MDC-T MP arrested for rape

Costa Machingauta

Costa Machingauta

Herald Reporters
MDC-T National Assembly representative for Budiriro and the party’s deputy youth chairperson, Costa Machingauta, was on Friday arrested in Gweru for allegedly raping a Midlands State University student he had lured to his hotel room the previous night.
The legislator was not asked to plead when he appeared before Gweru magistrate Mr Tendai Madanhire on Saturday facing rape charges.
He was remanded in custody to June 20.

Mr Madanhire advised Machingauta to apply for bail at the High Court and the hearing is expected today.
According to the State, Machingauta is reading for a Local Governance degree at MSU and was in Gweru for his end of semester examinations.

It is alleged that on Thursday night, Machingauta invited the student to his hotel room where he allegedly demanded to have sex with her.
However, the court was told, the student turned him down and Machingauta then forced himself on the girl despite her attempts to ward him off.

The next morning the student reported the matter to the police in Gweru, leading to Machingauta’s arrest that same day.
Mr Calvin Guvheya appeared for the State, while Machingauta was represented by Machingauta and Tavenhave Legal Practitioners.

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  • Judas Iscariot

    I hate to sound harsh, but i only feel sorry for real rape vctims.,women who are dragged to secluded areas and then raped. Or those who are taken advantage of while drunk.Or if an intruder breaks into a house and rape the women.Or minors who can,t make good decisions.Here were are talking of a university student.Where did she think she was going when she went to this man,s hotel room?A Bible study? How come she didn,t invite a couple of her friends so they could share the good word? This lady knew exactly what she was getting herself into. She could have screamed kicked the walls and pple in neighboring rooms would have heard her.Women should learn to use common sense,this man might end up going to jail but her life will never be the same if what she is saying is true.

    • chitungwiza

      I do not agree with you, going to someone’s hotel room is not consenting to sex. When a woman says no please it’s a no and it ends there. You may even be in a relationship and you are in your bedroom if she says no understand that it’s a no.

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkk

      She knew where she was going but it does not mean she wanted sex,a NO is a NO.

    • majetsha

      rovai bhadhizo apa.

    • nyarai

      Men should learn to listen to the word NO, NO any sex which is not consented to is rape, plain and simple. Men should not force matters.

    • Dhunanga

      Munopera navo vakadzi ava mukaramba muchingoita tsika yekuvadamburira mabhurukwa avo.

      • Cde Nharo

        Vana Gumbura chaivo.

    • kaikokai

      uri Judas chaiye

    • mpengo

      What a shallow and ignorant comment with no grasp & empathy of what kind of a situation it would be that a woman would be faced with.

      It is clearly not a topic that you have depth of knowledge.

      Regardless of the naivity of a girl/woman to place themselves in such situations, the crime of rape remains unjustified. No matter where she is called.

      A NO is a NO. Even when you are both stripped to the skin.

      Get out of your cave, Neanderthals are long dead

    • Beastie!

      Every woman has a right to go about the business of their life without fear of being raped by covetous ugly men lacking in self-confidence and self-control. He invited the young woman to his room and I don’t think he made his intentions known to her about the rape otherwise she would have refused. This idea that women must be afraid to be in the ”exhorted” company of man whom they are not in love with lest they get raped and get blamed for it is archaic and synonymous with the backward thinking prevalent in Arabic countries where Sharia law is practised. Zimbabwe has a culture that respects women, whether you believe it or not, but every Zimbabwean man defers to their mother. That is how we are socialised. There are cultural beliefs steeped in our norms and values that suggest punishment to those who abuse or disregard their mothers! Our mothers are the womenfolk that we are saying don’t abuse. So stop being stupid and silly on a public forum like this. A No! is a No!!! He was at a hotel, he could easily have walked to Chitukuko Hotel owned by a fellow MDC activist and got a woman from there for a few bucks. They are always there at Chitukuko so why rape and destroy the life of someone who has no feeling for you?

  • swa

    mface haana kubhadhara, ndonyaya yacho. Why did she wait till the next morning. If you fail to pay a whore chances are she will report you for rape.

    • chimodo

      true that

    • Bornfree

      True muface haana kubudisa dhora raidiwa chete nebhebhi iri. Vakawirirana pakutanga muface akazoomera apedza zvaaida, bhebhi rikati ndichakugadzira. Shuwa muface akagadzirwa saka tichiverenga nezvake nhasi.

  • Kufandichireva Mazvikokota

    Why would ladies sink this low? Is this rape? Does this mean women are now the law unto themselves? Oooh, so they can choose how to report cases, be it they want it to be rape or abuse? Did this lady sceam? Where did she think she was going with someone she does not know? Nxxaa, our law is pathetic

  • Pastor

    ” The next morning the student reported the matter to the police in Gweru, leading to Machingauta’s arrest that same day.” Something fishy for a raped person…

  • Fireman

    This girl is a bloody liar

  • Garba Lawal

    kuzo reporter mangwana manje…saka husiku hwese ari zii,kumuka munhu ari mu shock would have told everyone she met on her way out,including hotel staff…….Akano reporter kuPolice camp ipi,,,it wont be a surprise to hear that she reported in Senga!!!!! varume tiri kungopinwa nepasingaite,these courts must weigh matter in a more reasonable manner than to be led by misguided emotions

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    If it is true that he raped her he is in big trouble,if it is false that she was raped she is in big trouble

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Whats wrong with these MPS from both MDC and ZANU?

  • chokwadi tochiziva

    trumped up charges,she decided to sleep in the hotel and report in the morning,as always MDC-T national youth chairman have always been arrested since time in memorial.ndiani asati asungwa mu MDC-t.solomon paakangoitwa youth president kujeri,now costa kujeri..Mugabe regime is just the same with apartheid ,just a different colour blurred lines.Let the real MDC-T pliz stand UP

  • kochoro

    Budiriro i strong hold ye MDC. nezuro anga ari Budiriro Councilor nhasi Budiriro MP people read between the lines

  • kennel

    how can this man commit rape when there are a lot of ladies out there who can serve you

  • Iyeni Zvangu

    I don’t believe this, the timing exam time, politics.

  • njuva njuva

    vamwe vanhu so they dont deserve to be called honourable shuwa unga raper pamsu chaipo nemadiro anoita hama hama dzedu zhinhu

  • katsure

    budiriro manyanya,….

  • Musimwa81

    There is never justification for rape. NEVER. Having said that it is important that we teach our girls the things they should avoid at all costs. This is one of them. Don’t ever put yourself in a situation wr you find yourself alone with a man in a hotel room or any other not so public space. It’s not her fault that she was raped, I NEED TO EMPHASISE THAT, but young kids need to watch this. I lived in Gweru for 7 years. A good chunk of those years l was a student at MSU, i saw it all. You will be amazed how kids throw caution and common sense to the wind just to have fun or have company. I hope this guy goes to jail….for a long time. (If the courts find him guilty)

  • Mhofu Chaiyo

    There are three issues here: 1. MDC-T officials are so dumb that they don’t understand their political environment. They always put themselves in trouble over very silly things. 2. It is common sense that Zimbabwe has a special law for MDC-T – they are judged before trial! Compare this case with Sekuru Muzenda’s case! 3. Herald reporting generally leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Stanford

    Let the truth be told in court. We will know where the two met and what their agreement was and why it turned out to be sour.
    The problem with rape is that only the “affected” woman decides to report or it. Most of it is not reported becasue woman have never openly discussed with men and voluntarily taken off their pants. Most of our women do not that. So mucha perera kuma jere. Here where I am women undress and ……..Its good. its time for a consent form that you give to your woman to sign before you touch her take her to a hotel room.
    Why didnt you get to the hotel bar and restaurant rather than the room; with a pesron uknown tou you? Why????

  • Amir

    The MDC T thug was expecting the young lady to expand on NO. Which part of NO did he not understand? Some suggest the victim should have invited friends.Who is that friend? Why should women be afraid to meet men in broad daylight? In a hotel?

  • Twimbo!

    Budiriro kwakaoma, from mapostori a madzibaba Ishumaeri bashing police to sexually deprived MPs, zvaatori ma1.

  • DAMN

    Sometimes NO means ON

  • DAMN

    Musikana uyu akarara kupi?

  • Jonathan Chando

    Rape is an abomination, but each case must be looked at accordingly. It is fair to say that she went into the hotel room to honestly see or chat with a friend and did not intend to engage in any sexual activity. However, she was raped against her will and that is absolutely criminal. She then spent all night in that room and made no attempt to leave, according to available information. On leaving in the morning she did not report to security at the hotel and had to go to the police station. Let’s give her the benefit of doubt and say she did not want many people involved. Without more revealing facts, I would put question marks into her testimony until she says why she had to spend the night in the company of the rapist without attempting to escape and or alert hotel security.
    Many men are wrongly being sent to prison for tape they have not committed because of unscrupulous women who abuse this system by falsely reporting rape. In my opinion, this woman’s testimony would need a thorough scrutiny.

  • Emru Kunanti

    You know what bhebhi since tomorrow we have an exam, you can come and we discuss in my hotel room. Yeah ah come around 9 pm, yeah sure I’m sure by 12 am we’ll be done. …….Really?????

  • chiendambuya

    I am shocked by the many comment thinking this guy actually raped this woman. First no test have been conducted. I agree with the police in arresting the MP after such an allegation. All we need is a speedy investigation. The problem with rape cases they always favour the woman and if this girl is a good liar ..she has won. The only thing that does not add up is ..1. When did she leave the hotel after the rape 2. why did she wait till morning to report 3. Was she held prisoner and under what circumstances did she manage to escape. 4. What is her relationship with the MP 5. What business did she have with the MP to go to his hotel room ..

    As an MP surely he would have known any misbehaviour he would be in trouble. So the question is the MP that reckless to rape a fellow student in a hotel pakati petown ???????????????????