Mujuru comes out of shell

Takunda Maodza Assistant News Editor
FORMER Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru launched her political outfit — Zimbabwe People First — in Harare yesterday and pledged to return Zimbabwe to the Commonwealth and to reverse the indigenisation programme, among other policies that will undo the incumbent Government’s initiatives.

Visible at the Press conference held at Meikles Hotel were hordes of diplomats from Western countries and former zanu-pf members like Dzikamai Mavhaire, Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa, former ambassadors Agrippa Mutambara and John Mvundura, David Butau, Claudius Makova, Retired Major Kudzai Mbudzi, Bright Matonga, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and Sylvester Nguni, among others.

Dr Mujuru also vowed to relook at the land reform programme by conducting an audit she said was meant to uproot multiple farm owners.

In her address, Dr Mujuru said the event was meant to confirm the existence of the ZPF.

“Today is a historic day. Today we present ourselves to you in humility and the humbling comfort of the people’s support. There has been tense speculation from our detractors. There has been strong anticipation from our supporters. We had to resist temptation, the temptation to formalise our being and existence without adequate consultation with the people of Zimbabwe,” she said.

“This is a day of great significance in our country’s political history. Today we confirm our existence or the existence of a viable home-grown inclusive political party. It is now public knowledge that the Zimbabwe People First is here.”

Dr Mujuru said Zimbabwe faced urgent need for socio-political and economic transformation and went on to outline the ZPF’s policies.

“The investment environment is crowded by multiple incoherent policies. Zimbabwe urgently needs investor friendly policies to stimulate economic activity. The scourge of corruption will need to be totally uprooted. There is urgent need to create jobs for the huge growing army of unemployed and hopeless people out there, a whole review of the indigenisation act would be effected. We shall emphasise economic empowerment that attracts investment,” said Dr Mujuru.

She said the land policy needed to be relooked.

“A well-defined land policy should be instituted and properly administered to ensure full and sustainable utilisation of land by recipient. There should be an independent land audit to weed out multiple farm ownership,” added Dr Mujuru.

She said offer letters would be scrapped.

“A more acceptable security of tenure will replace the offer letter. Bankable and transferable leases are not an option, but a given.”

Dr Mujuru said her party was committed to engaging the West.

“Zimbabwe People First is committed to ensuring that Zimbabwe regains its rightful place in the global community of nations. We shall rejoin the Commonwealth,” she said.

“We will seek rapprochement with countries that are currently having poor diplomatic and difficult economic relations with us without sacrificing our national sovereignty.”

Dr Mujuru said she was aware that some stakeholders were sceptical of the ZPF project.

“Let me now address a certain level of scepticism which is bound to be directed at ZPF by some stakeholders, that scepticism that you were in zanu-pf for many years why should we believe that you will transform this country. My simple answer is that People First is a new entity with new values and followers from every political party in Zimbabwe including those that have never joined any political party before,” said Dr Mujuru.

She said her party would be preparing for an inaugural elective convention that will usher in a substantive leadership in the few coming months.

Dr Mujuru also spoke about forming a coalition with other political parties.

“We will stand by and support all those who believe in what we stand for. We will strive to ensure a coming together and meeting of minds on this vision.

“We encourage and promote dialogue amongst all like-minded organisations. We will support convergence of minds. We will seek the mandate of the People First members to take this to its logical conclusion,” she said.

Dr Mujuru denied ever meeting MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai saying it was a creation of media houses that published such stories in a bid to make money from the articles.

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  • sambiri

    Does it matter if she met Tsvangirai or not? What matters now forging ahead and not looking back and yes like What Dr Mujuru said she is ready to form any coalition with any like minded party . It shows she is true Zimbabwean and i like it she didn’t mention anything bad about anyone. Not like some other People we know every time they are public forum they gush nonsense not focusing at the issue at hand. Well done Dr Mujuru, am not a fan of any political party but i just liked her ideologies . Tongogara will be smiling wherever he is!

  • Babavevana

    Thats a good move Joice at least we have a real offshoot of Zanu pf with liberation war credentials. Hezvouko

  • Shiku

    How does rejoining the Commonwealth not sacrificing our sovereignty? Zimbabwe was suspended from the organisation after exercising its sovereignty by implementing its land reform.

    • Suppoter

      The land reform that was not done properly but benefited a few who have multiple farms that lye dormant. Look at what she has said and point out how many things you disagree with if its only joining the Commonwealth then she has a point. That we can debate. There is no going back now people are suffering, they need jobs, health care, infrastructure, Rooting out corruption, Rule of law just to name but a few. Shiku if you are happy about what Zanu PF has done to the country you have your democratic right to continue supporting it and voting for it, its your choice.

      • Antitraitor

        How many farms does D Mutasa in the same ZPF party have?

      • shiku

        whats the proper way? What way was it taken from us?

    • jojo

      our sovereign is sacrificed by a government that has failed to rump in corruption,create a single job and stabilise the economy.any country is up for takes if it fails to provide decent living standards for its citizens.joining any organisation does not compromise anything if all is well within the country.the benefits of being in the Commonwealth group of nations has been proven to be of beneficial to us than not.

      • shiku

        Can you give any single benefit Zimbabwe ever got from being in the commonwealth? You will forever be unemployed if you think governments create jobs. Citizens create companies and hence jobs. So innovate and employ your self.

    • Mahika

      Zimbabwe pulled out of the Commonwealth

    • shiku

      Suspended and then pulled out! get your facts right people! If ALL Governments are given sanctions after implementing programs which other governments did not like, which country will not have sanctions today? The fact that they are few simply tells you that, either all those countries don’t have sovereignty and they don’t pursue their interests at all. We know interests are conflict most of the time.

  • bond coin

    bt why didnt u talk about multiple farm ownership during yr period as the VP and what guarantees us that u will talk abt it when u are elected as the president in 2018

  • bond coin

    yr policies are meaningful bt we are seek and tired of falacies

  • mike

    Munhu wese Kuna Amai(Mujuru). This lady is a moderate, and True War Veteran, who as served the country in humility, has she made mistakes before, yes..she is human like us all..

    Munhu wese zvake, munhu wese, Kuna Amai(Mujuru).

  • optimistic

    former v.p mujuru isn’t going to change the political situation in zimbabwe she infact is just a pawn to be sacrificed in the political chess game which has seen zanu pf being the dorminant winner so to her she isn’t going to change anything for zimbabweans because here cries are the same with those of MDC and all those other parties who couldn’t find a strategy to beat zanu pf

  • Munhu

    Munhu wese kuna Amai (Mujuru). KKK. ..

    • Danny

      Mujuru is a big joke. She is talking like she has never been in government and in presidency. Zimbabweans must not be fooled. Just because this woman lost employment she starts a party so that she can continue to plunder resources.

    • alice james

      pakaipa but I believe God loves Zimbabwe more than any other country world over

  • Kuta Kinte

    You did not mention other rights which the commonwealth strongly promotes – gay rights and similar ones

    • Rawboy

      And what is wrong with those other rights?

  • shiku

    suspended and then pulled out. get your facts right.

  • Michael Livira

    Get your facts well as well. Zim withdrew after a twelve month suspension

  • shiku

    Since when did Zimbabweans ever felt that elections were fair, they were not allowed to vote in Rhodesia. Zanu PF always campaigned violently since independence, I have seen this with my own eyes. Corruption is everywhere not just in Zimbabwe, its even worse in those countries giving us sanctions. Before the land reform we had scandals like the Willowgate scandals but we were never under sanctions. sanctions only came after the land reform.

    • Suppoter

      your point, all went well with land reform??????

    • Ngwekazi

      Thank you Shiku for telling the truth.

  • shiku

    For you is all about filling the tummy?

    • Suppoter

      yes filling the tummy

  • shiku

    Suspended and then pulled out. get your facts right!

  • shiku

    I have no problem with that as long as its for what I believe in.

  • shiku

    Get your facts right. Suspended and then pulled out!

  • shiku

    Good on you Herald for letting me be the punching bag. real good moderation, you deserve a medal.

  • Mqophiso W Sibanda

    A non violent land reform scheme was made impossible by the reneging of Britain and the United States from their verbal agreement of honoring it by financial means because the willing buyer willing seller had not succeeded. The real button which made it clear that the sole answer was to do it forcefully if at all it was to be accomplished was the letter written by Clair Short in which Britain washed its hands clean of any responsibilities to it, This also triggered reactionary tendencies in the white farming community who thought the program could be scuttled and thus prevented by way of resisting it, calling for a united front by both external and internal actors in politics and on the economic field to weaken the economy and support opposition parties that danced to their interests. The bottom line is that all those measures were meant to close the land reform chapter before it came into fruition and make it an impossibility in any way by crushing its instigators legally and financially. We thank God that Zimbabwe stood firm even under harsh conditions, Zimbabwe refused to sell its birthright and fought on until victory, now the main challenge left is minor and centers on auditing which is still one of the possible outcomes in any large scale land reform program.

    • Suppoter


  • Simweena Bantu

    Joice! Joice! Joice! How many times did I call you? I never realised you were such a fool all the time you were in ZANU PF.

  • Kenge

    Thank you Herald for you good reporting. No ZPF analysts to soread propaganda.

  • Tafadzwa

    It’s good if she repents but that story I’d difficult to sell, seeing as she was chased out of ZANU PF and did not leave of her own accord. She is ZANU through and through, a committed member who said when she was fired that she remains loyal,to that party f thieves and crooks. Ideologically she is ZANU PF. That is why in 2014 she pointed out that the corruption exposes were the work of people seeking to destroy ZANU PF.

    By the way, This language of ‘detractors’ is the language of ZANU PF.

  • goritoto

    i agreee wit u juda

  • Realest Negus Living

    Pa nyaya yema multiple farm ownership dai matanga kubvunza kamudhara kane zuda ako Mutasa kuti kane mapurazi mangani. Mugomubvunzawo kuti vazukuru vake vane mapurazi mangani each. Momubvunza zvekare kuti ndiani aive minister of lands paipihwa vanhu ma multiple farms acho…

  • Tinotya

    Now that’s reporting hard news. It’s clear people appreciate this fresh approach from Hearald. The era of jingoistic communication (Jonso’s specialty) is gone. Respect!!!!

  • Ngwekazi

    God bless you NAOME. People are suffering in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, DRC, Somalia. We don’t want war. We are not cowards but are God-fearing nation. Keep it up Zimbabweans. I always tell people that if you pray, give tithes and offerings and keep the 10 Commandments you will never ever feel the suffering. God will provide.

  • Sifiso Xolile Ndlovu Zgwanyanw

    She repented after being fired; the question is: was she going to repent if she had not been sacked? You surely can’t expect Zimbabweans to be wooed so easily; Zimbabweans are very intelligent and discerning people. The former big guns surrounding her today were also fired; if you think these folks, once given power, will at some point resign when no one wants them then you are mistaken, my friend.

  • bodo_kwete

    Where is Dongo? Where is the PFirst presidential candidate Simba Makoni? ** g40 henchmen are in for a big deal!!

  • happy zim guy

    anything is better than the clowns running the circus at the moment!

  • Nelson

    anyone asina huZanu Pf maari can bring change to this country. Thing is change for better or worse. at this state the change should not be evaluated for at least 3 years into a new regime. Nyika yapara and needs to be rebuilt, we all know kuvaka kunotora nguva. lets hope zvinovakwa zvisvinu

  • Murewa

    Mai Major General Mujuru well done this party is for the people,, if we could give her the support to drive Zimbabwe to a renewable state, & yes we can People First