LATEST: War vets keep pressure on President Mugabe

Cde Chris Mutsvangwa

Cde Chris Mutsvangwa

Farirai Machivenyika , Senior Reporter 
The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) has organised a sit-in in Harare today as they intensify calls for President Mugabe to resign.Addressing a press conference Monday afternoon, ZNLWVA chairman Cde Chris Mutsvangwa said Zimbabweans should not rest until President Mugabe vacates office.

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“We are saying, Mugabe, go now! Mugabe, go now! Your time is up. Please leave State House and let the country start on a new page. You should have the dignity and decency to spare the country further turmoil by simply announcing your departure immediately.

If he can not, and this is the call we are repeating again, we are bringing back the people of Zimbabwe to the streets and he will have to settle his issues with the people of Zimbabwe once more.

“Tomorrow is the day. While Parliament may be doing its business of dispensing with him, the people of Zimbabwe will be making sure, and this time there will be a sit-in,” he said.

Cde Mutsvangwa appealed to the business community to support their initiative to ensure that people attend today’s event.


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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Mugabe just doesn’t get it. He can’t read the mood of the people yet he calls himself a leader. He said he will only go if the people say so. Well, we are saying GO!! But again when you have a narcissist personality things like these don’t register in his demented brain with ease. Reminds me of mukomana anoti kumusikana ini handirambwi and refuse to accept it then stalks the girl and harass the new boyfriend. Only losers do that. He’s scared that the new boyfriend will be a better performer and show him kuti he has been useless these years. Zveganyavhu hatichadi. We found a new boyfriend. Hamba kani.

  • captainkangaroo

    Separate him from Grace immediately and move her to a secret location plus those two egg-heads sons of his must be moved off social media. Move into bloodisvek mood.

  • Peter Pan

    Legal think-tank Veritas said that once the Senate and the National Assembly, sitting jointly, have passed a resolution that the president should be removed from office, he immediately ceases to hold office in terms of Section 97(3) of the Constitution.

    “In trying to work out a likely scenario, we must remember that at its meeting yesterday the Zanu PF central committee declared Mr [Emmerson] Mnangagwa to be the party’s candidate for President. So the party does not have to wait for its congress in December to make a nomination. It has already done so,” it said.

    “If, therefore, Parliament does resolve in terms of section 97 of the Constitution that Mugabe should be removed from office, the consequences will be: Mugabe immediately ceases to hold office as president; [Phelekezela] Mphoko, the sole Vice-President, will take over as acting president.”

    Veritas said the fact that Mphoko may be in detention or outside the country does not matter: his assumption of office will be automatic, and will not depend on his taking an oath of office.

    “If Mphoko is persuaded to resign or is impeached, this will not happen, because he will cease to be Vice-President upon his resignation or the passing of the impeachment motion. Even if Mphoko does not resign or is not impeached, his term of office as Acting President may be fleeting, and will depend on how soon Zanu PF can notify the Speaker that it has nominated Mnangagwa as Mugabe’s successor,” the legal think-tank said.

    Veritas said that this might be no longer than the time it would take for Zanu PFs chief whip to hand in the nomination notice to the speaker and once that is done Mnangagwa will become president and will assume office when he is sworn in by the Chief Justice.

    “The new President will hold office until the next general election, which should be held not later than August 23, 2018,” it said.

    “Upon the assumption of office by the new President ‑ ie when he is sworn in ‑ all current ministers and deputy ministers will go out of office in terms of section 108(1)(c) of the Constitution. They will, however, be eligible for re-appointment when the new President appoints his own ministers.”

  • mandevu

    oh dear. I fear for the worst here. We are back into the murky, cloudy, smoke and mirrors stuff that has characterised Zanu PF’s misguided leadership all these years. No information, lots of misinformation and very definitely no real change to our total lack of democracy in this country. This looks like a well crafted strategy to maintain status quo for Zanu PF and not deliver the change that the people of this country so desperately want. I hope I am wrong

  • SlackJawedYokel

    Deal with your own creature you created…now that you said that this had itching to do with the people, it’s your own internal affair

  • Dr Newton Galileo Einsten

    Take note – Chris is back as Cde Chris. Caesar wakaoma. Duplicity is your other name.

    • Jotham

      It’s not fair to blame Caesar. He had been ordered to drop the Cde title by the marauding G40 cabal. You would probably do exactly the same thing or worse under similar circumstances. The only person who refused to be bullied by ‘Dr’ Giresi is Ray Kaukonde.

  • yowe

    Continue War Vets…the army is not having the same objectives as the citizens.They are more worried with pleasing their commander in chief than standing for the 13 million Zimbos

  • yowe

    Lol you are joking right?? Kana uri kudiaspora gara ikoko wakanyarara.

  • Jojo WaMoyo

    This looks tricky. If a new president comes in, he/she will appoint new ministers. Are the current ministers, who are the same mps to impeach the president, confident that they will be reappointed by the incoming president? Will they not view the impeachment as tantamount to shooting themselves in the feet?

  • Jason Ordonez

    Do you think the economy will be better with Munangagwas? Or just a new guy to steal money from the GDP?