Minister calls for war vets to unite

Minister Dube

Minister Dube

Bulawayo Bureau
Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees Minister Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube has implored war veterans to close ranks and urged those who have rebelled to ask for forgiveness from their patron, President Mugabe.

Rtd Col Dube also thanked President Mugabe for appointing him and said he would execute his duties with due diligence and without disappointing.

The minister was speaking at Highlanders Club House in Bulawayo on Sunday where he held his appointment party.

He said he was going to work hard to ensure that war veterans spoke with one voice.

“However, my greatest wish is to see my comrades come together as one. It is not easy to administer their welfare when they are in groups or divided. There is no difference in their ideology except in their leadership,” Rtd Col Dube said.

He said it was of no use for freedom fighters to continue squabbling on issues that can be resolved.

“Remember one Russian phrase says, ‘A thousand friends are too few, one enemy is one too many’, it is not fair to injure your comrade’s feeling,” Rtd Col Dube said.

The minister said war veterans who insulted the First Family should come to their senses and apologise as President Mugabe was a forgiving leader.

“I urge those that have some issues to start by making an apology to their patron, his Excellency R.G. Mugabe. I know that he is a Christian and he will accept their apologies. In our African culture we never challenge the authority or decisions of an elder, let alone demonise him,” said Rtd Col Dube.

“Even in England, I have been to Hyde Corner where people say anything they want, I have never heard them insult their Queen. The First Lady is also a motherly respectable woman not what we usually read about her on the social media and some sections of the media.”

He spoke about his liberation war credentials, stating that he trained veteran freedom fighters including the country’s Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko.

Rtd Col Dube said he also trained some of the country’s decorated army generals such as the late Solomon Mujuru.

Other people who served under his command include Matabeleland North Provincial Minister Cde Cain Mathema.

The minister said he commanded an alliance camp called Kalewa which housed Zipra officers and Umkhonto We Sizwe members.

Rtd Col Dube said he was later sent to Russia where he pursued engineering at master’s level.

He said he worked with the likes of Cdes Lookout Masuku, Jevan Maseko and Dumiso Dabengwa.

Rtd Col Dube also headed several departments in the Zimbabwe National Army and was the head of the Zimbabwe Defence Industries for 23 years.

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  • Butholezwe

    Temporary Minister Tshinga Dube has no need to worry, the majority of War Veterans are already united under their support for their ZNLWVA Chairman Cde Mutsvangwa, determined to remind everyone Zanu-PF is a creation of genuine war veteran elders and fully deserving of respect that all younger Zanu-PF members owe to them for giving birth to the Zimbabwe nation.

    • Cde Njelele

      Its not true that the majority of war vets are united under Mutsvangwa`s political trajectory.. The majority are concerned about their welfare not the succession issue Mutsvangwa is fighting. ZANU PF created ZIPRA and ZANLA , not the other way round, please Mr. Buthelezi! The war vets understand they are and were always under their Party political leadership, not this new Mutsvangwa attempt. The country was liberated through efforts of the war vets, ex political prisoners/detainees, war collaborators and masses who fed and supported the war vets. ZNLWVA is under ZANU PF, minus rebels or the expelled. Period!

  • Chims

    I guess its the patron who should be asking for forgiveness.

  • Sinyoro

    This Tshinga dude is singing for his supper. Who should apologise to who? Instead, ** must apologise unreservedly to the war vets including Kasukuwere and his G40 cabal.

  • Ijaha le Maguswini Amnyama

    Dube should explain why he never got arrested in the 1980s when other senior ZIPRA men where locked up.Yes he remained at the helm of the Signals Corps why?

    • Cde Mgagao

      Because he was not a dissident! Full stop!

  • Gudo Guru

    Living evidence that evolution did take place. Vakomana.

  • Ray Mbada


  • manyanya

    Minister, thank you for your colourful resume which i assume is to dispel any notions that you are not ‘genuine’ war veteran, a woe that has befallen some in recent days. Sir, these are just the symptoms of deeper issues within the Party. First, what is this reverence to the first family rather the Party? They are a product of the Party’s organisational set-up so why them over the Party? The Party was built and supported by the people for the last 50+ years for the ideas and methods it espoused for the total liberation of Zimbabweans. It now seems that Party membership is determined by loyalty to and respect for a personality rather than the ideals of the Party. Is it not time to introspect and determine why, how and WHEN all this started and put a stop to it. The party is greater than any single individual whether respected or revered. If this ideal is respected i cannot see why the war veterans should not return back to the ethos of the Party where politics directed the gun – not as currently wished that the gun be directed by political egos, delusions of infallibility and shouting contests. What ideals do you want the war vets to unite around? Which category of war veterans are you talk about since of late there are categories being defined at rallies. Secondly, our corrupted leadership is now corrupting the Party constitution by concentrating power at the top. All this nonsense about respect and loyalty is for the powers’, held and assumed, that should be allowed to act with impunity. Can you define the parameters used to determine respect/disrespect for the first family and who determines these parameters? We are not a monarchy, we are not servants but citizens of a Republic and our respect and loyalty is to the flag and country.

    • Tichatonga

      Excellent contribution!

    • Ngomalungundu

      But you miss the point here. The government leader was elected into government with support from his party in 2013 . His party gave him support in 2014 to lead up to 2019. Why is the war vet leadership(not the majority of war vets) wanting the party to ditch the ZANU PF leader prematurely? Budai pachena sa drivers ye tractors. Musaderere! Musaderere! Period!

  • Ray Mbada

    For those who are genuinely looking for sanity, Dube is in the right track. But, for those who have some differences then it’s be something else.


    Cde Shef what happened to Lookout MaSUKU. OFA IMI NDIMI MOSARA MUCHIDYA

  • Team Amai President (Not G40)

    The booting out of a certain VP’s ‘allies’ even from his home province should be a timely lesson to all war veterans & cadres that there is no future if you align yourself to a ‘godfather’.

    A ‘godfather’ can never protect you, only the mother can.

    Munhu Wese Kuna Amai!!!

  • Wilbert Zvakanyorwa Sadomba

    This Minister should learn to shut his mouth up because the division he is seen a self created scenario. War veterans know and understand pretty well how they have been handled by nationalists and they are not divided on this irregardless of their political affiliation and victimisation periods. How can they fail to unite when they see, even under their own noses, the war that they fought being erased from the map of Zimbabwe. Those who have been coopted by nationalists and present a contrary view and an alternative leadership to the one duly elected, those who have been planted to carry on the agenda of nationalists against their fellow comrades like Chinga Dube himself, those bent on blindly supporting the bandwagon and try to reverse the imminent handover of power to the rightful heirs (the war vets) should not be considered as a different voice but as echoing their master’s voice. If war vets have to unite and he means genuinely so, he should resign from his post which he took away from Mutsvangwa for representing the true feeling of war veterans. If his was not the case then why has this meeting been called for with rebellious nonentities? Why has the president accepted to engage people whom the police have recently teargassed? Why such a high-powered meeting to prepare for this engagement between war veterans and the President? This is no time to reverse the gains of what war vets have achieved so far and I pray war vets see through this.