Matonga exonerates self

Cde Matonga

Cde Matonga

Herald Reporter
Former Deputy Minister of Information Cde Bright Matonga has dismissed reports linking him to the alleged adultery case involving Prophetic Healing and Deliverance leader Prophet Walter Magaya.
Cde Matonga, who is former Mhondoro-Ngezi legislator, also said he had no ambitions to become a spokesperson for Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church where he worships after his name was mentioned this week in the media indicating he was eyeing the post.

“I do not see where I come in, in all these things,” he said.
“It is important that Magaya solves his problems without trying to involve everyone else. It seems he has been attacking everyone else instead of answering to the charges laid against him. I have no reason whatsoever to fight any church.”

“Firstly, I am at UFIC as a believer not as a politician and I am just an ordinary congregant at the church and I do not hold any position at the church nor do I aspire to have one. I still need to focus on growing spiritually under the covering of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.”

Cde Matonga said he personally met Prophet Makandiwa twice since he joined the church and there was no way he could aspire to speak for the church.
“I have a testimony that the whole world knows that is true evidence of the spiritual benefits I am getting from the man of God,” he said.

Cde Matonga no longer wears spectacles after his eye sight was restored in one of the UFIC services.
“If I was after a position, I would go to other churches that have actually offered me positions in exchange for my membership.

“Ask any politician or influential member of society if they have obtained a position in UFI because of their secular influence.
“UFI is a church that is not looking for people to raise it up, but for people to raise.”

Cde Matonga said Prophet Magaya should learn lessons from Prophet Makandiwa who has been fought before but never blamed anyone.
Contacted for comment, UFIC spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufa said: “This blame game is not good for the body of Christ as I have always known God to defend His servants.’’

Prophet Magaya is embroiled in a messy adultery lawsuit and recently labelled newspapers which have been following the case as agents of the devil.

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  • Chegorerino

    Aikaka…am I losing it or what, cannot make head or tail of the story. Only thing I got is that he was delivered from his eyesight “demons”. Everyone wants to be in the press, even formers. Ndotouyawo ku Herald House karikiriki!!

  • walembe

    Matonga is only seeking attention nobody pointed fingers at him.

  • tadana

    tell them chidemo whats the use panicking when you know you not guilty relax

  • chido

    Matonga you are just defending your self from nowhere,

  • tadana

    No one pointed fingers at you Brighton Matonga. PHD never mentioned that it was you behind it so relax.

  • tsotso

    magaya vs makandiwa, sulumani vs macheso, lol herald

  • thokozani

    kikikikiki I like that

  • XC

    I thought he was receiving from God?

  • givemore murinye

    hounorable Matonga dont worry about what people say to you’ remain focused. thank you for developing my life through your wisdom advises. regards givemore murinye

  • Mercy

    Well said mr matonga, stick to Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and you will continue to rise, learn from pastor Kufa for he is your senior brother in faith and you will understand your Prophet more. Do not be bothered by being fingered in messy stuff.