MDC-T rallies flop

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

Tichaona Zindoga Political Editor
OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s tour of Mashonaland East over the weekend turned to be miserable affair as he attracted paltry crowds at rallies he addressed.

Mr Tsvangirai addressed rallies in Marondera, Mudzi and Mutoko on Saturday before a scheduled rally in Chikomba on Sunday, but had to be content with a handful of supporters some of whom he had bussed from Harare.

In Marondera, the opposition leader addressed about 200 people and faced an estimated 100 people at Kotwa Growth point in Mudzi, which was snubbed even by his own party structures as only nine out of 18 wards in the district attended.

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It was the same story in Mutoko where less than 100 people turned up.

The opposition leader cancelled a scheduled visit to the Dzamara homestead in Nyamakosi Village where he was expected to address the family of journalist-cum-political-activist Itai Dzamara who was last seen in public last year.

The opposition, its civic society allies and Western embassies have rallied to blame Government for the alleged disappearance of Dzamara without substantiating their claims.

Mr Tsvangirai told his supporters that he was assessing the state of the party ahead of elections in 2018 and urged structures to recruit more people and said he was going to engage the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to have his supporters registered.

He promised his followers that he had the keys to unlock the economy.

Mr Tsvangirai said MDC-T should take advantage of what he described as infighting in the ruling party and challenged Zanu-PF to name President Mugabe’s successor so that he would know his opponent in 2018.

Commenting on the party’s tour, MDC-T spokesman Mr Obert Gutu, said his boss was connecting with the people and hearing their grievances.

“President Morgan Tsvangirai is a natural grassroots mobiliser who is a very firm believer in the retail brand of politics. He believes in meeting with people and supporters at grassroots, one-on-one level, talking to them and discussing pertinent socio-economic and political issues with them.

“His countrywide tours afford him an opportunity to hear from the horse’s mouth, so to speak,’’ said Mr Gutu.

“He’s connecting with the toiling masses of Zimbabwe and listening to their daily trials and tribulations. These tours also give him an opportunity to fully explain the MDC policies on pertinent national issues such as job creation, food production and food provision, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, etc.

“President Tsvangirai is giving the people of Zimbabwe a message of hope,” he said.

But Zanu-PF Mashonaland East provincial secretary for administration and Marondera East MP Cde Lawrence Katsiru, scoffed at the opposition and said the low turnout at MDC-T rallies showed that the party was finished.

Speaking to The Herald before an inter-district meeting at Murehwa Centre on Sunday, Cde Katsiru said: “The fact that they could not gather more than 100 people in Mudzi and Mutoko and only had a sizeable crowd in an urban centre shows that the party is finished.

“It means that all their support cannot even constitute one of our wards.”

He said the ruling party remained strong for the opposition in the province.

Meanwhile, the ruling party in the province lifted its recommendations for the expulsion of three members, who are also legislators, namely Cdes Tendai Makunde (Murehwa North), Felix Mhona (Chikomba Central), Washington Masvaire (Maramba-Pfungwe).

The trio were recently reprimanded at national level and Cde Katsiru said yesterday’s meeting was to tell the district leadership to work with the trio again as the province had also reprimanded and forgiven them.

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  • Mart

    Coming from the Herald! What do you expect? Show rally pictures not Tsvangirai.

    • mpengo

      Perhaps it isn’t what you want to hear.

      I admire the loyalty of political supporters.


  • Judas Iscariot

    If Tsvangirai had promised food handouts, farming imputs,and tractors for the starving people of Mashonaland East,attendance would have been great. This is what’s bringing starving multitudes to amai’s rallies. It’s all about trying to survive.

    • Accumulator

      You are right with all the monies that he got from England before they discovered that he had no supporters and on went further to plot the killing of this poor old man Mugabe. He could have done what you have just said, now he’s expecting people to gather and help him fulfilling his dreams for nothing.

      • Tsano MuJoni

        Plot to kill who? I guess you live in a different planet. Is it Ari Ben Menashe comedy you are bringing in? You are empty I guess or were too young to follow the news. Please add value to these comment Accumulator of change your name to Emptyhead.

        • Accumulator

          There is a video of that when Tsvangirai was filmed in London, he didn’t know that these guys in England put CCTV in most places. Could please type Tsvangirai want to assassinate Mugabe on you tube it will pop up. I tried to post it but this paper does not allow it.

          • Tsano MuJoni

            And with our police and courts do you think if that was true Tsvangson would still be roaming the streets. I doubt you were old enuf to remember Ari Ben Menashe. . . . or you are just choosing to ignore facts.

    • Thandie Gwatidzo

      Whatever..they show up thats all that matters

  • Albert Mtasa

    Vakaenda ku People First not kut Zanu pf is still strong

    • Thandie Gwatidzo


  • mukwerekwere

    It doesn’t change the fact that our people are suffering and miserable because of the failure of the ZANU PF government.

  • Accumulator

    Floppy indeed you can say that, and will remain that way until he quit.

  • Sengamo

    How about talking of crowds from other opposition parties? Last Saturday’s Zimbabwe People First Rally in Warren Park attracted more people that the President’s celebration at Zaogo ZEGU university. There’s plenty of Zim-PF rally photos available on the Web for those interested in confirmation, perhaps the Herald could publish a few?

    • Jonathan

      Zim people will be fools to vote for the party that has reduced Zimbabwe to be a country of beggars

  • Musorowegomo

    Ironically even if it was successful, biased and propaganda Herald, we’re you going to report it. Always subjectI’ve, singing for your super not futures

  • Fresh


  • josefa chinotimba

    So you continue removing my comments,shame on you.

  • chaporonga

    Saka chaunofarira pakuti rally dzakaflopper chii? Vana Katsiru.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Tsvangiruza is indirecting confessing to have what he calls the key to unlock the economy from sanctions. He hopes to persuade his handlers to lift sanctions if elected to govern. Even our fallen heroes would spring out of their graves to nullify such an unacceptable electoral results. But he forgets that the Zim electorate is not given such sellout conditionality. Its anathema to appease the West by installing the stooge government that well seek to return our land to boers. Nehanda forbid!

    • DarkChild

      Ah, good to see you have put it on record that these heroes you put as your heroes did not fight for one man one vote or the liberty of the masses to choose a government of their own liking! To me the biggest sellout is the one who goes into mining JVs with the Chinese for more than a decade and come out claiming we lost $15 Billion! There is no bigger sellout than that! That one sold out $15 Billion worth of the country’s resources all for what exactly???

      • Glorry to God

        Prof Mzvinavanhu will never comment on the missing or stolen US$15billion. He lives in denial. He even does not know who came out with the figure of US$15 billion and was asking if this was in Zim$ or US$. Obviously this really and truly embarrasees him a lot. He has no words and I think he blames the sanctions for such theft. You cannot spin this one can you learned Prof?

  • Thandie Gwatidzo

    Lol Thats right!

  • SimonPetere

    West Africa here

    • Japana Hapana


  • mukwerekwere

    There is poverty in the West but not 90%, gross exaggeration. Who lets the West in our resources? The same fools wailing about Western sanctions and actions…lol.

    • Chrisblackusa

      The only thing holding Greece,Spain,Italy,France and Belgium from total chaos is the eu welfare program and thievery from Blackman resources….the African union has only the military mandate in effect…except for it letting France openly change with invasion the ivory coast…France has a tax system in the ivory coast….after 50yrs of sanctions and embargoes Cuba has held up and survived….Zimbabwe is how many yrs under this attack….Zimbabwe must survive until the west realizes you will not die in fighting for its agenda….Zimbabwe politics should be nationalistic 1st order…You must define democracy by your definition not the west….You can be of different tribes and that is fine locally…but in the eyes of the world you and me are brothers and they look at us as 1people…my great great grandfather lynched from a tree here….his son,my great grandfather grew up… hung from a tree here….

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    90% of the West is suffering? This is a new level of propaganda!

  • James Wekwa Bhora

    Kindergartens are usually trapped and captured with food parcels ,This turnout is reasonable given that its in the rural areas where most vulnerable people live, Large crowds would have come if the rallies where in towns where people don’t necessarily vote with their mouths.

  • Chigodora

    Vanhu vese vaa ku People First. Join the winning team Save otherwise mapera pendi.

  • Chrisblackusa

    Not in over 200 to 400 years…but I’m sure it’s resources are worth more now then my people sold by there cousins to the whites…those countries I mentioned have nothing of value to elevate its value to the world…what they do have that you and me and blacks don’t have is a universal mgmt system on economics …

    • mukwerekwere

      I encourage you to visit the continent, it will broaden your knowledge.

      • Chrisblackusa

        Broaden my knowledge of what..economics?

        • mukwerekwere

          That too amongst a few other things. Don’t rely on the net, tv and books to form your opinion on these matters. You will be better for it.