Mahere ruffles opposition

Adv Mahere

Adv Mahere

Fidelis Munyoro Chief Court Reporter
The announcement last week by activist Advocate Fadzai Mahere that she will contest as an independent candidate in Mt Pleasant in harmonised elections next year has shaken the opposition, with some already branding her a Zanu-PF project.

Tajamuka/Sesijikile front man Promise Mkwananzi attacked Mahere last week for declaring her interest in the Mt Pleasant seat.

Speaking at a panel discussion in Harare on Friday during a high level conference to brainstorm on the country’s “reform and reconstruction” agenda, Mkwananzi criticised leaders of social movement groups.

He said their political ambitions could throw the entire emerging resistance front into a credibility crisis.

“Without undermining anybody’s political ambitions, I think that we are very proud and very supportive to young people that are ambitious and who are committed to be of service to their country,” said Mkwananzi.

“But I think as social movements, we must be careful about perceptions that we create about ourselves because that is important for our credibility as we move forward.

“One of the dangerous perceptions that we must guard against is to create the impression that we are creating these social movements to catapult ourselves to political offices.”

#ThisFlag founder, Pastor Evan Mawarire, activist Linda Masarira and lawyer-cum-social media activist Adv Mahere and former minister Dr Nkosana Moyo have all expressed interest in joining mainstream politics.

Dr Moyo and Mawarire have not made their presidential ambitions a secret.

MDC-T national executive member Mr Charlton Hwende accused Adv Mahere and Dr Moyo of being Zanu-PF pawns on a mission to split the vote to the advantage of the ruling party.

“These two will spoil the votes to the advantage of Mugabe, so let’s all go and register to vote to stop this Zanu-PF strategy of stealing the people’s victory in 2018,” he said in a Facebook post

“2018 Save Chete Chete and register to vote to stop this Zanu-PF strategy of stealing the people’s victory in 2018. 2018 Save Chete Chete.”

A recent report by Afrobarometer conducted in Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa showed that ruling parties command 46 percent electorate trust as opposed to 35 percent for the opposition parties.

The report has put a huge burden on the opposition camp that has been rocked with incessant squabbling over a coalition to dislodge President Mugabe and Zanu-PF from power.

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  • eliah

    I wonder which opposition was shaken by this ‘unknown quantity’ in any case there is only one credible opposition in this country and any other players are just attention seekers as people in this country vote for political party not individuals when it comes to general elections. Days of Ndabaninga Sithole and the solitary seat are just one in a million.

  • DisectorGeneral

    Never before has The Herald overtly or covertly campaigned for a non Zanu PF candidate!
    This is definitely a first ! As the saying goes “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”

    • Pfende pfende

      I totally agree.what has she done to get all the attention from Herald.Food for thought

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    We all know how ZANU-PF operates

  • Voter

    In an economy where professionals are struggling to put decent meals on the table its to be expected to see people trying anything that will increase their monthly earnings. The lady has just hit hard times and so with the generous monthly allowances our MPs are paid she is foreseeing her cashflows improving coz like most people in the cold right now she cant make ends meet, she is in debt distress.

  • Gudo Guru

    I do not see how her participation in an election as independent should worry those who claim to hold ‘democratic ideals’. Why would someone want to block her because she will split the opposition votes. If she splits the votes then, that means the opposition is not doing her job. They should actually be delighted that she will lose overwhelmingly if they are doing their job right. Too much politics of the belly.

  • Comrade Chipikiri

    Where is Langton Toungana if I may ask?

    And “Maya Shaky?”

  • Mdlwembe

    Nhaiwe Charlton Hwende which vote will be split by someone contesting a constituency seat?? Is Tsvangirai or Joice Mujuru feeling threatened by this young entrant into constituency politics? People who are contesting for space at national level ? Bwahahaha

  • Dr Phill

    Why does the opposition always think that independent candidates will split votes in Zanu PF’s favour and not the opposition’s favour?