The Herald is giving you live updates of the proceedings at the Zanu PF headquarters. The party is set to hold its first politburo after the successful 15th National People’s Conference held in Victoria Falls in December 2015.

Scores of people are trickling in at the Zanu PF headquarters for an event “organised by the Women’s League to thank President Mugabe for a successful tour of duty as the African Union chairman.”

President Mugabe, who was at the helm of the AU between January 2015 and January 2016, is expected to address the gathering which is dominated by women and youths.

The event coincides with the revolutionary party’s first politburo meeting for this year which is coming in the wake of tension between the party officials.

The Politburo will come after the address by the President and it is expected to put an end to the abuse of social media by some officials and take measures against those leaking party issues to the media.

In the mean time, there are no placards or any banners and the crowd is being entertained by various Chimurenga groups.

10:30 Officials have started arriving and among them is Zanu PF National Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, Secretary for Administration Dr Ignatius Chombo and Secretary for Legal Affairs Cde Patrick Chinamasa.

10:35 Other politburo members who have arrived are Cdes Josiah Hungwe, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, Mike Bimha and Kembo Mohadi.

10:37 Party spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya Moyo has arrived.

10:40 Some of the people interviewed say they do not know what they have come to do. Some say they have been called to attend an address by President Mugabe while some say they have been told its an address by First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe.

10:45 President Mugabe has arrived and he is accompanied by the First Lady. People chant Gushungo Gushungo Gushungo as he takes to the podium. Also here are Vice Presidents Phelekezela Mphoko and Emmerson Mnangagwa.

10:50 People are singing the national anthem now.

10:55 Time for introductions and they are done by chairpersons.

11:00 Sarah Mahoka takes a swipe at The herald. She says the paper should do what the people want. “As women, we have come not for war. We are surprised at what we read in the papers, that we want to demonstrate. We humble ourselves as women and respect leadership you chose. We say down with those who attack the First Lady on every fora.

Mahoka heaps praise on the first family adding they sympathise with them following the recent planned bombings at Alpha and Omega Diary.⁠⁠⁠⁠

11:10 She turns to VP Mnangagwa: “May you please reprimand those abusing your name.”

She appeals to him to declare his interests just as VP Mphoko did. On Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Cde Mahoka says “We want to know if the President sent him to say what he said in the papers. VaCharamba (George Charamba, Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, perm sec) ngavaregedze kutaura kwavasina kuswera.”

11:20 First lady takes to the stand and thanks the Lord for getting into 2016. She says “we will always honour war veterans for bringing us freedom” and also thanks the Womens League for organising the event to appreciate President Mugabe’s works.

“Women saw it fit to celebrate and praise you for what you did during your AU tenure. Lets unite, yes there are differences but most of them are coming from men. If you are warned better because sometimes you might end up being chucked out

“We have an upper hand as Zanu PF. So why fighting? You stop it!

First Lady adds: “Quietness doesn’t mean we are foolish. Kure kwemeso nzeve dzinonzwa.”

On planned bombings:

“Why being so heartless? We have sanctions in place and we should have unity of purpose.”

She says: “Focus should be on solving the grain shortages not talking nonsensical issues. We can’t spend the whole time discussing disciplinary issues.

“Political instability affects the whole nation, so stop negative stories. Write about what brings investment into the country.

“Vamwe vaakutoti vakaenda kuchikoro kunodzidza mavhoko. Stop it!

This is our country together, she says. “Let us forgive each other. Do not take issues outside, let us solve them internally.”

11:50 First Lady has finished making her address and Cde Sandi Moyo takes to the stand.

She thanks President Mugabe for championing women’s rights in Africa during his tenure.

11:55 President Mugabe takes to the podium.

12:00 He says he only learnt of the programme on Monday.

“Mukakumbira hamurambidzwe and we say if there is anyone who tried to bar people from coming, that is wrong. We will be discussing about such issues.”

He says, without Women’s League, the party will never win an election. “Women should not be looked down upon.”

12:05 “Since independence, we have worked hard to ensure there is equality between men and women. Equality in all sectors be it education, employment and even remuneration.”

12:08 “Respect, respect, respect, should be accorded to women. When we became the chair of the AU, I said I should not go alone but take the wishes of the people there.

“Upon taking the post last year, we remained in Ethiopia for three days looking at how the AU used to operate and looked for new ways of how we can give them new direction.”

President Mugabe says AU chairmanship should not be an armchair thing but deliverance.

He is chronicling the events he attended to outside the country late last year and briefing the people about the outcomes of the gatherings
12:19⁠⁠⁠We are a big continent but the whites continue looking down upon us. ⁠⁠⁠We should fight to ensure Africa is for Africans, upholding our values.

12:21 ⁠⁠⁠”The UN security council, we need a vote there and that’s why I said enough is enough. Its time to tell the whites that we now want to pull out of the UN. My speech there was a befitting send off.”

“⁠⁠⁠We might have sanctions but we have done better than most countries. We don’t want those who dominate us in  our country. If you are coming, come as a partner not a leader. That mentality should be dealt away with . Its a shame some of us are still being dominated.

12:30 Sithole takamudonhedza. Party members should always tour the party line. Vemapepa kwazvo kwazvo veOpposition are having a party because of what is happening in Zanu PF. Members taking those issues to the private media, after Cabinet, I said that should stop⁠⁠. ⁠⁠

“⁠⁠⁠If you have a grievance, take the issue to the party, don’t go to the opposition papers. You are embarrassing yourself and the party. Those issues are discussed in the Politburo. There are politburo members for that matter.

“Come and present your case to the politburo not kuchema kunze. No to violence we are now on top in Africa and lets safeguard that.”

12:41 President Mugabe says infighting is giving relevance to Morgan Tsvangirai.

13:00 The President has concluded his address and is heading into the Politburo meeting. We will notify you of the outcome of the meeting as soon as we get the spokesperson’s update. Meanwhile, let us continue to discuss and digest what has been said so far.



First Lady Dr Amai Grace Mugabe with Vice President Mnangagwa


President Mugabe’s arrival

crowd (1)

Part of the crowd at Zanu-PF HQ, Harare


Part of the officials at the Zanu-PF HQ


Professor Jonathan Moyo arrives at the Zanu-PF HQ


Political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere with Cde Sarah Mahoka

PB Members


Pres add

President Mugabe addressing Zanu-PF supporters at the party’s national HQ


19:37 More visuals from earlier proceedings at the Zanu-PF National Headquarters in Harare ahead of today’s politburo meeting.



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          11:00 Sarah Mahoka takes a swipe at The herald. She says the paper should do what the people

          want. “As women, we have come not for war. We are surprised at what we read in the papers that

          want to demonstrate. We humble ourselves as women and respect leadership you chose. We say

          down with those who attack the First Lady on every fora.

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    Women have a weakness of being urged on to pass vitriol and discord!

    And if truth be told: women clamor for power and equality, let war come and you park in the backseat wailing. Its in these peace times women make a lot of noise but the intelligent women will not incite violence that will annex them! Be warned Mahoka kind …

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    • Tengenenge

      You are very shallow . And the war vets announced yesterday that they are no longer demonstrating as they didnt want to clash with bused women and had done enough to expose Moyo

  • Dr Bush

    So Mahoka threatens VP with death? What does the law say in Zimbabwe? In other parts of the world:

    “In some monarchies and republics, both democratic and authoritarian, threatening to kill the head of state and/or head of government (such as the sovereign, president, or prime minister) is considered a crime for which punishments vary. US law provides for up to 5 years in prison for threatening the President of the United States.[3] In the United Kingdom, under the Treason Felony Act 1848, it is illegal to attempt to kill or deprive the monarch of his/her throne; this offense was originally punished with penal transportation, and then was changed to the death penalty, and currently the penalty is life imprisonment.”

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    I am ZANUPF through and through but utterances like Mahoka just makes you start question the party. How come Mahoka was not immediately reprimanded for such irresponsible utterances? President Mugabe should have dressed her down there and then! I am a very disappointed party member (paid in full membership)! I am a ZANUPF supporter not aligned to or aware of any factions but the conduct of Mahoka is despicable. She can’t get away with this otherwise we will all be making threats to kill willynilly

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  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Dear Herald,
    Do you have the video of the following subversive speech?

    11:21: Mahoka goes for Charamba “We want to know if the President sent Charamba.”

    11:17: Mahoka goes on a fawning expedition. “We have not said anyone must be fired”. She asks Mnangagwa “,People must play with your name and you keep quiet. You must stop it!. Do not act like a duck, speak against it, abuse of your name” “There is no problem with you VP Mphoko, We are violated in your name. We are not saying Mnangagwa must be removed but his people are speaking.” “I am ready to die for the party and Mugabe,” firebrand MP Mahoka declares. “You will die because of this, Mahoka tells Mnangagwa.”

    Is it true that the VP was informed that he will die and RGM did not reprimand the speaker?

    • theheraldonline

      Will send a tweet and a notification here as soon as we have them up on the Zimpapers Youtube Channel. Hopefully in the next 20 minutes from now.

      • Zarura Zimbabgwe

        Thank you, got it.

  • bodo_kwete

    Mugabe flanked by his two VP’s. aMnangagwa varipowo nechepedyo mbijana kkkk

  • Pathetic Journalism

    Dear Comrade S.K. Moyo,
    Distinguished Comrades in Arms,


    Lets stop talking about the factionalism that never was and address the elephant in the room. Succession is the problem that the party has developed cold feet on. Suppressed intra party discourse on succession is what is now manifesting itself as factionalism.

    It is child’s play to listen to Charamba saying a party in power does not talk of succeeding itself. That kind of talk is opportunistic and shows self-conceit.

  • Pathetic Journalism

    Candid Talk Will Save Our Beloved Zimbabwe………..

    The cause of the ‘factionalism that never was’ is well known. It is this one CENTER of power that all of us have chosen to accept as indispensable, come rain or thunder or come advanced age. As long as those who think and believe Zimbabwe’s vital interests are best delivered on by our beloved but now very very very very old president, continue to wield influence in retaining that one CENTER of power, then there will never be an end to factionalism. As long as it is factual that we are all guilty of ‘forcing’ our revolutionary leader to fail to do what Revolutionary Leader Fidel Castro did -namely to pass on the baton to the next generation of revolutionaries, then factionalism is here to stay till that passing on of the baton takes place. Outside of this reality, we can all quack, scream, shout, cry, expell others, victimize one another etc, but factionalism will not simply disappear but will match the stubbornness of those who say the CENTER should not be changed for reasons best known to those mafia individuals.

    Yes the CENTER was our choice at Congress.
    Yes the CENTER was our presidential candidate in the 2013 harmonized elections.
    Yes the CENTER is a constitutionally legitimate head of state.
    But we put the CENTER where it is as part of a grand strategy to defeat the enemy even as we all were aware that, ceteris parabus, the CENTER should take a back seat and influence political processes in an advisory role. So shall we allow ourselves and the nation to deny the evitable-namely the urgent and equally strategic need to pass on the CENTRE baton to another leader?

    I love the President, l respect the President and the nation salutes him for his visionary leadership. But other factors beyond his control have set in which demand that we as a self respecting party and nation and well educated courtesy of his pro-education policies since attainment of independence, should now ask him to accept leadership renewal.

    Mr President with due respect as an ordinary citizen and non-active party member l appeal to you out of your great love for your country and its people, to either appoint or annoint a successor or to create an atmosphere or conditions under which the party can elect someone to succeed Your Excellency.

    • theheraldonline

      Hi Candid Talk,
      Kindly refrain from posting the same comment repeatedly because chances are others might report it as Spam, and this could result in your account being blocked by Disqus. I have deleted a number of the same comments after approving a copy. I hope this helps.

      • Chogugudza

        The principle of deleting Spam should be applicable to all media, including printed and State controlled media. Since many would consider President Mugabe has irredeemably repeated the same comments for last 35 years, perhaps the Herald could apply the same high standards when diffusing Presidential statements by blocking all repeats or similar reports?

        • theheraldonline

          Looks like the definition of SPAM is beyond you Chogugudza. President Mugabe has never logged in to repeatedly post comments on this platform. We made the statement in order to assist Candid Talk whose straight forward contribution was repeatedly posted on this platform thereby risking blacklisting by Disqus managers. As such, we deleted the repeated junk mails to save our colleague so that he/she continues to participate and enjoy the debates on heraldlive.

          • Chogugudza

            For most people the wider definition of SPAM confounds with Junk Mail, in this case repeating the same unwanted message or irrelevant information irrespective of what media support is selected which doesn’t necessarily require “logging in” anywhere.
            Can anyone deny the President is largely guilty of fulfilling these conditions over the past decades?

          • theheraldonline

            Thanks for the clarification. Our advice to Candid Talk was limited to the heraldlive platform.

      • Pathetic Journalism

        I see you have a problem with reposted messages. Your concerns are well noted.

        I think its just that sometimes one considers their previous post more appropriate under a new article at hand.

        May be one should endeavor to post the same message using a different language for your convenience.

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