Updates by Lincoln Towindo and Costa Mano

1244:  Official proceedings have come to an end here at the National Heroes Acre and that concludes our updates. Thank you for joining us.

1240: The National Anthem is now being sung.

1227: Acting President Mnangagwa is now leading the laying of wreaths.

1203: The casket is now being carried to Cde Chanetsa’s final resting place.

1155: Acting President Mnangagwa has finished his address.

1154: Acting President Mnangagwa says farmers on the Command Agriculture programme are expected to deliver on the promise they made when they joined the programme. They are also expected to account for the inputs they received as well as prove that they deserve to be on the land ahead of others. A scientific land audit is being put in place with the ultimate goal being food self sufficiency.

“Go well Peter, go well son of the soil!,”

1143: Acting President Mnangagwa narrates Cde Chanetsa’s history as a liberation icon.

1141: “When Mash West recommended that he be declared a national the discussions in the Politburo were a mere formality as the man we gather to bury today had long earned the right to be buried here at this sacred shrine….we were together at the Lancaster House negotiations,”

1139: “No doubt this is a very difficult moment..having lost a husband, a father, an uncle and a loving guardian they now have to face the future without bread winner..they should know we are together in mourning Cde Peter Chanetsa,”

1138: “His sudden departure caught all of us unaware..on behalf of His Excellency..Cde RG Mugabe who in-spite of being away is with in this hour of grief,”

1136: Acting President Mnangagwa is now delivering his speech.

1134: Dr Joseph as Master of Ceremony is back on the podium. He says Cde Chanetsa made tremendous contributions to the nation before and after the independence. He describes the work Cde Chanetsa did when he was part of Government. Dr Made says Cde Chanetsa never waivered. He has now asked Acting President Mnangagwa to address the mourners.

1121: He says Cde Chanetsa was not the most vocal Christian but as he grew older he began to read the bible more often. He concludes his speech.

1120: A family representative is now on the podium. He describes Cde Chanetsa as a Zimbabwean hero expressing the family’s devastation. He says his passing has given the family time to reflect on the hero’s life.

1111: Father Ribeiro finishes his sermon and a choir is now singing.

1101: Acting Home Affairs Minister Dr Joseph Made has invited Father Emmanuel Ribeiro to give a sermon.

1057: The casket carrying the body of Cde Chanetsa has arrived at the National Heroes Acre and will be placed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

1008: Acting President Mnangagwa is now leading the body viewing ceremony.

1001: Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa has arrived at Stodart Hall for the body viewing ceremony.

0955: Cde Webster Shamu arrives with wife Constance.

0954: Service chiefs arrive.

0941:  Defence Minister Dr Sekeramayi arrives.

0935: Information Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe has arrived.

The casket is carried into Stodart Hall. Pictures by Lincoln Towindo

The casket is carried into Stodart Hall. Pictures by Lincoln Towindo


0923: Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing  Saviour Kasukuwere has arrived.

0913: Agriculture Minister and Acting Home Affairs Minister Dr Joseph Made has arrived.


0909: A sizeable crowd has gathered outside Stodart Hall awaiting the arrival of Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


0901: The body of national hero Cde Peter Chanetsa has arrived at Stodart Hall in Mbare, Harare.

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