MDC-T up in arms over Tsvangirai’s ‘dirty linen’

Mr Tsvangirai

Mr Tsvangirai

Hebert Zharare Political Editor
MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai has come under fire from his subordinates who accuse him of bringing the name of the opposition party into disrepute by “washing dirty linen” about his marital problems in the public  media.Speaking on condition of anonymity yesterday, a member of MDC-T’s National Executive Council and National Council said many officials were livid that Mr Tsvangirai and his wife, Ms Elziabeth Macheka, were giving interviews to The Herald.

Mr Tsvangirai gave an interview to The Herald on December 31, and Ms Macheka did the same on the January 4.
Said the official: “We have cases of Thabitha Khumalo and Ian Kay who were disciplined for discussing party issues in the media. Kay (former Marondera Central legislator) was suspended and efforts were also being made to take action against (treasurer-general Roy) Bennett.

“Kay is accused of saying Tsvangirai is a ‘rusty bolt’ and must go, while Bennett also said Tsvangirai should leave others to lead the party because he had failed,” said the official.

Another official who has said Mr Tsvangirai must go is Bulawayo Central legislator Mr Eddie Cross, a call repeated by white former farmer Mr Ben Freeth.

“The general feeling in the party is that there is selective application of the law. If action was taken against others, why is it the same is not happening to Mr Tsvangirai and his wife (Elizabeth), that is if she is still with us, considering the harm they have caused to the party?” said the official.

MDC-T spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora insisted no one was questioning Mr Tsvangirai.
“MDC-T is not in disarray at all and it is very focused on its historic mission, which is to fight dictatorship in Zimbabwe and bring an end to poverty and misery affecting the hapless people. This is what I can tell you, my president has already spoken on this matter and others,” he said.

On December 31 the Herald carried a story quoting Mr Tsvangirai admitting that his marriage to Ms Macheka had essentially collapsed and the two had been living separately for close to a month.

The former Prime Minister lost his first wife, Susan, in a road accident in 2009, briefly married Lorcadia Karimatsenga in 2012, but the marriage ended in a costly manner as he had to pay upwards of US$200 000 to leave her so that he could wed Ms Macheka.

Ms Macheka now lives in the Philadelphia section of Borrowdale while Mr Tsvangirai remains in Highlands. On January 4, Ms Macheka told The Herald their separation had nothing to do with the MDC-T leader’s loss to Zanu-PF in last year’s harmonised elections, or his material well-being.

Ms Macheka said their problems were sparked by “sensitive personal issues” that only the two of them could resolve without interference from relatives, friends or party officials.

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  • Mai 2

    Tsvangirai is selfish and isn’t leadership material. Since when kushandisa bepa nhau revavengi kufukura hapwa inonhuhwa kudai? Vese naElizabeth vanozvifunga chete. Ko isu vana veZimbabwe hatichina basa ka. Ibvai Mudzuri ane mukadzi kwaye atitonge hedu isu!

    • Mbanda


    • Mxhosa Maphalala

      Saka MDC T Party ndiyo yakanyengera Tsvangson iye Eliza ndosaka muchiti PARTY ISSUES? Ini pandakaona kuti Tsvangirai idofo, akadanana na Locardia we ZANU PF omuramba. Odzokera zve kuna Elizabeth mwana wa Macheka we ZANU PF. Party yacho yonyarara. Saka musamushore nekuti even if Tsvangson asina kutipa nyaya, Elizabeth aitipira coz is not bound by MDC T laws. Mwana we ZANU PF ka uyu.

      • Jotham

        Being Zanu(PF) is not the issue here. Tsvangirai was looking for a nice time only and is back to his old ways. The wife now realises that the so called is now making trips right round the country to seek more women, to abuse. whether one is Anglican , it does not mean that a man can not marry a Catholic woman.

        • Kavhura

          Seeking more women to abuse , Handisi kuona abuse apa

          • Jotham

            Kubva zvakafirwa naamai Tsvangirai, vakadzi vangani vakarambwa navamwe vakaitiswa mimba. You assume kuti zvaakazoroora akasiya tsika yake. You Should think outside the box. usaita sewaka bikwa pfungwa.

  • Jotham

    The MDC-T Leader has this sickening lust for women. His extra marital affairs are damaging his image so much that he can not think properly when he sees a lady passing by , his colleagues in the party are feeling the heat. They are trying to give a picture of stability, where it is non-existent. Kuchinjanisa vakadzi sama socks gore rino muchapfidza bambo.

  • YOBO

    kana achitadza kuita order mubedroom ndipo paachawinza order munyika here.l think Kay akanga audzwa na mai kuti mudhara vava rusty

    • Chivadye

      Siyai Tsvangirai nehupenyu hwake .Asi chii chaizvo chinoita kuti mumutevere mumashure kudaro? Hazvina zvazvinobatsira nekuti acharamba ariiye the people’s choice.Viva Save.We love u.

      • Jotham

        Ndiye akadana the private and public press

      • Sekuru Khumalo

        Asi kunzwa kuti Rihana this, Ronaldo that, Thats the news if you need to leave this Thingirai dude alone dont read the story. Why do you comment after you read the story. it shows you are interested with it.People’s choice are people by yourself

  • Mimi

    @Mai 2, absolutely Tsvangirai has never been Presidential material but a chancer. Even Elizabeth herself “married” Tsvangi in the hope that she would become the 1st Lady of Zimbabwe and once she realized that this was not going to be she started backtracking. Which normal woman can wash her dirty linen in public the way Elizabeth has done? Everyone knows that Elizabeth Machena is “one of those women” seeking firm, chihure hobho but like most men Tsvangirai was hoodwinked into believing that he had found true love. Tsvangirai’s children from late wife Susan should be having the last laugh and Zimbabweans are enjoying themselves. Even Karimatsenga was mature when she got a raw deal.

  • Micheal

    Yaze yahlupheka indoda, sizani bo!. Isintu sthi ” Ayithungelwa ebandla”. Kanti kwenzenjani? Okwehlula amadoda kuyabikwa. Okekho loyedwa nje lapho eZimbabwe ongeza lesisombululo senkinga yale indoda. I hope that one day he will be rewarded for all the troubles that he is going through in his claim of bringing democracy to Zimbabwe.

    • Jotham

      This a funny comment from an associate womaniser. Sleeping with all women that he comes across makes Tsvangirai a democrat and he can bring democracy through his bed wetting activities. Ubaba lo u Micheal kahanjiswe esibhedlela.

  • Mai vevana

    getting fade up with the Tsvangison issues, please tell us developmental issues. Reckitt has closed and many other companies too, what;s going to happen to the former employees. No reliable electricity running water, those are the issues we want to read in a national paper. It’s like we are back to campaigning days,
    let’s move on. We do not want our attention diverted to these issues. Ndezve MDC-T, natsvangison nemudzimai wake. What do we stand to gain when we know that Tsvangirai’ shouse is on fire? Personally nothing….

    • Jotham

      Reckitt has its on column. Comments on that company are covered else where in the paper. Dummy

      • Mai vevana

        Dummy, reckitt is not the only company that has closed shop.

  • Abel

    Ngatiitei zvinoita kuti tiwane mari mumabhanga , zvipatara zvichishanda zvakanaka. Idzi nyaya dzechiperrenial bed hopper hadzina zvadzinotipa. Haafe akatonga nyika saka why worry, baba vake vakamuudza , ndivo vakamusiira curse iyoyo.


    I am not a member of Tsvangirai’s MDC but I strongly feel that Tsvangirai’s private life at home has got nothing to do with MDC issues. Elizabeth is not married to MDC, neither is Tsvangirai. IF Zimbabwe is a democracy, then leave the MDC-T party to sought out their woes as a party. Its foolish to visualise political turmoil in the party just because the leader is not getting on well with his wife. Claims that a nameless and faceless member of MDC-T National Executive Council said many MDC-T officials are not happy with Tsvangirai are just ludicrous. According to me, the political turbulence in MDC-T is just some disorientated wishful imaginations of the editor. Being a political leader comes with political responsibility but you cant persecute a man for the infidelities of his wife. Tsvangirai can divorce today and marry another brunette tomorrow. But I think Mr Tsvangirai is trying to hold his family together by maintaining a family stance and giving negotiations a chance. Otherwise nothing really stops him from getting divorced given that so many beautiful women are actually waiting and willing to get married to Mr Tsvangirai. And for his medical condition, if its erectile dysfunction, then let me ascertain that 90% of all men of 60 years and above have this condition, and to the younger ones, you better stay chilling now but take it easy b’coz the condition will soon catch up with you guys..ooh! yeah!, you better be advised and there is no running away from it. Lets keep family issues away from politics. Ngatiite POTIKS dzine DHIVHO-OPMENT mu maVIDCO ne ma DIDCO edu.

    • Onslo Mukundi

      You’re right. The wife just said “a medical condition”

      Maybe his “baby arm” is too big…. may its too small for Ms Macheka,

      Maybe it is erectile dysfunction…. Maybe its to do with ”addiction to politics”

      Lets just leave him to decide and talk Development.

      Like one forumite pointed more companies are closing… What happens to those employees? No water and reliable electricity… No money..

  • sinyoro

    Aaaah mashaya nyaya siyanayi naye Tsvangirai ,ko ndiye atanga here kuva ne mudzimai ari “too lusty” ,mai ava chakavabvisa pekutanga chii ?Tsvangirai haana mhosva ,makaona kupi mudzimai anopopotera bonde pavanhu ,SHAME ,she is a part of a project of destroying Tsvangirai.

    • Kavhura

      In agreement and the project is really bearing fruits, Poor Tsvangson’s bad luck began when he lost his wife.

      • Jotham

        Anga agara achizviita. Mhombwe yomunhu Tsvangison

  • Africvillemagaz

    That is what happens when one looses respect and sleep with peoples wives. Nerimwe gore if one looses ubuntu, he will find himself trying to sneak into a garden barricaded nemupangare. Hezvo engine yatonhora baba nhiya.

  • Zviroto Zviroto.

    Ko ndiko kuchinja maitiro kwacho nhai..

  • Wheels

    Sorry hako Morgan. Kutaura chokwadi ndisingakuvanziri, hauchina chanzi. Wakatopera shamwari. Vakatopedza Newe kare. Hauchina kwauchaenda. Zita rako raane tsvina yawanda, shamwari dzako dzinokuchera nerweseri, mukadzi haachakudi, musangano wako hauna gwara rakajeka, Biti avakuZanu, ZBC haikudi, Chero neni ndaimbokufarira but handingarambi ndichisunda dhongi rakafa. Saka hameno kuti unofungeyi. Wapera mwana waMai. Inonzi ZANU.

  • truzimbo

    Stupid! Tipeyiwo dzimwe nyaya kudii? Ndiyo nyaya one yawaona newspaper rese here? Nxaaaaaaaa!