Looters face jail, says President

President Mugabe being interviewed by Tarzan Mandizvidza on the eve of his 90th birthday in Harare

President Mugabe being interviewed by Tarzan Mandizvidza on the eve of his 90th birthday in Harare

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
President Mugabe has said anyone found involved in the running “salarygate” saga through criminal abuse of office and corruption will be jailed.
He said heads of Government departments and executives in State-linked enterprises should be people of high moral character henceforth.

The President also blamed some Government ministers of failing to properly supervise entities falling under their briefs, resulting in executives at State-linked firms earning mega-salaries.

The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces said this in an interview to mark his 90th birthday that was aired on ZBCTV last night.

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“What does VaCuthbert Dube tell us, (he says) ko chitadzo chandakaita ndechipi?” said President Mugabe. “Punishment of those who are proved to have been corrupt, to have been stealing — we lock them up. Vambononzwawo jeri kuti rinorwadza sei.”

Retired PSMAS chief executive officer Dr Dube was reportedly taking home nearly US$6 million a year in salaries and allowances, while the medical aid society was reeling under a huge debt.

President Mugabe said line ministers did little to help the situation because they were yes-men and out of touch with realities on the ground.

“Line ministry or the minister was a yes minister – standoffish,” he said. “Minister haiwa tinokuitirai basa, do not mind. The permanent secretary stands in between.

“The minister and the rest of the department yeGovernment, the minister and the boards you got to have the permanent secretary, then the chairman of the board who comes to report hee, yaa zvinhu zviri kufamba zvakanaka and so on and you rely on that.

“The board itself does not carry out examinations, inspection of what is being done by the parastatal if it is a parastatal and the minister is far removed when it comes to parastatals and that is where most of the corruption occurred. And you can see that these are institutions which were far removed from direct control by the Government – creations of the British we inherited.”

President Mugabe said parastatal bosses exploited poor supervision to loot.

“If there are losses they rely on Government to come with subventions and reports, yes, there will be reports from parastatals, the system we had inherited from Britain – annual reports, but loss after loss. Why? If there is profit – minimal.

“What is happening? Because there was no close supervision, morons took advantage of the system and wanted to benefit themselves and enrich themselves.”

Corruption, President Mugabe said, was rampant and had even permeated social institutions such as churches.

“So, there it is. It is corruption everywhere even kumachurch kwese,” he said. “Ndange ndichiverenga chimwe chipepa change chichiti kuUnited States, is it kuuniversity, kwanzi people can attend, is it the church, in nudity, being nude, naked?

“Just imagine what it means. Zvinorevei izvozvo? Hamuna mabhurukwa zvese. Munonamata Mwari upi, haiwaiwa? And if you just take pictures moenda nawo you are not hiding anything, you are showing everything.”

President Mugabe, however, expressed confidence in his new Cabinet.

He said he wanted the Zanu-PF Government to deliver and ensure that civil servants got decent salaries.

In this regard, the President said he told Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa to pull up his socks when he appeared to be dragging his feet on awarding civil servants salaries in line with the poverty datum line.

“I have said our Government must not repeat the ills of the Government of National Unity of yesterday, therefore, it must not even have the shadow of it,” he said.

“It must work as a Government that is in control of full resources – that takes into account the fact of the hardships the people have gone through all along, the loss they suffered through hyperinflation and the difficulties imposed not just by sanctions, but even by the traumatic conditions by the drought and so on and so we must have normal salaries.

“Yes, we cannot have them from day one, but we must have them on paper for a start and work towards their being fulfilled in practice and that is what Chinamasa is doing.

“First, he was saying we could not do it and I said well, if you cannot do it then tell me we can get someone who can do it. That is why I announced that salaries have got to be slightly above poverty datum line…

“You know, let us think about their situations also. A person gets US$200, US$250, USS$300 or so, taxes, a portion goes and ndiyo yokunge yaidyiwawo nanaCuthbert Dube ikokowo kuPSMAS and he has got marates and rents to pay, transport to pay even though maybe a little given by way of those charges and mafees kuchikoro, medical fees when people get sick, food.

“Ndaimbobvunza (Tendai) Biti kuti nhaiwe Biti do you think we can really make a living nemasalaries aya zvichinzi aah ndinomboenda kumasupermarkets neUS$100 ndinodzoka nechange? NdiBiti uyu. Hanzi ndinenge ndazadza kutenga zvemumba.

“Aenda neUS$100 and (Elton) Mangoma was there to say yes yes, but that is nonsensical. Even the President wants to be paid well now so let us pay our people the salaries they deserve.

“I am glad they have gone some three-quarters way in meeting the poverty datum line requirement and I hope by June they will have come there, but that is alright and our workers are understanding.”

Although he pointed out that it was not necessary to have demonstrations and strikes, President Mugabe said it would be illogical and irresponsible for Government to use the police to stop civil servants from going into the streets demanding salary increments.

“We do not also want unnecessary demonstrations and strikes,” he said. “When they are well based with grievances that genuine, well, do we have to say totuma mapurisa to quell them when they have genuine grievances? You cannot do that.

“Ya, this might affect adversely our capacity to undertake maobjectives eZim-Asset, but we will be trying to derive capacity from our mining sector and other areas which can yield some monetary capacity for us.”


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  • George

    Your Exellency, please take away the 20% Cuthbert looted from our company.

    • mina


  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Parastatal executives are alleged to have looted with the complicity of their boards and controlling ministries! Where do we draw the line of those who will be jailed for looting?
    Does culpability end on the doorsteps of the executives only? In my humble view, the stick should go beyond the doorsteps of executives!
    Given that our country espouses the rule of law, those being accused are presumed innnocent until legally convicted in our law courts! I think this was the message from our dear leader when he talked of proven cases for which the culprits will be jailed!

  • Chaitemura

    Haaziye Tarzan part of the ZBC salarygate here uyu.??

  • Tonderayi Chanakira

    “What does VaCuthbert Dube tell us, (he says) ko chitadzo chandakaita ndechipi?” said President Mugabe. “Punishment of those who are proved to have been corrupt, to have been stealing — we lock them up. Vambononzwawo jeri kuti rinorwadza sei.”
    We want ACTION taken against CORRUPT individuals such as Cuthbert Dube as you are telling us Mr President. You have a LEGACY to preserve for the good of our beloved country called Zimbabwe. Makorokoto @ 90 COMRADE President.

  • peter

    Makes sense. Pliz do not forget debunching.

  • J

    The irony of it…President being interviewed by one of the looters at ZBC. Shem stereki!

  • ivor payne

    1. I am sure the civil servants are very pleased to have a salary increase which is “on paper” only and regard this as a good start.
    2. Why was the Justice Smith report (1989) on salaries for parastatal bosses binned – like the clause in the draft constitution in this regard?.Was that also the fault of the British?
    3. The line ministers were useless yes men who did not do their jobs…but he is very pleased with his “new” cabinet which recycles most of the old cabinet?
    4. These involved in salarygate who have committed crimes will be arrested…but the police tell us that they have not committed any crime or none has been reported to them.

  • Tembo

    Happy birthday Gushungo! wish you many more, I have faith in your wise words

  • soko

    how could Tazzen interview the President when he was also fingered in the ZBC rot scandal? Is this not the same Tazzen who together with Muchechetere, and Allan Chiweshe were getting fat salaries when the rest of the ZBC workforce was wallowing in poverty? Is he not the same man who was also a recipient of a $200 000.00 housing loan when ZBC was facing serious liquidity challenges? To me it appears he is off the hook. Talk of a sacred cow.

    • Progressive Zimbabwean

      Every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a competent court of law. The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe is not a judge. Tazzen merely received a benefit which I am sure was enshrined in his employment contract. Was that a crime? If you are given a loan facility today at your work place of say USD100 000 to buy a house would you refuse and say the country or the company is not doing well? Let us not be emotional but let us be rational. I have reflected even at the so called SMM saga. I do not have fine details but the little I know is that Afaras Gwaradzimba’s AMG Global was tasked with ” reconstructing’ SMM and billed SMM and was paid. Is it a crime to receive payment after billing for a service rendered unless it can be proven that perhaps Afaras billed for a service that was not rendered or that there was some conflict of interest. Perhaps the question would be – Did he reconstruct SMM? Allegations of looting must be supported by evidence. Ma Cdes lets work to build our Zimbabwe and let us not be caught up in this euphoria at the expense of issues affecting us today. I rest my case.

  • rush

    Our President is a visionary man but the unfortunate party is he is surrounded by thugs and very corrupt ministers who lies to him day in day out

  • Observer

    Action, action & more action, mr. President. Your oratory skills are peerless but the implementation of your own strategies leave a lot to be desired & there’s always someone to blame for such shortcomings, I used to think the buck stops at the leader.

  • Siphathisiwe

    It would be agreeable to see someone finally walk the talk, leaving no sacred cows, including Ministers unpunished!
    Some admirable quotes from the President, “We do not also want unnecessary demonstrations and strikes”, “it would be illogical and irresponsible for Government to use the police to stop civil servants from going into the streets”.
    However, when WOZA activists were recently illegally beaten by despicable riot police after handing in their petition to Parliament on Valentines day outlining the situation of women and children in Zimbabwe, we heard no support from the President for his oppressed citizens.

    • ivor payne

      It is implicit in what Mugabe said that he believes that only demonstrations which the GOVERNMENT thinks are justified should not be stopped by the police. No idea as to the meaning of the democratic rights freedom of assembly and speech in the constitution?

  • Dehwa

    Cuthbert hokoyo ukanzwa mudhara aziva zita rako even the judge will have no mercy.Tiza kkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Jotham

      Please let us find reasonable grounds to laugh. Zvimwe hazvisetsi.

  • mhito

    kutaura munombotaura mukuru i hope the youngstars in your party undersatand this and put it intio action,we want stable zesa as well

  • Cde Nhora

    Makorokoto Gushungo nokusvitsa makore makumi mapfumbamwe. We wish you well and hope that God shall continue to pour showers of blessings upon you and your family. May God bless you, may God bless your entire family, above all, may God bless beautiful Zimbabwe….by Mukomuredhi weZANU-PF , diplomat of the struggle paWenella.


    The corporate governance in these parastatals is lacking business ethics because the ethical component requires one board member or chairman to ask himself or herself several questions of whether the remuneration he/she is awarding himself/herself is morally correct considering the general financial or economic landscape of the country. Greed is the main driver of such unbelievable salaries and I have always stressed on the need for one to be on a maximum of two boards so that we run our institutions effectively. How can one person be on more than ten boards and offer serious contributions. This is some way of just paying each other in a well organized virtual private network of a certain class. Zimbabwe is full of educated, experienced and intelligent people such that more people should be found in many boards and the salaries should be sober enough to reflect the overall financial or economic position of our country.

    • Terminator72

      I agree Mangwende the question is do these people hold the qualifications they claim to be holding , or they r they over the counter degrees.

  • Cde Nhora

    Please, Your Excellence, establish a special team that reports directly to your office whose function is to investigate corruption and take information from whistle blowers. Corruption has become so contagious in public offices that it will dent your excellent career if not tackled once and for all. Culprits should be brought to book….and once you do this, your people will continue to have hope and faith in you as a statesman. Corruption is retrogressive especially in view of the government’s ZIM-Asset blue print. “Corrupt elements” will soon find loopholes in the ZIM-Asset programmes and loot even more at the expense of the majority and national development. So let’s nip it in the bud now Gushungo, and the country will progress. Pasi nemadhisinyongoro, pasi nehuori…by Mukomuredhi weZANU …diplomat of the struggle paWenella.

  • Mfanekhaya

    “Because there was no close supervision, morons took advantage of the system…to benefit themselves and enrich themselves.”

  • Nyondo

    History tells us that whenever Mudhara expresses his discontent publically about something for if its a person then that person is in for it. CashBerts is in double trouble. Mirai muone. Very soon he will join Gumbura

  • Chinos

    British, British and more British to blame. I might as well blame them for the skin of my colour.


    Kujeri kuchaenda vaneropa rehuku samai veku air zim maybe Carthbert Dube but mombe dzemudzimu dzichisiwa dzkadaro mirai muwone.

  • mswati 3

    Tarzan haunyari here coz its already known kuti you are one of the looters

  • SG

    ACTION, Action, action. Please.
    The Chinese have a special way of dealing with corruption, whether in public or private service. I heard some saying they use a bullet. That may be too harsh, so may be we should try Sharia law. In any case, what we want is ACTION, not more, more, and more talk.

  • driven born free

    first of all, HAPPY EARTHSTRONG GRANDDAD, WISH YOU MANY MORE!!!!! Wise words indeed, but implementation is what we want to see. I wanna come back home and help in building our beloved Zimbabwe, we are wasting our skills building other countries whereas we should be oiling our own machine. We hope you are not just taking us on a ride with your well tailored words, we know you are old but we trust that you and only you can stop the rot by putting your peers, who i prefer to call barbarians, in jail where crooks should be. ndatenda.




  • marconi

    Yes I now have proof that if a person actively uses his/her brain their don’t get old quickly. The brain cells have the capacity to develop throughout lifespan. The other evidence comes from the stroke victims whose cell bodies regenerate. Naizvozvo Gushungo vachirikakomana ke 16 mupfungwa. Still going Cde. Happy 90th birthday pakuzvarwa happy 9th birhtday papfungwa.

  • makwavararama

    the head line should read “Small looters to face jail” as the is no sign to prosecute big looters

  • chakachaya

    Tazzen he was doing investigative journalism to the head of state so that he can know what he thinks about them and the planned course of action to be taken his excellence hopping that he head direct from him that he want them locked .

  • chakachaya

    Don’t forget to investigate Zesa baba Chifamba and his people i am sure they did the looting at this struggling power utility.

  • Sophia

    Bring it on. Everyone must be investigated from Management, to board members. In parastatals such as Zinara etc. I am sure there is no smoke without fire.

  • Terminator72

    Before castigating Cashbert Dube look closeer to home some are almost owning the whole of Harare , land audit is needed in and around harare.

  • Terminator72

    he has to look closer to home , chombo amd mpofu must be investigated. How stands does chombo have in Harare , why is he hell-bent of returning the harare town clerk because he is doing the dirty job for him .