Man accuses ex of tampering with son’s birth certificate

nyundoProsper Dembedza Court Reporter
A Harare man yesterday told the court that his ex-girlfriend forged her son’s birth certificate to claim maintenance from him.
Talent Zvinavashe made this claim at the Harare Civil Court where he was summoned by his ex-girlfriend, Evernice Chauruka, for not paying maintenance for the child they sired together.

Chauruka was claiming US$100 per month for the upkeep of the minor child.

She told Harare Civil Court magistrate Ms Gamuchirai Siwardi that Zvinavashe was neglecting his own child.

“He is not paying anything towards the upkeep of his child and I am currently suffering alone,” she said.

Chauruka pleaded with the court to grant her the US$100 maintenance order arguing that it would be adequate for taking care of the child’s needs.

“I want him to give me US$100 per month for the upkeep of his child,” she said.

Zvinavashe disowned the child insisting he was fathered by another man and not him.

“How can I maintain another man’s child? When I first saw that child’s birth certificate it had another man’s surname but she decided to change it and put mine instead so that she could claim maintenance from me,” he  said.

He asked Ms Siwardi to give him time to go for paternity tests so that he could ascertain whether the child was his or not.

Ms Siwardi ordered Zvinavashe to pay US$70 per month for the upkeep of his child and to also pay for the paternity tests he had requested.

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  • ele

    Unfair judgement, becoz the magistrate did not verify the issue of birth certificate name changes. This might be a case of misrepresentation of facts through forged documents and sets a bad precedent

    • Mana ngitawele, Taura!

      The magistrate acceded to his request for a paternity test which will unequivocally determine whether the child is his or not. That was a sound judgement for me. Others may disagree.