UPDATED: I have list of money externalisers: President

President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa

Felex Share Senior Reporter—
President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said he has a list of individuals and corporates that externalised money and the culprits will be dealt with if they fail to repatriate the money within the prescribed three months.The Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, two weeks ago, gave individuals and corporates a three-month moratorium to return the money and assets they externalised. The amnesty stretches from December 1 to February 28, 2018.

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Government, he said, would neither ask questions nor prefer charges against those repatriating the money or assets. Addressing the 107th Session of the Zanu-pf Central Committee meeting in Harare yesterday, President Mnangagwa said those who ignored the amnesty would be named, shamed and face the law.

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“I said under the new administration we have given three months for those who have taken money out of this country to bring it back. I didn’t say that without knowledge. I have a list of who took money out. So in March when the period expires, those who would not have heeded my moratorium I will name and shame them,” he said.

Central bank statistics indicate that an estimated $3 billion was externalised between 2015 and 2017 to countries such as Mauritius, in the Far East and Botswana.

It is believed that of the $3 billion, about $1,8 billion was spirited away illegally, while the balance was expatriated through management fees, service fees, technical fees and royalties. President Mnangagwa said zanu-pf and its leadership should “put the interests of the people we lead ahead of our own.”

Quoting former Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere, President Mnangagwa said widespread corruption in high places breeds poverty.

“In this regard, let us shun corruption and the temptations towards self-gain and self-interest. The corrupt tendencies that had in the recent past gripped our nation will not and cannot be allowed to continue. We cannot, thus, in all clear conscience ever condone or ignore corruption as it has the deleterious effect on our nation and impoverishes our people. It is time that we as a party pledge to fight this evil and join forces with like-minded Zimbabweans until it is completely eradicated from our society,” he said.

On external relations, President Mnangagwa commended Sadc and other international bodies for allowing Zimbabwe to decide its course during the recent transition period.

“Going forward, we call for the unconditional lifting of the political and economic sanctions which have crippled our national development. We realise that isolation is not splendid or viable as there is more to gain through solidarity, mutually beneficial partnerships which, however, recognise our unique national interests,” he said.

He said Zimbabwe would pursue a robust re-engagement process to fully affirm its belonging to the family of nations. “The re-engagement strategy will seek to create new relations whilst holding steadfast to those countries that stood by us during our darkest years. In this regard, measures will be put in place to attract foreign investment and ensure that Zimbabwe is a place where capital feels safe,” the President said.

President Mnangagwa also urged the zanu-pf leadership to understand the new trajectory Zimbabwe was taking and constantly apprise members of developments taking place.

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  • chinos

    Externalizing our economy/money should attract a jail sentence. Naming and shaming should be followed by prosecution and jail

    • Franco Papa

      This is not the procedure to deal with criminal allegations . The normal process of adressing criminal procedures should be followed as per our constitutional guidelines. Naming and shaming however popular it might be is not a constitutionally acceptable behaviour especially comming from such a high office. We should emphasise that as much as we appreciate reform to normal every effort should be made such that we avoid a possibility of abuse of power and vangeful tyranny . We as a people have to respect the fundermental principle that only the courts can constitutionally adress such issues. It is not the constitutional norm to have the executive trying to exercise judicial power. That violates the constitutional principle of separation of power. The operation can easily lose public confidence once once we start noticing it as a measure to score factional party differences and purgery of political enemies .

      • john

        Im so sorry you cant find out whether or not you are on the list.

      • G Tichatonga

        Give this man a Bell’s. The junta is acting like a Mafia…let’s defer issues to the courts.

  • hello

    name them already we r curious now..

  • Chirimuhanzu

    Naming and shaming them is not enough…. Let them rot behind bars

  • succuba

    I wonder how many is in the Lacoste sector?

  • gilbert bere

    It would be interesting to compare your list from that the public has,but thumbs up for taking uncompromising stance on corruption.

  • fidel castro

    My dear president it is not only those that externalised that should return, even those that illicitly took it and “banked” in caves or store houses. The latter are plenty and are a spitting distance from you, a second list will do.

  • Mimi

    With all due respect Mr President, you have already given your moratorium and that is enough warning. What’s left is to proceed to prosecute those individuals and/or companies/ organisations that shall fail to heed your warning. And note must be to ensure that there will be no sacred cows, lest Zimbabweans shall fall back into what it had become for the past 37 years – a country of shame. And Zimbabweans are tired of rhetorical warning announcements. Action is what remains and convictions plus taking back what would have been looted.

  • Samanyika

    The first one on the list should be you mdhara ED. If your list is void of your name, then its a fake list. You ain’t smart man. Kumigodhi nekungoda zita renyu ririko. Tinokuzivai.

  • Yaa

    Take action I suggest you offer 5 per cent of recovered funds to the whistle blowers after the deadline, listed companies, Chinese companies and indigeneous are part of the scandal we know them.

  • jerryb

    name and shame not enough Mr President, Bring them to justice is what we need

  • mpengo

    But steps are being taken! Where are you missing it?

    The amnesty is the best way to go about voluntary repatriation of the money… Using legal and official processes can take years. Host countries won’t let go of vast millions as they stand to gain buy delaying or complicating it’s repatriation, even if criminality can be proven. Mobutu, Gadhaffi, and many more have millions and billions either held or spent by the receiving nations….

    • zimbotry

      So where is action against the ex First Lady for instance?

  • WordMaster Rise Up

    Is it not enough to simply refer to Mnangagwa, as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe instead of those other long titles synonymous with dictators the world over?The Herald don’t try to build another monster in Mnangagw like Mugabe.We all know Trump,Macron,Zuma,Nyusi etc are heads of their States and automatically of their national armies but they are rarely showered with those militaristic titles everyday!!! Stop this crap bordered on war mentality and sycophantic heroworshiping! Can’t this country for once be spared this tired war rhetoric !

    • Moyondizvo

      its sad indeed…

  • Madara

    what about all the money taken by the mugabes?
    or are you too scared to touch them because they know your secrets

  • Madara

    i think i should run for president

  • Takamudonhedza Zvejende

    Why alert them? Just arrest and force them to return the money or die in prison!!

  • Musorobhangu(G40)

    On external relations, President Mnangagwa commended Sadc and other international bodies for allowing Zimbabwe to decide its course during the recent transition period.

    “Going forward, we call for the unconditional lifting of the political and economic sanctions which have crippled our national development. We realise that isolation is not splendid or viable as there is more to gain through solidarity, mutually beneficial partnerships which, however, recognize our unique national interests,” he said…NGOMA NDIYO NDIYO

    • Bhora Resimbi

      taura hako, Zimbaweans did not decide anything when Zimbabwe decided 2008 you Mr ED makrova vanhu zvebasa, zanu should go for good

  • viva

    Kkkkkkk….he has the list! Publish it ka…and see whether or not you can stomach the lawsuits that will surely follow.

  • zvakwana

    he should start by mugabes’ names first and then his on second of the list. Coz not anyone is clean in ZANU PF.

  • Madzibaba

    So how about those with 20 farms ??????

  • Madzibaba

    and those with 20 farms and under utilising them??

  • Chief Legal Adviser

    The fact that the government has a list, it would appear the external payments were done officially via the banks with RBZ tacit approval. Why all the hype then. Have we no reason to expect litigation. Did RBZ sleep on its job over management fees, royalties , service fees, technical fees,etc? We hope the President is well advised to avoid what happened over the initial appointment of cabinet ministers , to only be reversed the next day because the constitution had been breached.