MH370 debris found in SA?

729359847KUALA LUMPUR. – Debris that might be part of a plane engine has been found on the southern coast of South Africa and will be checked to see if it belongs to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which vanished two years ago, Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said yesterday.

Liow said the debris was discovered yesterday near Mosselbay town.

“Based on early reports, there is a possibility of the piece originating from an inlet cowling of an aircraft engine,” but a further examination and analysis are needed to verify whether it belongs to Flight 370, he said in a statement.

Liow said a team will be dispatched to retrieve the debris. The Malaysia Airlines jet disappeared on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The plane remains one of the biggest mysteries in modern aviation.

An Australian-led underwater search in the southern Indian Ocean, where the plane is believed to have crashed, has found no trace of it so far. A piece from one of the plane’s wings was found washed ashore on France’s Reunion Island last July. – Agencies





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  • MUdiaspora

    A floating pierce of engine….I thot it would sink down….Vanoziva tibetserei

    • gerald

      the entire engine isnt made of metal. probably bits of the cowls

  • muzimbo


  • De Afrique

    O please someone spare us the lies. How does a massive piece of equipment the size of a building go missing with all the current technology. There is something they are not telling us. They are able to locate a human being such as Jihadi John from a pool of seven billion people using a unique voice code using their recognition technology. What more a plane which is linked to a computer and satellite technological system with too its own unique codes. We have heard of the cream of scientists who were due to receive patents in America for unique top secret technological inventions worth billions who were in that plane whose death would have been reason to disappear the plane. How on earth we keep falling for these false flag events boggles the mind. No we hear of little snippets of news about pieces of debris being found here and there to deepen the mystery and throw us off. Rid us of lies please.