Mudede to stay: Minister

Minister Kagonye

Minister Kagonye

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede will continue to hold office despite reaching the retirement age of 65 years, since the Civil Service Commission is empowered to engage such persons if their services are still required, Parliament has heard.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Petronella Kagonye said it was not prudent to discriminate persons on account of age and Government would soon ratify the African Union Protocol on Older Persons calling on State parties to respect their rights to employment.

Minister Kagonye said this in the National Assembly during questions with notice session last week. Harare West MP Ms Jessie Majome (MDC-T) had asked her to inform the House when Mr Mudede was born and why he was not being retired when he was above the retirement age of 65.

“In direct response to the question from my learned colleague, allow me Mr Speaker, to say that Mr Tobaiwa Mudede was appointed as the Registrar in terms of Section 201 (a) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe as read with Statutory Instrument 1 of 2000 (Public Service Regulations) as amended,” said Minister Kagonye.

“In terms of Section 21 (1) of the Public Service Act, the Commission can engage persons on contract or such conditions as may be fixed from time to time. The Commission is empowered by the Public Service Regulations to engage on annually renewable contracts after they reach retirement age.

“Such persons will not contribute again towards a pension as they would have already done so, hence their placement on annually renewable contract.”

Minister Kagonye said the AU was advocating to have the retirement age moved forward due to the rising life expectancy witnessed globally.

“For example, British Government announced the possibility of raising retirement age to 67 or 68 to match the trend,” she said. Article 8 of the African Union Protocol on Older Persons requires us to respect older persons’ Right to Employment.

It provides that: “States Parties shall:

1. Take measures to eliminate discrimination against Older Persons with regard to employment opportunities;

2. Ensure that Older Person enjoy decent working conditions.

“Resolution 106 African Union bears in mind the rapid rate at which the population of older person is increasing throughout the world and that the most rapid increase is taking place in the developing world, with Africa alone projected to have between 204 and 210 million older person by 2050.

“This resolution, therefore, calls upon all African Governments to review policies on Older Persons. My ministry is currently initiating ratification of this new Protocol, which Parliament is expected to debate and endorse.

“It is important for us to consider social trends and keep abreast with global and continental trends. Our laws must remain relevant and devoid of discrimination against age in this particular context, otherwise we perish for want of vision.”

Minister Kagonye implored legislators not to personalise their enquiries, but rather to interrogate policy issues. Her ministry, she said, had proposed amendments to adjust National Social Security Authority retirement age from 60 to 65 and the suggestion was being considered by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

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  • Chamunorwa

    How interesting. I thought that last week’s budget statement touched upon retirement of civil servants over 65? We should do away with this business of believing that only one man or woman can do a specific job. There must be deputy registrar-generals who are itching to have a go at the top job. It is called succession planning.

    • mhofela

      Idzi ndodzinonzi tsvina chaidzo. So noone is going to retire because it would be discriminatory?

      • Musoro Wegomo

        firstly the reporter (headline)is misleading readers. Kagonye didnt say Mudede is not going anywhere.

        Majome asked why Mudede was not being retired and kagonye qouted the relevant act why the top civil servant was still on government payroll.

    • Tsotso

      Just adhere to the laws of the land minister. You remember one grace said we could even be ruled from a coffin?? And another faithful also suggested they could even ask us to vote for a bveni?

    • James Dada

      Haana kwaari kuenda Mudede bhururu. He is the king maker!!!!

    • Miles Lancmore

      Wabaya dede nemukanwa.Ndozvauraya nyika izvozvo.

    • eliah

      This Mudede chap contrary to all we are saying holds the key to something very very critical and the current President cannot dispense with his services until after the elections, on second thoughts lets not blame Kagonye she is merely taking instructions from the high office on this one issue and a mere mouthpiece of a hidden voice.

  • Team Lacoste

    We are going nowhere with such kind of double standards. It is certainly for this reason why the investors will never trust the current government. Such kind of policy inconsistencies are a real challenge to build confidence in the system. What’s so special about him he can be regarded as irreplaceable. Am sure skill is from Mars. How about all the new graduates where are you going to place them if the old do not retire. Let him go to the farm.

  • Fungai

    Policy inconsistencies makseni so.

    • Magambuza

      Wataura chokwadi ipapa. These are what I call double standards on the part of the new administration. We have a challenge of thinking that only one person can do a particlular job…no woder why RGM ruled for 37 years sezvinonzi there werent any other Zimboz fit for the job. We always shoot ourselves in the foot. Its sad and its unfortunate

    • pupurai

      The way she answered is the correct way.You don’t discuss direct HR issues in public.Zvinenguva yazvo. So I don’t see policy inconsistency at this stage.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Why? So he can help with the rigging?

  • Kitsiyatotata

    This is not the dumbest response I’ve ever heard, but its pretty close.

  • Tinovaziva

    This is the sort of crap Zanu PF likes to pull often and the reason why we are in this mess. It’s a slippery slope we make exceptions for people like Mudede whose appointment suits their needs. Before we know it we are looking away as these people comit all sorts of offenses because they are comrades. Then they turn 93 and by this time we have abandoned all reason and are calling them lords and celebrating their birthdays as if they are gods. Mudede must go, I am sure there are plenty of qualified people in the registrar’s office right now who can fill his shoes. Are you telling us that like Mugabe of much fame Mudede also failed to groom a successor?

  • Mimi

    What hogwash Minister Kagonye. There should be no sacred cows in the retiring age of 65 years category. Kagonye herself is the one contradicting with what the government is trying to achieve as expounded by Finance Minister Chinamasa. Well Mudede can stay if Kagonye so orders but then her Ministry should not force anyone else in this age bracket to retire because doing so will open a whole can of litigation cases of unfair labour practice(s). Iye Mudede does he want to die in office or what…munhu ngaaende if retiring @ 65 years is now government policy, otherwise then noone shall retire at 65 years. Shame on Kagonye, something is not right.

  • JR Wezheve

    But but but only yesterday we had a whole minister saying policy inconsistencies must stop.
    So retirement is only for vana punha..not the big fish. Some animals are more equal than others indeed

  • Changamire

    First it was the appointment of too many non parliamentary seat holders not cabinet.
    Then it was Mutsvangwa talk8ng about bringing back the Zim dollar. Which was later rebuffed by chinamasa. Now it is this minister of social welfare saying exactly the opposite of what the president said about people over 65. I sense a lot of confusion here.

  • Zvorwadza

    Chinamasa touched on some of the key foundations for economic recovery as anchored by policy “consistence”, and “credibility”. We already see public policy inconsistence here where retiring civil servants are to be retired at 65 years being reversed. Cry my beloved country and we hope to attract partners with this kind of behaviour. The should be no sacred cows when it comes to following policies.
    Mudede bad or good should simply be retired period!!!!!!!!!

  • Truth

    Policy inconsistency already at play. Your finance minister is indicating right and you are indicating left citing a distant AU instrument for convinince. How many other AU and UN instruments are you following. It sucks. A leopord cant change its spots!!!

  • Jotham

    The 86-year old dodderer must just go. I know Cde Ngwena will not tolerate such nonsense in the new dispensation The blundering goblin must go immediately; his departure is part of the legacy restorative process.

  • Sonono

    First of all, congratulations to the Minister. Having been completely useless as an MPnwithout ever having spoken, these were here first words in Parliament. However, the way she misinterpets the Older Perons Charter wilfully makes me believe she should hirry back to the back benches, vakanyarara, and remain mum fortwith.

  • Hombarume

    So President ED lied to us about retiring old people.
    Also why say discrimination when there is an article where an HIV nurse is fired because of her status.

  • Maya Cool

    Welcome to policy inconsistency-ngoma ndiyo ndiyo

  • yowe

    Is this person saying that there is no deputy registra who can do this job?? They are heading down a slippery slop with policy inconsistency

  • magas

    Hazvina kana musoro izvi, saka vanoreva kuti muZimbabwe mese ndiye munhu ega anogona kuita basa iroro here. kana asvika retirement age ngaabve. if the minister can not implement his promises ngaabve paende munhu ari serious nebasa rake. Mudede ngaabve kana asvika retirement age

  • Magambuza

    These are what I call double standards on the part of the new administration makuseni seni akadai. We have a challenge of thinking that only one person can do a particlular job…no woder why RGM ruled for 37 years sezvinonzi there werent any other Zimboz fit for the job. We always shoot ourselves in the foot. Its sad and its unfortunate

  • Madzibaba

    Mudede the spin doctor, Zim is highly educated,so currently there is no one with qualifications to retire sekuru Mudede, so how are the youth going to be employed.

  • Widzo

    They need him to rig elections next year. ZANU is ZANU with or without Mugabe, Chombo or Jonso. Its even a “better” ZANU

  • Sandura1

    Where was Gabriel Mugabe born and when Cde minister? Not Robert but the father.

  • Cecil of Mosi-oa-Tunya

    This reasoning by the honourable minister is poisonous. Mr Mudede is very controversially, not because of age 73 years but his role in the elections. If old age people like Mudede are allowed to work then it should be so for everyone willing to remain their positions beyond 65 years. We need general Chiwenga and Major General Moyo to remove here.

  • Pastor Farie

    Mugabe is enjoying this drama

  • Tambai Chinemavende

    Selective application of policy? Saka vasiyana papi neOld regime yaOld rgm? And who is this greenhorn? Kagonye? I have never heard of that name!-Hahahaha! She was/is an MP? I shudder to think that tachinja driver chete but all systems dzeskorokoro remain unchanged. Saka hatisvikeke nemugweje uyu! So…ngoma ndiyo ndiyo anhu voye! We are doomed!
    Please, Mr Herald Editor, why did you remove my comment above? You have done it so many times before but you dont tell me why? Please, when you remove my comments let me know why. That is why I show my email address. Lets make these discussions all embracing and lets not stifle opposing views. For 37 years our beautiful country failed to move on because someone thought they had a monopoly of knowledge and you shamelessly defended and protected that monoply!

  • Tambai Chinemavende

    Please herald where are my comments?

  • Tambai Chinemavende

    Thank you for allowing reason to prevail, but I am still expecting you to write and explain why you take off some of my comments.