Mliswa takes dig at Chinamasa

t mliswaWalter Nyamukondiwa Chinhoyi Bureau
Hurungwe West legislator Cde Temba Mliswa says Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa must cut Government expenditure on luxuries such as top-of-the-range vehicles before looking for money elsewhere.
Cde Mliswa said the penchant for luxury vehicles was “out of this world”, noting that Government, the largest buyer of Mercedes Benz and Range Rover SUV, should get a dealership or buy a stake in one of the dealers to remove middlemen and arbitrage.

Cde Mliswa was speaking at the Chinhoyi Press Club last week, where he said the way Government purchased vehicles created room for corruption and profiteering.

Cde Mliswa said such expenditure was unnecessary in an economy reeling from a liquidity crunch and low capacity utilisation. He welcomed a recent decision to direct Government departments and parastatals to buy locally assembled vehicles.

“Before the Finance Minister looks for money, he must cut down on Government expenditure because there is a lot of money that can come from there,” he said. “All the Mercedes Benz and Range Rovers around, why can’t Government get a dealership? Why would they allow a private company to supply the vehicles?”

Cde Mliswa said the country, especially Government, should be prepared to forgo certain luxuries if the dream to rebuild the economy was to be realised.

“We cannot talk of rebuilding the country if the bulk of the money we are generating is directed towards luxury things like cars,” he said.
“The Finance Minister should go in a Mazda 626 if need be until such a time when we can afford taking our children to school on a plane.

But it takes savings on our part.”

Cde Mliswa also criticised demands for vehicles by Parliamentarians, saying everyone should start prioritising things that help a majority of the people.

He said instead of a vehicle, he would rather channel the money towards purchase of two ambulances in his constituency, which he said would create employment for at least four people.

Cde Mliswa said Zimbabwe should seriously implement the Buy Zimbabwe campaign, saying retailers who were importing the bulk of their products, should be directed to support local producers such as farmers.

“We must capacitate our local producers, be they farmers or manufacturers, by directing companies to support local producers over a period of time before banning the wholesale importation of goods,” Cde Mliswa, who is also Mashonaland West Zanu-PF provincial chairman, said.

Cde Mliswa said the electorate should be “smart” about the people they elect, saying legislators should represent the people and make progressive contributions in Parliament.

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  • spot on

    Just because he was harassing and grabbing from ordinary civilians does not make him the paragon of virtue.

  • Patriot

    That should not take away the great observation, we are certainly obsessed with luxuries when we can not afford them. Why is it necessary to go for the latest model each time a new E Class version is released. A mercedes can go for hundreds of thousands of kilometres and actually be passed on to the next minister / deserving official. A good example comes from our embassies .. many of them use mercs from many years ago! In Kenya even with their huge levels of corruption they have done away with mercedes for ministers etc, it is a small step that can really go a long way towards changing the way ministers are perceived by the povo!.

  • joemuda

    Mliswa is talking a hell lot of sense. If only the gvt would listen.

  • Zimbabwe United

    The Finance Minister should go in a Mazda 626 if need be until such a time when we can afford taking our children to school on a plane.

    But it takes savings on our part.”

    This is basic economics that answers the economic question of……’What does it take for a country to go on a path towards industrialisation and high levels of economic growth hence development?’

    If Cde Chinamasa and indeed our government ignores this reality and refuses to exercise requisite fiscal austerity, then we can kiss good bye to ZIMASSET.

    We cannot live by habits of affluent socities when in fact we run an under developed economy.

    Thank you Cde Mliswa and Cde Chinamasa please take heed.

  • Mimi

    Mliswa might not be the best person to preach underspending sprees by government but what he is lamenting certainly makes sense and should be taken seriously by government if Zimbabwe is to come out of its current status quo.

  • Grievance Mafunga

    These are positive comments and reflect a positive attitude for an MP. Though am not a supporter of ZPF This is the ONLY spirit THAT WILL transform Zimbabwe and improves on its economycde.

  • Kujo

    But the point is , Who is gona listern to him? I guess no one at all.

  • Musimwa81

    The truth sounds strange, when it comes from a brother like Mr Mliswa. Worse when we refer to him as Cde. Lol. Personally l felt Chinamasa was just being funny running his mouth like that….. He probably drank imported bottled water at the very gathering he said these things. Hypocrite!!!

  • Makusakatara


    But can you not see that he is talking sense?? In what way is he an “unguided missile”? He is not digging at “other comrades” but at common sense.

    • Jongwe

      Just being sacarstic pal!

      • Makusakatara


        No; not at all!!

  • Nicole

    Are you sure he took one Ford ranger?…check your facts

  • Dombodema

    Since when have congregants amen’d to an infidel’s sermon?
    Is Themba lying or is Mliswa lying?
    Give it to him.
    The young crook possesses, as Cde George Orwell would have put it, “the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in his mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them…He can tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, and he can forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, he draws it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, and he can deny the existence of objective reality, while simultaneously taking account of the reality which he denies.”