Moyo, Kasukuwere must go: War vets

CDE SAVIOUR KASUKUWERE AT PRESS CLUBZvamaida Murwira and Munyaradzi Musiiwa—
War veterans want Cde Saviour Kasukuwere and Professor Jonathan Moyo expelled from Zanu-PF for causing serious divisions after the national commissar allegedly vowed to unleash violence on war veterans planning to bar Prof Moyo from attending this Wednesday’s crunch Politburo meeting.Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general Cde Victor Matemadanda told war veterans gathered in Gweru yesterday that Zanu-PF national commissar Cde Kasukuwere told provincial chairpersons at a meeting last Friday that he had organised supporters to thwart a plan by war veterans to bar Prof Moyo from attending the Politburo meeting on Wednesday.

“Cdes, we were in Harare recently where the provincial executive resolved that Jonathan Moyo, who has defied the President, will not be allowed to attend the next Politburo meeting.

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“Then two days ago, Cde Kasukuwere said he was organising party members to come to Harare to assault war veterans who want to bar Moyo from attending the Politburo meeting. So they should both (Moyo and Kasukuwere) go,” said Cde Matemadanda.

He said war veterans had resolved that President Mugabe and the party should expel Cde Kasukuwere and Prof Moyo for fanning factionalism.
He said the two were also holding secret meetings with expelled party members in a bid to topple the First Secretary.

Cde Matemadanda said war veterans would not be intimidated by thugs organised by Cde Kasukuwere to obstruct their plan to petition President Mugabe to rein in the two members for causing serious divisions in the party.

He said war veterans were solidly behind Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa as chairman of the association and that they had tasked him to convey their resolution to President Mugabe that the two must go.

“War veterans have asked you (Cde Mutsvangwa) to go and tell President Mugabe that we will never desert the party. We are loyal to you and these people want to get rid of war veterans by peddling falsehoods.

“These people think they can create a rift between President Mugabe and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
“They want to create non-existent tiffs between war veterans and the President and his deputy so that they strategically position themselves to rule this country.

“They have dragged the police, intelligence and soldiers into their shenanigans and stupid ploys insisting on security sector reforms. They have already lined up people they want to put in certain positions in Government and party.”

Meanwhile Cde Kasukuwere has come under fire from senior party cadres after his remarks that the revolutionary party had no time to discuss the abuse of social media at its Politburo meetings.

Cde Kasukuwere, who is also Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister, told journalists last Friday the ruling party had more serious issues to discuss than what goes on on social media.

This was at variance with party spokesperson, Cde Simon Khaya-Moyo’s comments that the abuse of social media by party members was a cause for concern and that the issue would come up for discussion at the next Politburo meeting scheduled for Wednesday.

And yesterday Cde Khaya-Moyo stood his ground, saying his comments were consistent with what President Mugabe had said when he denounced abuse of social media by party cadres to attack each other when there were proper platforms in party structures.

“The President has spoken well and eloquently about abuse of social media and I am the party spokesperson. I am in line with what the President said,” said Cde Khaya-Moyo.

He said while the agenda of the Politburo was crafted by the secretary for administration, Cde Ignatious Chombo in consultation with the Presidency, he expected the issue of abuse of social media by senior party cadres to come up.

“I expect that subject, which has been in the media for the whole week, to be raised in the Politburo. People are free to bring it up. What I have been saying throughout the week about the abuse of social media is merely echoing what the President has said. I am talking about the President who is the only centre of power and I am the official party spokesperson,” said Cde Khaya-Moyo.

Cde Matemadanda said President Mugabe had made it clear social media and hostile private media were not the correct platform to discuss party issues.
He said it was the duty of party cadres, particularly senior party members, to rally behind President Mugabe.

“It is surprising that the national political commissar, who should know better, chose to defy the President. He should be speaking the same language as the President. We are however happy that it has become clear to everyone the kind of people they are. It is now up to the President to make his own assessment from what Cde Kasukuwere has said and see if his objectives can be achieved with such people,” said Cde Matemadanda.

“Cde Khaya-Moyo is the official spokesperson and has spoken well about that but the national political commissar is saying something different. That is an internal contradiction.”

Addressing journalists last Friday, Cde Kasukuwere said Zanu-PF had no time to discuss social media issues in its Politburo meetings and accused the media of trying to set an agenda for the ruling party.

Organs of the ruling party such as the Youth League have also expressed grave concern over the abuse of social media. The police have also weighed, with Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri warning last week that abuse of social media by senior party members had the potential to cause national instability.

This came in the wake of frenzied tweeting by Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, who has been attacking fellow Zanu-PF members on social media.
Efforts to get comment from both ministers were fruitless last night.

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  • wesley


    • Judas Iscariot

      When MDC was accusing Kasukuwere of organizing thugs to terrorize opposition supporters,you defended him and denied those allegations. Now you’re the target, and we’re supposed to believe you? What goes around comes around.

      • wesley

        Me? I never defended anyone in Zanu PF – I think you must be thinking of someone else…

    • mpengo

      Yes it is. Even the war vets themselves represent another ambitious faction. They are all at each other’s backs, daggers drawn

  • ashburton grove

    bob listening to the demands of war vets has worked wonders for our country

    • milesanderson

      What bollocks! Paying the war vets precipitated the crash of the Zim$ get with the facts dude !

      • jojo

        I don’t think you got the sarcasism and ashburton grove are on the same page,anyway,to hell with war-vets .they shouldn’t meddle in politics and decide who should and shoudnt be in government.they should be subjected to a vote like everyone else.Mutsvangwa is towing a dead horse.Zanu pf would rather get rid of him than Jonso.

      • ashburton grove

        that was my point tho

  • Brian

    The people of Zimbabwe will decide their next leader,not ZANU or a group of hungry war veterans.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      There is no need to insults us. Our armed struggle veterans should be respected whether you differ with them or not politically.. It is democratic to have different views and then live within the law and constitution to resolve any differences? If our war vets are hungry as you say, that is an indictment on the nation for failing to look after them. In other countries, national war vets are not the laughing stocks.The miserable pension paid to them needs an uplift . They are not many ,if properly vetted. This country can comfortably look after them. Anyway, since 1980 ,the people of Zimbabwe has chosen ZANU PF and its leader to govern. The ZANU PF constitution is clear on how our leader will be chosen . Even the national constitution is clear also. Anything unconstitutional would not be acceptable.

      • Analyst

        The challenge is even ana Chimbwido nanaMujiba who have grown old are now calling themselves War Vets!!! War Vet born 1966?? Never! Never! Ever! Real War Vets are very understanding people

        • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

          I agree with you. This is why I said“if properly vetted“. I would further suggest not to include those like me who had the opportunity to go to university after Independence and then got a good job in private sector from which I get reasonable pension. Those currently employed in the public sector should not get doubled pensions. We can only zero in on few who are languishing in abject poverty for assistance. A govt minister, judge, executives, should get pensions via their current jobs. We can then cut the cost of looking after those war vets who deserve due assistance. Those given land at an advanced age and they cant utilize it should not cling to it but surrender it their children or government, so that it can be used by those who can produce and pay taxes from which we can pension-pay them. I feel bitter when I see some comrades languishing in poverty. However I am not blind to the need for all Zimbabweans to get jobs or means of livelihoods. Hence the need to ensure ZIMASSET succeeds.

          • Sabhuku

            Cde Mzvinavhu
            You are overzealously ZANU (PF). You even believe in pie-in-the-sky ZIMZSSET? Then you still believe in the leadership of the drunkard war vets? They ruined the economy in one night swoop. They should be apologising to the nation for putting the whole population in poverty.
            You overrate your scandalous party of violence and poverty.

        • milesanderson

          Correct my friend!

      • Observer gonzo

        Kushandisana chete at the expense of the masses. Why have they left Bob’s muzukuru Patrick untouched…he has always taken to the media party business and remember, he is the “Brain works” behind the so called shenanigans in the party.

      • MadzibabaJoshua

        The list of war veterans keeps on growing and it seems there are people,who are not genuine war vets who are benefitting from the sacrifices made by our gallant sons and daughters who fought in the war.
        An exhaustive audit is needed to flush out fake war vets.I beleieve the little money which is available for war vets,although not enough,will go a long way in looking after them if only its given to bona fide war vets.

        • bodo_kwete

          The 3. Chimurenga has its own stock of War-Vets in the form of farm invaders.

          • milesanderson

            That is such hogwash! The decline in education has really had its effect!

          • bodo_kwete

            just being sarcastic kkk lol cool down.

      • Fred Muchena

        I thought $50 000 they were given late 1990s, large tracks of land, tractors, tonnes of seeds and fertiliser were enough to uplift them, but alas!!

        • milesanderson

          Well of course to believe every single Zimbabwean is a farmer is as fatuous as the promises ZANU PF keep making to the Povo.there will never be any REAL change until they are all forcibly removed along with the ‘pretend opposition’ who are just as corrupt as their masters!

      • milesanderson

        To be an armed war veteran you’d have to be at least 52 . How many do you know who are that age?

      • jojo

        ….its an indictment for Zanu pf failing to take care of its own.they all say they fought for Zanu pf and Zanu pf alone saka isu vamwe vese tinopinda papi manje?pedzeranai ikoko.ngava pihwe mari neZanoless yavo

    • gutu chitovah

      didnt they previously decided? even hungry war vets are the people, zanu is the people so I bet that section of society you call the people already have their leader of choice. they have already spoken. Zanu will aso decide its leader through its processes hungry war vets will do the same. we do the maths calculators do the results

      • milesanderson

        But ZANU isn’t the people Gutu just study the voters role of 2002 and then do the math!some of you guys are so blind that you don’t see the thieves stealing your future or perhaps you don’t want to see!

        • gutu chitovah

          we are not blind, its only that we comment from an informed point of view. we don’t pretend we know and tell where the problem is. a lot of events happened between 2002 and 2016 the major being the 2008 political arrangement that led to the formation of the GNU and in my own opinion the beginning of the demise of opposition politics in zim. so comparing 2016 with 2002 will not add any value. analyse the 2013 voters roll, critic it with the actual voting patterns in Zim, carry out a research of population distribution and political beliefs in the country then you come up with real tangible conclusions on what constitute the people of Zim. yes me and you are both people but where the 50+1 vote belongs then become the people’s voice.


      @Brian, you are very wrong for the insult, you should be ashamed of yourself. Also note, you are the only one with such a satanistic view, not even your opposition leaders hold such devilish view. America has a War Veterans Day for people who fought to oppress and suppress others in Vietnam, Iraq , Afghan, Libya u name it. We are the guys that brought about the democratic space u enjoy with the help and support of our like-minded Zimbabwean citizens. Yes you like-minded were also there, Vayitengesa. I think your line of thing is not shared by Zimbabweans that why you have received no support. Being hungry has telling story on its own, meaning we are led and managed by ########, Icho

      • milesanderson

        Democracy is ‘government by the people for the people’ not government by a few for a few! Open your eyes guys you are having your future and your kids future stolen from you by a load of rich, fat guys who couldn’t give a bugger for the beggar in the street or or the intellectual beggar like you.The Smith Government was atrocious and you overthrew it, why you don’t overthrow this one is beyond me. You don’t even have freedom of expression or freedom from poverty.where is the free health and free education we were all promised by RGM? Please tell me and please don’t say it’s because of sanctions, that’s just a red herring ZANU PF have thrown is to put us off the scent of the stench they themselves have created. Chokwadi bro!

      • Brian

        My friend if you call this Zimbabwe free you are an idiot Rhodesia was better

    • Kufamazuva

      it just so happens that in the Zimbabwean context, the people are Zanu.

    • milesanderson

      They did decide in 2002 and what did fence did that make.

  • sibonile


  • sambiri

    Not a fan of any political party in Zimbabwe but i reckon its a good gesture for the troubled party and i think many face needs to go as the party have failed to deliver since 1980.

  • Cde Chibwido

    Now you are talking , thanks for targeting the very notorious heartless Kasukuwere. Kasukuwere is very corrupt. He is smiling at the expense of Chitungwiza Municipal workers poverty. The guy is looting. If probed properly he will cry for the moon. Irregardless of lacking liberation war credentials he is not an upright man. He is J. Moyo’s close friend and family spokesperson . He recently finished a multi billion dollar mansion and also he is growing too fat at the expense of law abiding citizens. He has no proper Bank Accounts in Zimbabwe to prove his sources of income.

    • Ijaha LeManxeleni

      Is ex-CIO baba nothing absolutely nothing will haopen to Kasukuwere

      • Far Que

        So he’s untouchable.
        After all, those who have, thus far, been purged were mere minions, right?

        • Ijaha LeManxeleni

          And generally poorer this one is RICH

  • Mutongi Gava

    In as much as The President denounced the use of social media; neither did he encourage ANYONE to discuss party issues on public media like The Herald; ZBC!!! Why are others using these public media platforms to denigrate others?? Media is media whether social; public or private. Me; myself and I alone; I read The Herald thru social media and even ZBC is also on Facebook!!! They are all culprits!! Mr Mutsvangwa is not “hillier than thou”.

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      You have a point – they thought they could attack their enemies using the public media – which they control – without their victims having a platform to reply – like they did with Joice. However they miscalculated because the media savvy Jonathan pulled the rug out of their feet – he is even getting more attention that them.

  • L. Makombe

    The war veterans are the one destroying the country and ZANU(PF). The Herald is also contributing to the demise of ZANU(PF) by publishing such stories that bring no development to the country. Is it not the same Mutsangwa whose wife was booted out of the Manicaland province?


    Instead, there ought to be three Cde, you have left one Cde. The sacred one!! Don;t dare touch him for your fingers will be burnt.

  • machakachaka

    President Mugabe instructed his subordinates in the party not to communicate party and government issues through social media. How can Kasukuwere rubbish the President’s instruction? Why does he think he has suddenly grown that big? I think he now has no discipline.

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      What about those using public media to communicate party and Government issues – is it the medium that’s at fault or the substance of the communication.

      • Far Que

        What about them? The President never made mention of them that’s what.
        As Khaya-Moyo said the President was very articulate in his directive.
        Pure unrestrained mischief is being perpetrated via Twitter by Jonathan Moyo in continued direct insubordination from his superior.

  • Tafadzwa

    Much as i dontlike Kasukuwerepolitically, apa akataurawo semunhu mukuru.The politiburo as the effective govt of the land should not concern itselfwith social media usage,its only freedom of expression. Pamberi na Prof, pamberi ne twitter.

    • Cde Mgagao

      Twi! twi! twi!

    • Far Que

      Pasi nemasubmersed saboteurs!
      Pasi nemasecretive successionists!
      Pasi nemaproblem professors!
      Pasi nemacriminal commissars!
      Pasi nevavhundunyuri vemusangano!

      PAMBEEEERI neMusangano!
      PAMBEEEERI naPresident MUGABE!

      • bodo_kwete

        These useless sloganeerings have destroyed Zimbabwe. We no longer need that trash.

        • Far Que

          Pasi newe!

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    I am now convinced that Joice Mujuru was a stabilizing force in ZANU PF. When she was there these ructions were there but were played under the surface. With her ill-advised ouster the hyenas were emboldened to come out into the open to tear each other into pieces.

    • bodo_kwete

      Moyo started the attacks on Mai Mujuru, well before Dr. Amai engaged her gears.

  • ThaDoggPound

    This is good stuff. pass the popcorn please.

  • Zvakare


  • Zvakare


  • kabija

    I think both SK Moyo and Kasukuwere are simply airing their opinions on what could be on the politburo agenda, and that’s democracy, these are personal thoughts. None of them is responsible for the agenda, but they are guessing on what could be part of it, on the basis of what has been said or going on in the country. Could that really be equated to opposing any one? Ndokushaya nyaya uku.

  • Mqophiso W Sibanda

    Kasukuwere is bad for unity within the party! He is bad for a party that has to grow and even become relevant for the next many centuries because he is divisive, he expels many party members on trumped up charges, he does not effect even handed approach in dispensing his duties which has seen those denying the existence of G40 being allowed freedom to do so but those denying the Munangagwa coup mission being ousted without proof or proper procedure being taken on them.
    Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo can work better for the party if they are reprimanded by the first family on whose behalf they claim to be fighting though there is no evidence there are real enemies of them right now.
    Sacking Kasukuwere and Moyo would be a wrong move as well because this “sacking’ tune being sung by Kasukuwere in the party is destructive from the word go. What is needed is a solution that will accommodate all and turn all members into a united force that can serve the interests of the party. It is a mistake to allow Kasukuwere to maintain others as prisoners who should only allow him and his team free action to harm them.
    Sacking anyone is bad and allowing division is equally bad but reprimanding them is good. Wadyajena and Kasukuwere should desist from being more factional in their operations but begin to work as a unity, that will benefit the party. Kasukuwere needs to change office and assume a new ministry that will deter him from always hammering his perceived enemies because this ministry he holds does not need divisive elements like him

    • Chandunga

      Which ministry?

      • Mqophiso W Sibanda

        The commissariat department in the party is mot suitable for a person like Kasukuwere. The ministry he occupies is not being abused judging by the fact he has unearthed corruption in urban areas and is taking corrective measures thereto. I meant his party role, not ministerial role , pardon me.

    • Nyamasvisva

      One question I have is , if these guys are as bad as we are told now and they have always been that bad – why did our President , the one who gets reverberating applauses everywhere he goes that being testimony of his near perfect approach to things, assign these guys to very strategic positions ? At one time Tyson led the Indegenisation Ministry . What ought we say with respect to the sincerity of such programs ? In all this, one man is answerable – His Excellency! We were stunned when we were told Mujuru was incompetent but she was his number two for ten years. And now this ? Who else is not competent is the current set up?

      • Mqophiso W Sibanda

        That they have been assigned by the president even on sensitive portfolios is no guarantee they are excellent in all aspects including in maintenance of party unity. It also does not take away the fact that Jonathan is a good strategist who has crafted rich policies the party has survived on during some trying times is and that his presence in the party is necessary but only if all our leaders desist from always seeing snakes about to attack the president in some members even without evidence. Mending fences is what is needed here, reprimanding those twitting and those firing salvos at others and ending all tensions and divisions without losing a single member is what we want. But Kasukuwere, if left unchecked will definitely harm the party to the level it will fail to command majority in coming elections. A party with all war veterans and all new members, even those who did nothing during the war, even those who were sellouts, but now share the views and values of the party is the best party to go for all coming elections. As it is the G40 can oust the cream of the party because they are supported by the first lady, if that unfortunate event happens 2018 will see a party not reflective of its liberation history going to the election with a composition alien to it facing an opposition natural to the party.

  • blessing javhinho

    zvaakuita …

  • HardMashonaType from Zhombe

    We are tired of these internal fissures and wars which do not bring food on our tables…Please give us a big break…whether Moyo or Katsukuviri is fired from the party & government or barred from the useless meeting hanya nani dhongi rekwaChivi……

  • Hameno

    Once the State Media is unleashed on you, chero kubararaza on witter hapana achateerera. Herald is a national paper accessed by many people, twitter is accessed by those privileged enough to pay BB. Ukaona even vana Ruvheneko vakuti interview post poned due to clashing schedule ziva kuti chachaya…Vainyanya Kasuku naMoyo kutenge ndivo vaitonga nyika . Causing havoc the whole year. The govt could not even focus on bread and butter issues because of them two.

  • muchaka

    ini hangu Joyce ndonakidzwa zvangu kkkk handivuyikoooooo

  • milesanderson

    Moyo is probably the only one old enough to be considered a veteran and he’s been barred by Mutsvanga the ‘knicker sniffer’ ?and a load of guys who were kids during the war? Can you believe this hogwash?

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    Vamwe tichazotaura kana tanzwa kuti Dr Amai vakamira papi

  • Tendekayi.TE

    This is when I wish time could be accelerated toona kuti zvichagumirepi. Prophets say something woo