Model injects lover’s son with HIV infected blood

Medical-syringeFungai Lupande Court Reporter
HARARE model Tafadzwa Mushunje (24) appeared in court yesterday facing allegations of injecting her lover’s two-year-old son with HIV infected blood. She also stands accused of forcing the toddler to drink her urine. She would also beat up the baby.

Mushunje was remanded to Monday on $50 bail. The prosecutor Mr Peter Kachirika alleged that on January 31 this year around 9am the toddler’s mother gave the minor to his father.

The father was in the company of Mushunje. The court heard that it was not the first time that the mother would give custody of the child to him in the presence of Mushunje.

She would notice strange marks on the child each time he returned the baby. She thought there were assault marks and took no action.

On February 23 she received information from a friend pertaining to a story on an online website called Musvo Zimbabwe.

She logged on to the internet and read that Mushunje assaulted the child whenever his father left the minor with her. When the father was away, Mushunje would draw her HIV infected blood and inject the child, made him drink her urine and assault him.

After reading the story she linked it to the marks she saw on the child’s body and proceeded to report the matter to the police.

The child was referred for medical examination.

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  • mrs jekapu

    this woman is evil, she shld not leave the cells for the rest of her life

  • Beloved Chinyoka

    Very evil ,she should rot in jail

  • justin matiza

    Shame mwari pindirayi

  • nadi

    nxaa Tafadzwa uri devil ,u will die suffering what did u gain from that ,look uv ruined the life of an inocent soul .To bby Batsi God is with you ,inopera Virus iyoyo in o body toitimira back times 1000 to transmitter .

  • Ini Zvangu

    You are too rush to write stories Mr Journalist

  • Munhu

    It’s a strange state of affairs…is the model known to be HIV positive? Was the child known to be HIV negative? Is there a syringe which was proven to have the model’s blood and that blood was HIV positive and there is proof that the very same syringe was injected into the child? It’s all nonsense.

    Even if a court order demands that the model be tested for HIV, is there any proof that if she is positive she is the source of HIV for the HIV positive child? It would require serious genetical analysis of the HIV virus in both the model and the child. And is the biological mother HIV negative herself? Is there proof that the child was not infected by the biological mother or other girlfriends, maids, sick relatives etc?

    Outside of a confession by the model…hapana nyaya.

    • Tre

      She was tested and she is negative it’s really bad to my sister go through such accusations