Mnangagwa speaks on Mahoka attack

VP Mnangagwa

VP Mnangagwa

Herald Reporter
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said Zanu-PF Women’s League secretary for finance Cde Sarah Mahoka must explain herself following utterances she made at a recent rally at the party’s headquarters.

At the rally to celebrate President Mugabe’s successful tenure as the African Union chairperson, Cde Mahoka challenged the Head of State and Government to announce if he had authorised his spokesperson Mr George Charamba to give an interview to ZiFM radio.

Turning to Cde Mnanagwa, Cde Mahoka challenged the VP to state his position insofar as the Zanu-PF succession matrix was concerned.

She went further likening VP Mnangagwa to a duck, saying he was letting people abuse his name on succession issues while he kept quiet.

Asked on his response on the challenge by Cde Mahoka yesterday, VP Mnangagwa said: “I think the best person to answer is Mahoka. She said what she said, I ignored that. If you need more information, talk to Mahoka,” he said.

Cde Mahoka’s untoward behaviour drew brickbats from the Zimbabwe Liberation War Collaborators’ Association (Ziliwaco) secretary-general Cde Jabulani Mbetu, who said if left unchecked, her actions would set a bad precedent.

“Unless she was a storm trooper, she should be dragged before a disciplinary hearing and answer for herself what she wanted to prove,” he said.

“It should not appear as if there is no more discipline in the party. The question is where did she drive that power from?”

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association secretary-general Cde Victor Matemadanda said Cde Mahoka had clearly insulted and disrespected the party’s senior leader- ship.

“The party used to give political orientation and discipline tutorials to its cadres and that is how the liberation war was won,” he said.

“This has vanished and what we saw on Wednesday (last week) was a first of its kind. We do not know if that is the direction the party has taken, but surely to avoid a repeat of this, the party leadership should take action on the matter.”

Before speaking on Cde Mahoka’s behaviour, VP Mnangagwa had delivered a lecture to students attending the Joint Command and Staff Course No. 29 at the Staff College in Harare on Zimbabwe’s Constitution.

VP Mnangagwa started his presentation with a long quotation by one of the doyens of constitutionalism in the world and Chinese national Mr Xiao Yang which he delivered during a lecture in Singapore in 2003.

Mr Xiao is the Chief Justice and president of the Supreme Court of China.

Mr Xiao’s quotation reads: “The propensity of a nation, the integrity of its politics, the stability of its society, the development of its economy, the solidarity of its ethnic groups, the flourishing of its culture, and contentment and well-being of its people, all hinge upon the maintenance of law and order and the soundness of the legal system . . . the legal protection afforded by the constitution is fundamental to the economic development of a country.”

Reflecting on the security agenda in modern times, VP Mnangagwa said: “As the security services, you constitute an important component in our democratic establishment given your crucial and indispensable mandate of safeguarding the national security and interests of the State.

“With this in mind, I hope that you will acquit yourselves well in safeguarding the territorial integrity of Zimbabwe and the other Sadc member states, bearing in mind that we share similar security interests.”

VP Mnangagwa said it was important to safeguard the country’s constitutionally enshrined interests from threats of externally manufactured regime change agenda which violated the tenets of constitutional and international law.

Turning to the ongoing alignment of laws with the new Constitution, VP Mnangagwa said Government had made major strides in that regard.

He said a number of Bills would be tabled before Parliament before the end of the current session.

VP Mnangagwa said some of the Bills such as the Electoral Amendment Bill, the National Prosecuting Authority Bill and the Public Debt Management Bill were already passed into law.

“I can confirm that the alignment process is progressing well,” he said. “Our statistics indicate that 206 out of the 396 statutes in Zimbabwe require alignment to the Constitution.

“If we bear in mind the fact that a review of certain laws will lead to amendments of other laws, you will learn that a number of 154 Acts have been reviewed to date.”

VP Mnangagwa said Government was committed to the alignment of laws despite the meagre resources at its disposal.

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  • BaRuva

    So what did Cde Munangagwa say about the attack by/from Cde Mahoko?
    On a more serious note, I find zimbabweans have not learnt the art of constructive debate. We resort to calling each other names, belittling one another, making a laughing stock of ourselves along the way. Meanwhile we get so much carried away with mudslinging (kunge pwere dzotamba bhora kumafuro apa mombe dzichidya mumunda) we forget that the povo want from the leadership guidance, solutions to our economic woes.
    I grew up during the war, I can tell you this, one does not insult a comrade (mukoma havatukwe).

  • Charles

    Headline kinda sensational,Herald.Please report responsibly.We need peace in the nation.

  • cde chaurura

    Spot on Chikara!

  • order

    I applaud our Vice President for refusing to be drawn into the gutter by the uncouth behavior of Mrs. Mahoka. ZANUPF needs to enforce discipline in the ranks and if the current political commissar is not up to the task then he should be replaced by a more able cadre.The late Comrade Mayor Wurimbo would not have been caught flat footed by an underling and did not in any way condone tribal politics. This is the kind of climate created by inexperienced youngsters trying to play the role of men.
    I think our current is Commissar should have been groomed for the job to save us all from this kind of embarrassment.
    Men should not seat around while we watch the Women’s league delve into areas where it has no business doing.
    Pamberi NeZANU,
    Pamberi nehunhu.

    • Collin Mackenzie

      Mai Mahoka ‘ s speach and her questions where not only directed to the VP.
      Please let’s not see it as an attack on anyway but real questions that need real answers.
      The truth be told,We are now a divided Nation and we need answers.
      One can not turn a blind eye on the ZiFM interview and play a blame game.

      Mai Mahoka did not go to the Radio stations and talk marara.
      Respect is earned and gained,nothing wrong with leadership appreciations it’s a Good thing nothing totally, but it’s the way and how it’s done period.

      War Vets must stop using the VP in their reservation an quest for power wealth.

      Give those War Vets a Barton Stick.

    • Judge President, Prof.

      ZANU PF, Cde!!

  • Tiriparwendo

    Pleeeeeeaaaaase Herald, Mnangagwa refused to comment, directing you to seek a comment from Mahoka herself and yet you say Mnagngawa speaks on Mahoka. Hey bantu!

    • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

      Ndatozvishayiwawo kuti zviri kuenda nepi.

  • SimonPetere

    If indeed you want to be a good president VP Croc. .speed up the law alignment. .Do the wishes of the people …go the Tanzanian way. But if you want a reproach continue from where Bob is leaving . Zvido zvevanhu before you all die. Vanhu nenyika zvinamwene wazvo. Love people and be good leaders. .its a choice ….

    • Matsimba

      Sando dzako iwe. The writing of the new constitution gobbled a lot of resources, including time and energy. It was a triumphant process of cementing nationhood, because since the Lancaster House negotiations, Zimbabwe operated with a compromised document, full of amendments. So we rejoiced when the new constitution was passed by the Parliament of Zimbabwe. However I did not anticipate that it will take this long to implement the new constitution. I will ask once again, is it backlog or workload in the justice department which has caused this logjam?

      • Collin Mackenzie

        They think they are doing us a favour all the time.
        Service delivery is very bad an in a sick state in Zimbabwe let alone our roads.

        They drive on those roads everyday and see nothing wrong .
        All talk and no action.
        They travel stay in these five star Hotels yet Zimbabwe Hotels are substand and smell of deep Sweat.

        Sis maaaaan marara chete chete
        Let’s talk about these things and let’s voice our concerns ,I have been so parotic to my beloved motherland but hay to be honest marara chete chete.

        Get ride of those street vendor’s please clean up our Cities please marara chete chete.

  • Shebeen Herald

    Why should she be hauled before a disciplinary committee?? She asked valid questions and Mnangagwa must answer them instead of trying to silence her. We need to know if he’s leading a faction. We need to understand why he does not castigate youths who beat to women in his name.

    • fury

      taurai amai taurai

    • Antonio

      Who is not leading a faction you know of?
      And, who does not belong to one faction or the other?
      Zimbabwe is now a country of factionalists.
      Everyone is a factionalists now, yoursef included.

    • gutu chitovah

      we dont tolerate kushaya hunhu kwakadaro. zvine zvoto nematanho anoshandisiwa kaugwa nawo vakuru. uri mukadzi wosvika pachoto chavarume madzimambo kwakutotasha wotanga kuroposha zvisina musoro. hamusi mubhawa. zvine nzira dzooshandisiwa kana uchida mhinduro zvomenemene. kwete kungorotomoka. Excellent VP. give a person the longest rope. after all you wont be misquoted if you keep your silence. who was beaten by who when? Murikufukura hapwa hama varume. pamakananga chaipo pazikanwa.

    • Collin Mackenzie

      Wow … so on point we need answers or else we will believe every word Mai Mahoka says

      Mai Mahoka bold and to the point and these farm raiders so called war vets want to silence her
      We Need answers an accountability.

  • Chokwadi


  • kisi blessing

    herald musatengese paper muchidaro just that statement mobva matoti zvaita ingotaurai nyaya yelecture kwete zvamave kuita musoro wenyaya those 2 lines. rinongotengwa chete we want news

  • muchaka

    hapana hapana apo makaramba democracy mukati one centre of power nakirwai vana Ngwena. How can u openly shred a party constitution and thing it will make things better. Mahoka is right he is making realise that were wrong in 2014. Tell me y did u chase Jb Mujuru and others saka dzingwawo ko ..hamunyare vanhu vakuru .Handiti unoziva zvinoita madam stop it …

  • Major Mupfupi WeGogwe

    It should not appear as if there is no more discipline in the party. The question is where did she drive that power from?”

    You all know from where so why ask such a rhetoric question…?

    • Collin Mackenzie

      We need answers period stop the blame game Mai Mahoka raised critical issues
      Why can he not answer,something is totally not right and I think she’s so so right on this one today war vets are on the streets Why Why and who are the behind mmmmmmmuuuuuuuh.

  • kabija

    What Mahoka did simply shows how candid debate is muffled in zanu pf. If there was open and honest debate on these issues, the politburo would have been the first to inform us about it. Or worse off, it could be reflecting lack of foresight on the organisation.

  • Strategic

    “The propensity of a nation….” – what is that?

    • Fred Muchena

      propensity – an inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way

      • N. Sithole

        So, what is meant by the “the propensity of a nation…”?

        • Fred Muchena

          no idea!!!

    • Collin Mackenzie

      Marara chete chete

  • Kuta Kinte

    Honestly what would you expect the Honourable VP to say on the succession matrix? Otherwise he could have been misquoted considering the prevalence of some of the loose tongues which were being carelessly thrown around. All we have to know is, he is officially the VP of Zimbabwe and his response of reserving his response or comment was the most appropriate as a man of character. Responding was just going to create more news and more fodder for those who are bent on attacking his person.

    • Observer gonzo

      Man of character my foot! I have listened to his utterances at rallies and this guy has a foul mouth that can put to shame even Her Majesty. Only now he is scrounging for wits against the schematically superior Young Turks!

  • Cross Fumani

    There is no rule of law in this country or in that party. It is foolishness to expect any level of law enforcement from any quaters

  • Tom Toms

    Mahoka was right Mr VP, that is why you have no comment!!

  • patriot

    well said cde vp,well said,the herald could do well to ask sarah mahoka than misqoute you asits now their propensity to misqoute

  • karombe

    mahoka aibvunza zva vp seiko asingataure zvake zvokuti ari ku faction ye g40 nekuudza vanhu nezvenhema dzavari kuruka