Moyo attacks VP, lauds Sekeramayi

Professor Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo

Fidelis Munyoro and Collen Murahwa
ZANU-PF Politburo member Professor Jonathan Moyo yesterday launched a blistering attack on Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying he was not the most senior party member in Zanu-PF as he lauded Defence Minister Dr Sydney Sekeramayi with a string of superlatives. Prof Moyo, who was speaking during a SAPES Policy Dialogue dubbed “Third Pan African Lecture – Wither the Nationalist project in Zimbabwe”, said VP Mnangagwa would not advance the nationalist project, accusing him of fronting a faction in Zanu-PF.

VP Mnangagwa is on record distancing himself from the so-called Lacoste faction.

Prof Moyo, who was accompanied to the panel discussion by embattled national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, his brother Mashonaland Central chairman Cde Dickson Mafios, Cde Patrick Zhuwao and Cde Wonder Mashange among others, said VP Mnangagwa was not the most senior member in Zanu-PF after President Mugabe as he singled out Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko and Dr Sekeramayi, heaping praises on the latter.

“I don’t know why we have not told them kuti muri kunyepa,” said Prof Moyo.

“But they have been whispering, whispering and other people being silent, but it is false and that falsehood (that VP Mnangagwa is most senior) should now be engaged and stated.” Prof Moyo said.

He then lauded Dr Sekeramayi, prompting some in the audience to ask if he (Dr Sekeramayi) was the G40 supremo.

“He is senior and this example is an interesting one because you know Dr Sekeramayi’s loyalty to the President, President Mugabe, and to the party, to the country is beyond question and so are his liberation credentials, beyond question.

“So is his political experience, beyond question. So is his consensus style of leadership, quite engaging. So is his stature, unquestionable. So is his commitment to the nationalistic project and above all in my estimation, his humility.

Prof Moyo added: “He is not arrogant. He doesn’t say ‘ndezvedu izvi’ or ‘chinhu chedu ichi’. He is accommodating. He is a true nationalist. In the vein we have seen them from the tradition of President Mugabe, the late Vice President (Joshua) Nkomo or the late Vice President Simon Muzenda, the late Vice President Msika, the late Vice President John Nkomo. You don’t say ‘akabva nekupi uyo?’ You can tell kuti akabva nekupi through the engagement-grounded and I am giving this as an example remember.”

Prof Moyo said he was challenging the notion that below President Mugabe there was only one leader who was senior.

“I’m saying that’s not true and I am challenging the historians to dig up the evidence if they think I’m not telling the truth,” he said.

“What is true is that because of his humility, Dr Sekeramayi’s story is not well known but once you get to know it, encounter it, it’s infectious. But so that you don’t misunderstand me, there are others, even Vice President (Phelekhezela) Mphoko is actually senior but you won’t know if you live in a society that doesn’t value information which is driven by propaganda. But he is, check the record.”

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  • Samanyika


  • Mbla

    Thieving prof

  • Vhomoto

    Aaah what narrative is evident there to show any colonial connotations. Anyone with a diverging persuasion in your view is a puppet. What myopic and narrow mindedness you are displaying for a cadre of your stature. There is definitely nothing Rhodesian to mention a naked truth that we have endured 37years of barren independence. Zanu’s efforts and by extension your efforts are concentrated on political bickering for days on end when our country is grinding to a halt in all facets of life. Your grandchildren will spit on your sorry grave if you continue on this misguided trajectory. What is ex Rhodesian about pointing that there is wanton abuse of state resources (15b) by you and your ilk. Tibvirwe apo. Hee Mnangagwa is not senior### is senior hatineyi nazvo isu. Deliver 2m jobs chete.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    How do you cleanse me? By abducting me? The language of violence is all Zanu knows

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    We hardly get news of these goons attending to development issues. They spent all their time attacking each other or at rallies and party meetings. Surely we do not pay these people to spent their time fighting their political enemies.

  • Dr Newton Galileo Einsten

    Only dimwits will miss the very clear story here. Who is G40? Who is the Godparent of G40? While Lacoste was having a field day feasting on Tyson see what the Godparent of G40 was scheming. With Tyson report now out , you think Tyson anoenda zvekumhanya! Go back to the Chiweshe rally and check that dance by the full G40 machinery, and do you pick the G40 parent there? Jonso , Tyson etc zvikwambo zvemuridzi. I dont sympathise with you Ngwena, the Mujuru outster architect. And let Ngwena speak out now. Vakomana Mahoka , Chimene , Zhuwawo, Moyo – have they all not hit below your belt? War vets try to support you and you spew them out. And was Tyson not in Mexico with the man who , when all is said and done , is a schemer par excellence! Toti chero Jonso ari kuukura? And Cde Manheru , am sure time you tell us whats up. Or you comment here under disguise of some fake fundis? Ichoooo. Handei tione. Kwaaaaks.

  • Colonel.

    The line up is very interesting here… and tick tock…. this must have had a very high up blesser… ko munhu angarase muswe kudai pasina backing here.. this is all child’s play for real….

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I am entitled to my views on the debate about seniority in the party. My point is that some are senior by being elected by the people in our Republic. Some are seniors by being appointed not based on their history in the party. One does not need to be a Prof to understand that. We take our positions or stations in political lives from different angles, or backgrounds. If you look at our party structure today is historical background the criteria for existing positions. What is important is whether the positions are attained based on our current not historically constitution in both party and government. Whether I am a Prof or not just look at my comments and give your own views as a kombi driver or Prof,or nurse or farmer or pastor or whatever in this debate. Dont just waffle after spending the whole night quaffing beer in Nyanda hill , dear ignorant Zvodgo!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I am not hiding . Just criticize my views on the topic if you have any brain ticking. In parliament we different levels of education from Cde Chinos to Profs , but what matters is what is said , not to be evaluated based of academic letters. Madimoni ako eku Nyanda hill iweka anokupengesa. Stop your Nyandish nonsense please! KKKKkkkiiii!

  • Cde Muziriwegazi(Mzilikazi)

    But what has that to do our future party structures. Whether one is Lacoste ,G40 ,G ZERO , or whatever, people will elect a future leader not based on the criteria your are debating. All those aspiring to lead ZANU PF in future should impress the current party membership in respect of their leadership qualifications. Are you trying to say ZANU PF is for older leadership only,who were there before the young were born? How old was Jesus Christ anyway? KKKKkkkiiii>

  • Colonel.

    Taura hako, but i am wondering why he has been left doing this for so long… you can’t apply discipline selectively so my question is: Is he a dog set deliberately among the pigeons here kana kuti he knows too much to be censured…. The same applies to Kasukuwere, Mphoko ( He did it again in Byo by harassing cops) etc. the VP being attacked has seldom demonstrated that and if anything is to go by..he has been patient for too long with this buffoon…

  • Chidhakwa

    @prof Cde Mzvinavhu……The seniority which is being talked about here naJonso toiziva. In any case, taking all you alluded to, ED comes top of Sekereramayi and if you ask Sekereramayi he will attest to that. What we should be debating here is Jonso’s motive which clearly to those who want to see it is to plant seeds of distrust and confusion in ZANU PF in order for him to achieve his mission of destroying it from within. If Sekereramayi was senior to ED, the president in his wisdom would have appointed him VP and this says a lot about what the President sees in both ED and Sekereramayi. Be it as it may, arguing about who is more senior between these two liberation struggle icons is unwise to say the least and preposterous and obnoxious to say the worst.

  • Chidhakwa

    The source you quoted is mistaken in saying that Sekereramayi was the only person appointed to cabinet to date because your source was gleaned in 2003 and at that juncture, Mai Mujuru, ED and a few others fell into that category. But I am not surprised though by that distortion because in times of political crisis, the truth always suffers.

    • Zvobgo

      Kindly link me to non-mistaken source

      • Chidhakwa

        Use your common sense don’t behave like CNN and other established news agencies which tried vigorously to prop Hilary Clinton while demeaning Donald Trump only to work up the following morning after the election with eggs on the face. If you want a link to know that Dr Sekereramayi was not and is not the only person appointed to cabinet in 2003 and to date respectively, then you don’t deserve to participate on this honourable forum.

        • Zvobgo

          go and sober up va Chidhakwa

        • Zvobgo

          kwahi chii nava’Kulohwa’??

  • Marufu Chihwandire

    I am talking about Zanu pf politics. In OUR Zanu pf seniority matters. Iwe uri kudei pahuku yemweni. Tichakutongai kusvika machema nemuridzo

  • Chidhakwa

    Then you are a gullible and credulous idiot.