Mudzuri ready to take over MDC-T party

Acting MDC-T President Engineer Elias Mudzuri (centre) talks to a maize vendor during his tour of the Southerton industrial area in Harare yesterday. - Picture by Innocent Makawa

Acting MDC-T President Engineer Elias Mudzuri (centre) talks to a maize vendor during his tour of the Southerton industrial area in Harare yesterday. – Picture by Innocent Makawa

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
Acting MDC-T president Engineer Elias Mudzuri has joined the race to take over the reins of the opposition party from ailing leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, who is battling colon cancer.

Mr Tsvangirai on Monday hinted on early retirement from active politics for the first time since disclosing his condition in 2016, fuelling frenzied speculation that one of his deputies, Mr Nelson Chamisa, was set to take over by suggesting the need to hand over “the levers of leadership” to a younger generation”.

Eng Mudzuri threw his hat in the ring yesterday while addressing journalists after touring banks in the Southerton industrial area of Harare.

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“In the unlikely event that he (Mr Tsvangirai) fails (to recover), I think you can see that we have able-bodied people in the MDC; it’s an organisation, one of us should be able to take over,” he said.

Pressed to state whether he was prepared to succeed Mr Tsvangirai as MDC-T leader, Eng Mudzuri stated: “I am saying I could take over. One of us should be able to take over; I am one of them, so am I not saying one of us?”

Mr Tsvangirai was diagnosed with cancer of the colon in 2016 and has been receiving treatment in South Africa since then.

Eng Mudzuri was last week appointed by Mr Tsvangirai to temporarily run the affairs of the party while the opposition leader continues to receive treatment. Mr Tsvangirai has led the MDC since its founding in 1999 but has lost all subsequent Presidential elections, with the 2013 poll loss being the most devastating, leading to immediate calls by his subornates for him to step down.

Mr Tsvangirai’s condition has intensified internal squabbles between supporters of Eng Mudzuri and those of his co-deputies Mr Chamisa and Ms Thokozani Khupe on who should succeed him.

Following Mr Tsvangirai’s announcement that he could soon retire from active politics, his spokesman Mr Luke Tamborinyoka clashed with party spokesman Mr Obert Gutu accusing him of encroaching on his turf after the latter sought to dismiss the statement that Mr Tsvangirai could soon step down.

Mr Chamisa and Ms Khupe also snubbed an election directorate meeting chaired by Mr Mudzuri in Bulawayo on Tuesday, with the two believed to be actively pushing for Mr Tsvangirai to retire.

The bickering over the succession and health of Mr Tsvangirai forced his family this week to issue a statement, saying matters concerning the opposition leader’s health would from now on be communicated to the public through Eng Mudzuri.

Eng Mudzuri however downplayed the power struggles in the party.

“There are no internal squabbles; where are the internal squabbles? You are creating it. I don’t know who is squabbling with whom. I have got all my colleagues; we are talking, we are forging forward. I don’t know which internal squabbles you are talking about,” he said.

He added that the MDC-T had the capacity to turn around the economy.

“The MDC is the best party in the country. It has got all its structures intact. It has an acting president and a president who has a vision, who knows exactly how to sort out this economy,” he said.

Eng Mudzuri was accompanied during the tour by MDC-T deputy national chairman Mr Morgan Komichi and youth assembly secretary-general Mr Lovemore Chinoputsa.

MDC-T presidential spokesman and director of communications Mr Luke Tamborinyoka told journalists that Eng Mudzuri had been directed by party leader Mr Tsvangirai to make the tour to see how the people were coping in the current economic environment.

The team toured four banks in the Southerton area, where people in bank queues said there seemed to be no respite to cash shortages for now.

They complained that banks had reduced withdrawal limits to only $50 per week, with the amount being dispensed in coins that were inconvenient to carry.

“The acting MDC leader also toured some industries such as Bak Logistics complex that have now been reduced to empty shells because there is no longer any production taking place in the country,” said Mr Tamborinyoka.

“He also spoke to vendors selling their wares in the Southerton area, who complained that the liquidity crunch and the state of the economy had affected their businesses,” he said.

As per norm in the MDC-T, there was no mention of the impact of Western sanctions on the economy, which they invited at the turn of the millennium to fight Zanu-PF’s land reform programme.


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  • Chamunorwa

    Unfortunately, the MDC-T is now exceptionally weak. It was eclipsed by the coup which gave ZANU PF a new momentum. Its chance is over.

    • Loud Speaker

      Nothing at all unfortunate for the opposition about the events of the previous month or 2 .Matter of fact most if not all the policies they been campaigning for the past 25 odd years being paid more than lip service.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Mwoyo chena weyi bere kuita volunteer kutengesa mu butcher? Herald has never written anything positive about the MDC. Only when they see a calculated opportunity. Apa they are hoping their candidate ED stands a better chance against Mudzuri instead of youthful Chamisa hence the publicity. Don’t tell us you are just reporting. You abdicated that responsibility when you became another People’s Voice.

    • Truthhurts!

      Ko Chamisa ngaatange-ka ku-campaigner kwacho! Takamumirira isu. Ndiye watirikuda iyeye. Fanika ka-trip kavo kaya naBiti, Ncube, Ngarivhume nebenzi riya rema Yumeni ‘what what’, Crisis chinyi chacho’ nechimu’rudhisha’ Godwin’ zvichakoneresa kuti sarudzo iyi ive ichanakidza chose kana tonyora hedu isu. Tatononokerwa-so. Deno akangwara Chanyiswa wako uyu atokasika kukanda nguwani yake mudariro. Chanyiswa akapusa achadya manonoko uyu. Kana atanga Herald imupe vatapi venhau vaviri-vaviri newe’video’ kuti ufare kasi pano ndipo patichamubaya. Tamirira!


      Chamisa will never rulever the country mdara coz party yake already has snubbed him

    • Kuvukuraaa

      kkkkk, even Chamisa this time can’t be in race with Ngwena, why? MDC and all other opposition parties are buried, have nothing to use kunyenga vatsigiri. I foresee opposition boycotting kunovhota segore riya. Mark my words Moe, move yourself out from denial mode

    • Ushe

      Iye Chamisa wekudyiwa mainternal elections muMDC imomo???

  • Munya Murombe


  • Truthhurts!

    Donor money. Kumwe kudya kunoparira. Kusimba kudaro kunge kusina ma’gym’ kunze uko.

  • RejectedStone, Cornerstone

    Does he think that matama is a qualification for presidency in the MDC? Kupusa.
    What did he do as Mayor of H-town??

    • Tiriparwendo

      Mr. Chamisa this is very wrong of you. Ndomasikirwe ake.

    • JR Wezheve

      He was the best mayor for Harare..check your records

      • Truthhurts!

        Iwe. Bvunza Manyenyeni we Faecal Brown waters dzake kuti ‘rot’ yakatangira papi. Uyu naChanyiswa vakaitwa ma-candidates a stupid political party Zanu(PF) inoita kunyura nema’votes’ because zvituta izvi hazvifunge neramangwana ravo!

  • jj

    I believe in mdc as one of the political party that made us taste a small piece of the land that flows honey and milk. whether you like or not if you say tsvangirai imbodza but yaitozvimbira vanhu vachinwa mvura.zanu yacho inozviti chiororo yakafanana neaids nokuti aids wochiororo.destroying every functioning system that was left by smith.they only blame sanctions but as I know sanctions are a hinder to trade but all our products are being sold out side and we are importing so where is the point of sanction when you are allowed to trade.that is only propaganda let us be wise for life is short 20yrs of zero productions pushed us to primitive time

    • okocha

      which functioning system was left by Smith nhaiwe, ZPF destroyed what it built, musakodze ana Smith nhaika

    • Milton Moyo

      that is a fact!!

  • Lobengula

    I can confidently assure you that in Matebeleland we will not vote MDC. Their undermining of Khuphe speaks volumes.

    • fellas

      cde..just say I NOT WE,,, I wl vote for TSVANGISON

    • Truthhurts!

      Good news. Dont change position!

    • Milton Moyo

      so what are you going to vote for.?

      • Ushe

        Elton Mangona’s CODE!

    • sky

      Like you are going to vote for Zanu PF kkkk

  • Taka

    Mudzuri looks a bit more experienced and solid enough to takeover the reigns from president Morgan. His good track of leading in goverment and party structures speaks very high volumes of his leadership capabilities. However with Chamisa he still has a long road to go ahead of him, in order to reach a certain level of maturity.

  • Loud Speaker

    As per norm in the MDC-T, there was no mention of the impact of Western
    sanctions on the economy, which they invited at the turn of the
    millennium to fight Zanu-PF’s land reform programme.
    He he! The writer of the article couldn’t have been more subtle about his /her allegiances could they!

  • Doc

    No he has not lost all the elections he won the 2008 don’t lie Herald you know the truth

  • Dr Thokozani Khupe

    Slow down Elias, you can only deputize me at this stage!!!.


    The downfall of African politics is the refusal to acknowledge that there is a crisis.It’s well known that mud mudzuri chamisa and khupe all want the top spot. HAMENO KUTI ENG AVA VARIKURAMBA I. BEWARE MUGABE DID THE SAME MISTAKE LOOK WAT HAPPENED TO HIM

  • Presley

    The Herald playing poker!…lolest.

  • Promise

    so it means Zanu PF is on Mudzuri side, by publishing this article!

  • Madara

    this guy is going to die of a heart attack before tsangirai dies of cancer.