Magaya wants me back: Bev



Sophia Chese Arts Correspondent
Adult dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda on Sunday intimated that Prophetic Healing and Deliverance founder Walter Magaya had begged her to return to his church.
Bev implied this in taunts directed at the preacher during her performance at Zindoga Shopping Centre where Magaya’s church service was in progress just across the road.Bev took the microphone and mocked her former spiritual father saying she would not return to his church, come what may.

She shouted: “Beverly . . . Magaya . . . dzoka kuchurch ndokutengera mota . . . Handidi . . . ”( Beverly come back to church I will buy you a car . . . I don’t want . . .).

She spent the better part of her performance mocking the man of cloth attracting some of the church members who were seen flocking from the church coming to where Bev was performing.

The attack came during a rendition of Soul Jah Love’s hit “Ndini Uya Uya” when she took the microphone and sang ‘‘Ndini uya uya aimbotamba sele kwaMagaya’’ to wild cheers from the crowd.

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As if that was not enough, Bev then invited former Alick Macheso’s dancer Peter Kagomera on stage and asked him to do as his “father” (Macheso) does on stage while she did what her “father” Magaya does.

Kagomera did not disappoint as he proved that he can fit in his former master’s shoes when he mimicked Macheso’s popular sayings while Bev took the microphone and started putting her hand on fans’ heads mimicking Magaya’s prayer sessions shouting “Out Out”.

Bev’s antics attracted a number of people including some of Magaya’s church members who could be identified by their wrist bands and some were even holding their bibles.
Bev took the mic again and begged those who were coming from church to go back.

“Hiiiiii I can see people with wrist bands here. What are you doing here? This is a bar not a church. Go back to your father. I did not come to your church, I am here where I belong, the bar,” she shouted.

In spite of that parody Bev’s manager Hapaguti Mapimhidze denied that Bev was mocking the man of cloth, insisting that she was just saying the truth.

“She is not mocking him, when she left Magaya’s church, Magaya called, begging her to go back and promising to buy her a car and she refused. This is what she is saying, she is not insulting him, it’s just plain truth,” he said.

Magaya through the church’s spokesperson, Oscar Pambuka dismissed the claims saying they are no longer concentrating on Bev.

“I am shocked. This is the first time I am hearing this, from you. If she wants to come back it will be because of her own consent and she is welcome. As far as I know we are not concentrating on such issues,” Pambuka said.

Bev made a spectacular return to her trade barely months after ditching the striptease show in an alleged salvation that turned sour when she turned on her saviour for failing to ensure that her spiritual redemption came with adequate financial compensation.

Prophet Magaya is currently embattled in an adulterous saga in which he stands accused of an affair with a married woman.

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  • chido

    Bev your name has gown to the ground and you want to rise it,you will not win, leave the man of God alone he has better things to listen to than this made up stories

  • noku

    Bev asi urihama yaMutashu,you are doing what Mutashu is doing,kana zvemunyika zvanetsa dzoka kuchrch uite mwana muparadzi,

  • T-gated

    Serving the Flesh or the Spirit? Its your choice. Galatians 5:19-26. Again, take your pick.

  • For All Love

    Beverly is a liar. What benefit is there to bring Beverly to
    the church? Who doesn’t know that Beverly has been going around the white
    garment churches, n’angas and a lot of places for spiritual healing? Remember deliverance is a choice. She had to
    make a genuine choice to have a genuine deliverance and maintain it. What is
    funny is she behaves as if her life is entirely tied to her manager. What was
    there a need to keep a manager who managed your stripping when you are going to
    church? One has to realise that if you worked in evil works and decide to turn
    to God, the people should employed before lose work. That manager tagged a long
    and was also a hindrance to Beverly’s complete deliverance. Or they were never
    serious in their deliverance in the first place.

  • Pray for Souls

    nxa rubbish. is your spirit his? ukafa unofa wega shamwari,but one day cross,the bragging will be reduced to begging. zvinopera zvekutamba makashama izvi! one day,tichida tisingade,tinofa!!

  • FF

    makutinyaudza manje

  • chomi

    Pane vanhu vane ma demon, anobuda, but i think Bev ritoti demon pachezvaro. She just one attention seeker. Magaya right or wrong chakakosha kuteerera shoko not to try and make him look bad to others.

  • God’s child

    Beverly, everyone is just not happy
    with your actions. It is however not your fault. You were not serious with your
    deliverance. So it is possible the spirits came back but this time in bigger
    numbers. You are manifesting Beverley. And all those spirits are using you to
    attack the man of God so that they make you never to ever go back again to seek
    deliverance. You are manifesting Berverly. Maybe you need some ushers at
    your stage to cover you up, from showing yourself exposed or naked as they help
    people manifesting in deliverance ministries.

  • Bie chots

    What value does bev have tht magaya wld beg her to come back

  • tadana

    Bev whats so special about you that prophet Magaya can beg you to come to church day dreaming chaiyo. We grateful that you left PHD coz you really an Agent of the devil.

    • Tinashe

      Bev did you see prophet magaya begging you to come back to PHD. I think you saw that in your dreams…..not in real life.

      • tadana

        taura hako she is dreaming

  • Hazvie

    Bev anotove dhimoni pachezvake, tichaona kwazvinosvika.

  • Tinashe

    Very good point there!! “How can anyone who performs in First Street claim that the people who passed through in First Street came to see that person?”

  • Christopher

    Bev you have a serious problem I used to follow your shows a lot, because of your attitude towards other people I have stopped. I would rather watch soccer at home than come to your shows. You need to rebrand yourself before you loose a lot of potential clients… concerned ex-fan.

  • slivia

    The problem with you Bev is that you think you are a little goddess. You have hatched a new plan now. kkkkk Lies are all written all over you, first you faked your death for you to get you have seen an opportunity and you jumping into it. Siyana navaMagaya wakakoshei iwewe. Ziva zvekutamba wakashama apa.

  • Mapingire Charles Garikayi

    Bev is enjoying her taste of life fine ..But to me this is just for a period of time .we used to have dancers who were popular in the 1980′s 90′s .Its your prime time remember uchapera .new dancers will emerge ..Its unnecessary to mock PHD Ministries .

  • Pretty

    Lord have mercy.