokwadi tinochiziva……thank u. now we know kuti mai mujuru was part of us since kare kare

  • sunungurai Nyika

    zhara yakapoteredza nyika hamutauri nezvayo wani chii chichaitwa kuti ipere tsaramata hee Mujuru hee Tsvangirai kudii kana muri vatori venhau vakadzidza makadini kuferefeta nezvemari ye ngoda yaibuda isingaindi kuhurumende kana makakona kuzvibata izvozvo mva muri ######

  • Kings

    The funny thing is, some opposition supporters & sympathizers always dismiss stories like this & even declare that “Zimbabweans” -meaning themselves- dont believe this “rubbish” & yet the majority who vote & support ZanuPF believe the stories.
    If you’re too academic in politics as most opposition supporters & sympathizers think they are, you will never win votes outside towns & cities. The rural electorate see things differently.
    You may be academic but you’re severely illiterate when it comes to politics if you think this story doesn’t sell.

    • chininga

      Haiwawo.Tibvire kumhepo.

    • dude


  • UZ Student

    Good for her………….at the end of the day what is so special about ZANU PF and being a Mugabe loyalist. This loyalism to Mugabe is what has gotten us to where we are today.

  • General Chaporonga

    There was once a politician by the name of Dr Magoche who said Zimbabweans havabatsiriki …..How does a normal human being support ZANU PF?

  • Weasel

    Its now clear, Gen Solo’s death has answers


    Change will be a much better option than to glue our support to the evil regime that has for more than a decade do nothing but agony to the masses of the country. What we need now is change ZANU has failed period. Their policies are just written words on a billboard that are not taking us anywhere.

  • Zvichapera

    The problem with political analysts and journalists is that they think that someone’s enemy is everyone’s enemy. You can work with someone you do not fully agree with and accept the diversity of views as long as you are moving towards your own goal. So do not pretend as if you believe in diesel coming out of the stone. It is a fact of life. Read about social leadership and you will acknowledge that leadership is at every level. No Ayatollah of Iran.

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    Kuvhunduka chati kwati hunge panezviripo HOKOYO 2018 NErERUN

  • Mashangu rapata

    Vana Jonathan Moyo ndivo vakatanga kutaurwa neWikileaks vasati vadzoka muzanu wani saka Dr Mujuru vaita sei havo. Izvi zvinoreva kuti wikileaks yaitara chokwadi kune munhu wabuda muzanu pf, asi kana urimo vanoti wainyeperwa kkk

  • MaraMechavio

    Rubbish ndiwe.She should have simply resigned,rather than trying to be the enemy within.What a hypocrite she is.

  • MaraMechavio

    Asi iwe hauna mukadzi nevana.Imhandu chete Joice.

  • wasu

    Zanu PF propoganda is not going to work this time. We are vigilant.

  • tatenda

    Dr Mujuru and Dr Tsvangirai they are far much better than the entire zanu pf crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MaraMechavio

    And who said Mujuru is the leader we need?