Makandiwa hails President

Prophet Makandiwa

Prophet Makandiwa

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United Family International Church founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has commended President Mugabe for remaining principled in the face of illegal economic sanctions, emphasising yesterday that Zimbabwe’s economy would recover soon.

Addressing thousands of congregants in Chitungwiza yesterday, Prophet Makandiwa said the President’s stance, particularly his strong opposition to homosexuality was highly commendable and was one of the major reasons the country had remained on its feet.

“We are where we are now because our leaders have been able to safeguard our culture and values.

“A President who upholds the values of a nation is important. We cannot sacrifice our values because of a loan. Imi muchataura neni pave paya. Muchazondiudza kuti tavafunga VaMugabe vaye. So be very careful when you make decisions,” he said.

He said the human rights issues raised by the West when sanctions were imposed on this country were largely to do with the rights of homosexuals.

“To those countries homosexuality is a right that they have claimed our President is abusing. But is it really about rights because an innocent person out there is being made to suffer (because of sanctions).”

If its about violating human rights who is not violating them . . . don’t you (the West) have torture camps out there where you are torturing people and people are disappearing?”

The tables would soon turn, he said.

“So the question is if that is the cause of our hunger then what shall we do. They refuse to buy our minerals because of that. God will bring them to a place where they will realise they can’t do without what we have.

“Zimbabwe don’t give up, the hand of God that is upon you is mighty.”

Zimbabwe’s future was bright and massive transformation would be experienced soon.

“Zimbabwe shall be shining everywhere. We have a lot of our relatives that went abroad. They are coming back very soon.

“You might have lost roads, you might have lost industries but you have promoted the fear of God and when people fear God don’t take that one away,” he said to much applause from the congregants.

He said the President had done much in keeping Zimbabwe together in face of the illegal embargo adding that even if the country was to have another President he or she would not do much given the sanctions that have constricted progress.

Prophet Makandiwa said it was unfortunate that some newspapers had taken it upon themselves to denigrate President Mugabe, something that never used to happen.

“Its the spirit of the age that makes people undermine those in authority. People now want to even look at even the expenditure of the President.”

He said Zimbabwe’s current challenges were not political but spiritual and it was incumbent upon the church to deal with the spiritual issues. It was the spiritual that controlled the political.

“Politicians are not to be blamed much but we blame the church. Churches have become more confused than the politicians. To a certain extent if politicians were to listen to men of God they would be more confused than they are now.

“Men of God have now become unreliable. They say one thing behind the pulpit but their lives are different from what they preach. Most men of God when they get the opportunity to meet those in authority they begin to talk about the other man of God.

“Those that meet the President only ask for a farm . . . Why do you seek audience with politicians if you don’t have a word from God? We are in a time where something has to be corrected spiritually.”

He stressed that every nation had its problems which only manifested differently.

“For Zimbabwe, the problems have manifested in the economy and for America their problems are manifesting through loose values and a lost culture.”

Prophet Makandiwa stressed the need for Godliness and implementation of Godly principles in running the country and urged the politicians not to attack the church.

“For our economy to change we need to implement Godly principles. It is not about having a President who is born again but one who applies Godly principles and also appoints people like ourselves to pray for him,” he said.

Prophet Makandiwa said politicians should desist from attacking men of God as the church is the one that is playing a significant role in the state of the nation.

“The politicians should not interfere with the church because we are where we are right now because of the church, so let them do their politics and you leave the office of the men of God to the church.”

He also said the industry was going to change citing that there were more than four areas that have more minerals that need to be discovered.

“Politicians concentrate on policies that governs the trade relations and let there be order and transparency and the church will pray against sanctions.

“Diamonds are not only in one place, they can be found in four or five areas other areas where there are even more than those that have been found already. What is needed is to do more prospecting,” he said

He urged the Government to settle for deals that brought machinery into this country as opposed to money.

“We need more machinery not cash. If the Chinese are going to be helping let them bring their machinery here and let us not spoil our minerals . . .” he said.

He said Zimbabwe did not need external forces to assist it because God had already endowed the country and given power to locals to regenerate the economy.

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  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Ndakamirira kuchawira tswimbo nedohwe. Matsotsi anogerana gore rino, mbavha dzichavona matanda manyoro.

    • Wilson Pasipanodya

      Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa gave a prophecy in 2014 during the Judgement Night and if you analyse the way he said “…the future in a vision…”,that did not mean it had to happen in 2014 or even 2015 but its a prophecy that spoke of the future of our countries economy.The resent statement is actually complimenting the Judgment Night prophecy and many other positive prophesies because if the leadership do things that lead us to hunger,that also means we will not see the promises that we were given in 2014.

      To me the prophecy warning the leadership not to touch the church is actually a follow up by the Prophet and he wants to make sure that we are restored as a country and we are on the way to the fulfilment of the Judgment Night promise and many others,he is actually monitoring his prophecies and warning us of any obstacles created by the devil to derail the initial prophecy.

      Also note that there are many other prophecies that are good for this country that have come to pass and other have not yet come to pass,some were stopped by the very person who has prophesied after he had prayed and negotiated with GOD since they were not good for us.

      • azirum

        Iwe Pasipanodya…….who in his right mind does not know that our economy will get better sometime in future. We now the root causes of our ills, and we know that they are mortal!

  • Munyaradzi Ajento

    The president has showed the world that they is God in heaven. no to homosexuality practices. Away with their money. Ours will come from the above

  • Zimbabwean

    On an economic perspective, i think his proposed way of trade with the Chinese is wise. We need machinery for exchange with our minerals because money has done us no good.

  • Mimi

    Makandiwa is fast realizing that he has a challenge in Magaya. Magaya has proved mature to date. Our Zimbabwean prophets would do well to stick to the Word of God and leave politics to the politicians.

    • son

      Mimi mimi mimi maturity unoiziva here.

  • Derek

    Thank God Zimbabwe, we have The Prophet in Zimbabwe. We love you Prophet Makandiwa.

  • Kudakwashe Lionel Kupara

    Clearly Makandiwa is wrong. The countries that respect gay rights are the most prosperous; in fact some of the countries that were first to legalize same-sex marriages have the highest quality of life. Fambiranayi nenguva, Jesus was liberal. Christianity was a colonial tool and now it still imprisons minds of the oppressed. Whilst you are praying, the shrewd are planning.

    • chidembo

      I have the same views with you man

      • munhu

        Check my reply to kuda kwa she. ..but I tell you that you have never been to Canada and the USA that’s all I can say.TV is not telling you what’s on the ground

      • munhu

        Check my reply to kuda kwa she. ..but I tell you that you have never been to Canada and the USA that’s all I can say.TV is not telling you what’s on the ground

    • munhu

      I lived in canada and now I live in the USA and for you to say claim that the first countries to legalize same Sex marriages are the most prosperous is garbage. I don’t know how you define prosperous by the way. People here die left right and centre’s from cancer…found in GM foods. Shootings..malnutrition and yes I wrote that because my line of work involves working with the marginalized. There is poverty here my friend. No running water…and eh they call them out houses here but we call them Blair toilets….drugs kill people everyday here…everyday…what you see on TV and what they tell you is not real. I am a man on the ground here not in Hollywood only

      • tombi38

        I think the people who suffer in rich countries have to blame themselves as well because the oppotunities to education,the facilities ,world class professors,innovators,Silicon Valley and there is affirmative policy for blacks.when you compare that to a third world scenario where the oppotunities are non existent and the poor breeds generations of poverty

        • masvukupete

          True tombi. In those countries they have less than 10% unemployment. They have massive obese problems because of abundance of food. 90% of their population can access better health facilities than the 10% of our rich. Yes according to their OWN standards they do have poor people. But their poor can access more services than our rich can access services in our own country. Its called perspective. All the rich have to go to India, Singapore, China for medical attention. If you work with the marginalised, Munhu, and you do not know these simple facts then god help the people you are helping. The marginilsed you are helping do not realise the opportunities they have therefore they will remain marginalised. Worse if you the helper also do not see the opportunities they have then they will forever be marginalised.

      • hezvo

        so why Zimbabweans in Canada vasingade kudzoka ku Zimbabwe?
        Vanhu vangani vauri kutaura your statements Canada is far much worse than Zimbabwe and TV lies to us .Ndozvauri kutaura handiti?Should we believe you?

    • son

      You need deliverance

    • Zimbabwe United

      I hope you are not gay.

    • Zimbabwe United

      I hope you are not gay.

  • Derek

    The Prophet has spocken and its up to the Nation to listen to the voice of God. For surely there is not going to be another angel which shall come in fire and a mighty thunderous voice to tell you what the Prophet has spocken. God has already spocken through Prophet Makandiwa.

    • Sondela

      Shame !, that’s what you believe. Hood winked!

  • manyepo

    a man of the moment Prophet is heaven sent.Many man of God should copy from him.

  • Calvin T. Chiwa

    JEHOVAH warangarira Zimbabwe. but lets pay strict attention to the conditions. thank you my Father, the Prophet of our time.

  • dziva

    The only man to have lived on earth to be hailed is Christ who was risen from the dead and anything else is blasphemy and attention seekers like Makandiwa should as always ignored!

    • ana

      believe the prophets and believe God, the is nothing wrong to esteem highly the man of God, it is Biblical, so get used to it!

    • ana

      believe the prophets and believe God, the is nothing wrong to esteem highly the man of God, it is Biblical, so get used to it!

  • Divergence

    No to homosexuality, No to ungodly practices. No to brutal repression of those with opposing views. Yes to reconciliation, Yes to dialogue, Yes to rapprochement, Yes to tolerance of divergence.

  • Mwana

    Thats true pasi nehungochani our President respects God and mantains our Value. Prophet thank you with the the voice

  • Federal

    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is the voice over this nation. The government better listen and get advice from the spiritual man who has the ability to see into the feature. As the body of christ, just unite to fight in the spirit against sanctions for all these are curses in the spirit. Our economy has nothing to do with who is the president or not, it has much to do about seeking the Lord’s intervention. Our nation has been under attack from enemies, let us not attack again ourselves. Thank you Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa for praying for us!

  • kitsi

    I think its also good for you to rewind and reflect on the prophecies made by the same same prophet last year, the year before all those you yourselves published just like these ones and see if the latest ones are worth the paper.

  • Noble Mawungwa

    Tererai muranda waJehovha achitaura. Maita baba vangu

  • mpelekezela mboko

    VamuPorofita vechokwadi, tichipinda mu 2014 makaporofita kuti nzara yenyika ichapera mugore ra2014, mukati pachave ne ngoda ne gold dzichanaya kubva kudenga dzichongonhongwa nevanhu pese pese, and vanhu vachaita mari. zvirikupiko nhai munhu wamwari.

    • Federal

      Surely diamonds were picked from the surface, Gold nuggets and dust rained during church services at the city sports centre there. Request for evidence its even captured on camera. When a man of God gives out a prophecy in a certain year, it does not mean everything he says in that year is going to take place in that year. Some things might take place after years, some after months, some after weeks and days. Prophecy has got conditions and instructions that you also need to understand before waiting for its fulfilment. For example when a man of God says “this year i see hundred houses being eroded away by floods, but God is saying if we pray enough this event will not take place.” You will see people expecting to hear news of the drowning families even after prayer they did to cancel the trajedy, thats how simple peoples minds can be.

  • haiwawo

    Do you guys ever listen to yourselves- no to homosexuals and yet your leadership wanted money to go to the Hague to fight the so called sanctions from countries allowing homosexuality? Zvakafanana nekuti handidyi nyama yembwa asi muto wacho unchiuseva.

    The Makandiwas of this world go to these countries there all the time and probably park their money in these countries but at home they shout from the top of the monutain that no to homosexuals? Why is Makandiwa’s pal, Angel, in the UK being treated by health staff that will most likely number among them homosexuals when he should be at home being treated by the “pure”? I am so tired of the hypocrisy.

    • Federal

      When a country is rich, should we copy everything they do or we can just admire their economy? What is wrong with those countries is that they want you to be gay before they buy your diamonds. Zimbabwe is not taking the begging bowl to Europe but we are saying remove the sanctions and pay a fair price for our minerals without giving us conditions to throw away our godliness. Surely we cant worship the devil for a loan. If you have a son, try to think of it that some white moron needs to sodomise your son before giving them scholership

    • masterXen

      thats dope

    • masterXen

      thats true

    • masterXen

      thats true

  • wechiporofita!!!

    u need help iwe!!!

  • Believer

    That is why ,Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has managed successfully to connect with the Zimbabwe audience.Hope gives energy to live for tomorrow. Right now in Zimbabwe a message of hope its a need not a want. Many people are now losing hope for tomorrow.Hopelessness is becoming a national problem and it is a symptom of spiritual poverty however the Man of God has managed to present the right gospel for the Zim audience.A message of hope for tomorrow. Lets continue to pray for our country and those who are in authority. God has got no plans to harm Zimbabwe. Prosperity awaits us in Jesus name

  • Minezhi

    Prophet Zimbabwe has spoken and it will stand, that is my father

  • ana

    Wow! we need man of God like Makandiwa, the ambassadors of Christ, fearlessly representing the kingdom of god

  • ana

    Wow! we need man of God like Makandiwa, the ambassadors of Christ, fearlessly representing the kingdom of god

  • ana

    Go Proph! we need such leaders in the body of Christ who fearlessly represents Christ as the ambossadors of God, Zimbabwe is blessed

  • ana

    Go Proph! we need such leaders in the body of Christ who fearlessly represents Christ as the ambossadors of God, Zimbabwe is blessed

  • MfombiCrew

    Ngatisanyeperane pa forum, yes we don’t condone homosexuality in Africa but the bottom line is Zimbabwe/Africa as a whole need the western world to progress. We have the raw materials but the west has the expertise and money we need to develop.

    • fidza

      we shud start thinking more in terms of they need us more than we need them, if we continue to think like it is us who needs them we will always be milked and exploited like we have been for hundreds of years. Africa will prosper when it starts realising its value, the west needs us and we should be the ones dictating what we want or dont want. Its not progress when you sacrifice your own moral values…

  • idi amin

    So is it true that a team of homosexuals built your Mercedes-Benz? let me guess your response is, I dont care!? exactly! whatever individuals decide to do with their bodies is their business there is but one True Judge of all that is important and thats GOD he will judge our lifestyles and choices. Men who prefer other men or women who prefer their own kind are very similar to you who prefer wealth to the kingdom of GOD! What you want to discus the fallacy that is Prosperity Gospel? Please, read Matthew 19:24, Luke 18:25, Mark 10:25, 1 Timothy 6:10, Ecclesiastes 5:10-17

    Prosperity/Riches gospel are a subtle kind of occultism if you are in it you will defend it tooth and nail, sadly even believe that he who stands in front of you wearing a $10000 seville row suit has your keys to heaven. but alas the scripture tells us that John 14:6 its only Jesus! He is the way! or Matthew 11:27.

    Do not say i did not tell you!

    • prosperity

      God is not the devil. God is love. God is not poor. God is rich. He knows poverty is not good. Why would God enjoy your poverty when He himself could not enjoy it? God wants us to be like Him that is why He gave us His image, which means what is bad for him is also bad for me for i am created in His likeness. When poverty is bad for God, why should it be good for His children? Which God are you trying to preach all you who support poverty? Are you of the devil? Are you not living in houses? Are you not eating during lunch after typing your ruthless comment here? So who would you want to starve when you forbid the preaching of the blessing of God? Breed of vipers are you all you poverty preachers!

      • idi amin

        these are the teeth and nails i made reference to, dont be emotional support your feeling/thoughts/views with bible verses, dont just spew what papa said to you in exchange for applause. Read your bible!

  • chadzunda

    Why did he not tell us mai Mujuru will fall? These prophets of doom, masquerading as repositories of knowledge, yet what they really want is the money their gullible followers pour into their pockets.

  • Zimbabwe United

    The human rights they demanded from Zimbabwe was first and foremost that we allow the white commercial farmers, 4 000 of them, to continue to hold, use or dispose as they see fit, 80% of Zimbabwe’s prime agricultural land while 11 million blacks, owners of the country, remained largely landless in an independent Zimbabwe.

    Homosexual rights were secondary.

  • masvukupete

    ho nhai. The country is on its feet. Just how the “feet” are defined boggles my mind. the country is in tatters primarily because of poor management and kindergatten implementation of policies of Bob the ruler.

  • prosperity