MDC-T official among TB Joshua dead



Fidelis Munyoro Senior Writer
MDC-T Mashonaland West provincial chairman Greenwich Ndanga is among more than 80 people who died when a hostel of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria collapsed last Friday.
Party spokesman Mr Douglas Mwonzora last night confirmed the death of Ndanga.

He said Ndanga, who was a pastor, had gone to Nigeria on church business.

“Greenwich Ndanga died at TB Joshua hostel in Nigeria. It is with sadness that we learnt of the death of Greenwich Ndanga who was our shadow MP in Mashonaland West Province as well as our top official in that region,” said Mr Mwonzora.

“We have not yet been advised as to the funeral arrangements. Our president and senior leadership will be at the funeral.”

Secretary for Foreign Affairs Ambassador Joey Bimha last night said his office has not yet received any report from the country’s embassy in Nigeria.

“We are waiting to hear from our embassy in Nigeria,” said Ambassador Bimha. “We will call Abuja first thing in the morning.”

Ndanga’s family confirmed to foreign media that he died after the six-storey building crumbled to the ground.

More than 130 people were rescued from the rubble.

The MDC-T senior leadership has over the years been clandestinely visiting SCOAN for spiritual healing and answers.

Last year, MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai visited TB Joshua’s church seeking spiritual answers to his problems at home and in the party following his party’s thorough hiding in last year’s harmonised elections.

He rushed to Nigeria as pressure was increasingly mounting for him to resign from the leadership of MDC-T following the crushing defeat where he managed only 33,94 percent of the presidential vote against President Mugabe’s 61,09 percent.

South African president, Mr Jacob Zuma on Wednesday confirmed that 67 South Africans died in the accident and has since dispatched an emergency rescue team to Lagos.

According to reports SCOAN leader Mr TB Joshua told his congregation that a mysterious plane was seen hovering moments before the building collapsed.

But Nigerian officials said the building collapsed because of structural defects following the construction of an additional four storeys.

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  • gondo

    I dislike the words ‘MDC officials clandestinely visit SCOAN’. Why should people publicise their visits to SCOAN, I dont understand.

    • mike

      Why should they not. I dont understand

    • jojo

      Mr Zuma,President Sir,if your rescue team happen to comes across Zimbabweans,please give all the necessary help.we all know you already carry our massive burden ,but Sir please do understand that we have no one to turn to.just read this column from our ”National Newspaper”,you will get the picture Sir.

  • Fungai Nemadziva

    poor herald being an mechanism does not take way yo nationality. tht guy who died is a zimbbwean. south african didn’t report on partisan like u herald. oh shamevon yu

  • KING

    A number of Zanu pf officials have visited SCOAN before.

  • Manyika

    Some top Zanu PF officials such as Oppah and Mushowe have also been reported to have visted TB Joshua. This is surely a personal decision and it is mischievous to bring politics into it.

  • mapungubwe dundilabazwele

    Our loving, caring and healing God is also in Zimbabwe.He is easily accessible at no cost by all of us. God has never and will never be a prisioner of Nigerian conman. T. B.Joshua is a conman. His activities are not different from those involved in drug trafficking. His is some form of spiritual ‘drug trafficking’. People deserve protection from such men like T. B. Joshua. African Union must convene an emergency meeting to deal with these ‘religious/spiritual drug trafficking’. Remember what happened in Ghana last month, people dying in his church and T.B. Joshua was involved again!

    A simple prayer to God while you are in your home work etc is enough. May the soul of Nanga and others rest in peace.

  • CDE Gidi

    |Fidelis Munyoro you need to be surely seem to celebrate the death of “a MDCT official” , that man you are talking about was a father, a husband, a family man, a worker and above all a Zimbabwean HUMAN BEING…him being an official for MDC T doesnt make his death enjoyable. As God”s people we feel for each other irresespective of differences. There is no sympathy in your writing..anyway RIP Mr Ndanga.

  • magonde

    This is a great sadness for Zimbabwe and Africa. Our sympathy and prayers are with Mr Ndanga’s family and those close to him at this moment of loss. We pray that the Almighty God welcomes him and those who died into His everlasting kingdom. AMEN.

  • ginger brown


  • jojo


  • me

    HE a servant not God himself i think we should be of comfort because he has done so much for the world now its tym for the world to stand with him in times like these

  • jacktheswede

    Do we have senior officials in Zanu Pf announce their trips to foreign destinations for medical treatment, for example?

  • jojo

    spot on.thats why we are still in the evolution stage whilst others are now higher up there.we don’t understand what citizenship is all times of trouble ,ZIMBABWEANS MUST ALWAYS LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER,DESPITE OUR POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS DIFFERANCES.

  • mwanawamambo

    I dont know why people are complaining about this article. I see no malice in it. Is he related to the first Bishop Ndanga wokurohwa nemapostori? Nematambudziko

    • Zimbabwean

      The story is divisive, to say the least. Fidelis Munyoro does not portray any sympathy at all for the loss of this of this brother. Rather he delves into politics for no apparent reason at all. Does it matter at all that the late Pastor was a member of MDC-T or Zanu (PF)? What matters is that we have lost a brother, a Zimbabwean, and that is what he should have highlighed. To me this is very insentitive journalism. That is what is wrong with this story, in my humble opinion. The President (RG Mugabe) preaches Unity yet other people such as this journalist (Fidelis Munyoro), are preaching busy promoting divisioon among Zimbabwean. This is what makes us Zimbabeans appear so divided and polarised to the rest of the worlld yet we are such an educated and God-fearing country.

  • GuestPreacher

    Our prayers are with the Ndanga family in this difficult time of loss and to all those who lost their loved ones, May the good Lord strengthen and comfort you. To my Prophet TB Joshua, I pray that God will strengthen you. “Jesus is Lord, all the time. He is my Healer whether He heals me or not; He is my Deliverer whether He delivers me or not.” To all and sundry … TB Joshua is just a servant, a prophet and He is not God. Jesus our Lord, the Son of God, inasmuch as he had made the blind to see, the sick to be healed, the afflicted to be delivered, he was arrested, beaten, mocked, spat at, crucified and in due time … God raised him from the dead to His glory!

  • Taedza J

    I agree with you Jojo 110%…this is the bottom line in our country. We havnt found a leader who unites our country under 1 flag, especially in circumstances like these where one of us has died outside the country. Our Embassies/High Commissions begin to investigate whether he was MDC or ZanuPf instead of doing what is right. Infact if you are not ZanuPf you are not patriotic.. This mindset has to change in the New Zimbabwe.

  • Moore Clouds

    R.I.P .
    As for the so-called snr. Reporter may God h’ve mercy on you!

  • Simba Nhete

    iwe munyori kukwana kunodiwa…how many zanu pf leaders are going there vamusingataure, now that uyu we mdc azofa and now yu dont even call him zimbabwean… nditsvage ndinyatsokutuka

  • Truth seeker

    Then is a primitive problem that needs to be eliminated if people want to develop the country. Even so, Jehovah God , the Father of Jesus Christ, refuses his priests and prophets to be paid to serve him, which does not include fortune telling/lying, for these things are detestable to Jehovah the God of the Bible.

    Another self proclaim prophet said lies about an innocent Malawian villager who was a good fisher, and producer, that he was sent to spread evil to them. They bought it and he instructed the villagers to attack the innocent man who lived there and married there. After he fled, the villagers faced poverty, and food shortages since the educated fisher and farmer was the one producing for the villagers. Right now the village is deserted, and in ruins.

    Many other prophets, and church leaders rape women, spreading AIDS and other diseases, and they getting away with it too.

  • Truth seeker

    Chris Mushowe, and Cuthbert Dube……next

  • ik

    asi apa paita rufu tisadaro akomana

  • Chirimupoto

    Is Dzasukwa based at No.1 Chancellor Avenue 365?, ita mushe

  • Truth seeker

    This primitive problem (being naive, and unchanging) is why we are in poverty.

  • Laetitia Barkhuizen

    Tell me, I m in South Africa, are T.B. Joshua dead? Yes or No?

  • Laetitia Barkhuizen

    I really felt so sorry for people in this church. I loved TB Joshua because he was a loving kindness prophet and a doer of God’s Word… SA should help fundraising the new church… I am so sad… I felt sorry for this family members…

  • indirah

    Well at least this family and all other families that have lost a loved one should insist on having all their expenses paid for and also sue the man (T.B. Joshua) for offering accomodation in a totally worthless building……..Plus if he is so rich why does he not share his worth with the poor majority and so that they stop believing in his worthless prosperty gospel. …….. .A flood of pious church offerings have made Joshua Nigeria’s third-richest pastor, according to Forbes magazine, which in 2011 estimated his net worth at $10 million to $15 million (£6.1 million to £9.1 million)…wait a minute maybe i will be a pastor myself seeing it is the new career line…. anyone that can earn more than the German Chancellor must be doing good business.. let just join the band wagon..

  • indirah

    Looking for presidents and political leaders that will stand up and speak against this stupid man and all fake african pastors or are all the leaders all in on the deal. when are their shares going on the Wall Street or better Stock exchange???????

  • jaravazard

    Who is the fool

  • vee

    read the story of Job u get your answer there.He loses everything yet he was a blamelessman b4 God. why expect only goodthings from God