Magaya backs Makandiwa prophecy


Prophet Magaya

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya yesterday urged Zimbabweans to take heed of God’s Word delivered through Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa last week that they should be peaceful and shun mass protests.This followed a prophecy by the United Family International Church leader Prophet Makandiwa that mass protests would result in bloodshed.

The warning comes in the wake of calls by MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and his surrogates in the civic society that people should engage in mass action after his party’s congress to be held next month.

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Responding to a question asked by one of his followers, Dinay Chivero, during a question and answer session service in Harare yesterday, Prophet Magaya said when God speaks, the wise listen and it was up to Zimbabweans to keep their peace.

Chivero had sought clarity on Prophet Makandiwa’s prophecy and the possible consequences of street action.

“For you to be forewarned of what is coming zvoreva kuti (it means) it is up to you to stop the bloodshed or to support the bloodshed because when the Man of God is speaking ari kuisa tambo mumaoko enyu kuti (he is giving you an opportunity to) choose what you want,” he said.

“This is so because when God speaks, the wise listen. Pertaining to your question, it is up to us fellow Zimbabweans. The peace of this nation is in your hands. Do not be found in places which promote violence. It is not Christian.”

Prophet Magaya said all people made mistakes in life, but it was important to observe peace all the time.

“Pane mudzimai ainzi ange abatwa nemurume wemunhu muBhaibheri ndobva vanhu vatora matombo ekuti vamutake, ndobva Jesu aenda ipapo zvikanzi asina kumbotadza ngaatange kukanda dombo. Hanzi pakashaya akatanga. Ndoda kuedza kuburitsa point yekuti we can all make mistakes, but peace is in your hands. (In the Bible, Jesus spoke of the adulterous woman who was about to be stoned to death by people, but Jesus asked those who had not sinned to stone her. The point that I am making here is that everyone makes mistakes.)

Prophet Magaya urged people to pray for the nation and its leadership as espoused in the Bible.

“As a nation, we need to always pray for peace,” he said. “Zimbabwe is known for peace. We need to pray for our leadership all the time.
“That is why I say when you come here you should bring your flag. The flag resembles your country. There must be peace all the time wherever you are coming from . . .

“Pray for peace in Africa, there are always revolts, there are always fights coming from nowhere. Tinoda rugare in Africa (We want peace in Africa).”

As a Man of God, Prophet Magaya said, he had a mandate to pray for the country’s leaders.

He said he was surprised by some people who loathed Prophet Makandiwa’s prophecy and took his prophecy lightly.

Prophet Magaya said the fact that Prophet Makandiwa’s prophecy was said before or that it was known in some circles did not take away its authenticity.

“When I read that story I saw some funny comments with some saying to the Prophet ‘you are not a politician’ while some were saying his prophecy was not true,” he said.

“A prophecy remains a prophecy even if I say what you know. If one Man of God stands and says there is going to be bloodshed — that prophecy is being given to you to be forewarned.”

Last week Prophet Makandiwa said God revealed a prophecy to him on June 17 that demonstrations would trigger unrest and warned people against taking such action in the national interest.

He said Zimbabwe should not allow “a situation where we end up having peacekeepers here” and bloodshed on the streets.

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  • Syborg

    Liers..No prophecy denied mass protest but they said shun violence.
    Godly Prophecy is not there to deny citizens their constitutional rights otherwise we end up not paying taxes to Ceasar and promote lawlessness.
    Furthermore Magaya is not prophecying but encouraging peace like all pastors do.
    However we are still waiting for 2nd and 3rd prophetic confirmations as encouraged by the Bible otherwise Makandiwas statement is seen by many as a manipulated personal misplaced political utterance.

    • Hacha Ndizvo

      What exactly is the use of a prophet? My take is that Prophets operate at a high level – national level – and their primary responsibility is to guide rulers so that their rule leads to the economic and spiritual prosperity of their subjects. Prophets bring a key and consistent message from God – which message the prophets consistently propagate throughout the span of their ministry – the message is clear and unambiguous. More importantly – prophets DO NOT FORM CHURCHES – for very clear and obvious reasons. The most important reason is that once a so called prophets forms a church he/she automatically narrows God’s message to the congregants of that Church – they become sectorial prophets serving the particular needs of the people who belong to their church. The prophets of old preached to all and sundry – they belonged to everyone – they did not form churches or create religious sects or identities – and they gave the message to all in equal measure.
      In contrast our modern day prophets are nothing more that charismatic pastors. Instead of delivering a God given national/world message they concentrate on frivolous prophesies and cheap miracles which every average magician can conjure up. They do nothing to promote good leadership even as the nation is in dire need of it. Instead of operating at national level they curve out rich enclaves for themselves and concentrate of lavish lifestyles – accumulating personal wealth is their primary preoccupation leaving the generality of the people they purport to serve languishing in economic and spiritual poverty. Why should I become a member of UFIC or PHD for me to get salvation from a Prophet that God send on earth?
      Of particular disappointment is that there is no clear and apparent purpose why these prophets have been send to us. There are so many of then, each claiming to be a true man of God but they preach a multiplicity of messages with no clear indication of what God wants to communicate to us. The Prophets of old – in addition to the healing and other miracles – had one consistent message – that is – to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus Christ – in itself an event of National and World importance – an event that has had everlasting influence on the World – an influence that has endured for centuries. The current prophets do not bear a message of such import. Rather they prefer to tell us our phone numbers, addresses, soccer results, who is going to dies tomorrow, who will win elections in 2018 on top of dubious miracles that no investigative journalist has been able to trace. And while they are at it they accumulate wealth, rape, commit adultery and tell false prophesies which they later on disown by giving lots of excuses.
      To add salt to injury when we criticise them they seek to strike fear into our hearts (TB Joshua has just threatened to strike all his critics dead) and also use that favourite and abused phrase “strike not the anointed one”. They take us for fools and forget that a person who has been spiritually anointed by God can not commit any sin. Only those that are anointed but not spiritually are subject to sin – the likes of Kind David, Saul, Moses etc. The Spiritually anointed in the league of Jeremiah, Denial, Isaiah and Jesus never committed any sin and neither was it possible for the to do so.
      My conclusion is that these so called prophets do not have any message from God for the world. They are not even prophets – they are just ordinary preachers – some of them extraordinarily gifted while some are downright mediocre. They will never be prophets – no prophets can be such bad communicators AND SINNERS.

      • Observer

        A very clear cut analysis.

      • you are misguided. how could they have belonged to a church when the first church …Catholic … only surfaced a hundred years later.

    • moG

      Read “Parables & Oracles of Zimbabwe’s Legacy” of 2013. It gives a similar prophecy! Makandiwa’s prophecy is in fact confirmation!

  • kimberly hood

    it is a mere false allegation to say that he said what he knows maybe God told him something why dont we just adhere to what was said, praying for peace. Prophet Magaya always urge countries to pray for peace, as a man of God its his mandate to do so

  • Slivia

    It is a good and noble idea to promote peace. We need to always pray for our country as what Prophet Magaya has said. Without peace we are nothing in Zimbabwe, lets all unite and love one another for the betterment of our nation. Thank you.

    • Hacha Ndizvo

      You definition of peace is warped. You only think peace exists where people are not fighting. Is POVERTY peaceful – heh tell me? Can you really say you are at peace when wallowing in poverty?

      • wellie

        ….and you thing demonstrations will bring you riches ….shame…better to be poor in a peaceful environment than being poor in a war torn environment….

        • Hacha Ndizvo

          Demonstrations are not violent. The Constitution of Zimbabwe guarantees the right to peacefully demonstrate so why are you putting the word war torn to them. You believe every word that you hear from these prophets and the government without really applying your mind to issues at hand. People in ZANU PF demonstrate peacefully day in day out even in rural areas – Buhera and Chipinge are cases in point. Why is it that every peaceful demonstrations organised by other parties are VIOLENTLY broken up by the Police. The demonstrators are actually victims and perpetrators of violence.

          • ZVAZVIRI

            But there is NO logic at all to saying demos will somehow produce jobs coz:
            [1] MDC-T actually begged and grovelled for sanctions to be imposed on Zim so where do they think the jobs will come from??!! Remember Chematama bragging openly that he wished Zim could be totally deprived of electricity, fuel, food, etc??!!
            [2] the 2 million plus jobs that ZPF promised in its election manifesto can only be judged to have failed after 5 years; HUDOFO CHAIHWO KUTI MABASA ACHO NGAAVE AAPO WITHIN JUST 1 YEAR!!
            [3] yes, the constitution allows peaceful demos but the reason why there could be chaos & bloodshed is coz MDC-T is NOT sincere at all!! It’s just a cheap ploy yekuti Tsvangison, who was, once upon a time, PM adzoke back in the limelight!! There will be violence coz the MDC-T “rented crowd” will largely comprise youths who are high on zed, mbanje, bronco who will need no invitation to foment trouble.

  • Therezia

    When the prophet speaks the wise listens…..

    • Hacha Ndizvo

      Yah the wise listen and the foolish take his words for gospel truths.

  • Glory be to God

    The same Bible you qout also says Jesus Christ will come back and set up a New Jerusalem…Politics is an extension of the church. Christians should pray for Christian political leaders to be raised from among us.
    If politics is left for non-christians the result is what we now see in some countries having gay/lesbian leaders. The non-christians leaders can decree that we are going to have a national bira because nyika ndeyemudzimu.
    The two prophets serve God.
    The people of Israel wanted a king against God’s will and he gave them Saul…
    The people of Zimbabwe wants a mass action against God’s will and God knows what will come after…
    God bless!!!

  • the truth shall set u free

    Jeremiah 29:9 | Read whole chapter | See verse in contextFor they prophesy falsely unto you in my name: I have not sent them, saith the LORD.

  • mapungubwe dundilabazwele

    What Makandiwa said is just common sense. There was no new revelation on what Makandiwa said because all of us know that if people get into mass protest, the end result is bloodshed. It is common sense because similar mass protest caused the death of people in Cairo, Soweto, Malawi and etc. Next time, will you call it prophesy, if Makandiwa says, if Zimbabwean motorists over-speed while driving their cars they will cause accidents and cause death?.

  • keepitup

    Peace, peace in Zimbabwe

  • truth

    eeh look guys when Jesus saw wrong being done in the temple, what did he do..? He whipped them.. We have been forgiving for a long time the mistakes of others even losing our lives.. Its easy for Magaya & Makandiwa to say what he is saying he is not being affected by some the ridiculous decisions.. The bloodshed prophecy is not in line with scripture, remember that in the last days there is not going to be PEACE bible believing people.. Im not supporting the MDC-T plans.. Just correcting these pastors..

  • Prosper Chinamhora

    @Chimuti, bring it on, come into the streets baba, you will learn a good lesson. bring it on. Zim is not lesotho baba

  • Taso

    The spirit medium, Sekuru Kaguvi, was a more credible prophet than these businessmen.

    • Chihombori

      chihombori afarira comment yako..inoda kuiswa padenga chaipo

  • mega brain

    I have to say plainly that the man of God is right but how many times have we been robbed by these people and you have said nothing does God support these guys or you guys have been reduced to mere cowards there is no revolution without bloodshed and this regime is not going peacefully its now or never we need to stand for what is ours God fights for those who fight for themselves, we are not the chosen nation we are not Israel this is why they was the chimurenga,plus God is not our servant, we are his servants so all that we need is how to remove these guys fast can,
    you help us with that only?

  • Tendai

    Our biggest challenge in the country is poor journalism. It would be interesting to really hear what this prophet said. I wouldn’t be surprised that it could be a different version all together. Zimbabweans be careful and analyse what you read in these papers. OUr media in zimbabwe is very misleading.

  • Tendai

    Let God be the judge. Hatina kodzero to judge his prophets.

    • Chihombori

      iam also a prophet