Mliswa slams MDC-T MPs

 Temba Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
Norton legislator Mr Temba Mliswa yesterday traded insults with MDC-T legislators, insinuating they lacked respect for national heroes after they failed to attend the burial of Brigadier-General James Jotham Murozvi at the National Heroes Acre before the House sat.

Mr Mliswa raised the ire of MDC-T legislators when he moved a point of order during debate on the plight of former workers of Shabani Mashaba Mines.

“I am from the Heroes Acre and the MPs are not respecting the heroes of our country,” Mr Mliswa said, before quoting the preamble of the Constitution, which extols the virtues of the gallant sons and daughters of the country that sacrificed their lives for the country’s independence.

“We have committed ourselves to the Constitution, but we are not respecting the sons and daughters who sacrificed their lives,” he said. “Joshua Nkomo (the late Vice President) is there and Josiah Tongogara (late Zanla Forces commander) is there, so this must transcend our personal differences and issues and we should behave like Zimbabweans.”

MDC-T legislator for Bulawayo East Ms Tabitha Khumalo began trading insults with Mr Mliswa over the matter.

Mr Mliswa said the lack of respect for national heroes contributed to the opposition party’s successive losses in elections.

Highfield East representative Mr Erick Murai (MDC-T) argued that people had different ways of mourning.

“We are all black and share the same culture and we mourn in different ways, therefore, we should respect each other,” Mr Murai said.

Acting Speaker Mr Rueben Marumahoko had to order Sergeant at Arms Mr Nicholas Marufu to warn Mr Mliswa and Ms Khumalo of their conduct.

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  • gerro

    Come in cde Mliswa-like it is..

  • Masaisai

    Mliswa is right. Everyone who sits in that parliament does so courtesy of the people who sacrificed their lives. God will certainly bless anyone who shows gratitude. This is not even a case for debate. It’s very straight forward if one has a bit of grey matter between ears. That Zimbabweans have different ways of mourning is as inane an excuse as it is damn silly. I wonder how a person who reasons like found his way to parliament and what kind of constituency he represents?

    • JR Wezheve

      These are ZanuPF heroes, not national heroes, that is why it is the ZanuPF Polituburo which confers the status, not the Cabinet. This has been very clear from time immemorial

      • Sadombo

        You can say that again