Matrons, nurses call off strike

Dr Obadiah Moyo

Dr Obadiah Moyo

Lovemore Meya Herald Correspondent
Chitungwiza Central Hospital’s striking matrons and nurses resumed work on Tuesday after meeting with management to resolve an impasse following a picket over the shortage of resources. Nursing staff downed tools last Friday. In an interview on Tuesday, the hospital’s chief executive officer Dr Obadiah Moyo said all was now well.

“We have had a situation at the hospital where our nursing staff went on strike over shortage of resources. The situation was resolved after we convened a meeting with them and this follows another emergency meeting last Thursday with the Ministry of Health and Child Care permanent secretary, Dr Gerald Gwinji, to request for more resources for the hospital. Dr Gwinji managed to rescue the institution by allocating funds ($60 000 as a rescue package). The funds will cater for pharmaceuticals, food and other provisions,” said Dr Moyo.

Dr Moyo said as a result, the nursing staff resumed their duties.

“The nursing staff’s requirements will be met at the latest this Friday,” he said.

The institution has put in place an emergency supplies committee, which will include nurses and doctors to strengthen the supply chain and is expected to react significantly and timely to the needs as and when they arise.

“It was noted in the meeting that sanctions had contributed tremendously to the shortage of resources and that the joint venture partnerships had kept the institution going. However, there would be a means to review the joint venture partnerships in order to go back to the status quo gradually as the sanctions are lifted,” said Dr Moyo.

Dr Moyo said the shortages at the hospital were also as a result of little funds they were receiving from Government.

“The institution submitted a bid for $18 million in the 2017 budget, but was only allocated $900 000 and of that, we received $500 000, which was inadequate for all our requirements. The Ministry has tasked the National Pharmaceutical Company of Zimbabwe (NatPham) to identify all the products required by the institution,” he said.

The hospital’s matron, Ms Dorcas Chairuka, who represented the nursing staff, confirmed that they had since resolved their differences.

“We had a situation where nurses were unhappy because of shortage of resources, but we convened a meeting with Dr Moyo yesterday (Monday) and he sourced some funds. The resources are now there and we are rendering quality nursing care while everything is now in order and all our nurses are back at work,” he said.

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  • Brian Mandihlare

    waiting for chaos to denigrate then boast of having solved the crisis

  • eliah

    i thought the strike had changed course and there wanted Moyo gone and now there now want to continue under his guidance, its very fun.

    • Stephen

      This article was sent by Moyo himself. it does not represent any truth in any way. What is wanted is not necessarily for Moyo to go but for improvement of the plight of patients then if he cannot maybe he goes himself!!

  • Stephen

    Dr Obadiah Moyo has lost touch with reality. He went into politics too soon and he ought to restructure the adminstration of the hospital – specifically he must hand over functions of each executive member back to its rightful position compared to the way he currently runs it like a tuckshop

  • Stephen

    I CHALLENGE the reporter to do the following tasks if they side with Dr O. Moyo adminstration
    1. Compare the prices of laboratory tests at Chitungwiza and those at Citimed Chitungwiza (as an example Full Blood Count costs $25 at Chitungwiza Central vs. $10 at Citimed Chitungwiza) – the difference is a kickback facility to a variety of hospital staff who channel tests to the Acumed Laboratory(aka Chitungwiza Central Hospital laboratory Private Public Partnership) and the results at the Central Hospital are unreliable
    2. Compare another Private Public Partnership at Pharmacy – Baloon Pharmacy – the siting is definitely wrong at a strategic place whereas the primary pharmacy is hidden. Costs here are also inflated.
    3. These PPPs are stop gaps but Obadiah Moyo`s administration has no end date in site – they are partaking in kickbacks. The gentleman has his boys who roam the hospital undertaking his orders – Gideon etc. He is the all powerful adminstration with all others suppressed – its a shame.
    4. He pays journalists well if you wish to partake in the corruption – hope he hasn’t sorted you already!!!!

  • shumbasamaita

    Most of our public institutions need renewal of leadership in equal measure to the one our country needed a change of leadership. We need a paradigm shift and a complete move away from the business as usual approach. Institutions such as hospitals involve life & death issues and this approach of waiting disasters to happen is uncalled for. Heads must roll. These guys like Dr Moyo have overstayed their welcome. Many such institutions need renewal like kwana Mudede, Mariyawanda Nzuwa, Lovemore Mumbengeranwa,Tafataona Mahoso, Justin Mupamhanga, Misheck Sibanda & many more. All these guys are way beyond retirement age. That culture yeHANDIENDE must end. Infact its illegal to continue in employment beyond retirement just for self-serving purposes. Ukuwo naRita Makarawu have more than one job when others do’t have one.