Mudede clears air on ‘ID passports’

Mr Tobaiwa Mudede

Mr Tobaiwa Mudede

Herald Reporter
Registrar-GENERAL Mr Tobaiwa Mudede yesterday said his call for use of machine-readable biometric identity cards to cross borders was not meant to replace passports as an international travel document. He said in a statement that the proposal was meant to assist communities within borders, particularly in Beitbridge, whenever they wanted to cross into neighbouring countries to buy groceries and return on the same day.
Mr Mudede was responding to a NewsDay report yesterday under the headline “Mudede wants plastic IDs as passports”.

In the article, the paper reported that Mr Mudede told parliamentarians visiting Makombe Building in Harare on Tuesday that the security features on the Zimbabwean ID cards made up of polythene and synthetic material were better than those on passports.

The paper further said Mr Mudede told the legislators that IDs could be used alongside passports as travel documents because they were machine-readable at the highly computerised ports of entry.

“In the past, these people (living along borders) used to be issued with border passes to cross into the neighbouring country to buy basic commodities and return the same day,” said Mr Mudede.

The NewDay story had given the impression that Mr Mudede was calling for people to be allowed to use national IDs as travel documents in the absence of passports.

“However, in 2010, when the South Africa government hosted the 2010 World Cup it stopped accepting all travel documents which are not classified as passports. This affected some Sadc countries.”

The RG’s Office, said Mr Mudede, mooted the idea of engaging the South African government and others to discuss permitting Zimbabwean identity card holders to cross into neighbouring countries to buy basic necessaries and return to the country the same day.

The NewDay story had given the impression that Mr Mudede was calling for people to be allowed to use national IDs as travel documents in the absence of passports.

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  • Datuk Najib Razak

    ive been to some countries where this feature is used a lot. The one i think was more developed was between Thailand Singapore Malasia where its not a requirement to travel within these countries to carry a passport just a machine readable smart ID card is enough.

    • Jotham

      What a junk comment- are you real normal

      • Datuk Najib Razak

        Yes Im really normal I doubt if you Jotham are normal. In any case Im not Zimbabwean but i have busines interests in your country. I think SADC countries would benefit from from these smart ID cards if you and your leaders can not plan ahead you will always be languishing in poverty and under development. Your country by now should be having at least a $100 billion economy but look where you are because you want to attack individuals than to build each other up. Stop this crab mindset and build your fellow Zimbabweans up

  • Beastie!

    This old man is clued up and knows what needs to be done. The problem is funding but he can always start introducing this new project on a regional basis. Sort out the people of Mat/land South, then Manicaland followed by Mash West before rolling it out to the rest of the country. Its a great idea which will enable processing people at our borders to be done as quickly as possible and thus reduce congestion during peak periods like holidays.

  • Marhelengushleni

    People living near the Sango/Chiqualaquala border post are benefiting from the arrangement between Zimbabwe and Mozambique authorities for one day visits between the 2 countries.

  • JSC

    I think this is a good, progressive proposal.

  • Choks

    is Tobaiwa a civil servant? He is now 70 years old and i think he should have retired by now and new brains should have been steering our registrar generals office. Now he is always in the newspapers, where was he all along?

  • Dzapiringana Chimhini Haipo

    This is another confused geriatric who has no business in the civil service of Zimbabwe except to rig elections..

  • kur

    Ndookutovhota for 2018 ikoku. kwatotanga. ZANU chiwororo.

  • Prosper Chinamhora

    tumapepa iri kubvuma wani

  • Jotham

    You are still eager to lick the backside of a whiteman.