LIVE: President Mugabe addresses the nation . . .

PRESIDENT Mugabe is set to address the nation from State House soon. Earlier in the day Zanu-Pf Central Committee recalled President Mugabe from his positions as First Secretary and President of the party while First Lady Dr Amai Grace Mugabe was also recalled from her position as Zanu-PF Women’s League Secretary. The First Lady was accused of fanning hate speech.

Air Marshal Perence Shiri Commander Airforce of Zimbabwe greets President Robert Mugabe while Roman Catholic Priest Father Fidelis Mukonori looks on.

Air Marshal Perence Shiri Commander Airforce of Zimbabwe greets President Robert Mugabe while Roman Catholic Priest Father Fidelis Mukonori looks on at State House, 19 November 2017.

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The Generals are already seated waiting for President Mugabe's address.

The Generals are already seated waiting for President Mugabe’s address.

20:00- The Generals are back at State House now. The address is about to start.

 20:50- The generals have gone into a closed  meeting with the President.

20:57 – Also present are  Father Mukonori, Dr Misheck Sibanda, Mr  George  Charamba and Rtd Brigadier General  Happyton Bonyongwe.



The address follows a meeting with generals which was brokered  by Father Mukonori

President Mugabe acknowledges the concerns raised by the Generals regarding the state of the party and nation.
He also says he is aware of the concerns coming from all citizens

He says today’s meeting calls for processes that return our country to normalcy

President Mugabe also hails the unshakable state of peace in the country
He also says the action taken was not a threat to constitutional order or my authority as President.

21:11 - A few incidents may have occurred but these have been corrected . State institutions remained functiona. Among other issues discussed is that relating to the economy which is going through a difficult path. President Mugabe also says of greater concern from Commanders is that lack of unity in party and get was translating to the economy.

21:14 - Flagship projects are stagnant and this must stop . He says. We are a nation born out of struggle.  We still have in our communities veterans of the struggle.

21:16 – These are being alienated but this should stop. In respect of the party there are two standpoints  acknowledged that should be addressed urgently. The party has been failing in its rules

21:17 - There has to be a net return to our guiding principles and the era of victimization and arbitrary victimization should stop.

21:20 - I am aware that many developments have happened in the party. Given failing of the past, such developments are understandable. We can not be guided by vengefulness.

21:21 – Our policy of reconciliation  we pronounced  in 1980 cannot be unavailable  to our own both in party  and nation.

I am confident that from tonight we move forward  reminding  our wartime  mantra iwe neni tine basa.

21:24 – President Mugabe has just ended his speech


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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    What a demented narcissist! Mugabe has an ego the size of a bus. He couldn’t say unequally I RESIGN? I won’t shed a tear if/when he’s humiliated. Wanted him given a dignified exit but ah well.

    • newwarvet

      Couldn’t agree more. Hope the general will let us deal wit this Goblin

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      The most important thing to us in ZANU PF is that after all the dynamics arising from divergent views in the party,our party will emerge from the coming congress stronger ,united and ready to face the 2018 elections and win. The party is now timely going back to its basic revolutionary trajectory. Those who prematurely celebrated the collapse of our party will eat humble pie. This nation will remain in good hands under a ZANU PF government. Those who try to compass otherwise, must brew traditional beer and undergo the necessary traditional political cleansing. Opposition parties will continue their ordained national role to oppose ZANU PF , but not govern this country

  • Megabrains

    Not sure of legality of presiding over Congress after this afternoon. No longer in Zanu PF after today’s CC resolution.

    Will no longer be president after impeachment on Tuesday.

    • Tafirenyika

      Are you sure the Central Committee was properly constituted?

  • Chemberemukadzi

    Absolutely nothing…..stubborn old man.

  • Pie_t

    Hard to understand why that murderer that ruined your country hasn’t been strung up.

  • President Robert Mugabe

    By the dear names of God, you will never remove me from my rightful place of power.

    Do you not realise that I am President Comrade for Life?

    All the naughty, wicked scoundrels who have attempted to depose me will soon learn the true meaning of the word ‘Hell’

  • Mhesvamukono

    Looks like Mugabe’s refusal to resign is based on some hypothetical hope that against all odds some external factor (SADC?) will throw him a potential lifeline, based on a fantasy he will still chair the next Zanu-PF congress?
    Now it’s up to Zanu-PF President and First Secretary Mnangagwa if he decides to unleash a fast-tracked impeachment procedure, or prolong the agony until Congress in a couple of weeks where Mr Mugabe will be humiliated even more, especially if Mugabe is finally expelled from the party?
    In the meantime it will be difficult for Zimbabweans to mask their disappointment and perhaps hold their anger, which maybe what Mugabe is counting on?
    Zimbabweans must maintain their discipline and not descend into violence, which may provide an excuse for some attempt at external intervention from misguided African institutions leading to chaos, where Mugabe hopes to extract some concessions he has shown he’s no longer worthy of. Mugabe thrives on confusion and chaos, let’s not give him this opportunity to damage the nation even further. Impeachment proceedings must commence forthwith!!

    • Tichayana

      Seeing the reactions of the military behind Mugabe, one strongly suspects the original speech agreed upon was deliberately fumbled and modified on the fly by wily Mugabe who still has sufficient wits about him when not dozing off due to inevitable senescence. Regrettably stubborn Mugabe has decided to ignore his last chance to exit with at least a little dignity, …. as they say “Pride comes before a fall”!

  • musayigwa

    What were the papers that the General pushed under Chihuri’s chair…what were they?

  • Ak

    No. He even said he is still their president and their command in chief

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    What happened thie evening is strategic. Mugabe could not resign in the presence of the soldiers. That would confirm the prevailing situation as a coup. The man acknowledges he messed . . .so parly has reseaon to impeach.

  • XX55

    How come Obert Mpofu, the PSEMAS looter was not arrested by the military. These guys paid themselves USD$20,000 a month while people went unpaid for months

    • nelson moyo

      @XX55 – you are incorrect comrade – those guys paid themselves US dollars 560 000 per month – note I said US dollars not mabondi notes or ZW dollars !

  • mabwe

    Upinde mumagumbeze neshangu sezvandaita kkkk

  • tee

    I am confident that from tonight we move forward reminding our wartime mantra iwe menu tine basa.

  • Matoenda

    By refusing to resign, Mugabe the shit-stirrer is trying to anger the nation into violent demonstrations and confrontation, leading to condemnation by the AU and SADC for failing to maintain peace and order as per constitutional provisions. Peace-loving Zimbabweans must not react to this deliberate provocation from stubborn Mugabe. Let’s maintain the constitutional route and start impeachment procedures as soon as Parliament re-opens on Tuesday. Better still, call for legislators to exceptionally open parliament tomorrow, Monday, and present the SADC summit planned for Tuesday with a fait accompli reflecting the will of the Zimbabwean people.

  • Paolo

    Mugabe Hero

  • Liron

    What does it mean that the Generals did not speak at that Press Conference? It’s them we want to hear, not Mugabe. I still believe Mugabe is going – his time is up.

  • ordinary_boy

    What a circus.
    This country just goes from one tragic episode to another and another and another…

  • nelson moyo

    It would seem Winston Churchill’s famous quote is still true even today :- Dictators Ride To and Fro Upon Tigers from Which They Dare Not Dismount

  • Joseph123

    He said he will preside over the ZANU-PF congress so he can resign properly with respect and dignity. He is not asking much as he freed our nation from the scum backed by the Brits. Sure he made mistake but the Brit lied and lied and got their stupid American and other “anglophone” countries to hoist unfair sanctions on us. They want to steal our lands, minerals and women once gain. (Whoever takes over must look after the peopel and not get taken in with the sweet talk and Nobel “peace” prize that will come. That “prize has a price which all of us will pay for in many years to come!)

    • succuba

      What sanctions were placed on Zimbabwe… care to name them here for clarity and debate?

  • chinos

    treacherous Bob. Zim unite against the demon that Bob is. Lets boot him out with the respect that he deserves. Lets recover the extravagant farms that he had amassed. He can keep Alfa n Omega dairies. If he had more than one manufacturing firm, mine the same. We will not have exiled like the Mengestus of this world unless if he so wishes.

  • Piankhi

    And some people in the party want this man to continue to stand as President of Zimbabwe must be sick in the mind or do not give a shit about the falling apart and corruption of this government. Not to say the man looked and spoke like a confused 5 year old. The people that want this mentally degenerated old man to continue to stand are those who have been using his dimenished mind and physically weak body for their own greed. Wife, G40 dogs, Ministers that are so corrupt even the President that puts them their do not know what they are doing to the country. And are willing to expelled anybody that got in their way of raping this country and putting poverty on people just trying to make it day by bay. For Grace to say she will die for what is right. Means what is right for her future. She and the others arrested should be tried for treason against Zimbabwe. The amount of theft and corruption monies and resources stolen by this small band of thieves is staggering. And did not care who knew and harassed anybody that spoke against their treachery. How much is enough for an individual. This is the European colonial learned behavior of living the good life at the punishment of others. These dogs are unrepentant and should be given the full punish for their crimes. Yes their are other that so far have not been mentioned but they to will be caught soon. Yes Grace may be responsible for the last 10 years of this madness. But make no doubt. The old man sold this country out 37 years ago. And used the West as the bad guy to cover for his looting of Zimbabwe for personal gain and while playing the Pan African Nationalist deceiving African people worldwide as to his love for black people. But loving his colonial masters even more. If you believe in hell. Is their a space big enough for Bob and other black devils that do the same. White people you expect this. It is just their nature.