LATEST: Vendors “disappear” from CBD

Robert Mugabe and Rezende Streets intersection had become fruit and vegetables market. (Pictures by Innocent Makawa)

Robert Mugabe and Rezende Streets intersection had become a fruit and vegetables market. (Pictures by Innocent Makawa)

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter
Police were today heavily deployed in and around the city to ensure peace prevails during a crackdown against illegal street vendors and pirate taxis operating in the Harare Central Business District (CBD).

This comes after Government ordered the street vendors and pirate taxis to move to designated sites with immediate effect.

Police patrol the streets of Harare today

Police patrol the streets of Harare today

Addressing journalists during a Joint Operations Command (JOC) briefing attended by representatives of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF),

Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS), and officials from the Harare City Council (HCC) and the Environment Management Agency (EMA), Harare Metropolitan Provincial Affairs Minister Miriam Chikukwa bemoaned the deplorable state of the capital.

A tour by The Herald of streets in the city revealed that a large number of vendors had complied with the orders while a few hotheads were playing cat and mouse games with the law enforcement agents.

It was business as usual for pirate taxis at Market Square bus terminus

It was business as usual for pirate taxis at Market Square bus terminus

Vendors operating in down town streets would hide their wares when they see police coming and resume selling as soon as they were out of sight.

Pirate taxis continued to operate in spite of the Government directive.

There have been no incidences of violence recorded during the operation so far.

Some street vendors did not take heed of the Government directive

Some street vendors did not take heed of the Government directive

Harare City Council spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme said the operation was going on well.

Commuter omnibuses at the intersection of Angwa and Robert Mugabe Streets

Commuter omnibuses at the intersection of Angwa and Robert Mugabe Streets

“We are progressing very well and there is peace and tranquility. There is order and no resistance at all,” he said.

More details to follow…

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  • mpengo

    It is sad for the people who are looking for some sort of livelihood but at the core are honest people.

  • Chamunorwa

    The wrong problem has been solved. The real elephant in the room is job creation. Without sensible jobs, people resort to all sorts of activities

    • tose tirivanhu

      I see 80% of comments here are misplaced.zvanzi vanhu ngavaende kuma designated places hazvina kunzi ngava rege kutengesa.inga nunozviti makadzidza kupfuura africa yese wani?ukanzi usagezere mu kitchen ndeme kubikira zvanzi usa geze here?tibvirei apa.chakanaka chakanaka even chaitwa nemhandu yako

  • Madara

    ive noticed no difference. still cant walk without having to step into the street to go around vendors

  • tino

    Clean up is fine , however, i think the enforcers should look into the matter with caution on how much damage they are causing if this act is temporary. I suggest , the police commissioner to have police patrol along the streets permanently ie assign patrols for each street , those patrols are permanently responsible for any activities carried on the street, look here you are saying vendors would hide their wares when police feature and then resurface when they are gone to other areas, hakuna kwatosvika nekudaro. In some countries , a policeman is found patrolling a street in case of any accident or any emergency there is his attention. Here we have none on the ground except when there is chaos, the public should not wary of police on the road , it should make them secured. I CALL FOR COMMISSIONER CHIHURI TO IMPLEMENT POLICE STREET PATROL AND TO BE ON DUTY NOT ONLY TO BE TOO CROWDED IN THE CHARGE OFFICE THERE.

  • Pastor Farie


  • Gamba ReManyika

    So all these JOC people and the Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan (Mai Chikukwa) were waiting for the President to say start doing your work? It’s sad!!

    Indeed, let’s be orderly. Vending is no banned but should be orderly. The problem is not only with the vendors but their customers as well. If we ask the buyers to walk to the designated places, which might be inconvenient, are they ready?

    As much as we like order on our streets, lets have order in government. The streets reflect what is happening in higher offices. I hope the vendors have not disappeared to reappear!

  • Critik

    Its sad that people like you preach hate speech everyday. who arrested the five bad apples. Good job to ZRP for taking the bad apples to court. There exist God fearing and hardworking police officers. But because of the bad elements you blame everyone. Give credit to the innocent and blame the evil. A man who killed taxi driver in beitbridge has been arrested, u dont mind. 3 pple who killed passenger at 4th were arrested you dont appreciate. A man who killed a nurse in mat north was arrested you dont thank the ZRP. Then some bad apple is also arrested by ZRP , then u call all cops rotten . Lets appreciate our police when they have done well and blame bad elements

    • Madara

      the whole of ZRP has a very poor image. there might be some individuals better and some worse but as an average and as a body it is corrupt to the core and has a poor image. it doesnt matter if some few cells in the body are healthy if the major organs are cancerous the body is sure to die.

  • gloria Madhekwe


    • Madara

      wheres my comment herald? this guy posted 23 mins ago and i almost 3 hours ago.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Did you post a message that is acceptable given the authorities` efforts to bring order in our City? No media should entertain views that are meant to promote chaos in this country. That is the bane of you MDC stooges of the West. You support economic sanctions to create hardships in our country. You give crocodile tears on unemployment level , when those who imposed sanctions thought it was going to be a tool of regime change. Nehanda forbid all stooges of the West.

  • inini

    why should we waste our resources building vending sites? shops are empty because of this vending. let them occupy the shops. vanombobva kupi kusina vanhu, ngavatengesre kumaraini kwavo. you occupy pavement ye TM blocking his customers muchiwetera ipapo. ndiye akakuvimbisa 2 million jobs here.

  • pc

    which right places. Pa Coca Cola corner where there are no toilets?

  • Madara

    thats your problem right there. you are delusional thinking an imaginary man in the sky is telling you to do these things.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      You and your party support sanctions. Your policies are produced in the devils workshop. God does not inspire the evil . Opposing sanctions is holy and God inspired. Period!

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Sanctions are linked with high unemployment in our country. I was just speculating on your posting because of your history of postings on this forum. I am patriotic not a stooge of ZANU PF. ZANU PF espouses policies aimed at giving more than 5 year ballot box ritual so that we can also add economic democracy in this country. There may be human weaknesses in our government but that is not the aim or policy of the party. If there are weaknesses in municipalities controlled by MDC party, that does not translate into MDC policies. They are weaknesses of the few given responsibilities to administer the offices,not the party itself. If your MDC party leader fornicates ,it does not make the whole party a lecherous one.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Yes the government is doing that e.g. export processing zones and other projects coming. Measures are being taken to improve how we utilize our agricultural land. We will defeat sanctions.