Mnangagwa in car crash

Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa's Mercedes Benz that was hit by a Ford Transit van (inset) along Herbert Chitepo Avenue in Harare yesterday

Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Mercedes Benz that was hit by a Ford Transit van (inset) along Herbert Chitepo Avenue in Harare yesterday

Takunda Maodza Assistant News Editor
JUSTICE, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa escaped death by a whisker when his Mercedes Benz was rammed on the driver’s side  by a staff bus belonging to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals along Herbert Chitepo Avenue in Harare yesterday evening.

The minister escaped unhurt and went home after the accident.
The accident, which left the minister’s vehicle extensively damaged, occurred at 6:25pm near the US Embassy.
Minister Mnangagwa was driving home alone.

The minibus, registration number GHCW 1453, belongs to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals’ Ophthalmic School of Nursing.
A donation from the European Union, the minibus was travelling due west while Minister Mnangagwa was driving to the east.
There is no junction where the accident occurred.


Eyewitnesses told The Herald that the driver of the minibus Mr Muchena Tsikirai (41) made an instant U-turn and hit Minister Mnangagwa’s vehicle on the right.

The front and rear doors were damaged, while the airbags all popped out.
When The Herald rushed to the accident scene, Minister Mnangagwa’s vehicle was being towed away while the minibus was impounded by the police.

Former Zanu-PF legislator for Zvishavane-Ngezi, Cde Larry Mavhima, who was on the scene said: “The minister was driving east along Herbert Chitepo close to the American embassy. Out of the blue, the Kombi which was going in the opposite direction decided to turn to the right into the minister’s car. They collided and caused a severe impact which could have cost the minister’s life. We are very concerned about the driving habits of people that drive public transport. We are concerned about the safety of senior Government officials.”
He said Minister Mnangagwa was “fine”.

“The minister is fine, fit and healthy but as a precaution he will be attended to by his doctor but we are more worried about him than he is”, said Cde Mavhima.

He added: “There is no other road here he (Tsikirai) could have been turning into. Whether it was intentional or if he was drunk, the police will find out. There is not even a scratch on the minister. When he left he was in good spirit. We thank God.”

Mr Tsikirai claimed it was Minister Mnangagwa who made a U-turn causing the accident.
In his recorded statement to the police, he said: “I was driving staff bus registration number HCW 1453 along Herbert Chitepo towards the west when a white Mercedes Benz suddenly made a U-turn in front of me. Then as I moved towards the opposite lane of the road so as to avoid it, I crashed into it.”

In an interview with The Herald, Mr Tsikirai said he was taking his nine months pregnant wife, Jemina Mukozho (40) to Westend Hospital.
“I was taking my wife to Westend. She is nine months pregnant. I am told she is in a stable condition,” he said.

Mr Tsikirai of Epworth claimed he only knew the Mercedes Benz belonged to Minister Mnangagwa after the accident.
“I only knew it was the minister in the Mercedes Benz when I heard people saying so.”

He was not visibly shaken and demanded his licence from traffic police who attended to the accident.
Efforts to get a comment from Minister Mnangagwa were fruitless.

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  • chadzunda

    Seems like a careless accident. But with mud flying everywhere, even crocs can be attacked by frogs

  • Drudge Report

    if we are to take Tsikirai statement as true then I have a few questions but let me set the scenario up first. Mnangagwa was driving on the left hand side of the road. If he made a U turn then obviously his car should have been hit on the left hand side unless munangagwa made the U turn by turning left away from the road which doesn’t make sense at all. pane nay apa

    • Nathan

      1) Tsikirai NEVER say Mnangagwa at the scene of the accident. He only knew that it was Mnangagwa’s vehicle when “unnamed witnesses” started talking about it. Mnangagwa is one of the highly recognized faces in Zimbabwe and Tsikirai has got to be leaving under a rock for him not to recognize Mnangagwa.
      2) If the Herald was able to get Tsikirai’s recorded statement, why did they not get Mnangagwa’s recorded statement. After all he was in good spirits without a single scratch and he did not go to the hospital.
      3) Larry talks like someone who saw the accident. Was he following the merc or was he just there waiting for the ‘accident’ to happen.
      4) Seems like Larry is only concerned about the safety of ‘senior government’ officials -why? what about the povo?

    • mpengo

      Nyaya iri mumusoro wako.

      The minibus is the one that U-turned.

      Chimbonorisa mombe zvekuita analyst zvaramba

      By the way, @Herald… thats not a Kombi

      • Mela

        Mpengo, read the text carefully, im sure you will realise you are almost on the same page, except he did not come up with an unsupported decision like yours as if you were there. He provided a more analytical approach.

      • Harare

        uridofo thats is a kombi, you think only 18 seaters are kombis

  • Kwazi Ndizi Ndizvo

    Typical of Herald reporters. Although supposedly journalists by profession, you are mainly prosecutors, judges or defence counsel depending on the needs of your paymasters or your desire to please them, quite often at the cost of making complete fools of yourselves. “He was not visibly shaken and demanded his licence…..” ??? It is clear here that you convicted poor Tsikirai soon after the accident and before he has even appeared before a court of law. Just do your reporting guys and leave the rest to the relevant professionals.

  • kwete7

    God loves you Emmerson, sorry Ngwena .. you r my best politician

  • Manyepo

    If it was Tsikirai who made a sudden U-turn, his car would have been damaged in the middle, not on the front. This is not rocket science.

  • Cde Dr Amai

    One hopes the minister is well. If the accident was stage managed then people should look themselves in their eyes. Looks like its a genuine accident because if you wanted to kill someone in a smaller car like that one when you are in a minibus, you just hit them head on. If you want to hit a minister, you always hit them from the left side of their vehicles because they are more often than not chauffeur driven and they sit on that side for obvious reasons.

    • Mdhara

      If this was a real accident we would have seen Ngwena Mnangagwa driving a new car not one thats 7 years old.

  • Tinoda Runyararo

    Okay, everyone settle down! The honorable minister is OKAY and we thank God. The kombi is from the eye clinic! Obviously they are not treating their own, who can trust them now? No wonder the President goes to Singapore. Care in needed on our roads, to avoid making such mistakes!

  • Shiku

    USAID track drove into Tsvangirai when he joined hands with ZANU PF to form the Government of National Unit. Now an EU donated vehicle drive into Minister Munangagwa at a time when VP Mujuru allegedly linked to the West appear to have no political future in ZANU PF. It oddly seems that Western vehicles in Zimbabwe have a thing for our officials at any given defining moment in our politics. Munangagwa is considered to be a hardliner in ZANU PF and also a leader of a faction which is in direct competition with the VP, Mai Mujuru. Doesn’t that sum it up for you? Wiki licks revealed that some time ago Mai Mujuru invited the Americans to her house without informing the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Always wondered why there seems to be consensus in ZANU PF about pushing Mai Mujuru out.

  • Shiku

    If the minister had a u-turn then his car would have been rammed on the passenger side not the driver’s side. From what the driver is alleged to have said, he would be lying which shows intention to harm.

    • Emeka

      Nonsense comment. This is a genuine accident which if it is forensically investigated with unbiased investigators both parties are blamed on negligence knowing are roads are track roads, are not marked nor sign posted.

  • Chris

    1.which minister’s version are u talking about coz hapana statement yanyorwa yakabva kuna minister. 2. driver we minibus ati he went to the opposite lane trying to avoid the benz and the he hit it on the driver’s side. Most probably becoz he just tried to avoid it fully knowing he cld not completely go into the opposite lane for obvious reasons of headon collision from other vehicles

  • Minister were’s your statement

    Benz yacho ndeye ma zhing zhong.If it was hit by a car making a u turn the damage would have been slight

  • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

    Yes. They monitor all that road form end to end – but getting the footage will require clearance from the State Department – and Americans being so paranoid permission will not be granted for such a petty incident.

  • Alurein

    It all depends on how the car made the U turn. Its possible to be hit on the drivers side.

  • Kokorikoo

    According to the context of the statement of the Ford Transit Driver Munangagwa was wrong,That is why he just left the scene with his pregnant wife. This is what is called an accident no need to politicise this accident. Please Please Police we need to be fair.

    • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

      Whose wife was it? The article clearly says the driver was taking his pregnant wife to hospital NOT Ngwena. Is this why people fail their exams?

  • Peoples Choice Patriotic Front

    Peace,Love and Joy is on our way -PC.Pf is here for us

  • muza

    The car belongs to the minister but he was not even there then the accident happened, did anyone saw him. As a highly trained security agent I tell you this is stage managed.

  • MemaZimbo

    Ukaona munhu achireva nhema dziri pachena kudaro – pane nyaya. Tose tinoziva nzvimbo yakaitikira tsaona iyi. Hazvigoni kuti pawane munhu anoita U-Turn paya. Kana pane wakaita U-Turn chete,waitova nechinangwa. Totenda Mwari kuti chinangwa chasatani hachina kuzo budirira.

  • shiku

    Munangagwa becoming a stuntman, dont you think thats a bit dumb?

    • ThembaniNyoni

      You need to understand what a stunt is. A stunt is defined as a difficult, unusual or dangerous feat; usually done to gain attention. So there is nothing dumb about Munangagwa pulling a stunt for political mileage.

      • ole

        ,these people have educated us of their tactics for far too long,this is not a coincidence,watch this space

  • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

    I like this Kikikikiiiiii. But do you also have a picture of a cunny crocodile.

  • petsvo

    Ngakuiswe maCamera moroad kuti nharo dzipere.. Its very unfortunate kuti mufera uyu achapinda busy even anga ari right or wrong.. but dai akarova mota yangu nyaya yacho yaingopera yakadaro.

  • OneJudah

    The ‘accident’ reeks of stage management. *

  • chaporomokachamukwenjere

    Let the Games begin

  • Chihombori

    since when does mnangagwa drive alone ..i dont think he was anywhere near this accident ,this was stage managed..the guy says he only got to know that the merc belong to the minister ,nd he did not see the minister 2..who picked mnangagwa paaccident scene ..munonyepa you want to potray as if he was being targeted,kuzoti the ambulance was a donation by European union..The minister was not in this car,further still he used this type of merces kare and drives a better one.chihombori anoti idzi ndonyambo from herald..after allour C10 are accident speacialists,whos stunt are very clear for all to see

  • petsvo

    icho chibhazi chiri mudenga, dai chakaita U-turn chichimhanya dai chakadonha ipapo ipapo. kungoti hedu tingataure tikaia sei mufera wedu uyu atori pama1 ryt now as we speak sekuziva kwatoita ZimPolice

  • Tapiwa David Mutava

    So you are not worried about the other driver or passenger’s life? Be serious vanhu veZanu.

  • mhofu

    mambofungawo kuti minister is lying…..what if he was traveling in the same direction going kumakombe in the outer lane and the combi was behind him on his blind spot, the minister jus decides to make a u-turn back towards second….and the combi was to close to avoid him, obviously he would be rammed on the right side…if the combi tried to drift to the right to avoid the merc then that explains why they were in the oppositte lane the minister’s vehicle facing opposite with the force of the impact…

    anyway accidents do happen…

  • Doctor Love

    I thank God he survived. With the wave of hatred and animosity among the Party factions this was going to be interpreted as a plot to kill him. i like Minister Mnangagwa,s reaction having realised that he was fine he did not cause any problem with the Ford Transit Driver. He did not use his influence as a Government Minister he proved that he respect the law like any other ordinary Zimbabwean. Lets love one another people of Zimbabwe.

  • Ngaphansi Kweshlahla somabrosi

    i didnt want to laugh but HAHAHAHA, ah yaaaa

  • Harare

    lots of ministers drive themselves , munangagwa always drives himself, its common for ministers to drive themselves , maybe you didnt know

  • Harare

    thats precisely what happened spot on

  • Muza Sibanda

    Fuza ndiwe. Chaunoziva chii panyaya iyi?

  • Muza Sibanda

    Haiwawo, ndiwe usiri kunzwisisa nyaya.

  • Drudge Report

    kkkkk. mpengo uyo. waiziva?

  • Drudge Report

    But Tsikirai said Mnangagwa was the one who made a U turn. How do you explain that

  • Drudge Report

    Yes what yu explained is possible but the article says the 2 vehicles were travelling in opposite directions. So you point is crushed before we even start

  • leemoyo

    That car is too good for the type of service we get from these ministers

  • Jore

    I dont think this is public transport. The combi belongs to a group of hospitals and is not for commercial purposes..

  • ridomus

    Its the EU and co who are busy trying to donate things to us so that they can polute us.