Marriages do not run on auto-pilot — Mzembi


Simba Chikore and relatives arrive at a Harare hotel for the bachelor’s party on Wednesday

Herald Reporter
Hundreds of people attended the bachelor’s party for Mr Simba Chikore, the First Family’s son-in-law, at a Harare hotel on Wednesday ahead of the grand wedding tomorrow.Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Engineer Walter Mzembi urged people to love one another as conventional marriages required faith.

“Marriage is one of the Lord’s finest inventions, that is why his presence has to be invited. Your marriage to Bona (Mugabe) provides a framework for the mutual love and self-giving of yourself to your partner.

“Being married to the First Family’s daughter means a great deal of trust. It is a fact that the President’s family trusted you in the first instance by their mere consent to your marriage to Bona,” he counselled.

He went on: “One of the quickest lessons I learnt was that marriages do not run on auto-pilot and there are no substitute husbands. It doesn’t matter what material goods and gifts you bring home, they will not substitute the quality time that matrimonial unions demand.”

He told Mr Chikore, a pilot, that marrying Miss Bona Mugabe was a huge responsibility given the “Mugabe brand”.
“You have by extension entered the realm of the Mugabe brand typified by servant leadership.  The royalty brand that the public sees with the naked eye embodies in itself simplicity, humility and empathy that is required in the execution of the First Office.

“It is a family brand committed to serving the nation with complex and unparalleled majoritarian focus, placing itself as paragon of incredible hope driving this nation forward,” he said.

“Your circumstances are no different from the behavioural adjustments that anyone marrying into our well publicised Caucasian royalties has to make. The reality is that you are not marrying an ordinary girl but Zimbabwean royalty which comes with responsibilities and expectations.”

He warned Mr Chikore to lead a dignified life because the media would be watching him.
“Welcome, Simba, to the world of scrutiny. You are no longer on your own, the Fourth Estate will be on your case as a symbol of the ideal son-in-law. Street lingo says ‘uchashandireyi iwe wakabata mhene’ — meaning to say why do you have to work yet you married a rich girl.

“You need to dissuade such street talk upfront by being your own man, working even harder for your new-found family,” he said.
Mr Chikore thanked everyone who contributed to the party.

“God is amazing, he has done amazing things in my life. I don’t say that I come from a family of pastors but all I can tell you is God is great. I thank you all for gracing the event,” he said.

Present were ministers Dr Ignatius Chombo (Local Government, Public Works and National Housing) and Webster Shamu (ICT, Postal and Courier Services), Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa, musicians Sulumani Chimbetu, Sebastian Magacha, Mudiwa Mtandwa, businessmen and church leaders.


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  • transparency

    I thought this was meant to be a bachelors party. Maybe Chombo qualified but the rest appear to have imposed themselves. This was a party yekuonekana nemagen’ga nedzimwe mhandara not to have these old guys speechfying. You denied the young man a good farewell to a life of complete freedom. Anyway enjoy your Sat Simba. Congrats!

    • Muto asina divi

      these old guys were there to give fruitful ideas /advices like what Walter Mzembi did

      • Mutakah

        That’s not the purpose of a bachelor’s party man. Why even call it is that?

    • Muto asina divi

      these guys were there to give some fruitful advices to Chikore like what Walter Mzembi did.

  • mukwerekwere

    No strippers or booze, what a sad send off for the young lad.

    • Mhondoro

      Was about to say the same, bachelors nanamudhara Shamu? Hopefully the young had party yeboys organised at another house in town or something…

    • tindo

      Its HIS Bachelor’s party. When are you going to have YOZ!

      • mukwerekwere

        I already had mine.

  • Mimi

    Who cares for strippers? Most noble men loose taste once they see those strippers. Chikore is now going to be viewed and scrutinized from the word go so the sooner he starts behaving now the better for his wife to be Bona and family. Infact Chikore should continue to ask for God’s guidance mumarriage make because marriage is not funny and he has not yet started.

  • anahshdhdgs

    marriage not on auto pilot but nyika yedu is on auto pilot

  • Persona Non Grata

    This was not an ideal barchelors party. I hope he had the opportunity to have the real one away from the public eye

  • simba

    “It is a fact that the President’s family trusted you in the first instance by their mere consent to your marriage to Bona,” Walter Mzembi, are you implying Bona needed approval from her parents of who to marry? And the implication of your counsel is that Simba is more privileged to marry this girl than she is to marry him. Careful not to set him up kuzotongwa ne mukadzi, petti coat govt.

  • Prisca

    Usatambe namwari waBaba Guti iwe, ndaita kunonzi kufara

  • Sarudzai

    So the young man didn’t have a bachelor party some of the Ministers are older than his Father.

  • kc

    This boy boy has a sharp eye and courage.He is not simple man.May God bless their marriage.

  • Wolves Witches and Giants

    “The reality is that you are not marrying an ordinary girl but Zimbabwean royalty which comes with responsibilities and expectations.”

    I beg to differ on Zimbabwean Royalty. We are not a Monarchy. Once Mr Mugabe is no longer President she will be an ordinary citizen who people won’t pay any attention to.

  • gregm

    How do these old geezers make it to a stag party? I even feel ashamed hear someone referring to Mugabe family as royalty. Really?

  • Mutakah

    Was this a bachelor party or a political rally? The old madhara should have stayed home, as their presence defeats the purpose and showed up to the wedding. Kusada kusaririra.
    Congratulations Mr Chikore. Waabig dhara.

    • CD

      So when you are a politician then you are not allowed to attend bachelors’ parties?

      • Mutakah

        No you’re not.

  • Berejena

    Une mariiko iwewe ingadyiwe nevanhu vanozvishandira ava. This guy is a pilot in Qatar, ane cash yake. Wagara usinawo zvako cash waakuda kutaurisa. Bata muromo ukorokotedze vaita zvakanaka. Kana usina zvekutaura nyarara.