More than 60 eye town clerk’s job

Innocent Ruwende Municipal Reporter—
More than 60 people are vying for Harare town clerk’s position that fell vacant last month following the ouster of former NMBZ Bank chief executive Mr James Mushore. Mushore was appointed last year, but never performed any duties. He had signed a two-year contract with Harare City Council on April 1 last year before being sent on forced leave a week later after Government rescinded the appointment.

Government argued his appointment was unprocedural and violated the Urban Councils Act. When the position was advertised last year, it attracted a record number of 140 people.

City mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni, who was mandated by council to engage a human resources consultant to shortlist candidates for the coveted position, said the process should be complete by month end.

“More than 60 people applied for the position,” he said. “We should be able to finalise the issue by month end if we maintain the current pace.

In an advert flighted last month, the city said it was seeking for a game changer to turn around the city’s fortunes.







“The job is looking for a strategic business leader who has the heart and pace to change the council and city,” said Cllr Manyenyeni. “The successful candidate will most likely be able to work in a similar role anywhere in the world. The hunt is for global competences.

“The succession process for the position of town clerk has taken over 30 months and we are still without a substantive chief executive officer. We have faced problems Mr James Mushore could not be allowed to carry on as town clerk.”

Cllr Manyenyeni said council was hoping to attract a right candidate for the good of the city.

The city is parting ways with Mr Mushore who will smile all the way to the bank.

Council owes him over $165 000 in salary arrears and benefits for just sitting at home.

Council appeared in few instances before a labour officer attempting to amicably resolve the matter with Mr Mushore but they could not agree.

The parties argued the matter and are awaiting the labour officer’s ruling.

Council agreed that the issue relating to Mr Mushore status had taken long to be concluded.

It said it was the right time to appoint another person.

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    The Harare City had not done the necessary due diligence on why St James had left NMB. A two year contract in this controversial post would have seen St James not producing any good results within that short time. He had no political clout nor experience in municipal affairs to hold the hot job successfully. . His tainted banking career background spoke negative volumes about him in my view. To much politics ,where any incumbent will work between two political forces ,makes the job a nightmare in my view. Wishing any “lucky“person to get the job all the stamina to keep his/her head above the Harare political – municipal affairs dirty waters.