Mujuru linked to Mavambo, MDC• ‘Divisive parties formed in VP’s house’ •. . . condones graft, factionalism

VP Mujuru

VP Mujuru

Farirai Machivenyika and Felex Share
The First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe yesterday again laid into the senior Zanu-PF leader she accused of fanning factionalism in the party, saying divisive opposition parties like MDC, Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn and other ills like corruption and factionalism were all mooted in the woman’s house.
While addressing the last leg of her “Meet The People Tour” at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera in remarks widely-believed to be directed at Vice President Joice Mujuru, Amai Mugabe accused the VP and her cabal of followers of working with the MDC in a futile bid to stop last year’s harmonised elections which the main opposition party lost dismally.

Amai Mugabe said while she had not  mentioned any person by name, people had the right to infer who she was referring to through their deeds.

“We have said the moment of truth will come,” she said.
“I might not be mentioning names, but if people decode the information in a particular way, that is not my problem. When the truth has been told and people zero in on you, it’s your problem because it’s you who started it.

“Chinonetsa ndechekuti munhu iyeye ari kuleader zvinhu zvefaction ndiye mumba make makafomwa MDC munhu iyeye. Munhu mumwechete iyeye, mumba make makafomwa Mavambo tichingozvinzwa tichinyarara. Hazvirambike nekuti zvaiitika ikoko,” Amai Mugabe said.

“Nekuti takaenda kunovhota last year tikati tine candidate yedu yataita put forward Baba VaMugabe, but before we went to the elections, the very same elements who are fanning factionalism are the same people who did not want the elections, that’s the truth.

“Vanhu ivavo varikuita factionalism vangavasingadi kuti tiende kumaelections. Vaiita vachishanda neMDC vachiti aiwa hatidi zvemalections. MDC pavanga vachiti hatidi zvemaelections ivowo vaiti hatidi zvemaelections.”

MDC was launched on September 11 1999 when the three British Political Parties Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats came together under the Westminster Foundation for Democracy to fund a political party to unseat Zanu-PF in the wake of the implementation of the fast-track land reform programme.

The party’s Western overlords then found local proxy to launch the party on a ZCTU platform.
Mavambo was formed by former Zanu-PF Politburo members Dr Simba Makoni and Dr Dumiso Dabengwa on the eve of the 2008 harmonised elections and the two claimed there were a number of senior Zanu-PF members who were also behind the project which nearly cost Zanu-PF power through the self-defeating Bhora musango/ibola egan’eni strategy that saw some Zanu-PF leaders tell supporters to vote for a Zanu-PF councillor, National Assembly member and Senator then Simba Makoni for president.

The divisive strategy saw President Mugabe trail MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai in the first round of the presidential contest before Zanu-PF reconstituted itself outside its structures to deliver a crushing victory in the run-off.

Mavambo has been dormant after it received eight percent of the vote in the first round of the 2008 harmonised elections, while MDC-T is nearing collapse due to successive splits.

Amai Mugabe took a swipe at VP Mujuru for alleged corruption and abuse of office involving illicit diamond deals, extorting shareholding from companies, demanding 10 percent bribes from companies and undermining the authority of the President among other things.

Because of her propensity for graft, Amai Mugabe said, the VP had come out in defence of parastatal bosses who were implicated in corruption in the infamous salarygate scandal that broke out at the beginning of the year.

Addressing the Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial women’s conference in Chinhoyi on February 8 this year, VP Mujuru blamed the exposure of graft cases in the media to the work of infiltrators that she claimed wanted to destroy Zanu-PF from within.

Amai Mugabe said while she had been approached to assume leadership of the Women’s League, some people were plotting to topple President Mugabe despite the fact that he was given the mandate to lead by the people.

She said the same people leading factional fights were colluding with the MDC formations last year in a failed attempt to stop the conduct of harmonised elections.

“Toenda kumaelections Baba vomira kuti tirikuda nyika bedzi, tahwina gore harisati rapera hanzi Mugabe chibva. Pakamboitwa here agreement yakadaro yekuti tahwina maelections Mugabe akutobva, hapana zvakambodaro. We went to the women and youth conferences and President Mugabe was endorsed as the sole candidate and First Secretary of Zanu-PF. That is what people want.”

Amai Mugabe said those leading factions had shares in newspapers and were paying journalists to write bad articles about the First family.
“Anonyepa ndeupi apa, wekuDaily News ndeupi, weku Newsday ndeupi? Hona varikutarisa pasi. Group rese rakagara apa ndaona kuti ndopairi MDC. How much are you paid to write negative things about Amai Mugabe. Are you happy about that?

“I pray for you because you do not know anything. Inzara here? Masanctions abaya? Endai kunaleader wenyu Tsvangirai muti tobaiwa nemasanctions. Writing sensational stories is because you want to eat. This is not proper. We do not hate you but we pray for you to know what is good and bad. Ungabva wadaro amai vako nekuda kwe$200. Dai zvaita kuti vadongorere pahwindo raMai Mugabe vachigeza, vaidongorera ava.”

Amai Mugabe also urged Mashonaland East youth chairperson Cde Lucky Kandemiri, who only attended yesterday’s rally, to shun factionalism along with his colleagues from Masvingo and Manicaland who were conspicous by their absence from her Meet The People Tour.
This, she said, was evidence that the trio were receiving instructions from people in high offices.

Meanwhile, a group of seemingly intoxicated Zanu PF youths from Mashonaland East almost disrupted the rally as they protested over the use of the slogan “Pasi neGamatox” saying instead they should also use the slogan “Pasi nezvipfukuto”.

It took the intervention of security details and senior police officers to calm down the youths who were shouting on top of their voices that the word gamatox was not permissible in their province.


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  • cde Chinoz

    Saka mai Mujuru is going to start her own party, funded by the West after she is dropped from PF then its more confusion

  • Javaz

    Zvo buda aka GOCHA SOLO NDIYANI Infere

  • Truth

    Amai…..Amai.. taurai zvose, zvinoitwa husiku takarara..chokwadi hachiputsi ukama. President vedu R G Mugabe is a very good man…..but kumashure kwavo kune zvigeven’ga. Leadershiship yedu yapinda nezvipfukuto. PASI NAZVO!!!!!!!

    • Mambo Nyondeni

      Tingashandise chii kuuraya zvipfukuto izvi?

      • maita


  • Wisdom is Lacking

    I never liked Mujuru or any ZANU PF member BUT these public attacks have made me sympathize with Mujuru. Am not so sure how many feel the same.

    1. Dont you think, by publicly denouncing someone you will be campaigning for them??

    2. factionalism means there are two or more parties, so which one is the other party?
    Does it mean the other faction is for the one attacking the other party?

    3. what are the causes of factionalism?? doesnt it imply that the speaker is part of it

  • EFFNorth

    She’s not going anywhere itai steady

  • Mhaswa

    Wish the crusade were a genuine fight against corruption -sadly it is not. Does the povo in Zimbabwe really have anything to celebrate in all this?

  • Zatta Zvayi

    Zvipi zvinenge matumbu epabhawa. This is childish politricking by the first lady. Vanhu vane ma PhD will not sink this low.
    Instead of bringing the people together,we see more divisive tactics. Mai venyika bring all children together and give coaching and where necessary discipline.

  • Zatta Zvayi

    Its the truth coz mai Mugabe ndovatauraka? Ko chokwadi ichi chaidii kutaurwa mai vasati vaane mapolittical aspirations?
    Saka ivo vaMugabe vainyara kuudza vamwe vavo ka?
    Ever heard of the fickleness of the masses?

  • Nalikena

    I have always respected ZANU PF way of solving issues behind closed doors, what has happened, what’s going on Doctor Mugabe.

  • Truth

    Chiyi chirinani kutaura kuti mumba umu mapinda nyoka nokunyara,iyo nyoka irimo ichizikamwa kuti irimo. I think its better to say it out,then people find a solution. Kana dura richitsva ngaritsve..nyoka ifire mukati pane kuvata nenyoka vanhu vachitya kutaura. A .a. a. a saka ndiyani wotaura kuti mumba maita nyoka????? Mai Mugabe ndivo vashinga regai vataure zvose.

  • Cris

    Teurai Ropa ndizvo, kuti Joyce ndokuti amai

  • see it as it is

    Amai well done for all this maita tsikamutanda chaiye however please can you do something about it than just utter words not backed by action we want action, mukaita action then we can take you seriously right now its just your utterance
    nyatsotsikai mutanda AMAI

  • Sam

    On VP Mujuru’s castigation concerning gvt parastals’ bosses , during the salarygate there Dr G.Mugabe she was spot on.I could not believe my ears when l heard her (VP Mujuru) castigating the works of Jonathan Moyo concerning corruption.In her own words i.e VP Mujuru , when she addressed a women’ s rally she said ,”VOBVA kuCommunication,vakuya kuNoczim,vakuya kuZESA,uchitsvageyi,maministries ese urikuda kutsvaira,ayehwa kwete hatidi izvozvo…”, and she was furious.This is the VP of the Republic Of Zimbabwe , who goes out in full force in support of corruption unbelievable.She literally instigated fear in someone who was out to do a good job and someone who had a positive focus on routing out the corruption activities bedeviling the Gvt institutions.

  • gamatox

    There is no difference btwn Zanu members they are all the same just power hungry corrupt greedy heartless! It’s very good wen they fight themselves.Bayanai sitereki Inoita!

  • Tati

    Mese vari muZANU muri kuti bira isu varombo.

  • Zimbabwe

    Lets join hands and pray for our country so that this year we receive adequate rainfall and each household will have enough grain to take through to next year. Lets also pray for our families so that well have God fearing children who are responsible and listen to their parents. God loved Zimbabwe and that is why we have a beautiful scenic and peace country. God Bless.

  • Tindo


  • njube

    I love this party ZANUPF. Pa rally potawurwa nyaya ye mafuta. takashaya kuti zvabva nepapi. I always say ZANUPF kana payine chanetsa please tawurirayi mumba menyu. We followers we are now confused what is going on. The good advise is that Mai Mugabeand Mai Mujuru they can sit down and talk I love these two mothers. On your talks exclude Opha I kno you can do it. I wish both mothers they will forgive each other. Mr Gumbo pakagarwa nyaya iyi please no media again.

  • Mudzidzisi Ticha Benard

    let Zanu be divided it is good for ordinary Zimbabweans. They are united in crime

  • G Dawg

    Smear at its best… Warning to all Zanu pf Mps and ministers. This can happen to you too. Zanu pf has a use by date. Once that passes there will find a way to get rid of you.
    As for Joyce she will wish the husband was alive..