MDC-T senior officials fight over Tsvangirai health status

Eddie Cross

Eddie Cross

Takunda Maodza News Editor
MDC-T is in turmoil after one of its senior officials Mr Eddie Cross alleged early this week that Mr Morgan Tsvangirai was seriously ill and “might not handle the election” claims which angered other opposition party politicians who feel he has crossed the red line. Mr Tsvangirai was flown to South Africa last month after he fell ill at a workshop in Kadoma. He has not returned home ever since despite claims by his spokesperson Mr Luke Tamborinyoka a fortnight ago that he had fully recovered.

Mr Tsvangirai has since taken an indefinite leave and given the mandate to run the party to his three deputies Mr Nelson Chamisa, Engineer Elias Mudzuri and Dr Thokozani Khupe.

But while the party has kept Mr Tsvangirai’s condition a top secret, Mr Cross let the cat out of its bag when he posted “. . . he is suffering from an aggressive form of colon cancer. He has been struggling with his treatment and the family is concerned that he might not handle the election and subsequently the responsibility of being president of a country in a deep crisis. After a lifetime of principled struggle, to have it all threatened by a disease in your body, is not fair . . . Life can be a bastard at times.”

Mr Cross went on to reveal that Mr Tsvangirai was in financial crisis. Without financial support he has often gone without and has been unable to pay his essential staff who have simply gone on working without pay.” This did not go down well with the party hierarchy which still maintains that Mr Tsvangirai has fully recovered and will soon return home to prepare for next year’s harmonised elections.

“President Tsvangirai has recovered and continues to recover well. We are expecting him in Zimbabwe in the next three to four days,” said MDC-T secretary general Mr Douglas Mwonzora. Mr Mwonzora took a dig at Mr Cross.

“I do know that honourable Eddie Cross has not personally seen the president for a long time and there is absolutely no basis for his conclusions after all he is not a Dr Cross,” he said. Mr Mwonzora also slammed Mr Cross for insinuating that Mr Tsvangirai might be incapacitated to carry on the battle with Zanu-PF.

“We have heard in history presidents and heads of government, who were afflicted by one illness, or the other, but discharged their mandate with exemplary alacrity. The late President Nelson Mandela was one such leader. We are confident that president Tsvangirai will be able to discharge his duties well,” he said.

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  • Masaisai

    Let’s pray more for his recovery instead of indulging in cheap politics around his health status. Is there no one competent enough to take over running the circus if he dies?

  • Dr H.I.V + Cancer

    Luke says Eddie Cross is not Dr Cross as if he is now Dr Tamborinyika.

  • D Ead

    They always say Mugabe can not rig nature.
    Well, look who is desperately trying to do exactly that.

    • mothusi diteko

      Yes, they even make fun of Mugabe’s age-a sign of hatred to elderly people.They put a statute of limitations on Mugabe but they do not put a limit on Tsvangirai because of health.It serves him right to suffer from cancer,as he used to make fun of Mugabe’s illness.

  • Back To Sender

    From what I have personally been hearing, reading & seeing, non of his party’s supporters actually believe anything both Tamborinyika & Gutu says.
    The two have become complete liars, very bad liars futi.
    Unfortunately for them, no matter how hard they try, Tsvangirai’s illness is clear for all to see.

  • COLONial

    Does Luke still insist his boss went on a “Routine Medical Procedure”?

  • Pamire

    Ideally Tsvangirai should be resigning because it’s clear all is not well and focus on getting better . This is the wrong time to have a full plate

  • Cde Muziriwegazi(Mzilikazi)

    When Dr Tsvangirai was involved in an accident that took his wife, it was this Eddie Cross who knew about the accident ahead of others . He filed a report to the BBC that night. What is it about this Cross, who is custodian of MDC economic policy, as Chief Economic Adviser.

  • Marshall Mutambudzi


  • Chamunorwa

    Cross is right. Being a politician is a gruelling job especially in an election season. Mr Tsvangirai is seriously ill. He has cancer. He is visibly quite ill. It is therefore prudent for him to direct his energy to making a full recovery. We do not need Zanu PF and MDC politicians who cling on and on…