MDC-T youths beat High Court Sheriff

Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter
MDC-T thugs yesterday attacked an Additional Sheriff of the High Court in a bid to block him from serving their party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai with summons in which he is being sued for failing to pay facilitators of his failed “grand coalition” in the run-up to the 2013 harmonised elections.

The thugs forcibly took away the court official’s file containing court processes that he intended to serve on other parties.

The opposition leader’s home-boy, Mr Moreprecision Muzadzi last week filed summons at the High Court, claiming $80 000.

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According to the papers, $50 000 was for violence he alleges was perpetrated on him by MDC-T security officials after he demanded his dues from Mr Tsvangirai at his Highlands residence.

Mr Muzadzi, in the summons, accused Mr Tsvangirai of reneging on his promise to pay him with a Nissan NP200 and $7 800 after he played the emissary role.

He cited Mr Tsvangirai, his brother Manatsa and MDC-T deputy national chairman Mr Morgan Komichi as respondents.

The Additional Sheriff Mr Respect Chimombe yesterday swung himself in harm’s way he visited Harvest House in Harare to serve Mr Tsvangirai and two others with the summons.

Mr Chimombe also sought to serve MDC-T with a notice of set down in a Labour Court case involving the opposition party, Toendepi Shonhe and others.

He was kicked all over the body and pushed away by the violent youths.

Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident, saying investigations were underway.

“We can confirm that the Zimbabwe Republic Police have received a report in which an Additional Sheriff of the High Court was allegedly assaulted by MDC-T youths at Harvest House.

“Police attended the scene and investigations are still in progress,” said Chief Supt Nyathi.

Mr Chimombe lost a file containing writs of execution, summons and other processes for other parties.

Meanwhile, Mr Muzadzi, in his suit against the MDC-T leadership, said Tsvangirai, his brother and Mr Komichi agreed to engage him to negotiate with opposition party leaders not to contest the 2013 general polls and instead throw their weight behind Mr Tsvangirai.

“Plaintiff and partner successfully negotiated with the following party leaders to support the first defendant’s presidential candidate; Dr Simba Makoni (MKD), Dumiso Dabengwa (ZAPU), M. Dongo (ZUD), and 15 others.”

Mr Muzadzi said they held a series of meetings with several Western embassies towards the attainment of the goal of one presidential candidate.

“Plaintiff and his partner, Mr Mukwazhe, succeeded in this project they code-named One Zimbabwe, working hand in hand with Mr Manasa and Mr Komichi,” read the papers by Mr Muzadzi.

After a Memorandum of Agreement was signed between Mr Tsvangirai and fellow opposition parties, Mr Muzadzi said he was then asked to submit a bill which he duly did.

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  • Tari

    When you begin to see court cases against MT then surely the elections are at hand. The cycle goes back to 2000 and includes Tsvangirai’s scandal, ZCTU abuse of power, woman suing MT, treason and of course the list goes on. Disturbingly nothing leads to conviction

  • mpengo

    Iwo ma “youths” ema political party(MDC AND ZANU) madofo ekugumira.


    Assault a court sheriff?

    Who will suffer jail between you or your leader. Even by way sacrifice for your cause, there’s zero reasoning. What fight is one fighting when they assault a court sheriff? If anything you put your leader at the peril of the law….opening more opportunities of attack!

    Chamagona hapana zi dull idiot.

    Court sheriff vakomana?!

    Zvimwe itai kufunga kwete behaving like blunt instruments with no brains.

  • Tiriparwendo

    Idiot. I think vaifanira kunyatsoshanda munhu

  • Chokwadi

    Ngaarohwe akatumwa neZANU. It’s the norm when we are towards elections. Tsvangson this that nxaaaaa.