Masvingo snubs Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

Masvingo Bureau
Some MDC-T members in Masvingo on Thursday snubbed a provincial executive council meeting addressed by their leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, at Mucheke Hall.
Mr Tsvangirai was in Masvingo to meet the party’s executive members that constitute the provincial council ahead of a provincial congress.This was Mr Tsvangirai’s first meeting with his party’s provincial council after the defection of the executive, led by Mr Wilstaf Sitemere, to join the MDC renewal team led by secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti.

Some insiders who attended the meeting, where media crews were barred, said the provincial council meeting was poorly attended.

They said some of the districts were either not represented or had only few representatives.

They claimed this was an indication that the party’s structures were in disarray or totally non-existent.

Among the districts that had few representatives were Mwenezi, Chiredzi and Zaka.

“The provincial council meeting was not well attended to an extent that even Mucheke Hall was not full, unlike during similar meetings in the past. Some districts had only a few representatives or none at all,” said a provincial executive member who attended the meeting.

MDC-T spokesman, Mr Douglas Mwonzora said; “This was not a meeting to vote, it was an information-giving one. However, according to us it was well-attended.

“I think the media is just angry that they were ejected out of the meeting and now want to create stories. The fact that some districts were under-represented does not matter because the meeting was an informative one.”

Mr Mwonzora said during the party’s provincial congress the MDC-T’s organising department would make sure that all those in party structures attended. In his address to the meeting Mr Tsvangirai is alleged to have claimed that provincial executive members who defected to the renewal team were “bought.”

Mr Tsvangirai is also said to have pleaded with party members to make financial contributions to beef up the party’s coffers that were dry.

Masvingo businessman, Mr Bernard Chiondegwa, is now the new provincial chairman after Mr Sitemere and his executive left.

The MDC-T leader was accompanied to Masvingo by acting secretary-general Mr Tapiwa Mashakada, acting treasurer Mrs Theresa Makone and organising secretary Mr Nelson Chamisa.


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  • Common Sense

    Why the focus on the MDC still Herald, got something to prove…? Or are you recognising that what happened in 2013 was not legitimate.

    And the point about requesting funds from members as if to portray that they have little following and therefore no funding…. take a quick look at what PF are doing, their coffers are dry and they FORCE members to pay, and pay more and more… if they were genuinely popular this would not have been necessary.

    Just pointing this out because you conveniently ignore it

    • Jotham

      The Herald has no agenda against MT . If he goes around being a rubble rouser truly the Herald must reporter. The Herald has the right to report anything regardless of the person’s personality. After failing to get money from the Brishity now Tsvangiurai is snatching cash from his impoverished supporters. There is no force but coercing his followers to pay so that he can marry more wives – KIKIKIKIKIKiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

      • Jonson

        Jotham haana nyaya

        • Jotham dofo

          Ko Jotham mamukanganwa here imi wekungopwipwinyika kunge nzenza uyu, haana hunhu ndokavaya vekuvhiyiswa mbudzi vamwe vachitonga nyaya

      • Observer #2

        Well didn’t you have an extra large bowl of maturity this morning

      • Common Sense

        The Herald has no Agenda against MT ?! The Herald’s agenda IS MT.

        But your responses are what we expect, so please proceed as you wish

    • EazyRyderPaper

      Lol at Tsvagirayi supporters angry kuti herald reports a poorly attended meeting…even people from Gutu and zimuto did not make it and considering the high powered delegation came from Harare the fact that the meeting lasted less than an hour it was not a productive meeting…also why was media ejected after newsday(not herald) reporter asked why some districts where not there??? Lol at MDC-T having no structures

  • Makay Mandizha

    Where is our bread? Where is our butter? ZIMASSET where are you? Children of Zimbabwe are suffering. They have no jobs, yet they are capable of work. They have no money. Money to buy food for their children. Money to send their children to good schools. Oh what schools!! Civil servants do not know when they will get paid, the mere peanuts they sweat for; A whole month of toil and sweat is rewarded by a mockery of wages. Yet still we focus on this man called Tsvangirai. Did he not lose the election? Did we not celebrate our victory anniversary; Yes we did, yes we still do. The drum beat goes on and on as we celebrate the ever enrichment of those in power. Cry oh cry my beloved Zimbabwe. Dance not to this drum beat, for it is music at your funeral.

  • Muchaneta

    Same old, same old. With zero positive results to report from Zim-Asset, or dealing with rampant Zanu-PF corruption and nepotism, empty Treasury, and nothing significant or concrete coming out of the SADC summit talk-shop, Zanu tries distracting the nation from all its unfulfilled election promises with irrelevent opposition party news.

  • Changamire Dombo

    …”an indication that the party’s structures were in disarray or totally non-existent.”
    That is a phrase you should use to describe the situation in Zanu-PF !!

  • chitova

    aah zvana George Maponga anobhadharwa nemazanu to write rubbish. anongofunga kuti pese paita president panofanira kuvhiringidzwa vanhu kuti vanoungana. taura zvestructures in disarray referring to tour rogue party zanu pf, ngazvibayane!

  • gulaz

    mimi hauna kana nyaya and you are so foolish.zanu haina kana one mari.youth and women`s conferences didnt have food and thank God for the private companies that came to the what`s unusual kana zvoitwa ne mdc?nonsense to you.